The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron

The Road Back to You

Ignorance is bliss except in self-awareness...What you don't know about yourself can hurt you and your relationships―and even keep you in the shallows with God. Do you want help figuring out who you are and why you're stuck in the same ruts? The Enneagram is an ancient personality typing system with an uncanny accuracy in describing how human beings are wired, both positively and negatively. In The Road Back to You Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne S...

Details The Road Back to You

TitleThe Road Back to You
Release DateOct 4th, 2016
PublisherIVP Books
GenreNonfiction, Psychology, Self Help, Christian

Reviews The Road Back to You

  • Leigh Kramer
    The names Suzanne Stabile and Ian Morgan Cron may or may not mean something to you. When I heard they were writing a book about the Enneagram, I paid attention. Stabile is a well-known Enneagram teacher. I've never been able to attend one of her workshops but I've followed her online for a while. Cron is probably better known as an author and Episcopal priest, although he's done some speaking on the Enneagram in recent years. The combination of S...
  • Maxwell
    If you are new to and curious about the Enneagram, I think this book is a fantastic way to start digging into it. Cron wonderfully explains each type, giving context to them in many ways (work, childhood, relationships) as well as details the various elements of the Enneagram (wings, stress, security). It was insightful, accessible and entertaining, and has truly opened my eyes to how I see the world in a particular way as well as how other peopl...
  • Britany
    I kept hearing about the Enneagram, took a quiz and got multiple answers, that's when I decided to go digging...Many of my very favorite podcasts mention the Enneagram and I got curious. This book was a wonderful introduction. There are 9 categories that you can fall into with wings and shades of others. What does this all mean? Cron spends time explaining what a healthy number looks like vs someone struggling with their related deadly sin. I kep...
  • Barnabas Piper
    Super helpful and enjoyable introduction to the enneagram. I'd read nothing on it previously other than a couple inline summaries, and this was an accessible and relatable entry into what seems to be a rich and complex thing. It moves quickly, it is concise, it is funny in parts, and it is strikingly insightful.
  • Ali M.
    Knowing my Myers-Briggs type never did much for me. Knowing my Enneagram number has deepened my self-awareness, given me practical and specific tools for growth, and helped me better understand people who are wired entirely differently than me.Part of what makes this ancient personality typing system so compelling is the fact that your number is not a static description of yourself; it's a spectrum you're constantly engaging with as you learn to ...
  • Taylor Cole
    Maybe it's because I came to this book already equipped with a basic working knowledge of the enneagram, but I found The Road Back to You to be a bit more helpful in my understanding of the enneagram than Richard Rohr's book (The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective), which was my introduction to the enneagram and a major source of guidance for many others (and which, frankly, left me a little confused). Ian and Suzanne's writing made the character...
  • Bob
    Summary: Describes the Enneagram and each of the nine types, and how these may be helpful in Self-discovery, uncovering one's true self and experiencing spiritual growth.John Calvin, and many others have observed that knowledge of God and knowledge of self often go hand in hand. Often, what we do not know or knowledge that has been colored by the wounds of our upbringing deflect us from knowing God and ourselves truly. One of the tools that has b...
  • Charlsa
    I discovered this book by listening to Anne Bogel's #whatshouldireadnext podcast, episode #141. She and Ian Morgan Cron were talking about the Enneagram #s of various authors and characters in books. I had already taken to test to determine my Enneagram type, but I still wasn't sure. I listened to the audiobook first, narrated by the author, then purchased the book. I needed to go through it in detail. This book really helped me to narrow down my...
  • Erin *Help I’m Reading and I Can’t Get Up*
    One of the most accessible, readable books on the Enneagram I've encountered.
  • Carol Ann
    "There are others [personality typing systems] that describe and encourage you to embrace who you are, which isn't very helpful if who you are is a jerk." This is wonderful introduction to the Enneagram Personality Typing System. The authors break down a complicated subject into a clear, concise, and entertaining guide to self-discovery. The authors tell it like it is and provide relatable and often humorous examples.As I read through the differe...
  • K.M. Weiland
    Sound basics of the Enneagram. I feel like it’s obviously just a starting place, but it helped me find my own surprising number and opened my eyes to some areas of personal understanding and growth I hadn’t previously considered.
  • Karyssa
    Some of my family members introduced me to this book. I had never heard of it before, and they were going to read it and then discuss it together. Once I found out it was about personality types, I really wanted to get in on the discussion. So I bought the book so that I would be able to contribute to the conversation.Even if we don't end up discussing it, I'm really glad that I got the book. I really enjoyed it, and it's very interesting how the...
  • Claire Johnson
    I’m a believer .. so eye-opening & spot-on.
  • Laura
    This book was written with lots of compassion, humor, and insight. It would be a good introduction to the Enneagram or a good supplement for those who are already familiar--it does a better job than most of reflecting on being in community with different Enneagram types.
  • Blythe
