Inheriting Edith by Zoe Fishman

Inheriting Edith

A poignant breakout novel, for fans of J. Courtney Sullivan and Elin Hilderbrand, about a single mother who inherits a beautiful beach house with a caveat—she must take care of the ornery elderly woman who lives in it.For years, Maggie Sheets has been an invisible hand in the glittering homes of wealthy New York City clients, scrubbing, dusting, mopping, and doing all she can to keep her head above water as a single mother. Everything changes ...

Details Inheriting Edith

TitleInheriting Edith
Release DateOct 18th, 2016
PublisherWilliam Morrow Paperbacks
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Adult Fiction, Book Club, Adult, Drama, Audiobook, New York

Reviews Inheriting Edith

  • Kasa Cotugno
    This book is predictable with stock characters, or it may be just that I've read too many of its sort to be blown away. The framework, outlined in the description and cover notes, presents Maggie, a single mother of a toddler who cleans Manhattan apartments for a living, who is bequeathed a dream house in Sag Harbor by Liza, a former client. The caveat is that Liza's mother is part of the deal, an 82 year old woman who is increasingly becoming af...
  • Judy Collins
    Love, love this book! Cassandra Campbell, the narrator of audiobook gave an award-winning performance. Review to follow! Top Books of 2016!
  • Moonkiszt
    Inheriting EdithI was snagged right away in this book . . . .the odd juxtaposition of Maggie and Lucy to Edith, and then the story of Liza and how all of their lives had been shaken into the genie bottle of the Sag Harbor house was interesting to me right off the bat. AND having close friends who have had to live with Alzheimer-type loved ones, my sympathies ran deep for all of them. Romance raised its flag is exactly the type of way I find beara...
  • Carrie Schmidt (Reading is My SuperPower)
    Inheriting Edith is one of those books that would make a great movie. The characters are so vivid that you can “hear” their voices, and the mishmash of lives and histories and personalities into a haphazard (and endearing) family of sorts is both heartwarming and amusing in turns.Esther is by far my favorite character – what a hoot Edith’s friend is! Maybe she’s a bit of a cliche – I don’t know and I don’t really care because she ...
  • Mayda
    Maggie inherits a house from a former friend, but it comes with a price: she must also take care of her friend’s elderly mother who is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. So Maggie finds herself caring for her own rambunctious two-year-old and a cantankerous eighty-two year old, a virtual stranger. The author does a very good job of bringing these characters to life as they deal with numerous problems. The everyday stress of being a single mo...
  • Kristi
    Interesting characters and I like the premise of characters working through issues like Alzheimer's, but I didn't feel that ending brought me anywhere. I felt as though it just sort of ended, albeit in a more settled place in the story. I'm hoping the discussion for book club will improve my perspective on this book.
  • Sarah
    Entertaining, fairly shallow story; I really liked Edith and Esther, the 80-something pair of friends. I found Lucy's (2 year old) dialogue to be out of alignment with how my toddler girls spoke at that age. After the first couple of instances, it really seemed unrealistic.One other annoyance relating to Lucy was how her mom, Maggie, would give lip service to making good parenting decisions and then completely cave - for example: give in the buy ...
  • Carolyn
    could not finish. too much dialogue in baby talk, super annoying
  • Janice
    This book as an easy and fast read, 3.5 stars rounded up to 4, for me. Maggie is a college educated housekeeper; she has found it more lucrative, and less stressful, to make her living cleaning the homes of wealthy clients, rather than work at a white collar job in an office. When a wealthy client dies and leaves Maggie her beach side home, Maggie, a single parent, and her toddler daughter move into that home. But with the home comes a big respon...
  • Vickie
    I just finished Inheriting Edith by Zoe Fishman and I absolutely loved it!! Maggie and her two-year-old daughter Lucy are bequeathed a house on Sag Harbor with one huge caveat: Edith, who is in the early stages of Alzheimer's comes with the home. Edith is an 82-year-old woman whose daughter, Liza, committed suicide. Liza and Maggie had been friends. This is just a beautiful story of multi-generational women all striving to make the best of their ...
  • Sandra
    Sometimes when your looking for a book to read, one will just jump out at you, and you read a little about it and it grabs you instantly. This is the one my eyes focused on, and I could not put it down. A lovely story of a single mom with a young daughter, who inherits a beach house, along with the benefactor's Mother, who is in the beginnings of Alzheimer's. Its a story of loss, secrets, and letting go of things and learning about life in genera...
  • Melissa
    2016-08-29 starsInheriting Edith is an endearing novel about the true meaning of family and friendship and the exploration of the freedom in forgiveness. Maggie and Edith are both well-drawn characters with quirks and deeper motivations that come out when they dare to be vulnerable. The good and bad points of the characters make them seem like real, relatable people. The ending is not completely satisfying, and so...
  • Elizabeth
    This was an interesting book with vivid characters. The chapters are told in alternating perspectives from Maggie and Edith, two women whose lives are turned upside down by Liza's suicide. As they learn to trust each other, secrets are revealed and friendships forged. I kept turning pages until the end, and I certainly enjoyed the journey. I liked the in-depth look at the different characters—they feel nuanced and very real. I also like this bo...
  • DJ Sakata
