Shadow's Kiss (Immortals After Dark, #20) by Kresley Cole

Shadow's Kiss (Immortals After Dark, #20)

Overprotected vampire princess Kosmina “Mina” Daciano—part merciless swordswoman/part bashful, awkward damsel—has never been allowed to venture from her antiquated and isolated home realm of Dacia. But Lothaire, the half-mad king, overrules Mina’s older brother and uncles and dispatches her out into the mortal world, reasoning that she’ll either “broaden her horizons or die. As nature intended.If the shy Mina can survive life outsid...

Details Shadow's Kiss (Immortals After Dark, #20)

TitleShadow's Kiss (Immortals After Dark, #20)
Release DateNov 20th, 2020
PublisherSimon & Schuster UK
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Adult, Vampires, Urban Fantasy, Supernatural

Reviews Shadow's Kiss (Immortals After Dark, #20)

  • Esther
    I will die an old maid waiting for this book to come out...
  • Ashley 📚 bilingual bibliophagist
    UPDATE 12/27/18: Looks Like Munro’s book is up next now with a release date in May 2019. Meh. I don’t think I’m too excited for this one. UPDATE!!!! RELEASE DATE IS NOW NOVEMBER 20th!! Hopefully that bad boy will just keep on getting moved up! So, I would like to start by saying that Kresley Cole is my most favorite author for fiction novels. Her writing style is incredible and her creative mind is just freaking beautiful. I have absolute...
  • Kaitlin
    Can anyone explain what is happening here?First there were two books coming out in 2018: this one, which was not marked as an IAD but as part of her online short story publishing, Valkyrie Publishing. (Like Shadow’s Seduction.) And an actual untitled IAD book. I come back the other IAD book is gone, and suddenly this book was moved back three months. Now this book is moved back to 2020?! What is happening here? Tbh it feels like she was suppose...
  • Arvid
    These series are getting way longer than I expected! And the next publishing is 2021?! I don’t think I’d remember these series existed! And IF I got notified, I won’t remember any of the characters anymore and believe me I won’t read 17 books again just to remember! The only good thing about these series is that there’s a “big picture” you’re trying to get to, and the rest is repetitive romances. So in my opinion when you set the ...
  • Regina Mundus
    Okay, after my 3rd reading of the entire IAD series, I have a theory about this "ruthless warrior hero". It's not Benneit, or Brandr or Kristoff...its'...wait for it...Heath MacRieve. Hear me out.1) All the MacRieve's fit the "ruthless warrior" trait. If he's related to Garreth or Lachlain, chances are he's been through a few battles, hence, ruthless warrior. 2)How we know he'd be ruthless? If you recall, he disappeared 150 years ago, around the ...
  • York Lara
    Todo lo de esta mujer es increible y emocionante. Yo ya espero saber de que se tratara!!!!
  • Martha S
    I also agree that it won't be a vampire, it could be someone new or her captor as K.C. is fond of hate/love relationships against all odds, i think bc the Morior are still kind of new into the scene it could be one of that crew, not the vampire, but maybe the wolf, i don't actually believe it could be a demon, bc we have had recently many demon/vampire matings, specially in the Daciano family... or maybe it could work, after all aren't her and Mi...