Sogið (Children's House, #2) by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir

Sogið (Children's House, #2)

Lýst er eftir átta ára stúlku sem hverfur úr skólanum einn haustdag. Undarlegur spádómur unglings kemur upp úr hylki sem innsiglað var fyrir tíu árum, í kjölfarið taka voveiflegir atburðir að gerast í Reykjavík. Og lögreglan er ráðalaus.Hér stíga fram á sviðið sömu aðalpersónur og í síðustu bók Yrsu Sigurðardóttur, DNA, bestu íslensku glæpasögunni árið 2014.Sogið er ellefta glæpasaga Yrsu en Þriðja tá...

Details Sogið (Children's House, #2)

TitleSogið (Children's House, #2)
Release DateNov 12th, 2015
GenreMystery, Crime, Fiction, Thriller, Scandinavian Lite..., Nordic Noir

Reviews Sogið (Children's House, #2)

  • Holly B
    This was my first novel by this author. It is book two in the series, but worked as a stand-alone. Although, I do feel like I missed out on some of the backstory in book one. Detective Huldar and a child psychologist named Freyja are trying to solve a case that involves a note that was found in a school’s time capsule. It is an interesting premise and a much darker plot than I usually read. A few cringe-worthy scenes to be sure. I wasn't able t...
  • Crime by the Book
    4.5/5 stars for this outstanding Nordic crime novel! Iceland’s Queen of Crime returns in 2019 with the second installment in her superb Children’s House series: THE RECKONING. Picking up where her 2018 release THE LEGACY left off, Sigurdardottir’s newest crime novel delivers a gritty, layered procedural exploring the longstanding implications of childhood trauma. In a story both gruesome and heart-wrenching, Sigurdardottir weaves a masterfu...
  • Christine
    I discovered the Icelandic author Yrsa Sigurdardottir, last year. I read the first story in the Children's House series, The Legacy this week. I was very impressed. I simply had to get my hands on The Reckoning and see what else Sigurdardottir has in store for us. This is such a fantastic series. I guarantee you will do the same.In The Legacy, we got to know two key figures. Freyja is a child psychologist, whose job it is to work with traumatised...
  • Rheama Heather
    In reality, Iceland has virtually no violent crime. It’s worth some quick research to discover why. But this is a work of fiction, and the detectives in Reykjavik are busy.One afternoon, Vaka’s father is late picking her up from school with tragic results. A decade later, a series of murders appear connected to the girl’s violent death.It’s impossible to compete with Tana French, but The Reckoning will appeal to her fans. Just as French...
  • Kelly
    4.5 *s rounded up!Yrsa Sigurdardóttir is one of my favorite Nordic Noir authors. The Reckoning is book 2 in the Children’s House series featuring Detective Huldar and child psychologist Freyja. A note is found in a time capsule at a school threatening to kill 6 people identified only initials. Since the note was written by a child, Huldar brings Freyja in to help. This novel has everything I love about good crime fiction. It is multi-layered w...
  • Dimitris Passas
    This book was a big disappointment for me, being a devoted fan of Yrsa Sigurdardottir's novels and Icelandic crime fiction in general. While the first book in this new series (Freya and Huldar), titled ''DNA'', was aligned with the previous dark, suspenseful and gory novels of the so-called ''Queen of Icelandic Noir'', the ''Reckoning'' fell short to my expectations as it is a rather conventional police procedural crime novel which focuses more o...
  • Anne
    I loved Huldar and Freyja in The Legacy so was anxious to continue this series set in Iceland. It did not disappoint either as there were plenty of suspects in the cold case of young Vaka who was raped and then murdered. Now the convicted killer is being released from prison and others connected to the case are turning up dead. Is he murdering again? Or is it his son who was most likely abused at home and has anger issues? Lots of twists and turn...
  • OutlawPoet
    So, I'll admit that this was a slower read for me.I, to my shame (and due to my unfamiliarity with Icelandic names), kept getting two main characters mixed up. It definitely made the reading a challenge. I eventually got them straight. Eventually.Even with my 'name' confusion, I did enjoy the tale.Iceland itself is almost a rather intimidating character and our mystery was both complex and intriguing.I did enjoy our main character, though his rom...
  • Laura Rash
