Dorie's Cookies by Dorie Greenspan

Dorie's Cookies

Over the course of her baking career, Dorie Greenspan has created more than 300 cookie recipes. Yet she has never written a book about them—until now. To merit her “three purple stars of approval,” every cookie had to be so special that it begged to be made again and again. Cookies for every taste and occasion are here. There are company treats like Portofignos, with chocolate dough and port-soaked figs, and lunch-box Blueberry Buttermilk P...

Details Dorie's Cookies

TitleDorie's Cookies
Release DateOct 25th, 2016
PublisherRux Martin/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction

Reviews Dorie's Cookies

  • Kim Kaso
    Recently gave this as a gift to a friend who entertains frequently. I knew I thought it was a treasure of a cookbook, turns out she put it to immediate use as she makes cookies every month for a tea her non-profit holds for their clients. She said she got raves about the cookies, and then she made a variety of them for her Christmas Eve Open House. Fabulous!
  • Irene
    I bought this cookbook because I dreamed of perfect chocolate chip cookie recipes, and this kept popping up. This is a good cookie cookbook, but I'm not sure this is a keeper for me.The chapters of Dorie's Cookies is organized thus: 1) brownies, bars and biscotti, 2) everyday cookies, 3) cookies for special occasions, 4) the sable cookies she sold at her cookie boutique in NYC, Beurre & Sel, 5) cocktail cookies and 6) cookie fillings, creams. etc...
  • Lesli
    Underwhelmed and disappointed.
  • Bronwyn
    I don't actually care for cookies that much. I think they're usually more trouble than they're worth, but they are very transportable and a thing you can grab from your freezer and pop in the oven in the case of a potluck or chocolate emergency. Which are real things that happen to me. But anyway.Dorie Greenspan is much beloved by a certain set of cookbook watchers, but I haven't used one of her books before. This one drew me in with the design a...
  • Morgan
    Mindbogglingly thorough and mouthwateringly delicious - a true and loving testament to the artistry of cookie baking with 500+ pages of inspiration to elevate one's cookie game to sophisticated but achievable heights. The World Peace Cookies are no joke and I'd happily eat a Jammer with an ice cold glass of milk every night for the rest of time. Yummmmm.
  • Vicki
    As we speak, I have a batch and a half of blackberry jammers in progress and already consider myself a devotee of this book. The stories attached to each cookie are the real treat, and I've adored Greenspan's techniques and style for years--both are in full force in this book. I guess what I mean to say is that her voice shines through everywhere in this book.
  • Mickey
    Best book on making cookies: that I know of. Sorry to "King Arthur Cookie Companion" a book that will no longer be in use.
  • Bridget
    I love this book. Every cookie I've made out of it so far is wonderful, and I really like the photos of each recipe. I highly recommend the Cardamom Coffee cookies (Nick eats those, not me) and the Oreo-esque sandwich cookies, but make them tiny so they're bite size because they are EXTRA delicious that way.
  • Sophie Brookover
    This is one I know I'll return to repeatedly for both the technique suggestions & the flavor possibilities.
  • Lisa Smith
    Gonna have to buy my own copy. Tons of new ideas in here!
  • Adrianne
    Dorie Greenspan opens the door to a whole new world of sweet and savory possibilities. In her new cookbook, Dorie shares her personal and professional cookie secrets: recipes, techniques, and gear only a true cookie perfectionist would know to employ. For instance, how many of us pop in whatever we are baking as soon as the oven reaches temperature? I know I am guilty. But, do you know why you should not do this?With Dorie’s wisdom in your Kind...
  • Louise Miller
    I've been an admirer of Dorie Greenspan's work ever since Baking with Julia was published, and my favorite thing to bake is cookies! So I've been looking forward to this cookbook for months. It does not disappoint! Gorgeously designed and photographed, it's a treasury of mouth-watering cookie and bar recipes. I will happily bake my way through this entire book. This is the perfect gift for your baking friends!
  • Silke
    Perfect for the start of Christmas time!
  • Shannon
    To Read: Yes. Each recipe has a good story and valuable baking tips you won’t want to miss.To Look At: Yes, the photography is by Davide Luciano, and he does a good job of highlighting these cookies. Each recipe has a photo, which I really appreciate. Although the descriptions of the the cookies are well-written, if you are just flipping through and trying to pick out a cookie you wanted to make, the photos will really help.To Cook From: Yes! E...
  • Blake
    I wanted this book for over a year, I've had it less than a month, and I've made 3 different recipes from it (one of them twice!) I LOVE this book. The steps for the recipes are laid out in a way that feels more logical than a lot of other recipes, and all of the recipes I've made have been delicious. I love that there are alternatives listed to mix up the recipes, and that she mentions how long a cookie will keep for and if the dough can be stor...
  • Sarah
    I haven't made any of these cookies yet, and I'm not overly sure I will. The thing about cookies is that they already take time because batches. But these cookies are unique and extreme. I'm sure that if I followed all of Dorie's techniques it would take me a good weekend to finish up a few batches. This is not a knock on Dorie. She sounds like the cookie queen!But I value my time A LOT and I don't want to spend a weekend and only get like 40 coo...
