Squawk! by Travis Bradberry


Advanced Reading Copy (ARC); Uncorrected Proof; Soft Cover; clean, tight & square.

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Release DateSep 2nd, 2008
GenreSelf Help, Business, Management, Nonfiction, Leadership

Reviews Squawk!

  • Carey Radican
    Great read. At the end of the story, you realize you learned some valuable management lessons. It also put a name to the face of several people I have worked with that thought they were getting results and weren't.
  • Huyền Trang
    Một câu chuyện ngụ ngôn về kỹ năng quản lý nhóm. Đừng liên tục "quàng quạc" vào nhân viên thay vào đó hãy:- Đưa cho họ mục tiêu cụ thể họ cần đạt được- Luôn duy trì giao tiếp với mọi thành viên- Phải khen thưởng đúng lúc và lờ đi lỗi sai nhỏ nếu có thể
  • Mohamed
    People may join companies, but they will leave bosses. No one influences an employee’s morale and productivity more than his or her supervisor.The seagull manager creates the need to swoop in and set his team straight, the superior manager gets everyone headed in the right direction from the very beginning by ensuring that expectations are full fledged. Whereas the rare visit from the seagull manager results in a lot of squawking, the superior ...
  • Doc Opp
    1) Communicate your expectations to your employees2) Listen to their issues when they talk to you3) Chip in and help out when there are problems.There you go. I just saved you the hassle of reading 130 pages of a poorly written, awkward parable about an inane seagull in charge of a flock at a food court. (On the unlikely chance that you are living in a bubble somewhere, and didn't already know that those were good management practices).
  • Ruby
    While this book is a fun parable about a seagull named Charlie who manages a flock of seagulls at a local marine park. When the flock becomes too large, and birds begin starving, Charlie must learn how to stop being a “seagull manager”, and begin learning how to change his management style or risk losing his flock. While the book is fiction, there is a lot to learn about management styles. Our society is changing, and the seagull style of man...
  • Janet Blair
    Squawk! did a couple of great things for me. First, it was a really fun read. It was such a page turner that I got lost in it and forgot that I was learning. BUT I WAS!The three virtues it teaches are the most dead-on center description of what managers (anyone who manages people, from a corporate exec to a youth soccer coach) need to make their primary focus if they want to get results. All in all just a really outstanding book that I think a lo...
  • Jon(athan) Nakapalau
    If your a seagull and there is a food court in the area then all the food you could ever want is there on the tables and in the trash. But how do you work with others to make sure everyone gets something to eat. Stop SQUAWKing and read this book - that's how!
  • Liz
    In my never-to-be-humble opinion, Dr. Travis Bradberry was trying to make a quick buck off of other writers' concepts. Please, don't bother!
  • Tonya
    It was a great story, and had some good tips. Usually, management books are dry and boring, but this caught my attention, and kept me engaged in the story.
  • Kevin Connery
    Oversimplified, but worth the effort.
  • Muhammad Ali
    Define clear cut requirements, and regularly communicate and check with your team on their assignments and solve potential deadlocks
  • K.O
    Quản lý có ba việc cần: (1) giao tiếp hiệu quả (mình đang rất ít tâm sự với những bạn làm cùng đội nên không biết tâm lý các bạn ấy. (2) Đề ra mục tiêu rõ ràng (nhân viên của bạn chỉ biết tới công việc được chỉ định, hiếm có người sẵn sàng tự tìm thêm việc để làm , vậy nên hãy đề ra mục tieeu rõ ràng để họ dễ dàng nắm được và t...
  • Teresa
    Gives you 3 principles of leadership. Listened to it as an audio book. Good fable using sea gulls as examples.
  • Samantha
    I'm not big into animal fable books. I want real world solutions in an easy understandable manner. Well this book is very easy to understand. It's borderline juvenile. It takes a seagull that is living at the food court and shows how he can grow his flock and get them to dive bomb innocent humans better. This book is extremely short and it not been easy to read and fun then I would have lowered my score more. It relies on three concepts that are ...
  • Lazăr Alexandra
    Desi titlul cartii in romana "cele 3 calitati ale unui lider de succes" te duce cu gandul ca aceasta ar fi o carte doar pt manageri, o poate citi si aplica oricine. Fiecare suntem manager al propriei vieti si aceasta carte explica simplu si prin exemple foarte bune, sub forma unor povestioare dragute, cum poti sa fii un manager bun. O recomand!
  • Jessica
    If you are brand spanking new to the world of management and need a quick, common sense read about the basics of management this may help you tremendously. If you are someone who is well versed in management and have read serious, well-rounded literature on the subject, you will find this title to be a waste of time.
  • Lai Siong
    Very much like 'Who moved my cheese?' and 'Fish!'...only not as enjoyable; felt the book costs too much for 3 simple principles for managers that are pretty obvious. If only we can just walk the talk!
  • Nguyễn
    Những người đã hoặc đang trong giai đoạn làm quản lý "sealgull" và muốn tìm cho mình giải pháp mới có thể cảm nhận được câu chuyện. Truyện ngắn, thấm lâu, đáng đọc.
  • Chris Belleisle
    My boss made me read this book. It was alright, I s'pose, but I'm still not very good at managing things. Though that's really no fault of the book.
  • Michael Tarpinian
    A Management Allegory! Even though this form is cliche, Bradberry made his points well in this book.
  • Erin
    A good parable for the work world where the seagulls need some leadership and encouragement to make their lives better. A fun quick read.
  • Joan Nehls
    Easy read, easy concepts