東京喰種トーキョーグール (Tokyo Ghoul:re, #7) by Sui Ishida

東京喰種トーキョーグール (Tokyo Ghoul:re, #7)


Details 東京喰種トーキョーグール (Tokyo Ghoul:re, #7)

Title東京喰種トーキョーグール (Tokyo Ghoul:re, #7)
Release DateJun 17th, 2016
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Horror, Fantasy

Reviews 東京喰種トーキョーグール (Tokyo Ghoul:re, #7)

  • Dani - Perspective of a Writer
    Check out more manga and graphic novel reviews @ Perspective of a Writer...In the sequel series to Tokyo Ghoul, Haise Sasaki has been tasked with teaching his special squad of half-ghouls how to be outstanding Investigators, but this is complicated by the troublesome personalities of his subordinates and his own uncertain grasp of his Ghoul powers. Will he and the members of his squad become heroes or monsters, taken out by the other squads in th...
  • Amber
    Welp that was a whirlwind of emotions. It jumped around a lot but this volume had a ton of action. However some things felt too jumbled and that’s why this isn’t a five stars for me.
  • Chantal
    Ammetto di aver pianto 👋🏻Il mio bellissimo Kaneki è tornato!
  • Rebecka2
    Simply amazing. I am struck dumb by how much better Ishida's art has gotten, and how these later volumes makes good on hints and clues that were provided in the first bloody volume of Tokyo Ghoul. The characterisation is complicated and spot on and the story continues to turn darker and darker.This series is definitely one of my all time favourites. Not to be missed if you like manga or graphic novels or are simply interested in giving the genre ...
  • Abrar Hadder
    MASTERPIECE I really have no other way to describe this story, I've never seen a writer as good as Ishida, the symbolism he put in is just unbelievable, this story plays with your emotions, don't ever have a favorite character, Ishida is savage af and will probably kill it in the future.. It's funny how I say I hate this series but I am in love with it. I hate it because of how much it plays with my emotions, but I love it because it's simply rar...
  • Maria
  • Fatemeh
    It's kind of hard to write anything about it.Just when you think everything is about to finish, something new comes up and destroys all your predictions. I was mostly like "***, WHAT?!?" while trying not to cry. It was on of the best volums since it revealed some important parts of story. Arima's still vague. It really needs some explanation and flash backs cause now he is seen as just an unrealistic perfect warrior.I didn't think it'll get this ...
  • Kate
    *SCREAMING*i can't express how amazing it was.
  • Illy
    Finally, FINALLY. MY BABY KANEKI. HE IS FINALLY BACK TO HIS OLD SELF AND NONE OF THAT HAISE BULLSHIT. God, now I need the the next volume. I cant till December. I feel like my reviews are always me complaining on how I need the next one, but I feel like that is the truest thing I can say. what better praise than unadulterated anger that I can't red more? I NEED it now.
  • May͛a
  • Rebecca
    With the return to the central question of who Ken Kaneki is, the series gets back on firmer ground. Still not as good as the original, though.
  • Aleksandra
    I am back to Tokyo Ghoul:re! Self high five!This is not my usual review. I'm dividing it into two parts.General:It was difficult to get back into the story because it's been 4 months since I read the previous volume. But when I refamiliarized with the story and the characters, it was GLORIOUS.Gruesome, gut-wrenching and touching. Sui Ishida has level up his fighting panels. They look amazing. I still remember how cringy they were in first volumes...
  • Sue Smith
    This is probably a great series, but when you step in at the 7th book, it's a hard sell. My fault entirely - I saw the cover and just had to pick it up ......deliciously red with a very pasty white, obviously goth young lad's head featured in some amazing artwork. I am a sucker for a great cover. And Manga goth boys are a pretty decent draw too.There's some pretty intense fighting between factions - primarily the menacing ghoul groups and the ant...
  • Blue
    This was sooo good
  • Ilay
    Kaneki Hide'yi bildiğin yemiş ya :(
  • Hikaoru
    It may not be stylish, but... liveNow that's a gread ending!This is no longer a chess game. I feel like picking up the pieces from both the white side and the black side wanting to make nice. And the sides aren't even divided cleanly either. We have the government hellbent on destroying the ghouls, bloodthirsty Doves as bad as the ghouls and ghouls who just want to be left alone. Let's not talk about the bloodthirsty ghouls. Those are in their na...
  • Zahraa A. J
    Hide... You know... I'm so lonely without you... - Kaneki *Sobs in a dark corner*
  • Joti
