Garvey's Choice by Nikki Grimes

Garvey's Choice

Garvey’s father has always wanted Garvey to be athletic, but Garvey is interested in astronomy, science fiction, reading—anything but sports. Feeling like a failure, he comforts himself with food. Garvey is kind, funny, smart, a loyal friend, and he is also overweight, teased by bullies, and lonely. When his only friend encourages him to join the school chorus, Garvey’s life changes. The chorus finds a new soloist in Garvey, and through cho...

Details Garvey's Choice

TitleGarvey's Choice
Release DateOct 4th, 2016
GenrePoetry, Childrens, Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction, Family

Reviews Garvey's Choice

  • Starjustin
    Garvey's Choice by Nikki Grimes is a beautifully written children's novel, written in verse. A well taught life lesson for the middle-grade child that could very well carry into adulthood improving their self confidence and teaching them to be all that they can be, despite negative experiences that challenge them along the way. A quick and heart-felt read with so much to offer the reader. :-)
  • Mischenko
    This book says so much. It's written in tanka poetry form, but tells a story of a boy who's overweight and has a father who wants him to be a jock. It's a wonderful read for kids and sends an important message. My daughter enjoyed it too.5*****
  • Rachel Reads Ravenously
    People of ALL ages should read this!
  • Laura
    Stars wink, words slap, and laughter spatters in the pages and poems of Garvey’s Choice by Nikki Grimes. This beautiful story is told in verse with emotion and force. A story about a boy finding his way at home, school, and life.“I’m just beginning to learn what I am made of,to pay attentionto the kid in my own eyes,starting to like what I see.I feel unwrittenlike that song says, in chorus,my story untold.I can’t wait to sing the song,cro...
  • Brody
    I think I liked this book because me and Garvey are similar in the fact that we may not be the thinnest, but when the world makes fun of you for it, we both went to music and friends for our safe haven.
  • Heather Taake
    This sweet lyrical book is a quick read, but is packed full of emotion and life lessons. Nikki Grimes masterfully tackles identity, family relationships, body image and healthy weight loss, friendship, and self love all in a book that you can easily read in less than an hour. I will definitely be purchasing this for the classroom library. Loved it.
  • Leigh Anne
    Anyone who has struggled to live up to a parent's expectations will see a part of themselves in this book. Garvey is trying to accept himself as a young boy who enjoys reading, space, and singing, while trying to ignore his dad's desire for him to play football and the other kids' taunts about his weight. But in the end..."I do like Mannycrank up the inside volumelisten to my dreamsas I walk through the school hallsI choose what words to let in."...
  • Scott Fillner
    Amazing book written in Tanka form poetry. I foresee this as a powerful read for any adolescent. This book gives voice to what many young men fear, not living up to the expectations/vision of their father. The novel in verse also does an excellent job of looking at issues like obesity, not conforming to societal pressures, and bullying (Peers & relational)I just love how this book gives voice to issues from a male adolescent perspective.For me th...
  • Krista the Krazy Kataloguer
    This nifty little novel in verse tells the story of Garvey, an overweight astronomy nerd who can't seem to live up to his father's expectations. I thought it was a nice story until I got to the end, where the author notes that she wrote all the poems in this story in the form of tanka, a Japanese poem with 5 lines and certain syllabic requirements per line. Then I had to go back to the text and marvel that she could tell such a story entirely usi...
  • Thomas
    I really liked the character development in this book. Garvey goes from a shy kid to a kid who isn't scarred to sing. I do, however, wish the book was a little longer.
  • Jeimy
    I thoroughly enjoyed this novel about a boy coming to terms with who he is. I love the explanation about the poetic form used.
  • Beth Honeycutt
    A sweet, beautiful story in verse. I love Nikki Grimes' books - such a talented poet. The book has several important messages about life.
  • Ava Pratt
    Garvey is a boy who love reading and Star Trek. His dad on the other hand, wants him to be athletic, love football and sports. Garvey's mom follows his path with him. This book really explained the pressures on Garvey, his dad, football, and school.I gave this book 3 stars because it was slow throughout the beginning of the book to the end. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy realistic fiction.
  • Aidan Lind
    I like the style this book was written in. The short poems showed you enough to understand what was happening. Each page was like information concentrate, while short the packed a punch. This book was good and I liked the concert part towards the end. Definitely a must read, and undoubtedly a short read. Overall a pretty good book.
  • Amber
    Great lessons for middle school students and a quick read.
  • Jade Crowell
