The Hollow Girl by Hillary Monahan

The Hollow Girl

Five boys attacked her.Now they must repay her with their blood and flesh.Bethan is the apprentice to a green healer named Drina in a clan of Welsh Romanies. Her life is happy and ordered and modest, as required by Roma custom, except for one thing: Silas, the son of the chieftain, has been secretly harassing her.One night, Silas and his friends brutally assault Bethan and a half-Roma friend, Martyn. As empty and hopeless as she feels from the at...

Details The Hollow Girl

TitleThe Hollow Girl
Release DateOct 10th, 2017
PublisherDelacorte Press
GenreHorror, Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Witches, Magic

Reviews The Hollow Girl

  • Candace Robinson
    Perfection! Definitely, one of my favorites this year! I am all about revenge stories. Creepshow 2 (the short with the wooden Native American statue), Last House on the Left (the original, not that piece of crap remake), and I Spit on Your Grave! This book is more than just about revenge, it's about emotion, family bond, a potential love bond, and helping someone that deserves to be whole again. I can't even begin to express how good this book wa...
  • Elise (TheBookishActress)
    Breaths, as a rule, are warm, airy things, but his death rattle was frigid and thick, like icy porridge slithering down my throat. It tasted like raw meat and pennies. This is one of those reviews where I feel like I should clarify that three stars is a positive rating. The Hollow Girl tells the story of a Romani girl who decides to extract body parts from a gang of boys who were involved in her rape, sometimes when they are alive... and sometim...
  • Ellen Gail
    4.5 dreadfully good stars! “Always make a visible mark, so they cannot hide from their wrongs.” She stepped aside, offering me the knife handle first.Breaths, as a rule, are warm, airy things, but [his] death rattle was frigid and thick, like icy porridge slithering down my throat. It tasted like raw meat and pennies. With vibes of Anna Dressed in Blood, American Mary, and Fear the Drowning Deep, The Hollow Girl is haunting and bloody, tender...
  • Allison
    This is such a powerful book. It really packs an emotional wallop. I cried off and on through the entire thing. And then I didn't want to read anything else for a week after. Full review to come.
  • Mel (Epic Reading)
    Ugh. Where do I even start? SettingThis book is set at an indeterminate time... maybe in the late 1800's? Our lead gal is being raised by her gypsy caravan's 'witch'. The lady that everyone goes to for healing, charms, etc. At first we are not sure that any magic is real; that quickly changes. I'm going to use the common words for gypsy, herbal woman/witch, and what not. The book uses (what I assume) are the correct words to describe these groups...
  • Paul
    THE HOLLOW GIRL by Hillary Monahan is beautifully written, and both brutal and nuanced, and ultimately about the impossibility of hope. Highly recommended
  • Fadwa (Word Wonders)
    I received this book from the publishers through Netgalley in exchange of an honest review Full review originally posted on my blog: Word Wonders CW: Rape, harrassement, physical and sexual assault, murder, blood, graphic violence, gore.This book. THIS BOOK. I’ve been staring at my screen for the past half hour trying to collect my thoughts and write them into words but I’m failing miserably because as hard as this book was to read, it fel...
  • Paige (Illegal in 3 Countries)
    See more of my reviews on The YA Kitten! I originally got an eARC off NetGalley as a reviewer for YA Books Central, but I bought a hardcover of it the day it came out. The latter is what I read.
  • Ashley
    I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.It was released earlier this month (October).I was looking for some spooky/creepy reads for this month in celebration of Halloween and came across The Hollow Girl on Netgalley. Magic, witches, I'm all for it! I love books about witches. That's now all this book is about though. There are so many elements to this story and some being very serious and important topics.Bethan wants re...
  • Patricio
    «The choices we make in life stay with us, Bethan. There are few opportunities for second chances.»«Strength comes in many guises, Bethan. Knowing yourself, your limitations—knowing what you will and will not do, following your heart— that is strength. Enduring what you endured and still being merciful and hopeful? Also strength.»In a Romani clan, Bethan is the apprentice of Drina, a healer, and she's learning how to use different kinds o...
  • Heather (The Sassy Book Geek)
    Review Originally Posted On The Sassy Book Geek **** Huge thank you to Delacorte Press for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review! ****I knew I was going to enjoy this book but I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did! Even though this book handles some tough content I still thought it was a fantastic book and something I just know I’ll be recommending, however, please keep in mind the following trigger warnings since this boo...
  • All Things Urban Fantasy
    Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy.THE HOLLOW GIRL was written by a Romani to honor her grandmother and their shared Romani heritage. I was drawn in by that fact, excited to learn more about the Romani culture from the point-of-view of a young woman learning magic from her grandmother. However, I feel I must start this review by acknowledging that THE HOLLOW GIRL deals with a trigger warning for sexual harassment, abuse, and rape.Bethan ...
  • Miranda (MrsLeif's Two Fangs About It)
    The Hollow Girl was the perfect horror novel to put me in the spooky mood. This revenge story was equal parts dark, suspenseful, gritty and emotional. Rape is a large element of this book, so there are definitely trigger warnings for that in this story, which the author does point out. I thought that the author handled this sensitive topic in a very understanding and careful way. I don't have any personal knowledge on the topic, but it seemed lik...
  • Glory
    В преддверии Хэллоуина захотелось пощекотать себе нервишки ужастиком. Роман выбирала... практически наобум - за что зацепилась во френд-ленте на GR, то и взяла. Ну и свою функцию история почти выполнила)) Суть проста - месть. Героиню-цыганку изнасило...