    Favorite Quotes:It was hard, this aging thing, especially since her body had once been as limber as a rubber band. She had been a dancer, when she was young; her body her instrument. Now it felt like an old car, with a faulty transmission.Maggie's mother had been depressed; Maggie knew the drill. She, too, would disappear into the depths of her bed for a week or two, leaving her and her father to fend for themselves. 'Don't worry about your mothe...
  • Luanne Ollivier
    3.5 Inheriting Edith is Zoe Fishman's latest book.Maggie is a single mom who has been working as a house cleaner. One of her clients is a well known author, who treats her well. But when Liza kills herself, Maggie is stunned to find out that she has been left a house in Sag Harbor - complete with the author's eighty year old mother Edith - who has Alzheimer's.This reader was immediately engaged with Fishman's characters. I think each reader will ...
  • Mahoghani 23
    A poignant story that gives you insights into both of the main characters emotions, feelings, beliefs, and thoughts. The storyline is funny and riveting. It takes you deep into the heart of the the emotion the author is portraying. The enjoyment and laughter I got from this book makes me want to read it again. The descriptions are on point. The characters are open, emotional, and aware of what's going on in their lives. It deals with changes and ...
  • Char Ipacs
    what an easy read and a story line that many can relate to in one way or another. I really liked the characters. I felt like I was part of the events in many of the chapters. I was so into the storyline that I was confused with the "abrupt" ending. I felt it was missing something. This was a book club read with many points of discussion
  • Ellen
    A wonderful story, starting with a tragedy but handled with grace. Two women learn about each other leading to understanding their lives. Maggie cleans houses, and we learn why a college grad ends up with this job. Liza, a famous author, leaves Maggie her Sag Harbor house with the caveat she cares for Edith, her elderly mom with early stage Alzheimer's. A unique and heartwarming story.
  • JoAnn
    A quick read, engaging story, and probably the most unusual premise I've come across. Book clubs ought to have a field day with this one!
  • Usmishka83
    I actually think it is a 2,5 book.
  • Jessica Rushing
    3.75 out of 5 stars. A beautiful, heartbreaking, and at time funny story about Maggie - a 37-year old mother who cleans houses of upscale New Yorkers for a living. Years before, Maggie had befriended a writer for whom she cleaned house. Now, that writer has died and left her a house in beautiful Sag Harbor...along with the writer's mother who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. As Maggie and her two-year old daughter, Lucy, settle in to a new li...
  • Lorrie Collins
    This was an easy reading story of relationships. The story itself I would give 3 stars. The characters and the way they are brought to life made this a 4 Star book for me. I felt like I knew all of the characters. So much so that when we are finally introduced to Maggie’s ex and Lucy’s father Lyle I thought, “what the heck was Maggie thinking staying with him all those years”. Now that I know the characters I would love to see the author ...
  • Jill
    This is what I would consider a simpler perspective (more typical) on Alzheimer's. It is not an easy topic to discuss, but it is often easier to accept if the afflicted individual is older. Unlike the afflicted main character in Still Alice, which I read recently. Losing our memories is often synonymous with age and the diseases that arise later in life. This book offered a silver-lining to several lives-both young and old. Edith's new 30 somethi...
  • Kathy Sebesta
    Not great literature but it is a great, albeit terribly unlikely, story. Liza-the-author commits suicide and leaves her money and Sag Harbor home to Maggie-her-cleaning-lady with one condition: Maggie and her daughter will care for Edith-mother-with-Alzheimer's. There's a lot of emotion packed into this small novel, a lot of self-examination and growth. I see other reviewers didn't think as much of it but it spoke to me and I'm the one recommendi...
  • Melissa
    Raw topics, excellently handledI can't usually read Alzheimer's related books because my Mum had dementia caused by strokes in her brain. But this story was handled and described in such a wonderfully truthful and kind way that it didn't get too much to read. The other issues were written with just as much grace.
  • Kristin
    Imagine being a single mom with a two-year-old and finding you have inherited a house from a friend you broke ties with years ago. What's the catch? The house comes with the grumpy 83-year-old mother of the estranged friend who has been diagnosed with Alzheimers, take it or leave it. Maggie decides to take it since she is ambivilent about her life right now, and having a house rent-free with money to live on seems like an answer to her. At first ...
  • Kathleen Wheeler
    I really enjoyed this story and the portrayal of Edith and her early Alzheimer's behavior is spot on. Maggie and Edith both grew on their own and in their friendship after revealing their secrets and flaws. Bravo!
  • Anne Green
    OkayIt was less about the story & more about the feelings & emotions the characters go through. I’m more into the story & like to draw my own conclusions & life lessons
  • Judy
    More like 2 1/2 stars. This was a sweet and touching and okay story. I felt I could relate to both Maggie and Edith - perhaps because I once was Maggie (a working single mom) and now I'm Edith (old, cranky, not as mentally acute as I used to be). And I want to be Esther when I grow up! But in spite of that I didn't really like any of the characters, especially the 2 year old Lucy.
  • Bridget Robertson
    This was a really nice book.Nothing outstanding but a good read to take a break.I did love having two 80’ year old characters.