高嶺と花 2 (Takane to Hana #2) by Yuki Shiwasu

高嶺と花 2 (Takane to Hana #2)

残念御曹司・高嶺とのお見合いを継続する事になった花。高嶺の祖父が、お見合い相手に会いたいと言い出した事がきっかけで、鷹羽財閥のパーティーにまたも姉と偽って参加する羽目に!! 完全アウェーを乗り切れる?更に高嶺の旧友・ニコラが来日! 花に接近する目的は? 大反響! 格差×年の差お見合いラブコメディ第2巻★

Details 高嶺と花 2 (Takane to Hana #2)

Title高嶺と花 2 (Takane to Hana #2)
Release DateJul 17th, 2015
PublisherHana to Yume Comics (花とゆめCOMICS)
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Romance, Shojo, Contemporary, Graphic Novels

Reviews 高嶺と花 2 (Takane to Hana #2)

  • Dani - Perspective of a Writer
    Check out more manga and graphic novel reviews @ Perspective of a Writer...As this is a multi-volume series my opinion is also influenced by the previous volumes... And there may be references to the plot of those volumes... SO READ WITH CARE! Here is my review of volume one...Hana is pressed into a marriage meeting with Takane, a scion of a business empire, impersonating her sister to save her father's job! Ready to put that fiasco behind her Ha...
  • Viedefun
    Dans ce 2ème tome, la différence d'âge entre nos deux héros est bien mise en évidence, surtout le fait que Hana n'ait que 16 ans....Très bon tome ! Vivement la suite !
  • Amanda [Novel Addiction]
    Still don't know whether to add this to my library's teen collection or not, but it was definitely a fun read, so there's that. I know I personally enjoyed it, but whether or not it's appropriate is the big question.
  • Jennifer
    J'ai trouvé ce tome moins drôle... En fait, je me lasse du fait que cela tourne toujours autour du pot. Les situations sont différentes mais c'est toujours les mêmes sentiments qui sont exprimés: je t'aime bien/je t'aime pas, je te traite bien/je te prends pour une moins que rien, je m'ouvre/je me renferme... Et je ne suis pas patiente du tout pour ce genre de trucs! Heureusement, l'arrivée d'un nouveau personnage donne un peu de piment à ...
  • Elley Murray
    Fancy parties, cherry blossoms, and stolen kisses - oh my! I love the way Takane and Hana bicker and tease each other. Neither one wants to admit that they actually like the other one for real, and it's just so CUTE. With Hana it makes sense because she's a high school girl, but shouldn't Takane know better? And suddenly a rival appears?!
  • Melissa
    Je ne comprends pas pourquoi j’ai mis autant de temps avant de lire ce second tome.Hana va se rendre à une soirée organisée par le grand-père de Takane. Elle va devoir être convaincante pour que ce dernier ainsi que tous les invités pensent qu’elle a 23 ans (l’âge de sa grande sœur).Nous allons également faire connaissance avec Luciano, un riche ami de Takane qui arrive tout droit d’Italie. Il va passer un moment avec Hana ce qui...
  • Thamy
    I confess I really wanted to read this second volume simply because I had enjoyed myself with the first one, now I regret not having taking the time to read it before. This was even better!We continue following the story of Hana, who needs to pass for her sister to attend a marriage interview with this rich guy Takane. Who turns out to be how most rich shoujo protagonists are, a stuck-up, senseless, arrogant but super handsome man. In this volume...
  • Rod Brown
    The second volume flags a little bit. I'm still troubled by the 26-year-old man dating the 16-year-old girl, and this time the energy of the storytelling didn't tip the scales as strongly toward continuing with the series. I have library holds on the next two volumes so I'll wait to see how they go, but I could see letting this series fall by the wayside.
  • Karen
    4.5I'm loving it❤😂
  • Babù93
    non ci siamo proprio.. succedono sempre le stesse cose i soliti battibecchi poi dopo un tot esternano i loro sentimenti e poi si riparte da capo. personaggi privi di personalità a parte i due protagonisti anche se dei due preferisco Takane. spero migliori perché per ora è un grande NO.
  • Natalia Soldevila
    Este Luciano si que se preocupa por Takane eh XD
  • Bodea
    In this volume, Takane and Hana have to prepare to meet his grandfather at some ritzy function. You'll have to read to see if it goes off without a hitch, but the event does open Hana's eyes to a big issue surrounding their relationship. This leads to more contemplation about her feelings. Meanwhile, Takane is still the most handsome and adorable immature adult ever!I'm happy to say that volume two is just as fun as volume one. The story is devel...
