The Suicide King Volume 1 (Fallocaust, #4) by Quil Carter

The Suicide King Volume 1 (Fallocaust, #4)

After months of being separated, Reaver and Killian are finally together; but their happiness is short lived. Unbeknownst to Killian, Reaver is struggling with his own inner demons, demons that threaten to not only rip Reaver apart, but their entire relationship as well.Unfortunately though, it’s not only demons they have to worry about. Reaver and Killian are going to quickly realize that the plaguelands hold to them a threat that the greywast...

Details The Suicide King Volume 1 (Fallocaust, #4)

TitleThe Suicide King Volume 1 (Fallocaust, #4)
Release DateDec 22nd, 2015
Publisher MassChaotic
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Dark, Horror, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Sociology, Abuse

Reviews The Suicide King Volume 1 (Fallocaust, #4)

  • Quil Carter
    One star for every grey hair I got while writing this book! But it was worth it and, damn, is it ever good to be back with Reaver and Killian. Where I belong!
  • DarienMoya
    STRESSSSSSSSTRESSSSSSSSTRESSSSSSSThis book took me on a journey of many emotions 😫 I was angry, happy, disgusted, very disgusted and then boom I was stanning again. There is a few things I didn’t like and it felt unnecessary and my guy Reaver is someone I don’t even recognize. Lots of info in this one and we learn all the things LOTS OFSometimes their are people that shouldn’t bone and this book has at least 5 of them and I was like “d...
  • Paul
    5 STARSOk where to start, will "FUCK ME IT'S AWESOME" suffice. It's also by far the best book to emerge from the dark dystopian hell hole known as Fallocaust and it's now my new favourite . Yes Book 1 and Breaking Jade just got bumped kidz, actually they got shoved from first place as my personal favourites and fell rather unseemly as they were usurped from their positions, this book is in a league of it's own.In all seriousness though the writin...
  • Bridie-No excuses. No apologies. No Regrets Jones
    This God damn mother-fucking book made me feel so many things that it isn't even funny. I cried like a little bitch. I felt pissed off, like actually genuinely pissed. I wanted to strangle some characters, and then others I wanted to cuddle. Sometimes I wanted to do both. At the same time. Because these characters are awful people. And I love them with all my heart.Warning for spoilers people, so if you don't want to be spoiled then fuck off!It b...
  • K.S. Morgan
    Some spoilers might be ahead. I can’t even start to explain how much I was waiting for this book. When I saw the pre-order option, I thought I would faint, so of course as soon as I got my hands on it, I started reading. And that’s all I did for the whole night. Taking a break and stopping just wasn’t an option, the story sucked me in and didn’t let go even after I finished reading it.Quil Carter was right when he said this book was going...
  • Cole
    This is going to be an unpopular opinion and I'm not writing this to be cruel, but I am going to be honest. This book is in severe need of editing. It was so bad that it drug me out of the story many times. The mistakes are numerous . There was abuse of ellipses, most of the ones used weren't necessary. There were commas where they weren't needed andnone where they were needed. There were periods where there should have been question marks, past ...
  • Jen
    OMG!! I'm speechless, right now. So much happened, here. Definitely the best of the series, so far. Elish is still my fave, even more so, now!
  • Francesca
    I am sort of speechless right now. I promise I'll review properly after the holidays. But in the meantime wow, just wow. Right: i think I am ready to review. Or maybe I am ready to take a long and rambling walk down all of the reasons that I love this book and his equally crazy brothers. First off this is, in my opinion, the best book in the series - not necessarily content wise, but most certainly language wise. The language, the writing has mat...
  • Dark_Shadow
    I LOVED it! it's the best book of the series for me. It's funny how I went from disturbed and annoyed exasperated to this, being on my Favourites shelf. I love the characters and the story so damn much, I'm overlooking the things that disturb me. The characters have so many layers and the story with its twists and turns is so alluring. I can't possibly describe the awesomeness with words. Can't wait for the neeeeeeext. (view spoiler)[ I was pisse...
  • Angela
    This was the best installment yet! I'm dying! The mysteries are being uncovered and new ones are popping up. I loved this! So many "I fucking knew it" moments and even more " no fucking way " moments. I loved this. All the stars.
  • Lewis Rees
    Wow, okay.So I was lucky enough to get asked to beta read this book and, as anyone who's read my previous reviews for the series can guess, I was over the goddamn moon at this.It's always going to be tricky following up a book as brilliant as The Ghost and the Darkness; so much has happened that it's easy to forget that this is only book three of the series proper. This is, in part, due to the fact that the author chooses to release a companion n...
  • QuietlyKat
    I’m very disappointed and sad that this series has failed to evolve in any kind of satisfying way. What started out as a really horrific and disturbing yet extremely entertaining tale has grown extremely repetitive and stale. There are no redeeming characters or plot lines. Sooner or later, everyone will be abused, tortured and raped and they will all commit abuse, torture and rape, even characters that were extremely traumatized by the abuse t...
  • Amanda
