Henry & Eva and the Castle on the Cliff (Henry & Eva, #1) by Andrea Portes

Henry & Eva and the Castle on the Cliff (Henry & Eva, #1)

The Graveyard Book meets The Goonies in author Andrea Portes’s spooky, timeless middle grade debut. Prominent Environmentalist and Oceanographer Die in Boating Accident This is the headline that changes Henry’s and Eva’s lives. Their parents, prominent environmentalist William Billings (age 43) and his oceanographer wife, Margo Billings (age 39), disappear mysteriously at sea.That day is a very, very bad day indeed.But for Henry and Eva, ...

Details Henry & Eva and the Castle on the Cliff (Henry & Eva, #1)

TitleHenry & Eva and the Castle on the Cliff (Henry & Eva, #1)
Release DateNov 6th, 2018
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Mystery, Young Adult

Reviews Henry & Eva and the Castle on the Cliff (Henry & Eva, #1)

  • Teri Parks
    The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew meets Casper.There is so much to love about this book! First, it was a captivating first read. Told in the voice of Eva, she is witty, charming, and insightful....simply brilliant! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Her brother, although it is not directly stated, is on the Autism Spectrum....possibly Aspergers. The author did a tremendous job of capturing the OCD tendencies and the intellectual thinking of someone on the spectrum and used ...
  • Dani Scott
    Grief is not an easy thing to write about, especially in a book meant for young folks. The first page is so moving that I had to read it twice, then to my partner. Henry and Eva are fully formed, really intelligent characters that you care about immediately. Henry is identified as being on the spectrum and this is mentioned with ease and respect. I had not read any of Andrea Portes' previous works, but I was so impressed with this book! The first...
  • Leslie Beilfuss
    I read this book to Jamie and absolutely loved it. Eva is the narrator and her dialogue is humorous and witty. Henry is a genius and he and Eva, with the help of their ancestors from beyond, try to solve the mystery of their parent's deaths. Although the main theme is about their parents (we get to see how they deal with this tragedy at very young ages), it's also about their relationship with each other. It's also very funny at times and I laug...
  • Maggies Daisy
    Twelve year old Eva and Henry who is ten but has an IQ of 180 making him quite smart for his young age, are visited by some of their family ghosts in a attempt to solve the mystery of who killed Henry and Eva's parents. Who could the killer be? Is it Uncle Claude with his real estate scheming or his kooky shopaholic girlfriend? or someone else completely? This was sad tale because of Henry an Eva loosing their parents but with their parents many ...
  • Donna
    Mystery, adventure, ghosts, evil family member - this story has it all.Henry and Eva, siblings, live with an uncle and his wife after their parents die in a boating accident. But, was it an accident? when the ghosts appear and try to get the kids to learn the truth - they learn a lot more in the process.
  • Becky
    This was fun and cute with couple twists I wasn't expecting. A bit of a dues ex machina ending, but I'm pretty tolerant of those in children's books. 3.5 stars.
  • Bonnie Arriola
    Such a lovely story!
  • Carmen
    Rich language. Beautiful friendship between siblings. Mystery and ghosts. Worthy read.
  • Patricia
    This was an intensifying, intricately plotted and mystical mystery for kids. The tone is a bit dark and may be disturbing to some kids, as the story involves the death of family members. Henry and Eva are courageous kids. Tone:Character:Writing Style:Illustration:Audio: