Darkest Place by Jaye Ford

Darkest Place

Carly Townsend is starting over after a decade of tragedy and pain. In a new town and a new apartment she's determined to leave the memories and failures of her past behind. However that dream is shattered in the dead of night when she is woken by the shadow of a man next to her bed, silently watching her. And it happens week after week.Yet there is no way an intruder could have entered the apartment. It's on the fourth floor, the doors are locke...

Details Darkest Place

TitleDarkest Place
Release DateFeb 1st, 2016
PublisherRandom House Australia
GenreThriller, Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Mystery Thriller

Reviews Darkest Place

  • Phrynne
    One of the best things about this book was a female main character who did not wait to be rescued by a man and who frequently made logical decisions all on her own. Okay so she had problems and was not always in control but at least she did not run around doing silly things and trying to cause her own death as is often the case in this kind of crime novel. I liked that.Jaye Ford writes well and I always enjoy her books. This one was no exception....
  • Brenda
    Wow! Jaye Ford has done it again! So very good!Carly Townsend had only been in her new warehouse apartment for three days when she was woken in the early hours of the morning to the presence of a man, standing over her, watching her. Terrified, she immediately called the police – subsequent searches of the apartment came up empty; when it happened again a few days later, then again, the police didn’t believe her. She was attention seeking; sh...
  • Carolyn
    This is one creepy psychological thriller. Imagine you have just moved away from your old life and the memories of a very bad accident some years ago to move into a stunning flat in a warehouse conversion. Now imagine that you keep waking up convinced there is a man in your room. This is what happens to Carly Townsend when she moves to Newcastle to start a new life. The police can't find any sign of an intruder or any place one could have got in ...
  • Selene
    Genre: Mystery & ThrillerSetting: Newcastle, AustraliaPOV: Singular, third personCharlotte "Carly" Townsend has moved into an apartment complex in Newcastle. For her, it's a new beginning--she's hit the restart button on her old life that once covered her in guilt and shame. The thirty-three year-old divorcee settles into her new community and focuses on old personal goals she finally plans to accomplish. Carly has only lived in her new home for ...
  • PattyMacDotComma
    4.5★Frying pan to fire. Cliff face and climbing tragedy in the country to stalker/intruder terror in the city. After the tragedy, she’s become infamous in her hometown, and her mother is so unsupportive she tells Carly “’It’s time you thought about something else. You might never have children, you need to come to terms with that.’” Gee, thanks a lot.I liked Carly, and I could picture her friends and how and where they live. They s...
  • Carol - Reading Writing and Riesling
    GRIPPING!My View:Gripping! Thrilling! Compulsive reading. I loved this read from the very first page! This book should come with a warning; “If you start reading this book be prepared to ignore everything else in your world.” “Danger! Danger! Compulsive read ahead.” This is a brilliant example of domestic noir and the unreliable narrator. I loved every word on every page. Just one problem – now I have finished reading there is a long wa...
  • ☼♄Jülie 
    *Possible spoilers*I did enjoy this latest thriller from Jaye Forde and found it hard to put down in so much as I kept waiting for the terrifying bits to terrify me some more ...... however, dare I say that, as scary as it did get, it never really brought me to the levels of "edge-of-your-seat" fear that Already Deaddid.I think it had all the potential to be that way, but just fell short through missed opportunities.I have to say that I think the...
  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    I should have known better, being familiar with Jaye Ford's previous novels. I picked up Darkest Place at 2am to read a few pages before bed and didn't put it down til I finished the last page, just minutes before my husband's alarm woke him for work at 5am. After enduring years of guilt, heartbreak, and regret, Charlotte Townsend has finally found the strength to leave her past behind. In a new town, with a new apartment, and a new name, Carly h...
  • marlin1
    How brilliant is Jaye Ford's new thriller!I loved everything about this book.Carly has made the move to Newcastle after 13 years of being in traumatic limbo in her home town 'out west'. Eager to start a new life standing on her own two feet, she buys an apartment in a old converted warehouse.After her third night there, she has an intruder during the night. The police are called but there is nothing to show of a break in. These break ins start to...
  •  Li'l Owl
    Aussie author Jaye Ford is brilliant! Wow! What a great book! Carly Townsend has just moved away from 13 years of grief and sorrow to a new city and a brand new apartment. She's hoping the physical change will give her a chance to move forward emotionally start her life anew. She's been in her new apartment less than a week when she wakes and sees the shadow of a figure standing over her bed in the dark of night. The police convince her that she ...
  • Lynn Mccarthy
    This is the 3rd book I have read by Jayne and like the others it was brilliant.Carly has moved to her new home to start a new life hoping to leave all her tragedies behind.She buys an apartment in a converted warehouse.After a few nights in her new home she has an intruder in her bedroom he doesn't do much just lies on top of her and she can not move.She calls the police but there is nothing to find all the doors and windows are still locked, the...
  • Kerrie Paterson
    What if you kept waking up at night, paralyzed with fear and knowing there is someone in your room? Someone standing over you? Someone touching you?Is it real or, as the police try to convince her, a cry for help from a disturbed mind?Carly doesn't know who to trust - and that includes herself.Talk about a page turner that will keep you up all night - and not just while you're reading! I've loved every other book Jaye Ford has written, but I thin...
  • Simone Sinna
