The Enforcer's Revenge (Untamed Hearts, #4) by Kele Moon

The Enforcer's Revenge (Untamed Hearts, #4)

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Details The Enforcer's Revenge (Untamed Hearts, #4)

TitleThe Enforcer's Revenge (Untamed Hearts, #4)

Reviews The Enforcer's Revenge (Untamed Hearts, #4)

  • S. Popi
    I had a full post I wanted to post here, to express how I feel about what Kele Moon is doing with her books and with the people who read her all work, who have been there and waited patiently. But I'm not gonna do that and instead I'm gonna say this:It's not fair!!!I feel cheated and I'm sad to say this, but it's not wright how you treat the people who read all your work and who counted down your release dates.I'm NOT posting this as an attack, o...
  • DesignDiva
    The enforcer ends in cliffhanger. I'm waiting for this one before I read book 3
  • Kristy
    Any idea when this is coming out??