Martha's Vineyard, Isle of Dreams (#2) by Susan Branch

Martha's Vineyard, Isle of Dreams (#2)

In the winter of 1982, long before she became the watercolor artist and author we know today, Susan Branch, 34-years-old and heart-broken from the sudden and unexpected end of her marriage in California, "ran away from home" to the Island of Martha's Vineyard. It was meant to be temporary, a three-month time-out from the daily grind of being broken up and miserable, but within days of her arrival, alone and not quite in her right mind, Susan "acc...

Details Martha's Vineyard, Isle of Dreams (#2)

TitleMartha's Vineyard, Isle of Dreams (#2)
Release DateMay 1st, 2016
PublisherSpring Street Publishing
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, Biography, Nonfiction, Art

Reviews Martha's Vineyard, Isle of Dreams (#2)

  • Elyse
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this book.....beautiful as can be....warm & charming.... intimate & inspiring!!! Handwritten gorgeous writing!!!
  • Susan Branch
    I've been waiting all my life to write this book and tell this story, now the last of the trilogy that began with The Fairy Tale Girl and ends with A Fine Romance is here and I hope you will love it. Because it's filled with my watercolors and photos and is about starting over from scratch, and who of us hasn't had to do that at one time? And there is this darling little cottage, a refuge, and me, who had never experienced a snow storm, or an Aut...
  • Jill
    April 15, 2018 - Read it again and loved the hope and healing again. Each time through (this is the third, not the second, but I don't know why I didn't record the second time) I make a new recipe from the book as I read. She's right about the potato pancake recipe being just the thing for whatever ails you and if I'm not careful we may have a kitten by my fifth or sixth read.I had forgotten how many times the Lord's name is taken in vain in the ...
  • Julie Durnell
    I have read all three books now, and while A Fine Romance is my favorite of the three, this comes in a close second. Susan your writing and drawings are enchanted and enchanting, how blessed your life has turned out by being true to yourself. You are an inspirational genius! Thank you so much for sharing your life story in literally your own words, along with meaningful quotes and little hand-painted watercolor scenes and personal photos. I was t...
  • Negin
    There’s so much to love about Susan Branch’s beautiful books. Her style is engaging and cozy and the water-colored illustrations are gorgeous. Her books encourage me to want to try out some of her recipes. If I could, I would give her books away to all my favorite friends. This book is the second in a series of three memoirs. In this one, she’s making a new life for herself after a painful divorce. Her final book (“A Fine Romance”) is m...
  • CynthyB
    I'm in the process of reading Susan Branch’s newest book, "Martha’s Vineyard, Isle of Dreams." I was going to wait until I finished it to write my Goodreads review, but I’m going to write it even though I’m only about half-way through. I bought a copy of "Martha’s Vineyard, Isle of Dreams" on the internet right after its release. Then I went with friends to see Susan at a book signing at Vroman’s in Pasadena, and bought another copy s...
  • Ann
    Loved this book...Loved Fairy Tale Girl and A Fine Romance, so I could not wait to read this one. Susan's outlook on life, home, celebrating every little thing, friendship, books, and movies is so in sync with my outlook that I own all of her books - and am hoping for more. I started with her first cookbook and so I really enjoyed reading this to learn of how that came to be. I was also impressed and inspired by her candor in sharing her life...i...
  • Elly Sands
    The only problem I have with Susan's books is that they end ! I prolong that by just savoring each chapter. I'm not a grandma's quilt, calico curtains, baking cookies kind of gal. I say this not in defense of myself but for the potential reader who may think Susan's "homeyness" may appear to lack sophistication. Let me tell you that every page is a treat. Her lovely artwork gives added dimension to her words. Her finest quality is her honesty and...
  • Sarah Lee
    I just love Susan Branch's books and adored this one. Read it all in two days as I simply couldn't put it down. The concluding part to her story, beautifully written and so interesting. She has lived such an interesting life, and I so want to move to a cottage on an island and write and draw (if only I could write or draw!). Off to read the first of her books again.Read again in 2018 as I have been following Susan's trip to England on Twitter and...
  • Gail
    What can I say? Susan's books are wonderful! This one was particularly close to my heart because it's about her, but also about Martha's Vineyard. My husband, sons, and I spent many wonderful summer vacations there and love everything about this magical island!I came late to the world of Susan Branch, but am enjoying total immersion. Amazon Marketplace is a wonderful place to find all her out of print books!
  • Michele H.
    I own Susan Branch's book, The Summer Book, and I was pleasantly surprised to find this title on the shelf at our library. She explains how she came to write and illustrate books, moving away from her ex-husband, family and friends in California to start a new life by herself on Martha's Vineyard. I still love her handwriting and watercolor pictures that add coziness to the pages. Can't wait to read book #1 in this series.
  • Candice
    In a word - ADORABLE xo
  • Michelle Guffey
    I own this book. It is a treasure. I love how she weaves the perfect quotes onto all the pages. Loved it!
  • Gina
    I don't just read Susan Branch's books, I devour them. They are a delight to the senses - colorful artwork that she does herself, watercolor images, sweet and "homey", recipes she shares, and a look into her life. I absolutely adore everything she writes.In this book, Susan talks about making a new life for herself after a divorce. At the time, Susan was living in California with her then husband. At 34, she goes as far away as she can - from Cal...
  • Marilyn
    I really loved this book. After using Susan's beautiful cookbooks over the years, it was such a delight to read her story. She was so brave, leaving friends and family, a failing marriage and warm, sunny California to work things out in her own mind by going to Martha's Vineyard--by herself--in the winter. While being shown some rental properties, the realtor takes Susan along to check on a tiny cottage. The prior occupant had died in a nursing h...