    It’s revealed that Shachi was like Rize’s father & he would watch over Kuzen’s daughter Eto, if Kuzen did the same for him. Arima goes after Shachi & gets the better of him - LIKE OK I UNDERSTAND ARIMA IS A GREAT CCG INVESTIGATOR AND ALL, BUT THEY’RE GIVING THIS FUCKING FREAK WAY TOO MUCH POWER LIKE SERIOUSLY IT’S GETTING RIDICULOUS!! Shachi hopes Rize will run & escape. Ayato visit Banjou to talk. And Sasaki visits Urie to talk!! They...
  • Kari Trenten
    Ken Kaneki will no longer be silenced within Haise Sasaki after his former literary idol, Sen Takatsuki comes out to the public as a ghoul. Especially when she’s made another revelation to him about the CCG and Nimura Furuta. Kaneki has to make a life changing decision when Hinami Fueguchi’s is about to end and his former friends show up at Cochlea, the ghoul prison to save her. This means confronting Kishou Arima once more, the enemy who bec...
  • Grayson Christian
    I don’t normally leave reviews for graphic novels but this one feels warranted. I dislike when books especially ones like Tokyo Ghoul, have these really interesting dark stories then throw in some Evil Organization to be taken down. This volume introduces V an organization that secretly rules the world. Very Illumimaty like. They stay in power by making the public fear ghouls and keeping that as the worlds big distraction. I will continue readi...
  • Social_Sloth
    Things are happening! A lot of things! The art is absolutely stunning, every frame has such incredible detail and every fight has so much moments that can be seen so clearly. The patterns and moments are shown with incredible detail, making every frame breathtaking. And Kaneki is back! He's saving Hinami! Finally, he meets almost everyone again, and it's the sadest reunion. He faces, the Reaper, Arima, and it ends on a cliff hanger. Why, the tens...
  • kyōshinja
    ¡¡Hermoso!!Te da tanto sentimiento. Sin duda uno de mis favoritos de Tokyo Ghoul. No lo sé es tan...Es que podemos ver el reencuentro entre Touka y Kaneki tan esperanzador y la hermosa relación de Hinami y Kaneki.A la vez que estamos en dos historias.Luego la pelea tipo hijo vs padre en el final solo me deja con ganas de seguir leyendo.Sin duda lo Cóclea es tan...Un tomo llena de sentimiento.
  • Pili Aguilera
    OMG... this volume really got me, i am barely breathing now, so many feels. Fantastic.I am curious about Arima, i hope we'll see some flashbacks or something to get to know him more. And I honestly in love with this series. Kaneki as a protagonist is so diferent from other series I have read, he is very complex and have change so much and i can't wait to red the next volume. Pd. Now I'm actually reading some of Kafka stuff and loving it too
  • Ashqtara
    I'M CONFUSED?!Es war schlimm, es war verwirrend, es war traurig und aaaaaah.Was hat Ken jetzt BITTE vor? Was genau ist Etos Plan? WER IST V UND STECKT DAHINTER? Und die Sache mit "Nimura" und Liz, was wie wo wer das verwirrt mich?!(Können wir bitte appreciaten, wie Haises Haare zum Anfang weißer waren und immer dunkler wurden, je mehr er sein inneres anderes Ich akzeptierte? Schönes Detail :3)
  • Yasmin
    This volume was absolutely fantasic! I ended up reading it till midnight because it was impossible to put down. There was just to much going on, especially about the past of few centrain charactors. I need the next volume so bad because I really dont want to read it online. Anyways, please pick up this series if you havent already.༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ This volume was absolutely fantasic! I ended up reading it till midnight because it was impo...
  • ☠tsukino☠
    Finalmente!Finalmente Kaneki è tornato!Finalmente ci sono delle spiegazioni!È stata fatta chiarezza su V, sulla famiglia Washu, su Furuta, ci sono approfondimenti su Rize, su Kuzen, su Arima.E poi Yomo è lo zio di Touka e Ayato!!!!! E la sorella nonché madre di ragazzi è stata uccisa da Arima!E Hide!E adesso devo aspettare il prossimo T_T
  • Cheryl Partida
    It's been a little while after the Rose operation. Some old friends are back and ready to take down the one eyed king.Eto has a plan for the ghouls.Urie visits Hiname instead of sasaki. Over all good stuff this issue
  • Rici
    Das war... seltsam? Das steckte hiner dem ganzen Getue als Ghulermittler? Das war sein Plan? Er hat doch immer noch keine Chance! Und natürlich endet der band mit einem Cliffhanger. Dabei darf ich nun wieder Monate auf den nächsten Band warten.
  • Edric Unsane
    The seventh volume of Tokyo Ghoul:re was dark, tragic, and immersive. The story and art are good, and the subject matter contained within was presented with brutal, no nonsense, efficiency meant for older readers. Bravo!
  • Kai Smith
    Feels rushed.This is what the last 3 volumes should have been all condensed into one. I wish it was more stretched out and took its time fleshing out the characters more.