    A tad disappointed in this one. It moved very slowly until about the last 1/4. Didn’t quite have the zest the first in this series had. I still really enjoyed these characters & wasn’t able to guess “the bad guy” and one main occurrence that was revealed at the end. I’ll definitely still continue the series.
  • Bonnie Brody
    I am a fan of Scandinavian noir and this Icelandic thriller is a great addition to the genre. If you have a weak stomach or don't like to read books about child abuse, this is a suggestion that you go elsewhere to fill in your Scandinavian noir needs. The novel starts out with Vaka, a young girl, waiting outside for her father to pick her up on her first day of school. For some unknown reason, her father doesn't show. The school is locked, it's v...
  • Bruce Hatton
    This novel marks the return of police detective Huldar and child psychologist Freyja. Since their first disastrous collaboration in The Legacy, both have been demoted – a situation which Huldar finds far easier to come to terms with than Freyja.A note written by a 13-year-old schoolboy ten years previously is discovered in a buried time capsule. It predicts the death of six people – only referred to by initials. The discovery of the letter co...
  • Martin
    Ah, Yrsa, Yrsa, Yrsa. Another excellent book from one of my favourite authors. This is the 2nd in the Freyja and Huldar series, following on from The Legacy. This is a very dark, but compelling story dealing with some decidedly difficult themes. Yrsa doesn't shy away from these, and really puts her characters through the mill. Freya and Huldar's relationship, such as it is burn personally and professionally, is still tender age the events of The ...
  • Jens Ivar
    Yrsa is a good writer and she tests her limits. This is her second book about Freyja, child psychologist and Huldar, the cop. I kinda like them, Huldar is not the typical scandinavian police, all mopey and dark. He is a bit of a fool. Not the sharpest mind but does an ok job.But this book is all about the exposition, we are always told what has happened but rarely shown. That was annoying. No excitement and was pretty dull. You can do better Yrsa...
  • VickiLee
    #2 Freya and Huldsr thriller. The novel begins with the rape and murder of an 8 year old girl. This is tough reading material, and at various points I felt personal despair for the human condition. There is a certain charm evident in the dysfunctional relationship between Frey’s and Huldar. For all it’s dark subject matter, I really liked this novel and read it steadily to the end.
  • Kat
    4+ stars for this second book in the series and it was excellent. At times the subject matter is a pretty hard read but the writing is superb, I look forward to reading the next in series if there is one... let’s hope so. Well recommended
  • Vilma Iris
    4.5 starsYrsa Sigurdardóttir delivers another superb, edge-of-your seat dark thriller with tinges of horror sure to keep you up at night.THE RECKONING—the second installment in the Children’s House series following THE LEGACY, picks right back up with the now demoted Huldar. He’s investigating a 2016 letter found in a time capsule that predicts the deaths of six people denoted only by initials. It’s probably nothing—nonsensical writing...
  • Michelle
    Review can be found on my blog here: https://booksonthebookshelf.wordpress......Thank you to the publisher for gifting me a copy of this book to read and share my review....Although this book is the second book in a series, it can easily be read as a standalone. I haven’t read the previous book but I found it easy to follow along, although I am now curious to read the first book in the series after reading this book.I found the beginning of the...
  • Rikke Hougaard
    4.5 starsThis second installment of Icelandic crime by Yrsa Sigurdardóttir is a marvelous macabre piece of fiction. You follow different people involved in the case, while being solved by investigator Huldar, getting the occasional help from Freyja a psychologist.I'm not gonna say much about the writing, or the substance of the characters. The writing was understandable, but I read it in Danish so can't specifically judge the original writing. I...
  • Gisela Hafezparast
    Brilliant second book of a great new series.
  • Herdis Pala
    Quite good, even though I felt some parts of the story were quite "thin"
  • Heidi
