Angel Falls by Kristin Hannah

Angel Falls

When Mikaela Campbell, beloved wife and mother, falls into a coma, it is up to her husband, Liam, to hold the family together and care for their grieving, frightened children. Doctors tell him not to expect a recovery, but he believes that love can accomplish what medical science cannot. Daily he sits at her bedside, telling her stories of the precious life they have built together, hoping against hope that she will wake up. But then he discovers...

Details Angel Falls

TitleAngel Falls
Release DateSep 27th, 2005
PublisherBallantine Books
GenreFiction, Romance, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Contemporary

Reviews Angel Falls

  • Margitte
    This is one of the soft-reads I have chosen as in-betweener, to escape a little from the heavy-handed, often depressing, other books I love to indulge in. It is a well-constructed, intriguing story that kept me going forward despite the obvious clues of the outcome. There even might have been quite an impressive number of other books with a similar theme. Mother or father lands in a coma, secrets are revealed, town and family gets involved, the a...
  • Emily
    This book should be classified more as "inspirational romance" than romance. It is heavily tinged with Christian overtones and contains absolutely no steamy scenes.Mikaela Campbell sustains a head injury in the first chapter and spends the majority of the book in a coma. Her husband of 10 years, Liam, and her children, Jacey (16) and Bret (9) share their memories with her trying to wake her up. When Liam discovers she was married before, to famou...
  • Janelle
    I'm torn about this book. It was written over 10 years ago by Kristin Hannah (my fave author!) but it lacks the appeal that her most recent books do. It is mildly farfetched but Ms. Hannah knows how to make it not too over-the-top and mildly relatable. As always this book focuses on trials and tribulations on the family bond and love. The main characters learned about themselves and grew on their new found knowledge of themselves and their loved ...
  • Chloe
    I thought I would add this to my reading pile as a sort of light break. I was correct in my assumption. This story is overly sweet - like a classic cupcake, a sweet burst of flavour, but not very filling. Once eaten, one decides not to have another cupcake for a little while ;) Mikaela falls off her horse and sustains a head injury. It's while she in a coma that her husband of 10 years discovers she has been married before. (view spoiler)[Her pre...
  • Liz
    I really didn't like this. I've read lots of good reviews for books from this author so I was expecting a good solid read. This was unbearably soppy. It was like watching one of those awful d grade romance 'made for tv' movies. It was very heavy on Christianity too. I don't normally mind this but all the praying to Jesus talk made me want to pray to Jesus that the book would be over. I HATED that Liam's Hispanic mother in law called him Dr Liam -...
  • Liz
    "It was like that these days. The best of times were quiet moments like this one, tucked into the corners of what passed for everyday life. They were learning, each of them, to notice the things they'd once taken for granted. And to be thankful for the life that was left."-as they wait for mother, daughter and wife Mikaela to wake up from her coma-
  • Ns
    Forgoing high drama and dysfunctional elements, Angel Falls takes a conservative approach and focuses on a simple, yet profound issue that is still deeply moving and emotional. Thus, begins the story of a couple who learn what love truly means, and deciding whether it is enough. Set in Angel Falls, a geographically appealing, small anonymous town where the people are the heart of the community. It is a place where everyone knows everyone and wher...
  • Melissa
    Angel Falls was a challenging book to write at the time. In it, the heroine is in a coma for most of the story, and while she in unconscious, she remains central to the plot. This book was, in simplest terms, a love triangle. That was the surface story, at least. But what I really loved about it, was that it examined two completely different kinds of love, and reminded the reader that a woman can be in love with two different men in her life…an...
  • Kerrie Cougle
    I've read multiple books by this author and liked every one of them. This one was just too much like an over-the-top Hallmark movie. The characters and setting were too contrived, Liam was too perfect, Julian was too stereotypical superficial Hollywood, and Mikayla was just unlikable. One of the first things that got me out of this book was her portrayal of Bret. I have a 4th grader myself, and I could not get over how off she was in how Bret act...
  • Linda
    I don't usually read books like this but I enjoyed it. Sweet love story.
  • Ceren Ünlü
    Kalemini konuşturmuş yine
  • Jen
    This book was heartbreaking, and frustrating. Kristin Hannah is a gifted writer. Angel Falls is the story of Mikaela Campbell. She's a wife and mother and ends up in a coma after an accident. While she's in the coma, her family does everything to try to wake her up, but nothing works until her husband Liam discovers the identity of her first husband, a famous Hollywood actor, Julian True. It's his name that Mikaela responds too and as a result, L...
  • Sara
    Well, that was like reading a Hallmark movie. I have never read anything by Kristin Hannah before. I read this one for my book group. At first, I found this book very depressing. When Julian enters the picture, I started perking up. And then, by the last third of the book, I had to keep reading till I was done just to find out the answers to so many questions! Yes, it was a little sappy and sentimental and tear-jerking - not my thing - but I was ...
  • Beth Crawford
