The Turncoat's Gambit (The Inventor's Secret, #3) by Andrea Cremer

The Turncoat's Gambit (The Inventor's Secret, #3)

Charlotte is on the run. The Empire is hunting her. The Revolution wants her back. And Charlotte has allied herself with pirates, just to stay safe.But things are not what they seem. There’s a traitor in the revolutionaries’ midst pulling unseen strings, and surprises lurk around every corner. As Charlotte is left to sort out what she truly thinks about the revolution she’s spent her whole life fighting for, she must also battle to keep her...

Details The Turncoat's Gambit (The Inventor's Secret, #3)

TitleThe Turncoat's Gambit (The Inventor's Secret, #3)
Release DateNov 15th, 2016
PublisherPhilomel Books
GenreScience Fiction, Steampunk, Young Adult, Fantasy, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews The Turncoat's Gambit (The Inventor's Secret, #3)

  • Stephanie (Reading is Better With Cupcakes)
    This is a review for book three in a series. There may be minor spoilers for the other two books. Consider yourself warned.Guys! Guys! Ahh! It is finally here! Book 3! Yes!Pirates, steampunk, alchemy, spies... I mean, what does this book NOT have?! It feels like it has everything! And it is all wrapped up so nicely and entertainingly!The Turncoat's Gambit, as I have pointed out, is book 3 in The Inventor's Secret series. This makes it the final b...
  • Jaime (Two Chicks on Books)
    A damned good finish to a damned good trilogy! Gah I almost wish it wasn't over! I will admit to being mad about one thing but I'll get over it...eventually lol
  • Lulai
    Très sympa, on a une conclusion qui répond enfin à nos questions et le rythme est plus soutenu que le second tome.
  • Rebecca
    A fitting finale; and I loved the ending! The first book is still my favorite but this one is much better than the second. Charolette and Linnet are everything I adore in YA heroines. If you are new to Steam Punk, this is a good series to attempt.
  • Laurapassage
    []Le pari du traître offre une très belle conclusion à la trilogie Le secret de l’inventeur. Toutes les interrogations trouvent enfin leurs réponses et Andrea Cremer sait s’appuyer sur ses personnages complexes et touchants auxquels le lecteur n’a pu que s’attacher.
  • Nancy The book junkie
    Review coming soon!
  • Rea K
    PRAISE JESUS, I have reached the end of the series! Okay. The whole series wasn't as bad as it could have been. I mean, I wouldn't have been able to finish it if it was as horrible as Twilight or some trash like that. I went into this book because the previous one ended with a cliffhanger. And we ended up right in the mind of Cow. I mean Cow. I mean Cow. I really mean Coe. That pile of trash. He's still a liar. And I feel nothing for him. There a...
  • Kathy Martin
    This conclusion to the Inventor's Secret trilogy was filled with action as Charlotte takes Grave and flees from New Orleans. She is still a revolutionary but she doesn't want Grave to be used by either the revolutionary forces or the Empire. They flee with pirates but are captured by bounty hunters who deliver them to Empire forces. They are split up with Charlotte taken to the Empire's high tech prison and Grave to tinkers who try to find out wh...
  • John
    Last book in the series. Read for the sake of the cliffhanger ending of the previous book and for closure. I read this far, I might as well finish it. Good ending, albeit somewhat sappy. Everyone is happy at the end, except for those that died, even if their deaths were completely predictable. Can't say too much about it without spoilers and if you haven't read the first two, what's the point? It ties up its lose ends and doesn't leave another bo...
  • Kayla❤️
    First let me just say I read all three books in this series before I decided to post a review. I really enjoyed the first book. I love seeing a badass female character such as Charlotte. Nothing excites me more then reading about a woman that doesn’t need a man to take care of her. All three books seemed to drag out though in the beginning and then rush through the best parts in the end. With that being said they all had good endings I just wis...
  • Mycoton32
    2017-08-23 - Un final avec toutes les réponses que j'en espérais même si parfois ça va un peu trop vite et des personnages toujours aussi agréables !!
  • Meghan
    The final chapter in one of the best series I have ever read, I wish it didn't have to end!
  • Lollita
    I hate how the love triangle was resolved, stupid.
  • Christine
    As much as I was pleased with this series (and I loved it on many levels- the setting, the imagery, and it even avoided some tropes I hate and kept bracing to have come up!) I can't say that this is a 5-star ending. Sure the story was wrapped up, but it felt rather rushed and too neat and clean. That said, I did love the characters (namely Coe and Grave) and enjoyed this alternative steampunk history. But it was almost as if the real emotional ac...
  • April
    Je suis toujours un peu triste quand je termine une saga. Dire au revoir à des personnages que j’ai suivis durant des années, tourner une dernière fois la page d’un univers que j’apprécie… Eh bien c’est un peu ce que j’ai ressenti ici. Le secret de l’inventeur est une série que j’affectionne beaucoup, car elle est la première à m’avoir introduit au steampunk. Dans ce troisième opus, nous retrouvons Charlotte dans de nouv...
  • La république des livres