  • Sinead Anja (Huntress of Diverse Books)
    Check out my book blog for more book reviews and other bookish posts!I received an ARC of The Hollow Girl from Netgalley. I decided to request this book because it was a story about revenge and a victim of rape seeking justice. It’s written by Hilary Monahan, who is also a survivor of rape, so I was pretty sure it would be written respectfully. I don’t usually read horror, however this was something that I thought I might like.This book is #o...
  • Alicia (A Kernel of Nonsense)
    *I received a copy of this book through NetGalley which does not influence my review*Hillary Monahan’s The Hollow Girl is one of the few books that I would strongly suggest reading the synopsis of before diving in. The storyline involves the rape of the protagonist and how this dramatically changes her, as well as following her quest for retribution. Knowing the inevitable assault was coming did not make the beginning of the story any easier to...
  • Claire (bookscoffeeandrepeat)
    Trigger warning: rape, sexual assault, abuseI'm rating this 3.5/5. Not sure what rating I'm giving for this book (3 or 4?). While there are other things I wanted to change, I do like this book. However, I still think there could be plot holes. The pacing was unusual because the blurb from this book didn't happen until it reached 50%. Needless to say, anything before that felt uneventful to a certain extent. My favorite character is the grandma an...
  • lauren ♡ (wonderless reviews)
    Trigger Warnings: rape (off page), graphic violence (slight gore), non-consensual behavior Thanks to Delacorte Press and Netgalley for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. I'll have a review up closer to release date but I enjoyed this book as much as one can enjoy books about this topic. I'm always up for a good, dark and gritty horror!
  • Jocelyn
    3.5 stars!"Hell hath no fury like a woman wronged....It always rang true, and one should fear a woman who want's revenge, most especially if that woman had powers beyond your imagination!"Bethan was born different, even in their Romani standards, she'd always been an unwilling subject to other peoples prejudice, and supertitious ignorance, and it did'nt help that she's an apprentice to a powerful drabani. Her tribe avoided and feared them, but it...
  • Kuzu
    I enjoyed this, although I think it's worth noting that when the author's preface says the rape happens off-camera it's not THAT FAR off camera. There is also significant buildup to it so you're going to be stressed out for the first few chapters, really, tread super carefully. I was glad for the grandmother-and-granddaughter relationship being central to the whole story. I really did not enjoy the other thing I read of this author (under her oth...
  • Kaelan Rhywiol
    I received this book via Netgalley (but then bought it because I wanted a finalized copy). I'm not usually a fan of horror or YA, but I adore the author's work, so I took a risk and I'm glad I did. It took me a long time to read this, because I had to keep putting it down, to pick it up later. That's nothing but a *me* thing, and only because Ms. Monahan is so FREAKING GOOD AT WRITING HORROR.Holy gods. I had to sleep with a light on, and the main...
  • Maya Chhabra
    Hillary Monahan, who is part-Romani and a sexual assault survivor, explores both topics in this wrenching but flawed novel. I really wanted to like it more than I did, but though I devoured it, I couldn’t give it more than three stars.Bethan is a Welsh Romani girl who has been raised by a woman whom she believes to be unrelated to her. Her guardian is a witch in a world where magic is rare but real, and she wants Bethan to follow in her footste...
  • Amber
    I was expecting a bit more from Hillary Monahan. Plot: I was hesitant about this book because of the mention of brutal assault, but because I adored MARY: The Summoning I decided to give it a go. Before diving into the book, I read the author's note which was about Hilary's Romani grandmother and Hilary's journey to discover her heritage. It was clear that this was Hilary's love letter to her Romani culture, but it felt as though The Hollow Girl ...
  • Sara
    This book was quite entertaining but not exactly what i had in mind after reading the description.I loved the insight i got on the Romani life, since i never read anything about them before, and this made me understand their culture a lot more. I also really liked the protagonist and her initial thirsth for vengeance, even if just to bring back her friend. But the thing i liked the most was the portrayal of sexual assault and how the protagonist ...
  • Chandra Rooney
    I read an earlier version of this book when it was in draft, and it remains of the most emotive things I've read from Hillary Monahan so far. It's a powerful, gutpunch of a book.
  • Gerard Villegas
    Ooooh spooky! I just finished the ARC of this! A YA with a creepy horror vibe! Hollow Girl is one of those edgy teen reads that borders into the NA/New Adult category with its gory components but never goes over the top or graphic with its content. Taking place in an older part of history, the book has that type of classic folktale/fairytale atmosphere that really ramps up the creepiness factor which works very well here. A Welsh gypsy clan on th...
  • Diabolica
    Literally this book would have gotten a five star, if it weren't for the summary.I'm sorry its not you, its not me, its your impersonating little sister (the summary).I get that writing a summary for a book is hard, but this summary revealed waaaaaaay too much. ToO mUcH to the point that I literally could have skipped the first half of the book and would have been abled to follow anyways. Summary aside, the book was amazing. It breathes life into...
  • Psyche Ready
    This is an emotionally intense read, especially for survivors of sexual violence. But I found the book therapeutic, cathartic, and personally transformative and healing. It's the story of a Romani girl who is studying witchcraft with her Gran. Their story follows women's lives as they mature, grow, heal and develop bonds with one another. It is also a story of the ways that trauma impacts a life and a heart. It meditates on magic, healing, and wo...