    I recently read The Great Alone and loved it, so I picked up another Kristin Hannah book. I got through Angel Falls, but found the writing to be far inferior to The Great Alone. I absolutely could not enjoy Angel Falls once I started noticing errors in the Spanish phrases used in the book. A few examples are as follows:“Buenos noches” should be “buenas noches”“Stupido” should be “estúpido”“Recuerdes”, in the context in which ...
  • Sonia Cristina
    Kristin Hannah já nos habituou, há muito, a livros emocionantes, seja com um tema mais ou menos dramático, mas sempre com amor. Gostei muito deste Em Nome do Amor e, apesar de achar que merecia que uma certa parte fosse mais desenvolvida para ser melhor entendida, as 280 páginas resultaram de forma espetacular. (view spoiler)[Penso que os leitores perceberiam melhor o lado de Mikaela se fosse mais explicada como era a sua vida de casada com J...
  • Stephany G
    This book was good, not my favorite, but still pretty good. I felt like I have read it before, not impossible since I have only started keeping up with the books I've read this last couple of years. Mike (aka Mikalya), is thrown from her horse and slips into a coma. If that sounds slow, it sort of was. Anyway her husband Liam, along with her mother and children, deal with the pain this disruption has caused in their lives. Liam discovers his wife...
  • Mary
    Normally I really enjoy Hannah's books. However this one really didn't do much for me. While the plot was good and it outlined a good story, you think the main character will be Mike and it ends up being the Liam and kids. While accidents can happen any time any place, I just had a hard time buying the "she was married to a major movie star" idea and had a child with him and he basically abandoned. I felt the story did touch on some major issues ...
  • Kassi
    After reading this, I want to find my husband and hug him. Gosh...every woman out there needs a Liam. I cried a couple times during this book. The author did an excellent job at conveying his turmoil and struggles in dealing with his wife's coma.
  • Jayme(the ghost reader)
    This is my second book by this author. I enjoyed reading this book. This author writes similarly to Jodi Piccoult. Mickela Campbell is a wife and mother of two. She never told her second husband she was previously married. When she suffers a brain injury from falling off a horse, she falls into a coma. Her husband hopes she will wake up soon. Hoping to wake her up, he calls her ex husband in hopes he will help. If she does wake up, which life wil...
  • Marta A. Santos
    Devido a um grave acidente Mikaela entra em coma e a partir daí segredos do passado são revelados, mas os laços familiares e o mais importante o poder do amor são fundamentais para a cura de toda a família.Uma vez mais Kristin Hannah apresenta-nos uma história maravilhosa e em que a família é o ponto fundamental.
  • Christa
    3.5 Stars
  • Lu Bielefeld **
    Muito boa história.
  • Pandora
    Very disappointing Kristin Hannah book. Maybe because it was written in 2005 and she hadn't reached her stride yet but I would tell fans of Kristin Hannah to not read this book - it is not the quality we are used to and it didn't make me cry once!And it was a really bad audio. If you as a reader cannot come up with good voices - then just read the text and we will figure out who is talking.
  • Carla Geraldes
    Kristin Hannah não desilude, e foi interessante ler este livro da perspectiva do homem, quando maioritariamente, são as mulheres fortes que compõem os livros desta autora.embora o tenha achado um pouco previsível não deixa de ser uma boa leitura
  • Kay
    I liked it, but I thought the nine year old was depicted as more babyish than real life.....Kept my attention, really wanted to know what would come next.
  • Cari
    This is easily my least favorite of all the Kristin Hannah books I've read. Usually I am so quickly captivated by her characters and feel an almost instantaneous connection to them that leaves me feeling a variety of emotions (basically whatever emotions the characters happen to be feeling). Sometimes I think it would have been an act of self-preservation if I hadn't bonded so well with the characters in some of Hannah's other books, because it w...
  • Amy
    I really liked this book. I appreciated the love that Liam had for his wife Mikaela-- especially when she was still hoping that her 1st love, Julian, who was the Brad Pitt of Hollywood, would come back for her. When she ended up in a coma, and she seemed to respond to Julian's name, I so admired the love that Liam had for his wife that he would risk inviting back the man that kept part of Mikaels reserved from Liam in the hopes that having Julian...
  • Meital Ben-Daniel
    Another heartaching, tearful book of one of my favourite authors - Kristin Hannah. I loved the characters and at times even felt sorry for Julian. Liam was my best character - he was greater than life itself - when the life of his wife Mikaela was at stake. I read the Hebrew translation of Hadas Weiss, who also translated Summer Island of Kristin Hannah. Both translations flow easily and tug at the little strings of your heart. Read in one held b...
  • Alaine
    What a wonderful book! I was completely lost in this story that was mainly told through the eyes of the Liam, Mikaela's husband. It gave a unique insight into a man's perspective of love and family. This is not a gushy romance story, rather it is a moving tale of a family struggling to get through the most challenging time of their lives. It is about self discovery and realisations of what is truly important in life. The characters where easy to ...
  • Shulamit
    I can kill this author! I read this book cause the reviews given here convinced me, talking to patient in a coma, my kind of story.But aaaggghhhh! This writer didn’t do the minimum homework with her Mexican character! I mean, a Mexican woman who actually makes a mistake saying “good night” (many times too) in her mother tongue?!!? That finishes every sentence with “si?” when she would actually end it with “no?” I can’t explain wha...