    J’avais beaucoup aimé les deux précédents tomes. Je me suis lancée dans ce dernier tome avec joie et appréhension.Charlotte, qui veut protéger Grave, prend la fuite de la Nouvelle Orléans. D’autant plus que la résistance comporte un traitre qu’elle veut découvrir.J’aime toujours autant cet univers steampunk mélangeant époque victorienne et machines futuristes. L’autrice me fait rêver notamment avec la cité flottante. La des...
  • B.B. Morgan
    In this finale of Creme's The Inventor's Secret series, Charlotte and her friends are put to the test.This book has everything that I love from the other two books - adventure, an amazing world, lovable characters, and a continuous plot that never felt too fast or too slow.Overall, I loved this series. I devoured it. I love steampunk, romantic interest, and adventure. It makes me want to write another steampunk novel, or take one of my waiting st...
  • Mono9000
    Je suis tjrs très exigeante avec les derniers tomes alors j'aurais du mal à mettre 5 étoiles mais on est sur un bon 4.5.Ce dernier tome est une belle conclusion même si on se concentre bcp sur l'aspect politique et le conflit. J'aurais aimé plus de développement autour des persos et notamment de Grave.La romance aussi, qui promettait des rebondissements se résoud finalement facilement.Malgré tout, je reste fan de cet univers steampunk et ...
  • Dave Gamboa
    A good sequel to The Conjurer's Riddle. After fleeing capture from New Orleans, Charlotte has to find refuge and escape the terrible Empire that is searching for her and her friend, Grave, who has a magical skill that may be the key to designing the ultimate soldiers. At all risks Charlotte protects him and is aided by a pirate, Jean-Baptiste Lachance, who is not always so giving. Along with Linnet, Meg, Grave and Jack, her very close friend who ...
  • Karline05 Un brin de lecture
    2017-10-12 bouquet final rythmé et étonnant. On parcourt cet aventure riche et animée avec passion, envie et curiosité au côté de Charlotte et ses compagnons. A aucun moment , l'auteure nous laisse deviner là où elle veut e venir et c'est terriblement agréable . Cet univers est vraiment génial , bien construit complexe et très riche . On se régale à en découvrir les maintes facettes. Une saga Young Ad...
  • Kay
    Okay, I wasn't quite ready for that much HEA at the end. Granted, this is YA, so horrific, gut-wrenching endings may be too graphic, but this seemed a bit too sugary sweet. I loved the adventure and the tasks set before Charlotte certainly held danger, so having everything wrapped up neatly--almost with bows around it all--was a bit disappointing.Of course, I'm a rather jaded senior citizen, so younger readers will likely applaud and cheer at how...
  • Lire-une-passion
    "En résumé, voilà un tome 3 que j’ai vraiment apprécié découvrir. Bien que le côté steampunk était un peu mis de côté pour ma part, il n’en est pas moins que j’ai adoré retrouver cet univers si particulier et ses personnages hauts en couleurs, différents mais semblables à la fois. Andrea Cremer a vraiment bien su mener sa barque, à tel point que je suis déçue que ce soit déjà la fin !"Chronique complète: http://lire-une-...
  • Mallou14
    "Bref, Le Pari du Traître est un dernier tome un peu décevant par son histoire, qui traine en longueur pour s’accélérer vers la fin, et qui m’a souvent perdue. J’ai l’impression d’être passée à côté du conflit final et de ses enjeux. Heureusement, tout cela est contrebalancé par les personnages que j’ai adorés retrouver ! Les protagonistes arrivent à donner un certain rythme à l’histoire et finalement ça passe plutôt ...
  • Valerie
    An enjoyable end to the trilogy and quite an improvement over the dull second book. I do feel as if the whole story would have benefitted from being combined into two books. As it is written you have a first book suffers from a totally unsatisfying ending, a middle book that seems to really go no where, and a final book that begins in the middle of nothing before evolving into an exciting end. If the series was divided up as two books, the first ...
  • Ellie
    I really enjoyed the imaginative part of these books, envisioning what the US would be like if everything ran by steam and if we had lost the Revolutionary War. I enjoyed the politics throughout and, most of all, the inventions. The romance was too contrived for me, though, as were many of the plot points that I wanted to be more suspenseful. Things were a bit too neat and tidy at the end for my taste. I may not go on to seek out everything by Cr...
  • Nina
    This wasn't the worst book I've read, I found it remotely entertaining and intriguing. Throughout the series thing that kept me move in was curiosity about grave. I don't feel that his overall story wrapped up very well but, it could have ended worse. I don't feel really thrilled that I have read these three books but I don't feel like I'm wasting my time either. This is like a middle ground book for me I guess.
  • Megan
    I was equal parts excited and sad to read this last book in an amazing series. It was a pleasure to fall back into this fascinating world of steampunk, alternate history, daring heroines and the power of loyalty.I highly recommend reading this series and hope that maybe some day this world will be revisited!
  • Heather
    While the alternative history was hard at times to embrace just for selfish reasons, I enjoyed the progress of these characters throughout this series and was glad of the way it came to a finish. This author has a vivid world of steam punk during the Revolutionary period that is entertaining and consuming.