The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict

The Other Einstein

A vivid and mesmerizing novel about the extraordinary woman who married and worked with one of the greatest scientists in history.What secrets may have lurked in the shadows of Albert Einstein’s fame? His first wife, Mileva “Mitza” Marić, was more than the devoted mother of their three children—she was also a brilliant physicist in her own right, and her contributions to the special theory of relativity have been hotly debated for more t...

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TitleThe Other Einstein
Release DateOct 18th, 2016
PublisherSourcebooks Landmark
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews The Other Einstein

  • Angela M
    It's always a dilemma for me to rate books about the woman behind the famous man and I usually wonder just how much influence they have and this was no exception. Even though this a fictionalized account, I have have questions about how much is real, how much is imagined more so than in other novels of this kind. What I know about Einstein can be summed up easily. He was a brilliant scientist, famous for E=mcsquared equation , the theory of relat...
  • Jennifer
    I really wanted to like this book.Perhaps it is just me, but I think I hold writers of historical fiction to a different standard than other fiction writers. If a historical fiction writer is creating a story about real people (as opposed to creating fictionalized characters set during a specific era or historic event), then I expect that the big details about that real person's life will be correct. Otherwise, readers can come away with a view o...
  • Pouting Always
    Mitza Maric has dreams of being more than a wife, a brilliant physics student she plans to pursue a degree in 1896 and is the only female in her classes. Mitza is also disabled and has never expected any man to ever be interested in her and want to marry her. When she meets Albert Einstein though things begin to change and she rethinks the life she has pictured for herself, ending up caught between her ambition and love. The book was well written...
  • Suzanne Leopold
    Mileva Maric was the only female student studying physics at a prestigious university in Zurich in 1896. It is here that she met a young student in her class named Albert Einstein. Albert takes an interest in her, and a romantic relationship evolves between them. This book details how their relationship changes over timeWritten in the voice of Mileva, this historical novel is about the difficulties she encountered while married to Einstein. What ...
  • Jilly
    I can't get through it. I'm bored. Also, I find it strange when a first-person narration gets all flowery in descriptions because I find it hard to believe that people talk that way in their heads. When I am thinking about the weather outside, I never have thoughts like, "It was dark and stormy with broody clouds and a malevolent fog." I'm more likely to think, "F-ing weather! You suck!" Okay, so I admit I'm not the most quixotic of thinkers. (Wo...
  • Laura
    (This review can also be found at: "What did Watson and Crick discover?...Rosalind Franklin’s notes"HAR HAR. While that might not be 100% true, the history of science is littered with brilliant women whose pioneering contributions were ignored, diminished or plagiarised due to sexism. So this fictionalised biography of Mileva Maric, the physicist wife of Albert Einstein who has been rumoured to have c...
  • Dannii Elle
    I received this in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. Thank you to the author, Marie Benedict, and the publishers, Sourcebooks Landmark, for this opportunity.This is the fictional account of the life of an actual historical figure. Mileva “Mitza” Marić, in 1896, was the only female studying physics at Zürich university and one of the first females to study science at university level in all of Europe. She left home for more liber...
  • Susan Johnson
    I didn't like this book at all. I hate books that have potentially interesting stories to tell and then just wreck them. It could have been quite edifying as Mileva Maric was Albert Einstein's first wife and a noted scientist in her own right. She was the only female student at an elite university in Zurich in 1896. She lives in a pension with other bright female students. It must have been exciting to be on your own for the first time and discov...
  • Erin
    Find this and other reviews at: http://flashlightcommentary.blogspot....I feel like the only reader who wasn’t wholly enthralled by Marie Benedict’s The Other Einstein, but if I’m entirely honest, the novel didn’t draw in me as I’d hoped. I give Benedict a lot of credit for highlighting a lesser known individual, but the mechanics of the novel weren’t fully developed and the actual conflict came so late in the narrative that I’d all...
  • Kristie
    This was an engaging story about Mileva “Mitza” Marić, Albert Einstein’s first wife. Going into this, I knew nothing about Ms. Marić and very little about Mr. Einstein’s personal life. It seems as though some of Albert Einstein’s work is surrounded in controversy. There is speculation that his first wife helped with his research, however the question is how much help was she? Some say she was simply supportive, others say she partnere...
  • Mariah
    I'm a teacher and every year we are given a free copy of a book. The purpose is to read the book and then display it in your classroom and encourage students to read it. This year The Other Einstein was the book I received and all my coworkers that participated LOVED this book, so we have decided to meet up before the next school year and have a book club meeting just to discuss this book.This book was fantastic! I learned so much about Einstein'...
  • Liz
    3.5 Stars.Even before her marriage to Einstein, Mileva Maric was an interesting woman. For a woman in 1896 to attend a polytechnic institute was an anomaly. Benedict does a great job of setting time and place; of making you understand the prejudice. However, this quickly falls more into a romance novel. Way too much about Mr. Einstein and her feelings about him. It is interesting to watch as her friends drift away despite their “pledge”. The ...
  • Tasha
    A very engaging story about Albert Einstein's very smart and much dismissed wife and partner, Mileva Maric. I never heard of her and reading this story brought her to life. My ideas of Albert Einstein have changed as well. It's a read that had me looking on wiki/internet for more info and images. I love when a book causes me to do that.Thanks to the publisher and netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
  • Sara
    I seem to be on a run for disappointing reads right now. This book was offered as an Overdrive special read and I signed up thinking it must be quite good to make the cut. I’m afraid I over-estimated the criteria for selection.This book seemed to have great wasted potential to me. I knew nothing of the first Mrs. Einstein, and having read this book I dare say I know nothing of her now. I got no sense that this novel was based on any known fact,...
  • Carlos
    3.5 stars for this one. I enjoyed this book because i learned about an aspect of Albert Eninstein life that it is almost never portrayed. Up to this point i had read that Einstein was married at one point but never stopped to think about who he was married to during that time. It was also nice to see the story through the eyes of a woman written by a woman (i mistrust books that are told in a woman's point of view written by men or the other way ...
  • Bam
    In The Other Einstein, Marie Benedict says she "aims to tell the story of a brilliant woman whose light has been lost in Albert's enormous shadow." Mileva Maric (Serbian, 1875-1948) is an extraordinarily talented female student studying physics at Zurich Polytechnic where she meets young Einstein in class. He charms her, promising a bohemian life of shared scientific investigation which eventually wins her over, but an unexpected pregnancy is not...
  • Connie
    Mileva Maric, an intelligent classmate of Albert Einstein when they were both physics students at Zurich Polytechnic, was the first Mrs Einstein. It was very unusual for women to be educated at a university at that time, especially in the male-dominated field of physics, but her father recognized her special talents. The book covers the years from their meeting in 1896 until their divorce in 1914. Albert Einstein is portrayed as an unfaithful hus...
  • Darlene
    I have been reading various discussions about this book, 'The Other Einstein' by Marie Benedict. For some reason, there seems to be a number of people who are confused about the very nature of this book; so I thought I should begin by pointing out the obvious… 'The Other Einstein' is a novel, a work of historical fiction. From everything I observed when looking at the book, neither the author nor the publisher claim it is a work of non-fiction ...
  • Kathleen
    I enjoyed reading THE OTHER EINSTEIN and agree with some of the quotes on the front and back covers of this book. "A compelling tale of a brilliant, unorthodox young woman's ambitions and challenges that has the reader rooting for our heroine from the very first pages." - Kathleen Tessaro, best selling author of Elegance and The Perfume Collector "Phenomenal and heartbreaking." - Erika Robuck, national bestselling author of Hemingway's Girl"Could...
  • Jenni Ogden
    I began with warm anticipation this novel loosely ‘based’ on what little is known about Einstein’s first wife, Mileva Einstein, and her relationship with one of the greatest scientists in history. There are a number of novels published in this popular ‘genre’ about the woman behind the famous man, some very good. Marie Benedict’s take on the Einstein story began with promise as the two students, Albert and Mileva, began their friendsh...
  • Vikki
    For me, this was an easy read. The main character, Mitza Maric was very relatable and the story was engaging. Mitza was a physic student at the same university and in the same program and classes as Albert Einstein. She started out as friends with Einstein but it gradually turned into more. Unfortunately, Einstein who at the beginning of their relationship treated her as an equal in mind and spirit and wanted a bohemian lifestyle together where t...
  • Karen
    This is a thoughtfully written book about the woman behind the man, Mileva Einstein, Albert Einstein’s first wife. I’ve read other such books such as Zelda and the Paris Wife, accomplished wives that get lost in their husbands’ shadows, a typical sign of their sexist times and I was hoping this one would be just as captivating. It certainly was for me. I had never given thought to Einstein’s wife’s existence so want to thank Marie Bened...
  • Richard Derus
    Rating: 3.5* of fiveMy review is live now. #WomensHistoryMonth is the time to remember a deliberately forgotten woman's role in #physics. Mileva Einstein's role in the four papers published in the Miracle Year of 1905 can't be know for certain, no one still alive was in any of those rooms where husband and wife spoke, but letters discovered in the 1980s strongly suggest she was a key player in the thinking Einstein did.Sourcebooks and Marie Bened...
  • Mareli Thalwitzer
    For the original review, please follow of all, a big thank you to Netgalley, Sourcebooks Landmark and the author, Marie Benedict for presenting me with an early copy of this marvelous novel. Quite similar to Marie Benedict, I started this novel with even less than "commonplace understanding" of Albert Einstein. Of course I know what he looked like and he is very famous for something called "E=MC2". Ne...
  • Erin Dunn
    1970-01-01 you to NetGalley for providing a free ebook copy of The Other Einstein By: Marie Benedict in exchange for an honest review. Short Review Summary: I wanted to know more about Mileva and her love of science. Before I heard of The Other Einstein, I had no idea who Mileva was. I didn't even know that Albert Einstein had a wife. So when I read the summary for this book I was really ecstatic to learn more a...
  • Lata
    This book was troubling. When I grew up, Albert Einstein was a name I heard a lot. My father and his friends held the man and his work in high esteem. So I approached this book with some reluctance. The author does not present a flattering picture of the man, while showing us a portrait of his first wife, Mileva Maric (Mitza), physicist and mathematician. The book is actually about her, and was created to bring a forgotten intellect to light. I a...
  • Stephanie Anze
    When Mileva "Mitza" Maric enrolls in mathematics and physics courses at the prestigious Polytechnic University in Zurich, she is one of six students but the only woman. The seat next to hers is occupied by Albert Einstein. With time, Mileva and Albert establish a rapport and their shared love of science eventually leads to romance. Though taken in by Albert, Mileva must reconcile her sentimental life with that of her professional ambitions. As th...
  • Carlissa
    Definitely one of the best books I've read this year!! This book tells the story of Albert Einstein's first wife, Mileva Maric, a most remarkable woman. If you are looking for a book full of scientific theories, this book is not for you. This story is more about the real (and flawed) people behind the famous theories. Since science and math are not my areas of expertise, I appreciated the fact that this book was not bogged down with too much scie...
  • Meg - A Bookish Affair
    4.5 stars. In "The Other Einstein," we meet Mileva Maric, a gifted young woman who moves to Zurich (where she knows no one) from her native Serbia. Isolated at home because her main interests include physics, something that many thought was not something women should be involved with at the time, she is looking forward to finding common ground with some of her classmates at the university in Zurich. The year is 1896 and few women went to universi...