Even this Page is White by Vivek Shraya

Even this Page is White

Vivek's debut collection of poetry is a bold and timely interrogation of skin: its origins, functions, and limitations. Poems that range in style from starkly concrete to limber break down the barriers that prevent understanding of what it means to be racialized. Shraya paints the face of everyday racism with words, rendering it visible, tangible, and undeniable.

Details Even this Page is White

TitleEven this Page is White
Release DateSep 13th, 2016
PublisherArsenal Pulp Press
GenrePoetry, Glbt, Queer, Cultural, Canada, Nonfiction, Race, Lgbt

Reviews Even this Page is White

  • Jason
    Absolutely brilliant and important. Necessary reading, especially for white people. A proper review to come once I read this again. So much to work through. So well-crafted, so powerful.
  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    Amazingly, this is not the first book of poems by a transgendered or gender fluid Canadian person-of-color that I've read in the last two weeks (the previous was A Place Called No Homeland, also highly recommended.) Another great read for National Poetry Month.The subheadings of these poems should draw anyone in - "white dreams," "whitespeak," "how to talk to a white person," "the origins of skin," and "brown dreams." Clearly this collection will...
  • CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian
    Holy shit, a powerful and beautiful book, both in terms of its content about racism and its craft playing with different poem types and structure. I will need to read this again (and probably again and again). Full review on my blog here.
  • Alice Lippart
    An important collection discussing crucial issues in our society. Some poems were fantastic, but I found the style of a lot of them difficult to get on with.
  • Tori (InToriLex)
    Find this and other Reviews at In Tori LexThese poems were riveting and powerful. I was so happy to give this poetry collection a read. I first heard about this book when it was a nominee for a 2016 Goodreads choice award in the poetry category. The title had me intrigued and the reading experience was so much more than I expected. Not only does the author address racial issues, but the self-esteem issues that emerge in a society that does not va...
  • Olivia-Savannah Roach
    I decided I wanted to read Even this Page is White by Vivek Shraya because I am someone who loves to read poetry, but rarely reads any modern, newly published poetry that isn’t classical. This particular collection caught my eye because it is about white privilege, and how to handle the topic of racism when you do care about it but don’t know how to approach it. In other words, it sounded like the perfect kind of poetry collection to get me s...
  • Lydia
    Happy Pride Month!Even This Page is White by Vivek Shraya has to be one of my most long-awaited reads of 2017. And from the first poem, white dreams, I loved her work.She discusses racism, colour, what it means to be brown, desire, sexuality and how in coveting whiteness, you can lose yourself. I loved that she was able to take complex, difficult issues like privilege, heteronormativity and her own anti-black racism and condense them into short, ...
  • Leah Horlick
    This is the future of QTIPOC poetry, folks. The kind of book people are going to look back and credit as their formative text on race -- the kind of book you'll fall back on again and again. Keep it on your syllabus as an antidote to the legion of white male poets; keep it on your nightstand as protection against anybody who's ever tried to colonize or fetishize your body. So so so much love for Vivek and this visionary work.
  • TheSkepticalReader
    You can feel the frustration in so many of these poems. And I can relate just as much to the rage.
  • Roxanne (The Novel Sanctuary)
  • Emmkay
    Multi-layered and thought-provoking collection of poetry that peels back and teases away at the complexities of race. Imaginative and mind-opening without being dully didactic. The pop culture pieces do pop, but may not have the staying power of the other pieces, some of which were breath-taking.
  • Lauren
    If I write about you is it appropriationIf I don't write about you is it erasureIf I include you is it tokenizingIf I don't include you is it invisibilizing Shraya's words will move you: maybe to tears - maybe to smile - maybe to consider - maybe to anger. Impactful, important, and intersectional. A must read.
  • Barth Siemens
    The opening salvo is certainly evocative--more than I had prepared myself for. Several pieces are full on brilliant. Others quietly sneak into your consciousness. Some never revealed their point to me. I'm glad to have read it.
  • Meg
    what do I say? go read it!
  • Jae
    I whispered "damn" under my breath a lot of times.
  • Renée Yoxon
    Absolutely paradigm-shifting and necessary. So thankful for this collection.
  • Jenni
    This is definitely an impactful read. I am still not really into poetry, though.
  • Liz Janet
    I still think the title is the best part.
  • Greg Giannakis
    3.5 stars. While many parts of this were beautiful, there were quite a few that fell a bit flat. I also felt like a lot of this would've worked better as spoken word?
  • Luana
    A powerful and important book that everyone should read...and reread
  • Cherise
    With everything happening today, I needed a book of poetry about race, about how race is treated in this world today, and I thought this book was EXACTLY what I needed after the BreakBeat Poets (one of my favourite collections of modern poetry today). Sadly, this collection left me feeling a bit ...disappointed? It's hard to really express. Most of this poetry felt out of context in a way because they feel as if you had to be there to understand ...
  • Maggie Gordon
    I am not having good luck with poetry today. Even This Page is White is an evocative title. It's a poetic title and it made me eager to dive into some intense poems about race. Unfortunately, while the ideas expressed were valuable and important, I struggled to really see most of this book as poetry. On one hand, anything can be poetry today, so it seems. On the other, there are rules for structure even in free verse that make poetry really sing....
  • ridwana
    6/5 STARS THIS WAS INCREDIBLEthis is it. this is the book of poetry i've been searching for my entire life. everything was beautiful, i related to so much. nothing seemed like the writer tried too hard to appeal to a specific audience, everything was genuine and gorgeous. everybody needs to read this. please read this.
  • Laura Frey (Reading in Bed)
    Not even sure how to do justice to this book in a traditional review. I'm working on it. Seeing Shraya perform this live was an amazing experience!
  • rosalind
    this book is amazing
  • feux d'artifice
    WOWok its been a long time since i read a poetry collection that was just so carefully and thoughtfully put together? i felt like i was reading a master composer at work, who carefully thought out the prelude, the rising action and the denouement anf with the grand finish. INCROYABLE!!!!!!!!just the place of each poem was. so. perfect. FRICK I LOVE THIS POETRY COLLECTION I CAN BARELY CONTAIN MYSELY.Also, yall, i picked up this book because i went...
  • Ally
    This. is. amazing! A collection of poetry focusing on race and sexuality is nothing new, but the ways that the writer employs metaphor to discuss them is absolutely stunning. Rather than just talking about race in an abstract form, it's all about skin. Literal skin, skin as a boundary, skin touching, skin as self, skin as the human universality. But it's not only the creative use of imagery that's remarkable about EVEN THIS PAGE IS WHITE. It's th...
  • Kyla
    My short review: Read this book. It will change you in difficult & good ways.My long review:With her debut poetry collection, even this page is white, Shraya applies her keen intelligence and awareness of positionality to white privilege and systemic racism. The book’s accessibility and attention to everyday racism will undoubtedly elicit comparisons to Claudia Rankine’s Citizen: An American Lyric. It is also possible to see connections betwe...
  • Bookfairy
    This book of poetry has a lot to say, in few words. It touches on a lot of race issues, and lgbt issues, but it's largely to make you consider, and learn more on your own. as with most poetry books, I feel like there should be more substance, but I think that might be my personal issue with poetry, not a failing of the book.
  • Jeanne
    While it covered a lot of important racial issues in our society today I didn't particularly like the style that the poems were presented in. Despite that though, I'd still recommend every one give this a try.