  • Eva Hechenberger
    Auch der zweite Teil der Reihe um Takane und Hana hat mich wieder absolut begeistert. Es geht genauso amüsant und unterhaltsam weiter.Die Geschichte geht nahtlos weiter und Takane versucht Hana immer noch zu überzeugen. Hier fallen im so einige witzige Idee ein, die aber Hana nicht wirklich ansprechen und sie aus meiner Sicht auch nicht darauf einsteigt. Auch Hana hat mit einigen Dingen zu kämpfen, denn sie bekommt beispielsweise eine Einladun...
  • Joti
    In this volume, Hana has to pretend to be Takane's miai partner at a party thrown by his grandfather & she has to meet him, but she's trying to look older so her gorgeous sister helps her out with her dress and make up & they pass the test with gramps at least. But Hana's worried that Takane will get caught up in a scandal because she's 16 & underage so she starts avoiding him but he barges back into her life & demands her time LOL - then she's a...
  • Megan ♠︎ 읽어요 ♠︎ Michaels
    I actually preferred this to the first volume! This adds a lot more depth to the story. Yes, it has less gags but as their relationship progresses, I don't think just skits and the same routine over and over was going to cut it. They raised the question of her age, which I liked, and added some other hurdles for them to get past. I definitely want to continue this series and would love to read more by this author/mangaka!
  • Mary
    This manga literally has me laughing out loud. The characters and their interactions are so hilarious! I feel like I should not approve a HS student dating some 22 year old guy (which they keep reminding me of so I can't forget), but it is just so funny I have to.
  • Mark Evans
    Funny and well-written and I really appreciate that they’re at least acknowledging the elephant in the room that comes with the basic premise of this series, even though there’s no indication yet how the author’s going to handle it.
  • Nathalie DeFelice
    I've done a short review of the newest volume of Takane & Hana after receiving a e-galley of it from Edelweiss! Please check it out here: https://natreviewsbooks.wordpress.com...I'm really enjoying this series, and I can't wait for the next one.
  • Martina Pagani
    3.75 stelline. Il Manga mi ha preso. E vorrei leggere già il terzo volume. Molto divertente e leggero, l’ideale per staccare dalla vita frenetica e stressante di tutti i giorni. Decisamente consigliato!
  • Cat Lewis
    OMG, 5* mit ♥! Den ersten Band fand ich recht unterhaltsam, den Hype konnte ich aber nicht verstehen. Aber Band 2 hat so ultra viel Spaß gemacht x'D Die beiden sind einfach zuckersüß und total lustig XD
  • Captain Chaz
    Endlich! Endlich gibt es den zweiten Band. Ich liebe Takane & Hana. Es macht so viel Spaß zu lesen 💕😁
  • Sammy
    So cute!! I just love this series~! Takane and Hana have such a fun and unique relationship, and them as characters are much different than the usual shoujo character types.
  • Claire
    Enjoying this series. Not sure about this Nicola fellow....My current feelings about this series.
  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    Another good volume.
  • Taylor Sanders
    It made me giggle out loud! I love books that make me giggle!
  • Usagi Tsukino
    This review is for the Italian edition.(view spoiler)[Ca##o, che risate!!! Le lacrime agli occhi dal ridere! XD (hide spoiler)]
  • Raven R. (AvalonReadsBooks)
    This is still adorable. I love that he comes to her aid. I love how cute they are and how much she worried about embarrassing him.I honestly can't wait to see where this goes!
  • Vi
    too much gender roles, but cute.
  • Ashley
    The story line and character development are much more cohesive in this volume! Definitely will continue with this series! 4/5
  • Elinor
    Un tome 2 aussi bon que le premier !! Toujours aussi drôle, original, sympa, mignon, frais, et surtout vraiment, vraiment drôle ! (et je vous ai dit combien ce manga me fait rire ?)Je suis complètement fan de Takane et de Hana, je les adore tous les deux, et j'ai hâte de lire la suite, qui heureusement sort le 19 octobre, soit très bientôt !!