    Lock your door, pour a glass of wine and turn the phone to silent. A racey read with all Ford's usual ingredients; flawed heroine, hunky male who may or may not be the hero, a past that needs to be escaped, police that can't find a break in so maybe its all in her mind...
  • Carla Ferro
    It's finally done! Good riddance! So bad and no thrilling aspect at all. Can't believe the ratings it had received. It dragged and drained it.
  • Simone
    There is a reason that Jaye Ford has become one of Australia's leading ladies of suspense thrillers - she never fails to deliver. Just when you think she has covered all possible scenarios her latest book appears with a fresh, original plot that is guaranteed to have you turning the pages and checking your doors and windows are locked in equal measure!Charlotte Townsend aka Carly has been through the mill over the past ten years and has finally t...
  • Karen
    Darkest Place is Australian thriller writer Jaye Ford’s fifth book of stand-alones involving women under threat who are definitely not victims. Review at Newtown Review of Books
  • Jess
    Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, it's pitch black but you could have sworn there was someone in your room? Now what if that kept happening.... and there was someone actually there? What if no one believed you? That what if - well it just became Carly's reality.Carly Townsend has only recently moved into her new warehouse apartment in Wickham, Newcastle. New to area she knows no one, and that's precisely why she chose the area. Y...
  • Bree T
    I went to university in Newcastle many years ago now and I love reading books set there. I loved my time living there, it’s a wonderful place, lots of funky suburbs, good facilities and beautiful beaches. When I lived there, it was cheap, you could rent a place close to the university or on a good transport line for next to nothing. It was my first real experience with “my own place” after living in dorms and I really enjoyed it. I was sad ...
  • Heidi
    Jaye Ford has been on my to-read list for a long time, and I was very excited to receive a free copy of her latest novel from the publisher – and it did not disappoint! After the tragic death of her friends in a climbing accident and the breakdown of her marriage, Charlotte Townsend finds the burden of guilt and grief too much to bear and decides to move to the city to leave her sad past behind. Reinventing herself as “Carly” she buys a new...
  • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews
    Jaye Ford first caught my attention when I read her first book, Beyond Fear. I knew immediately after reading the book that she was an author to watch. I also feel Ford is a standout in the field of Australian authors who can write a solid psychological thriller. Ford’s latest and fifth novel to date, The Darkest Place, is another cracking read full of thrills and chills. It features an unreliable and complex main character, Charlotte Townsend,...
  • Late To Romance
    Jaye Ford is right up there with Honey Brown for me as an auto buy for an Australian author. I have really loved her thrillers- often starting with a familiar trope (e.g. a group of women break down on an isolated highway, an agitated stranger jumps into the car of the heroine, woman is attacked in a car park and then continually menaced) but then develops them with believable characters, a great sense of place, usually a dash or a little bit mor...
  • Helen McKenna
    After many years of heartache and guilt Carly finally feels like she is getting her life back on track. Moving away from the small town that saw her trapped in the past, she has settled in a nice apartment in Newcastle and enrolled in the nearby TAFE college. On the surface everything is good - she is making new friends, her course is interesting enough and the little community has everything she needs, right down to local markets on the weekend....
  • Kerrie
    Australian author Jaye Ford certainly knows how to write a good thriller.Carly Townsend moves across the country to Newcastle, NSW, to start a new life. For the last decade she has been living with the fact that she killed her three best friends. Her new apartment is on the 4th floor of a renovated warehouse. All modern. But the first thing she learns is that there is a sad story about the girl who used to own her apartment.Carly herself is prett...
  • Jen
    Well, that was certainly different! I downloaded the audiobook from the library and had no idea what it was about, other than it had 3.98 rating at Goodreads. So the first inkling I had that it was Australian was hearing the Australian voice reading it -- and I must say I was very impressed with the quality of the reading, as I'm not often a fan of female narrators, so well done Sarah Blackstone!For me, there were comparisons in style to The Girl...
  • The Reviewers
    Reviewed for The Reviewers by Helen GoltzThe only thing I love more than discovering another great Australian author is another great book that keeps you hooked.This is my first Jaye Ford book and wow, can Jaye spin a story. There were plenty of hooks throughout the novel to keep you engaged and likeable characters like Carly, Elizabeth, Brooke and the sort-of-boyfriend, Nate.Knowing from the start that Carly is escaping tragedy makes her a sympa...
  • Kerryn (RatherBeReading)
    [Disclaimer: Digital copy provided by Netgalley and the publishers in exchange for an honest review]This was a really enjoyable, tense mystery.I really enjoyed the 'hook' in this story with the hint that Carly killed her friends. I did kind of want something a little juicier from this part of the story line but I also really appreciated that this part of the story line was not overly drawn out.I really love this type of story where we are not sur...
  • Helen Goltz
    The only thing I love more than discovering another great Australian author is another great book that keeps you hooked.This is my first Jaye Ford book and wow, can Jaye spin a story. There were plenty of hooks throughout the novel to keep you engaged and likeable characters like Carly, Elizabeth, Brooke and the sort-of-boyfriend, Nate.Knowing from the start that Carly is escaping tragedy makes her a sympathetic and interesting figure and that’...
  • Janine
    I struggled with this at the beginning but once I got into it I really enjoyed it. Lots of guessing.
  • Liza Sarris
    What a fantastic book! Couldn't put it down!
  • Lee Christine
    Another solid thriller from Jaye Ford with well-crafted characters and clever pacing. Kept me turning the pages well into the wee hours. Highly recommended.