Alpha Bear (Tales of the Were: Grizzly Cove #4) by Bianca D'Arc

Alpha Bear (Tales of the Were: Grizzly Cove #4)

A man with a plan… John is the Alpha bear of Grizzly Cove, a town built to his own design, made up mostly of bear shifters. He brought them all together, so it’s on him when the community comes under attack. A woman of power… Ursula is more than she appears, and when her secret comes out, she’s afraid the shifters aren’t going to take it well, but John surprises her. He needs her help to combat the evil targeting the town, but there see...

Details Alpha Bear (Tales of the Were: Grizzly Cove #4)

TitleAlpha Bear (Tales of the Were: Grizzly Cove #4)
Release DateMar 22nd, 2016
PublisherLiefde Press
GenreParanormal, Shapeshifters, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

Reviews Alpha Bear (Tales of the Were: Grizzly Cove #4)

  • Michelle
    Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review Once in awhile, I like to read and get in lost in a shifter paranormal romance and so I decided to give Alpha Bear by Bianca D’Arc a read. This is the first book that I have read from this author and I haven’t read the previous books of this series. Fortunately for me, Alpha Bear can be read as a standalone.In this bear shifter romance, Bianca D’Arc weaves a magical shifter aspect int...
  • Suzi (Obsessive Reading Disorder)
    The residents of Grizzly Cove have been falling one by one after finding their mates. Now it is finally the Alpha's turn. Little did he suspect that his mate would be a very powerful witch. Mating a human is one thing but can bears and witches even be together?This book is very classic Bianca D'Arc. The Were community is still fighting against the evil Venifucus and their promise to bring back evil into the world. The Lords of the Were are still ...
  • Beth
    Pulls this line of short stories directly into the emergence of Elspeth. Actually adding to the plot arc!Sigh - the author got me to tear up near the end.
  • Ann Lorz
    I've always enjoyed books by Bianca D'Arc. The stories are always good and the characters are engaging. Right away I found myself liking John. He seemed to really care about the people around him. I wan't sure at first how I felt about Ursula, I think that was due to the fact that in the beginning of the story I felt slightly lost. It was like I was just thrown into it. I hate the feeling of missing something. After getting over the fact that I f...
  • Ava
    So this one is along the lines with the previous ones.If you like it more smutty, this one is not for me. I liked it a lot for many reasons:It was sweet, not sugar coat. Just lovely and simpleFollowing the storyline but gave a conclusion for a chapter and awaiting for more stories to come. Always a bit confusing because shifter and magic, not really the shifter origin I came across by reading. Anyway, it was great!
  • Heather andrews
    I liked that John would give his woman anything, "he stood from the couch, with her still in his arms and turned toward the hall that led to her bedroom. “Then you’re going to get what you want.” I liked this book, I like how John was a good leader and he was attentive to his woman.
  • Kathy
    Grizzly Cove: Apartment over the bookstore… the bookstore… City Hall… Ursula ‘Urse’ Ricoletti : witch… specialty in casting spells; opening a bookstore with her sister… at the encouragement of their grandmother;John Marshall: alpha of the bears, and founder o the town at Grizzly Cove – it is his vision – and years before his special force team was ready to retire, he began to buy up property; though alpha, the bears are independ...
  • Lenka
    Good story and interesting world-building. This one was better than the previous parts, mainly because it was a full-length story, so there was more room for the character and story development. My biggest problem with the writing style is probably lack of dialogues - they make stories more vivid and smoothly move them forward. There were quite a few passages where direct speech could have been used, during all those phone calls or brainstorming ...
  • Tracie R
    Alpha Bear is a fabulous addition to the Tales of the Were: Grizzly Cove series. I have had a soft spot for John since the series began and knew his mate would need to be special and Urse fit that perfectly. From distrust to alliance, frustration to love, Alpha bear kept me intrigued with its suspense of what is still to come and the joining of shifters and others to concur the force that awaits them all. This well rounded story was amazing and I...
  • Karen Church
    WOW, emotions on every scale.This was the best out of the four. Each book just keeps getting better. I can't wait to read the rest of this series. I have gained true respect for the author, and continue to read all her work.
  • Nadine
    Emotion filled and unpredictableThis book is a great read. It was like an emotional rollercoaster. I liked that I couldn't guess the end. I cried a bit as well towards the end. I already ordered the next book in this series.
  • Lo r n a Dodge
    Just wow what a ride!Such a great storyline with rich full characters that jump off the page and into your room! The story sweeps you into waves of adversity and conquest that leave you breathless. I've gotta go, the next book is calling my name....enjoy the ride, I sure am!
  • IA
    This one was better than the previous parts of Grizzly Cove, mainly because it was a full length story, with more room for the character and story development.
  • Sandra Casile
    Really loved this book.Could not believe the alpha shifter found his mate, and a witch to boot too. Just finished the 4th book and of course am getting the next one in series.