    The brilliance continues! I will never get enough of this incredibly damaged, disturbing and intriguing world with it's damaged, disturbing and intriguing characters.
  • Rosa Orias
    Hello there. This is Rosa’s sabroso Review.(view spoiler)[Brothers and sisters, may Sanguine Bless You.The best Forgiveness.For the first time in my life, the best of a book is not a character or a scene, it is a whole spectrum.When we start the book we found worlds falling apart, rotting wounds consuming all body, wrecked men, hopeless dreams and battles impossible to win, but some decisions had to be taken, and they were the best choices thes...
  • Jaimee Ghost
    THIS IS MY FAVORITE BOOK OF THE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just......AMAZING!!!!! I can't stop screaming. I really need to calm down. Like WOW!!!!!!!! We finally have a decent ending!!!!!!!!!!!! One where I don't have to cry!!!!! Everybody is in shambles!!!REAVER BABY....I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!!!!JUST. WOW.A lot of questions answered in this book!!!!! This was fucking amazing!!!!!! Where is volume two?!?!?!?! How will Nero react?!!?!?! Jade and Elish??!???...
  • Helle
    So many secrets from Elish, Perish and Silas. The one that I think is the enemy, is changed to be the person I am feeling empathy for now. The ally is changing to the enemy that I hate.This is not just Black and White, new allies and old enemies change everything up side down. I am feeling confused, tired and dizzy with all these change in every person in this series and you never now who is really your friend or your enemy.I know I still love Sa...
  • Teresa
    Wow. I loved this latest book. I can't wait for volume 2. The cover is awesome and fitting. All the kings are ripped apart. Sanguine has been naughty :D but his punishment was so awful. How is he going to come back from that? Silas has grown on me and I feel bad for him. Hopefully he and Reno will be to heal the family.Elish... poor Elish fell far and shattered. He hit rock bottom and then some. He was right about one thing. When chimeras broke, ...
  • Tionne
    At 98% progress I disliked this installment so much that I didn't plan on rating it. If I did, I would've given it 1 fucking star......but I abso-fucking-lutely adore Quil so I couldn't do it. I wanted REVENGE. Instead I got the characters I like/love sympathising with the characters I despise with a passion. You can imagine how I felt about this!!!!! I also got Reaver losing his mind which I did not like seeing at all. The only parts I enjoyed w...
  • Rebecca Franklin
    I love this book! Who am I kidding, I love everything that Quil writes. ANNOUNCEMENT: I am officially proposing to Quil just so that I can be there to watch him write these masterpieces. There is so much detail and explanation in this book. Every time I think that there is an end coming to this story....wham!! He hits us with a twist. I have never been so invested in a story that I don't won't it to end. Suicide King brings us back around through...
  • Tracey
    4.5 stars for me. This one was dark (aren't they all) and there was so much going on. I need the next book now! I'm not going to even try to condense the book into a review but if you haven't started reading this series and you're a fan of dark, post-apocalyptic, disturbing shit that is highly unlikely to have any kind of HEA - then lock yourself in a room and get started now. This series is epic.
  • YullSanna
    О господи Боже МОЙ!!! Я сейчас захлебнусь от эмоций! Моё сердце (бедное и измученное) разбито в дребезги, даже не знаю, как описать... Нет слов. Зачем?! Зачем я стала это читать. Отвратительно. Мерзко. Больно. Пожалуйста, если есть хоть какая-то справедл...
  • Skye Blue ☆*~゚ლ(´ڡ`ლ)~*☆
    Really Reaver?After all of that, you are more than happy to rape and torture your practical clone? Sanguine--After reading his story last book, seeing him like this was like a stab to the gut.Ending came out moreThis is probably the tamest book so far. If Rape, cannibalism, and psychotic episodes can be called tame.Yet this one has so much going on.There are some real lows, and some real highs throughout the book.A lot of things have come to ligh...
  • Ana Oh
    So In LoveWith this series. My mind never strays far; a piece of me is always in the graywastes. I seriously do not know what I will do when I finish this series. It will be a sad, sad day.
  • Mel Sparks
    What the fuck was this? What the hell am I suppose to say? How many adjectives are there to describe shock? I only know so much therefore I guess I'll just have to stick with gif's. I'm going to be honest here, personally I didn't really care for the first half of this story, there were just POV's I could have been spared. I didn't care for Jack, Sanguine or Elish. Those fuckers deserved their fate and in a way I understood why I had to read abou...
  • Marcus Dean
    I started Fallocaust 8 days ago, just finishing up Suicide King Volume 1 about an hour ago. The series sucked me in so much that I averaged something like 10 hours a day of reading and about a book a day. It is that good! The pros: I love the way Quil weaves his stories in such complex ways. Each installment adds another layer of complexity to each plot and there are shocking revelations at every turn. POV characters have distinct voices and Quil...
  • Carly
    Wow.So I've never written any reviews for the Fallocaust books before because I can never form proper thoughts after I read them since they are mind blowing and aaaaamazing. Simply amazing. At the end of the first book I realized how incredible this series is and it quickly became one of my all time favorites.And this probably won't be a very good review, but I just want to put some thoughts down.This may have been my favorite installment of this...