    Yrsa Sigurdardottir’s Children’s House series has been my most exciting discovery in 2018, and I fully expect to become totally addicted to future books in the series. It is so good that I picked up The Reckoning immediately after turning the last page of The Legacy because I had to find out what would become of investigative duo Freyja and Huldar.Sigurdardottir again delivers an intriguing and somewhat creepy premise – a time capsule seale...
  • Louis Skye
    Well, that was way darker than I expected. This Freyja and Huldar series is a completely different kettle of fish from the Thora mysteries. I am definitely hooked, but also very disturbed.Whereas the first Freyja and Huldar story was over-the-top gory, this book ekes out the gore over the course of the narrative. It's almost like a slasher film - you get an inkling of how the bad guy is killing people, then at the end, it's murder and mayhem ever...
  • Miriam
    The second book in this series is really good. The writing is goood, I especially like the witty remarks the characters sometimes give. The events, as always in this genre (I would say it is definitely Nordic Noir) are terrible. A series of murders under gruelsome circumstances. Until almost the end, I didn't know who actually was responsible for them. The point of view changes between Huldar and Freyja, which I like. Also their relationship deve...
  • Susan
    Huldar and Frejya are brought together again after both being humiliated and demoted after the scandal in the first book in this series. Huldar seems to be taking it in stride but Frejya is upset. They are thrown together again when a child's note from a time capsule predicts several murders. It is an excuse for Huldar to contact Frejya but then the murders start happening. Once again, the awkwardness of their relationship provides a balance to t...
  • Nancy McFarlane
    The Reckoning is crime fiction at its darkest. The story opens with the rape and murder of an 8yo girl and it doesn’t lighten up until justice or revenge, as the case may be, is finally meted out. A time capsule unburied after 10 years reveals the disturbed threats of a then 12 year old boy. About the same time the body of an unknown man with both hands sawed off is discovered. Detective Huldar, who has been demoted because of behavior during h...
  • Mandy
    This very dark and disturbing crime novel was well-crafted and well-paced but for me crossed a line by being gratuitously violent and extreme. Of course a crime novel is likely to have grisly murders, psychologically damaged victims and perpetrators, evil criminals. But this book would have been just as gripping and effective without some of the more gruesome details, and any novel that deals with child abuse needs to be particularly sensitive. A...
  • Ken Fredette
    I know Yrsa Sigurðardóttir seemed to play one person against the next with the love life of of Huldar, Freyja, and Erla. Always playing with the womans fancy. But at the same time having a need for the role they play in life being the determining factor on how The Reckoning played out. The deaths of so many men seemed to be awfully hard to cope with, while all the initials of people that were in a letter that a 10 year old boy placed in a time-...
  • Donna Hines
    This is a hard one to rate for me because it seems to focus more on procedural criminal circumstances surrounding whose involved rather than the 'atmosphere' surrounding the situation at hand.The power is in the story that brings readers in thrillers goosebumps with action that's beyond words, with suspense that's intriguing, with climatic conditions that brings us to our knees.I didn't get that sense of thrills and chills but it could be me so g...
  • Pam
    AUTHOR Sigurdardottir, YrsaTITLE The ReckoningDATE READ 07/11/2018RATING 5/AGENRE/ PUB DATE/PUBLISHER / # OF Crime Fiction / 2015/Hodder & Stoughton/ 406 pgsSERIES/STAND-ALONE #2 Huldar & Freya CHARACTERS Huldar/detecitive Freya/child pshychologist TIME/PLACE 2016/IcelandFIRST LINES Huldar dropped the bundle of photocopies on his desk COMMENTS Both Huldar and Freya have been demoted for the shooting they were involved with in their last case tog...
  • Laura Spira
    I must have read a glowing review of this somewhere but I found it very disappointing. I can admire a fairly standard crime plot if the characters are interesting with believable motivations and the writing is good with a strong sense of place, but, apart from some gloomy Icelandic weather, this didn't meet any of those conditions. Unusually for me, I guessed who the murderer must be quite early on in the story. The rather pathetic detective arou...