Lost Vampire (Bit-Lit #1) by W.J. May

Lost Vampire (Bit-Lit #1)

The future is not a safe place. When Tay Maslov was a girl, she lived in New York State, and her playground were the sun-drenched fields of her parent's farm. But all that changed when one day the Servitors came, looking for new recruits for their master, the Archon Jeremiah of Brooklyn. The vampires - or Elders - rule the cities now, and hardly any humans are left out in the wildernesses. All of that land is given over to the weird animal-like S...

Details Lost Vampire (Bit-Lit #1)

TitleLost Vampire (Bit-Lit #1)
Release DateNov 17th, 2015
PublisherDark Shadow Publishing
GenreParanormal, Vampires, Business, Amazon, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

Reviews Lost Vampire (Bit-Lit #1)

  • Laura Hernandez (TheVoluptuousBkDiva/YABkDivas)
    I am so happy I stumbled upon this amazing read by accident on Amazon because I loved it and read it all the same day. The world is full of humans, vampires and shifters and each have their own agenda. When Tay is named Feral and cast out from her brood and city she doesn't know what to do with herself. When she meets the stranger Kaiden she doesn't know what to make of him and from there the intrigue continues its fast growing crescendo that lef...
  • Jackie
    I got to 24% before giving up. Nothing really kept my interest with this book. I kept thinking of other things I should do instead or reading. I couldn’t really follow the plot. There is no world building, I felt like I missed book 1 that had the background/world building. The characters were not likable & fell flat for me. The flow was choppy.
  • Sa
    A bit gloomy but not bad.The MC, Tay, is lost, scared, vulnerable, helpless but hopefully she'll emerge as a stronger, formidable mc as the series progresses.I liked all the Kaiden and Tay moments and look forward to more.
  • Greg Dixon
    lost vampireA adult read for people who are in to the series recommend highly can't wait for the next one of the series a little slow to start but picks up towards the end shaping up to be a enjoyable series
  • Victoria
    It is a great book to read
  • Mollien Fote Osterman
    Title: Lost VampireSeries: Bit-Lit Series Book 1Author: W.J. MayPublisher: Dark Shadow PublishingReviewer: MollienRelease Date: November 17, 2015Genre(s): Paranormal Vampire Shifter RomancePage Count: 184 pagesHeat Level: 1 flames out of 5Rating: 4 stars out of 5Blurb:From Bestselling Fantasy/Paranormal author, W.J. May comes a new kind of vampire shifter series. Get ready to be blown away! Lost Vampire Book 1 of the Bit-Lit Series The future is ...
  • Angela Sanders
    A future where Vampires ruleTay, a young vampire, under the thumb of a cruel and ruthless, Archon Jeremiah, was cast out as a feral. On the run, with no sanctuary, no one allowed to give her aid for fear of Jeremiah's wrath; she's near starving when Kaiden rescues her from the clutches of a trap set by shifters. In what feels like a betrayal, they become separated and Tay goes on the run again, only to be betrayed again. She no longer knows who s...
  • Spunky N Sassy
    SNSBAH Rating: 3.0~~~~~~~~~~Tracy's ★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~Tay Maslov is an Elder but there are parts about her duties as an Elder she doesn't like. One thing is the Culling. So instead of participating in them she goes to the Blood Clubs and hangs out. As an Elder and a Vampire her Archon Jeremiah of Brooklyn requires this and when she disobeys him again, a price must be paid. Jeremiah punishes her in the worst way a vampire can be punished b...
  • Cindy
    This is the first book in a new series and the first time reading this author for me. The author does a decent job of establishing a vampire run society set sometime in the future in New York, but not a great deal to explain why or how the society evolved into what it is. The writing is professional and editing well done.The heroine is a vampire who has been labeled an outcast or "feral" by the powers that be, and as she wanders, Tay stumbles upo...
  • Brenda Mcallister
    Liked the basic storyline, but it was just OK, not anything new or different. Have read other books by this author that were better. Very short read - about an hour or so. An outcast vampire is rescued by a (created) werewolf - vampire hybrid. Most such meetings result in the death of at least one of the parties, but not this time. They part without reaching any understanding, but book hints they will work together in future episodes. More attent...
  • Roxanne Dugger-Martinez
    This was different than most vampire books I've read and I liked it. I really like the main characters Tay and Kaiden. I thought they were tough fighters as well as kind souls and I look forward to reading more about them. The only thing I disliked about this book was how it was written. It was kind of weird and didn't flow well at times. Other than that I enjoyed the book and look forward to reading the next installment.
  • Elizabeth
    This book started a little slow for me to understand but then I couldn't stop reading. So far I haven't found book #2 for follow up. I', really wanting to see what the future holds for Tae and Kaiden. Also, I like to read the downfall of Archon Jeremiah.
  • Adrielle
    2.5 starsI read this in less than 2 hours.A world where the governing body is made up if vampires. The rest us typical, been done and predictable. A quick read but nothing stands out, glad it was free.
  • Paula Genereau
    Tae lived on a farm as a girl. Everything changed when the servitors came looking for people to serve the master. Follow Tae on her journey I received this book from hurricane readers book review for my honest review. I really enjoyed it.
  • Anna
    interest to read
  • Cindy Jack Beard Jr
    I got lost several times in this book. The Sex scenes were very descriptive, not that it's a bad thing, the ending just kind of left you hanging.
  • Kathryn Synoracki
    I received this book from the author for an honest review! This is a vampire story with a twist! Really enjoyed it! Can't wait for more!