  • Nancy Royer
    I couldn't put this down. I lost a whole night of sleep with it. The best of the trilogy and very inspiring.
  • Susan Freeman
    I can't say that I loved it because I more than just loved it. In so many ways this book was like a replay of my own life. When happily ever after seems to come to and end and when one is left with the business of starting over, the future can seem quite bleak. Like Susan Branch, I had to start over and find myself before I could discover real contentment. If you are looking for a guide book to help you start life over and realize your dreams, re...
  • Marcia
    This is the third book I've read in Susan Branch's "trilogy" (I didn't read them in order), and I loved it as much as the other two. She tells the story of her move across the country from California to Martha's Vineyard and how she came to love the island and write her first book, Heart of the Home. Her descriptions of the seasons, of her home, of the people in her life - they all strike a chord with me. We are kindred spirits. The quotes sprink...
  • Karen Floyd
    Having read and enjoyed Branch's earlier book about her travels in England, "A Fine Romance," I was eager to read this one. So eager I bought it in hardcover instead of waiting for the paperback edition to come out. A California girl who had always wanted to live where there were four seasons, she escaped from the breakdown of her marriage to Martha's Vineyard for what was suppsed to be a three-month stay. She's still there. She was looking for a...
  • Kathryn
    First sentence: When The Fairy Tale Girl ended, I was despondent, broken up and broken hearted, leaving California and everyone I knew and loved, flying, which I really hated to do, by myself, across country, running away from home, with no idea what I would do next, since the life I'd known was suddenly gone and there was no plan B.Favorite quote: Too many to chose just one.The best way to describe this book for me is like a flower. The cover pr...
  • Jennifer
    Thoroughly heartwarming. I enjoyed every moment with this book and I'm unashamedly biased in my opinion. My sister introduced me to the world of Susan Branch simply by enjoying her books so much that I couldn't help but be curious. One year, she gave me Susan's fun "Girlfriends Forever" and then I knew I needed to read and enjoy more of Susan's art and fanciful notions. What a lovely way to see the world, through fairy-tale-tinted eyes! Now that ...
  • Kathleen
    Finally! The third and final volume of artist Susan Branch's autobiographical story, with illustrations as wonderful as ever. Though the books were written in reverse chronological order, it was fine reading them that way. This is IMO is the most personal and deeply revealing of the three. Although Susan calls herself a 'fairy tale girl' in a self-deprecating way much of the time, i.e. someone who grew up happy and believing in happy endings, thi...
  • Teri
    I loved "A Fine Romance" and "Fairy Tale Girl." I was very excited to read this book and learn about the authors experiences on Martha's Vineyard. This is a wonderful book that I always looked forward to picking up. It felt cozy, like a warm hug. Love the pictures and artwork and quotes that pepper the story. There were also a few recipes. Can't wait to make the Carrot Cake Cupcakes. I was able to hear Susan Branch speak at Vromans Bookstore in P...
  • Laura
    This is a lovely book full of watercolor illustrations, memoirs, a few recipes, and lots of quotes. Parts of it were very sad for me, and I wanted to take a break from the book, but friends said, "You have to keep going. She is going to start her first book." And "You have to keep going because she is going to take the train cross country and wonderful things are going to happen after that." So I kept going, and they were right. This book is a ce...
  • Diane Harris
    This is Susan's best book yet, imo. As a female baby boomer, we've lived through the same cultural changes and experienced similar growing pains. There are deep lessons to be gained in this book which reach well beyond her past endeavors. There are always things to learn and grow the reader in her books, but this one went into the soul and showed her vulnerability in a very poignant way that was so relatable. Besides the depth, it was fun, beauti...
  • Debbie
    What to say about this book? I loved, loved, loved it and hated for it to end! Such a great amount of suffering, joy, art, wonderful cats and friends and coming out of all of this into the bright sunshine and happiness forever. Love that the faeries and the guardian angels were hard at work for Susan. Loved her cozy home and yummy recipes. Just a great book that I plan to read again and again! (as I am reading her 2 other books over again!) So in...
  • Giovanna Vallande
    Visually it is such a pretty book. I love all the watercolor paintings, the texture of the's just a pleasure to hold. I'm not overly fond of electronic books. The story transports you to an earlier time...I was going thru a similar change in my life. Susan told a beautiful story, so real, so honest, and so enchanting. I love the transformation of Holly Oak, a sweet fairy cottage where magic happens. Susan Branch inspires and I look forw...
  • Debbie Sarvis
    Loved this story of how Susan came to Martha's Vineyard and remade herself into the author she is now. Nice to read something autobiographical that is so 'real', with angst and triumphs in equal measure. It made me want to be her best friend, too. I admired her courage to make such a drastic life change and yet keep all the important connections in her life while discovering new ones. Ok, the quotes and positive messages and her darling illustrat...
  • Rebecca Wright
    I love all of Susan's books. The trilogy of her life leading her to Martha's Vineyard is wonderful. I enjoyed all the references to her early life in California in the previous books. Not to mention her beautiful illustrations! Would recommend this book, and all of her cookbooks to everyone I know. I frequently give them as gifts to Girlfriends!
  • Jacqui
    Wonderful, inspiring and magical. When it came to my door, I promptly sat down and devoured it, finishing it late that evening. I am currently rereading it, so I can savor all the bits I raced through before. Susan Branch is a special lady, all her books are charming and wonderful to read- even her cookbooks!