    I’m not sure how to rate this book, as I don’t read this genre often; I read this for my bookclub. That said, for what it is, I really loved it. It’s super insightful and helpful, and I loved his pastoral perspective—the focus on our identity in Christ, his celebration of our personalities reflecting aspects of who God is, and his advice on how each number struggles and how we can love them. Easy to read. I highly recommend for someone wa...
  • Rachel
    I listened to this book and when I was about 3/4 of the way through it, I hopped online and ordered a copy of it. Definitely a book I want to own and know I will find myself coming back to to help refresh my understanding of the enneagram. I've heard from several people who have thoroughly studied and read about the enneagram that this is a great book for beginners, and I'd have to say that's true. It was a quick listen that had me thoroughly eng...
  • Aliza Latta
    I love this book. I have recommended it to everyone as a guide for deeper understanding into the Enneagram. I read it front to back, but now use it more as a guide and pull it out often to look up certain types. Ian’s narration is funny and very helpful — always pointing towards transformation. I found this book extremely helpful in my own Enneagram journey.
  • Lindsay Franklin
    A good primer on Enneagram from a Christian perspective.
  • Jill Robinson
    Personality type fascinates me. I knew some about the Enneagram before reading this but this book helped me want to understand people better in order to love them well.
  • Chrystal
    Wow. The enneagram has opened up so much to think on. I have learned so much about myself and have so much more to learn. I love that this book takes the approach of the enneagram through the lens of the Gospel. I think I've figured out my number (a 6) but I'm not still not certain (which I think is pretty characteristic of a 6!) I would love to dig deeper with an enneagram class. I also love how this book helps you see each number's strength and...
  • Deanna
    Updated: upped this book to a five. We can't stop talking abt it and rereading. It has given us so much clarity!! If you're a personality type junkie I highly recommend. There's a bunch of podcasts abt this book right now too that you can listen if you're more inclined that way. (Entreleadership and story brand) I've never felt more called out on my personality type. It's just been so good for us and we've had so many "a-ha's". --------Pretty fas...
  • Sarah Wells
    I loved this introduction to the enneagram and its overview of the nine personality types. Clear and entertaining, each chapter provided informative and entertaining explanations of each type's nuances as well as calls to action and development for each type to understand how they operate best and what they should watch out for. For those who love personality types and understanding other people better, this is a great choice.
  • Michele
    I listened to audiobook on audible, and the author was a great narrator. I think I'll listen to parts of this again and again. It would be nice to have the hard copy for reference, though. This knowledge will actually change the way perceive myself and others. Hopefully, it will also influence my actions as I seek to become healthier.
  • Laurie
    This is an extremely accessible and enjoyable introduction to the enneagram as a tool for personal and spiritual growth. Ian Cron, the author, narrates and is extremely easy and pleasant to listen to!
  • Aaron West
    If you’re like me (a private Christian liberal-arts grad), you’ve at some point, recently or otherwise, heard of the Enneagram. More than a personality test, and less than a prescriptive cookie cutter of your every action and thought, the Enneagram has (more or less) been developed over the course of hundreds of years by everyone from cloisters of Desert Fathers to Richard Rohr in his seemingly infinite wisdom, himself.The enneagram is the na...
  • Carmen Marie
    As someone who finds personality typing fascinating, I am more steeped in Myers-Briggs. Over the past few years, I have heard more about the Enneagram personality typing system and how it differs from Myers-Briggs. There's a lot of info to take in here as it is an introduction to the Enneagram's nine types. Instead of breaking one's personality down to four different letters as Myers-Briggs does, the Enneagram takes the personality as a whole enc...
  • LuAnn Adams
    Reading this book is like holding up a mirror with magnification. You don’t always like what the magnification reveals. Especially at first. However, once you get past the initial jolt, it is cathartic, enlightening and challenging. It not only helps you better understand yourself and others but can help catapult you to the next level of avoiding your own traps, increasing empathy, and deepening your understanding of God. The biggest drawback o...
  • Beth Anne
    I thought this was an excellent introduction into the idea of the Enneagram and learning about the different ways that people look at the world. So many conflicts arise because two people look at the same thing and see different things. Communication break downs, relationship expectations, and work ethics and business skills all can be helped by learning to understand our differences and give compassion and grace to ourself and others. I loved th...
  • Kaytee Cobb
    this was a GREAT read/listen. I felt it was the most succinct and approachable guide to the Enneagram that I've read By Far. I guess that could be because each time I've learned and retained a bit more about it, but I really felt like Cron EMBODIED what it means to be each type and really talked about what it looks like in day to day life so much better than many others have done. highly recommended for personality geeks like me!
  • Katie Stuckenschneider
    I couldn’t put this down - I feel like it should be mandatory reading. If you care about people, have to work with people, or even slightly interested in learning about yourself I would highly recommend. I found it relieving, practical, and eye opening in thinking about who God made to be. Even more than that, I appreciated the methodical, practical descriptions of other personalities and am prayerful it changes my interactions (and reactions) ...