    This is a decent book. To read it you must have a strong grasp of inference and alluded messages. The reason why is this book has minimal text and the messages are kind of hidden within the lines of poetry. The message it sent was good, a chubby kid that can't get along with his dad is lost and only has one friend. He finds himself through chorus and also finds a friend there. And once he tells his dad they become close. Meanwhile, he is working ...
  • Richie Partington
    Richie’s Picks: GARVEY’S CHOICE by Nikki Grimes, Wordsong, October 2016, 120p., ISBN: 978-1-62979740-3“...My father would lift me highAnd dance with my mother and meAnd thenSpin me around ‘till I fell asleepThen up the stairs he would carry meAnd I knew for sureI was loved”--Luther Vandross, “Dance With My Father”“The Luther is ‘a house-made brioche donut, glazed in maple-chicken a jus and topped with warm pieces of oven-baked p...
  • Elizabeth☮
    This is written in an ancient poetry form called Tanka that originates in Japan.I give the author credit for sticking to the arduous pattern of: Line 1 - 5 syllablesLine 2 - 7 syllablesLine 3 - 5 syllablesLine 4 - 7 syllablesLine 5 - 7 syllablesThat isn't easy to pull off and she does so effortlessly.The story is about Garvey who is a young man in high school that is trying to find his place. He has a strained relationship with his father who val...
  • Sherry
    Loved this verse novel about a father's expectations and his son's desire to be himself.
  • Stacy Fetters
    "Smile showing up like hope till ugly whispers from last year echo in memory, scraping that smile from my lips."Received at BEA Chicago 2016Writing a book all in verse must be the hardest way to write a book. You not only have to make your work stand out, but you must grasp the reader in a lot fewer words.This one comes with a heavy topic. The words bleed and cry with the turn of each chaptering page.Garvey is overweight and kind of nerdy. With o...
  • Trevor Bosse
    Garvey's Choice is an amazing book and it is one my all time favorite Maine Student Book Awards. Some of the decisions Garvey makes is spectactular considering his dad is always trying to change Garvey's choices and trying to force him to do stuff Garvey isn't interested in. I give this book a four star.
  • Austin Poulin
    This was a good book. The character Garvey was conflicted with a decision that was effected because of the people around him, mainly his family. It was an EXTREMELY quick read so it was hard to do journal work on but it was still a fun book to read. I recommend this to anyone who likes a good realistic fiction book.
  • Lisa Bricker
    Ok, I'm seriously impressed. Yes it's Nikki Grimes, so the bar is high, but she soared over it. It's a very short book with very short poems to tell a surprisingly detailed story with a very strong heart.
  • Mahrysa York
    This was a very quick read. The book was about a boy named Garvey, his dad wants him to be a quarterback and to play sports. But Garvey wants to sing. This book as okay, I don't think I would read it again though.
  • Allyson Maclay
    This book was amazing! As someone who was bullied throughout my school years I can say I wish I read this when I was in middle school.
  • Danielle Norris
    I finished this book and I am crying and smiling and filled with hope and wonder. Get ready because this might be my longest review yet!I love children's books, I am in a field where I read them often and spread the love for them I hope. This book however, I will recommend to EVERYONE! Adults and children alike should read it. There is a message for all of us in this book. Those who know me, know that I often have to mark up books I read and ther...
  • Nika L
    Some of the settings are ate school where he finds new friends. In the choir club at school. At his house where his dad wants him to do sports but Garvey does not want to. Some of the main events in the book are when Garvey Joins the Choir club and tells his dad. One more of the main events are when Garvey is in a solo at his school Choir concert.There are tons of figurative devices in the book here are some, Simile Over breakfast dad eyes me lik...
  • Vernon Area Public Library KIDS
    This contemporary, novel-in-verse is a story that everyone who has ever felt like an outsider will identify with. Nikki Grimes has captured the emotions and thoughts of a young boy who not only struggles with the usual bullies at school, but unexpected ones at home, as well. Everyone will see a bit of themselves in Garvey as he journeys to become his own person instead of being the son his father wants him to be. Compelling, deceivingly simple an...
  • Shannon Mccarty
    If you've ever been called names in middle school, been judged on your appearance or felt lonely and miserable with youself this book will speak to you. When I first read the summary, I wondered how much sympathy I'd have for Garvey, but it grew and grew. I knew as soon as he shrugged off football for sci-fi this kid was his own person and I wanted to see him come into his own. This was my first time reading a Nikki Grimes book and many speckle m...
  • Cassie Thomas
    I loved the Tanka format of poetry writing that Nikki chose. I especially loved how light the underlying issues felt, yet you knew how much Garvey was struggling. I immediately knew some students who needed to read this solely for the father/son relationship portrayed in the text..or lack thereof throughout. I know so many who feel less than to their father/parent and desperately need to know that their best is okay. What a great 2018-2019 Bluebo...