Helen Hath No Fury (Amanda Pepper, #10) by Gillian Roberts

Helen Hath No Fury (Amanda Pepper, #10)

In the stately nineteenth-century homes on Philadelphia’s Delancey Street, the wilder passions scarcely ruffle the peace. Murder is unthinkable, particularly a murder involving an upscale book discussion group, of which schoolteacher Amanda Pepper is a devoted member. Nevertheless, on the day after a heated discussion of a fictional heroine’s suicide, book group member Helen Coulter falls to her death from her roof garden. Helen’s death is ...

Details Helen Hath No Fury (Amanda Pepper, #10)

TitleHelen Hath No Fury (Amanda Pepper, #10)
Release DateOct 2nd, 2001
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Mystery Thriller, Cozy Mystery

Reviews Helen Hath No Fury (Amanda Pepper, #10)

  • Anne Hawn Smith
    This was the second book from this author that I have read, and I really enjoyed it. I find Amanda Pepper a believable protagonist and most of the people in the book are not two dimensional. A woman is murdered in Amanda's book group and it turns out that the group didn't know her at all. The hurt and confusion comes when they find out that she has taken her own life and none of them saw it coming. As a group, they begin to dissect what they know...
  • Paula
    I normally like Roberts' Amanda Pepper series, but this one just irritated me. The constant harping that there is only one acceptable response to teen pregnancy, the inability to acknowledge that people can make a mistake and learn from it (that's called wisdom not hypocrisy), and all Republicans* are horrible people left whole storyline weak.*--Calm down, I've been a registered Independent since 1980, so I'm not a GOP apologist.
  • Ferne
    I didn't realize that I had already purchased "Helen Hath No Fury" so I've also read this one out of series order but as always An Amanda Pepper Mystery is an entertaining stand-alone. For those reading the series, there has been a continual exploration in a significant question related to the southern, handsome detective named C.K. that is answered in wonderfully characteristic writing style by author Gillian Roberts and this novel is an excelle...
  • Amy
    This was a good, clean, murder mystery. I've listened to two or three of these Amanda Pepper books, and the more I listen to them, the more I like them. This was my favorite of the ones I've read. Amanda Pepper is funny and finds the irony in all situations, even the ones that aren't necessarily ironic. She's a true blue women's libber who's also channeling her mother's "you need to get married" life motto. It creates quite an ironic conflict for...
  • Fmorlan
    Amanda Pepper is involved in a book club. She finds out that one of the members dies - ruled accidental or suicide. She and her friends dont believe it and start to investigate. Other accidents occur while thet look into the death. Also Amanda is worried about CK because he seems anti marriage. This had a lot of suspects and was good. Other things occur to make Amanda happier than usual. Good read for a cozy mystery.
  • Purlewe
    whoa. I read this book so quickly. Perfect little fluff book. Like a potato chip, eaten and gone. Interesting to see a mystery set in Philly. The life of being a school teacher was very well done. Seeing Philly from another person's eyes was equally well done. The mystery was a good cozy. Neither upsetting nor disturbing. But it played out well.
  • Sherri Couey
    A nice cozy mystery with a little lighthearted but serious romance thrown in. Brings to mind 1930's screwball comedy/mystery movies. And sure enough the author enlightens us at the end the book.
  • Traci Shipley
    This was OK but I don't think I'm interested enough to read the rest of the series.
  • Roltaire
    Did you ever pick something from a sales bookstore because it's cover is enticing and the plot summary is really engrossing? Yes. This book is the answer. HOWEVER, did you pick that kind of book and it turned out as a real treasure, inside and out? Then this book does not fit the description. I was utterly devastated because throughout my reading, I was gripping that this novel will change my views in not-so-subtle-feminist books---forcefully pic...
  • Roberta
    Call me old school but I like to know a man's name before I sleep with him. At least that mystery is cleared up. Amanda Pepper's modus operendi in earlier books was withholding evidence from the police, in spite of the fact that she sleeps with one, so she could have the edge when launching her own investigation. In this book [page 102] she takes the next step and advises someone else to withhold information from the police. When she is not playi...
  • Heba
    I know that I don't like a book when I start criticizing the protagonist and fast forwarding the soundtrack! I found the ladies the story either angry or stupid. Everything was repeated many times. the protagonist kept on irritating me and I gave up half way. What a shame because I liked her southern-talking detective boyfriend and I enjoyed their banter. I do remember reading one of her earlier books but I can barely remember it. I'm sorry but I...
  • Linda
    Although I can’t find it mentioned in my notes, I believe I have read another in this series years ago – the stories take place in Philadelphia and feature a young woman named Amanda Pepper. I picked this up because it features Amanda’s book club. At a book club meeting, Helen Coulter sparks a heated discussion about suicide, and the next day she falls to her death from her roof garden. The death is termed a suicide, but Amanda and other me...
  • Heidi
    I liked this book, it was fun. A little predictable, but since I was in the right mood, beach bum mood, it was just what I wanted. Her handling of grief felt real and seemed close to how I'd have described moments when my mom passed away. For that reason, and others, Amamda Pepper seems extremely likable and real. I put the others in the series on my to read list.
  • Jody Hamilton
    Not too fond of this book; by the time the killer was revealed I didn't care who "done-it." The best part of the book was the last few pages when Amanda discovered what her boyfriend's first name really was: "C.K. MacKenzie." Perhaps this means I don't have to read the last few books in the series?
  • Nancy H
    I like this series featuring Amanda Pepper, a high school English teacher. Having been a teacher and having taught high school English, I can certainly relate to her comments on high school students and their attitudes toward English class.
  • Jane Glen
    Just ok. It started out very well; with a book club discussion, no less. It seemed to wander quite a lot and there were a few sub-plot lines that seemed to take away, rather than add to, the actual story line.
  • Stephanie
    It's a good book, just not a 4 since I likely would't reread. Good mystery, but seemed to lack the usual spark and humor of previous books. This one involves the death of a book club member and the resistance of others to see it as anything but it is portrayed as.
  • Peggi Warner-lalonde
    A fun read, a good mystery, and I'd like to read more of Amanda Pepper!
  • Keeley
    I'm a fan of mysteries and this book was good. I don't remember much about it, it's been few years, but I do remember that I liked it.
  • Homerun2
    A great entry in this series. We get some resolution to Amanda's romantic questions, find out CK's name, and read a well-done mystery.
  • Rosemary
    A fun, easy-read murder mystery. Focuses on a bookclub.
  • Melissa Halvorsen
    Fun read. I liked the main character and her developing relationship with her boyfriend. As it's about a murdered book club member, would be a fun to read as a book club.
  • Julie
    Definitely one of the more fun entries into this series. Amanda finds a little calmness to go with her realistic portrayal and the relationships feel pretty genuine and well-thought.
  • Joanne
    Another mystery series I enjoy. The protaganist, Amanda Pepper, is an English teacher and there are lots of fun, witty comments in the books. I listened to this book, didn't actually "read" it.
  • Vanessa
    Amanda Pepper mystery series set in Phila. Quick read. Predictable. Will read a second in the series.