  • Katie
    All the cookies I made from this book were excellent: They looked just like the photo, they tasted delicious, and the recipe was easy to follow.Unfortunately, the book has not been assembled in a way that makes it easy for the baker to use: all the recipes I have cooked have required me to turn the page part way through, and back-and-forth flipping is required when searching for ingredient amounts. The pages of this book are enormous - 9 x 9 inch...
  • Leigh
    Attention Cookie Monsters: this book is for you! I've now made enough recipes from this book to know it's a winner, but I new that before I even cracked it open—Dorie Greenspan is a baking legend. Each recipe is meticulously and charmingly written, as if your best friend is passing along her tried and trues, but actually knows how to structure and test for foolproof baking every time. This book is filled with classics and exotics to please any ...
  • Meowzette
    Excellent Cookie Book!After checking it out twice from the library - it's time to buy this awesome book! The vignettes before each recipe are delightful; pictures are included of each recipe for those of us who eat with our eyes! And the recipes themselves are easy to follow.I bake for family with food sensitivities, so buttermilk was replaced with goat milk Kefir, chocolate replaced with carob powder, and milk chocolate chips with white chocolat...
  • Lucy
    Yay! I didn't realize we could review cookbooks! This book weighs about the number of pounds I would gain if I baked all the delicious looking recipes. I know from experience that Ms. Greenspan's recipes work. I grabbed this book and lugged it home from the library as soon as I spied it beckoning me from the shelf. The photo illustrations are so clear and enticing could be scratch and sniff. Here is my plea to all leaders of nations, please make ...
  • Mark
    What's not to like about a book of cookie recipes? She covers the waterfront from breakfast to savory treats, not all to my taste but her writing is really engaging and she doesn't mess around with precision in her recipes. She gives you all the caveats and tricks that you might wish to have as you are getting ready to use or adapt. Her enthusiasm for her subjects is contagious. I imagine her smiling as she writes, and I close her books with a sm...
  • Diane
    This book about cookies will change your mind about everything you've learned up until now. Savory cookies? New to me. This book covers about everything you'll ever need to know about baking cookies, ever. There was so much in this book I had to renew it to read from cover to cover. Dorie is talented and straightforward and tells it like it is. This book is not for everyone, but for those adventuresome bakers, have at it!
  • Kara Thomas
    You'd think that a book full of cookie recipes wouldn't need to be scheduled into my reading, but man, this book is huge. 500 large pages of techniques, stories, and long recipes. I didn't love it. Many of the cookies contained nuts, alcohol, weird spice, etc. She loves foreign cookies, non-sweet cookies, cracker cookies, sandy cookies, etc. All things I'm not that fond of. Her techniques were cool to read, but other than that it was a bit overwh...
  • Lia Marcoux
    Oh no, despite the complete fabulousness of World Peace Cookies (a Dorie recipe I found on Smitten Kitchen), I don't actually like this book! Turns out I find her writing deeply irritating - chippers and jammers for chocolate chip cookies and jam-filled cookies, good gravy - and I wasn't interested in that many of the recipes. I think she likes cakier cookies than I do. And with God as my witness a 'cocktail cookie' is A CRACKER.
  • Pixie
    Dorie is revered among her peers. You might give this 4 stars. Idk how many of these recipes I'll make since I'm trying to reduce my sugar/flour/butter intake, but it's great that she wrote this very comprehensive book. It's in the new square format (I think this is due to the popularity of those square scrapbooking pages), and all the photos are like the one on the cover, close-ups of the cookies on plain colored backgrounds.
  • Michael Perez
    All I know is I made World Peace Cookies, and I became super popular afterwards at both my jobs, with my parents, and (perhaps) general passerby.My favorite cookie book. I've had it for about a few months and have done about 8 recipes currently, such as basic brownies and cookies, to hamantaschen. This book is a must buy.
  • Daniel Stern
    Excellent recipes but some ingredients can be very expensive in Canada or unavailable. Some procedures are complicated in some of the recipes but the results in the recipes we have tried so far are delicious with one exception. The baking time in one recipe appears to long resulting in a dry cookie.
  • Saima
    When you decide to bake something a bit more challenging than the usual chocolate chip cookies, read this book! It's full of gourmet cookie recipes that include shortbread and biscotti. It has completely changed how I make cookies now. Most of the recipes reminded me of biscuits in Pakistani bakeries.
  • Colleen
    I haven't tried any of the recipes yet but the photos are beautiful, the instructions are conversational--like you're baking cookies with a good friend--and Greenspan offers alternatives for more exotic ingredients (although what doesn't Amazon have now?). I may have to rerate later if the cookies are exceptional or lousy, but I'm optimistic!