  • Rita C
    It was nice to read a full length novel in this series. It added some good world building and some decent progress on the series arc. Really liking the characters in this series so far.
  • Anna-marie Buchner
    I love the Grizzly Cove SeriesAlpha Bear Book #4 of Bianca D’Arc’s Grizzly Cove SeriesOkay it’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of Bianca D’Arc’s writing. If she writes it I’ll read it no questions asked. In Alpha Bear John Marshall, alpha extraordinaire, retired military x-ops, a man with a vision sort of experiment where bear shifters lived together in a community and hopefully find their one and only mates, actually brought his v...
  • Lynn
    TEARS! It Brought Me To Tears!This book was the best one yet. It actually brought me to tears. Not many books do that but this one is REALLY good.
  • Marie
    This was my first book by the author although after this one I did go back and read the previous novellas (this one is full length) in the series. Alpha Bear can be read as a stand alone. I was just curious enough about some of the secondary characters and from my understanding some characters from Bianca D'Arc's other books pop up from time to time. A little background; Grizzly Cove is a town that was founded by a group of ex-military bear shift...
  • Dana Busenbark
    In this fourth book of the Grizzly Cove series, we get a chance to focus on John. The man with the plan. The one that makes things happen. The ALPHA! Yeah! Ursula and her sister Amelia have moved into Grizzly Cove. We find out a juicy tidbit within the first few pages about Nonna, their grandmother and who Ursula and Amelia are, what they are. Their grandmother was a witch, a strega, a clairvoyant. Wow, just wow. When Ursula goes for a walk on th...
  • Jessica
    Alpha Bear is a quick and suspenseful bear shifter romance.John is the Alpha to a group of ex-militaery bear shifters and he has watched as the other bears in Grizzly Cove find there mates. He wasn't sure if he would ever find a mate of his own. When he does find her he is more than a little surprised to find out that she is a witch. Is it possible for a bear shifter and a powerful witch to have a successful relationship?Ursula and her sister mov...
  • Selina Durio
    I did truly enjoy this story. Ursula and John are two Alpha beings that do what they do best to help save Grizzly Cove. What I enjoyed most about this book was how it totally entwined the Grizzly Cove series with all of Ms. D'Arcs other Tales of Were books. Until now I was unaware that Grizzly Cove was listed as a full Tales of Were spin off. This has just amped up the series possibilities even more. I only gave the book four stars because some p...
  • Heather Tomlinson
    I'm really liking this series. In Alpha Bear d'Arc is introducing what sounds like a really cool Big Bad, while still making the immediate Baddie dangerous locally. This time, John, the Alpha of the community of Grizzly Cove, is up for the mating chopping block. Of course, the job of the author is to throw obstacles at this and decides to pair him up with a strega, or hereditary witch of Italian origin, Ursula. Apparently shifters and witches don...
  • Chumchum_88
    Oh I remember this since it was much different that the previous three, since the beginning of the series we know that there was a dark force on the move and with each book they started to know more and more about it but in here they got into the magic much more deeper.- The heroine and her sister were kinda like witches and it was really cool seeing what they can do and what they thought - The hero was the super macho military type since he's th...
  • Barb
    This had excitement and romance all rolled into one not to mention the magic and evil sea monsters! It had everything that makes a me want to read the book. The characters are great. You have bear shifters and witches mixed in with other shifters and other magical beings. This story grabbed my attention from the first page and it only got better as I kept turning the pages. Suspense, I could feel it while I read the book. Bianca D'Arc knows how t...
  • Michele bookloverforever
    powerful strega moves into bear shifter territory and battles evil by setting powerful and permanent warding spells to keep it away from her adopted home. she finds allies both near and far and a mate in the alpha bear. she fights the minions of elspeth, the destroyer newly returned from banishment by her equally malicious and evil allies, the ventrifucus. the battle is won but evil still lurks a mile out at sea and the war continues. waiting for...
  • Karen Scotti
    Riviting Alpha Bear is the best of the Grizzly Cove Series thus far. It is filled with action and suspense.The character development is spot on and Bianca is doing an amazing job joining all the other were series together!
  • Carol Reddy
    Another wonderful shifter story! The Alpha Bear John meets his match in Ursula, a feisty witch. The evil is still in the cove threatening the safety of the town and its up to the two of them to work together to fight it.
  • Danny L Walling
    Could have been alot betterGreat story with the cast of characters from previous books, with addition of Ursula and Mel. Great love story between Ursula and John. The only drawback I have is that it contains too much magic.
  • Denise
    It pulled me right in!I could by put the book down. I needed to finish it in one sitting. There as drama, humor, lust, love and a lot of magical power expended.
  • Michelle the Romance Witch
    another interesting story on a continuing story arc of the battle of the Light vs the deatroyer. Lots sensuality and a few laughs too. can't wait to see what's next