Star Wars by Kieron Gillen

Star Wars

Darth Vader has been secretly pursuing his own agenda, but now it is time for the End of Games. As Inspector Thanoth returns with some startling information, it seems that Vader may have passed his master's tests. But even after finding favor in the eyes of the Emperor, the Dark Lord's schemes may yet prove his undoing... Plus, the killer droids Triple-Zero and Beetee wreak havoc in their own homicidal adventure! Marvel's in-depth exploration of ...

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TitleStar Wars
Release DateDec 6th, 2016
PublisherMarvel Comics
GenreMedia Tie In, Star Wars, Sequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Science Fiction, Fiction

Reviews Star Wars

  • Alejandro
    Darth Vader’s final volume! I got this storyarc on its single comic book issues but I chose to make the review using this TPB edition to make a better overall review. The story is set after the events of “Star Wars IV: A New Hope” but before the events of “Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back”. This TPB edition contains from the title of “Star Wars: Darth Vader” #20-25 in its new Marvel Canonic run, including an art gallery featurin...
  • Kemper
    This marks the end of the run for these Darth Vader comics, but all good things must come to an end…. Uh, I mean Darth Vader isn’t good, of course. Guy’s a Sith Lord after all. But this was a generally good title so I’m sad to see it go.This provides a satisfying end to the plot, and overall it ends up being a solid story of what kind of shenanigans Vader was up to in between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. It also provides some inter...
  • Sam Quixote
    Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca wrap up their disappointingly mediocre Darth Vader run with the instantly forgettable Volume 4: End of Games. Maybe because it’s been ten months since I read the last book or maybe because Gillen’s failed to make it memorable, but I’ve no clue what’s going down in this one. Vader’s hunting down a rival called Cylo - who? Whatever. It’s not in the least bit interesting! Ugh, and the Revenge of the Sit...
  • Paul E. Morph
    While this volume wasn't quite up the standard set by the earliest issues of this book (I really didn't like the whole dream-sequence thing and Dr. Voidgazer sounds like a GI Joe villain) this Vader run has easily been the best of Marvel's new Star Wars books. Overall, I enjoyed it a great deal and it will be missed now it's come to an end.There were a couple of loose ends that will still need to be dealt with, though. I wonder where they'll be r...
  • Gianfranco Mancini
    A more than satisfying ending to a more than good series, but Vader's opponents were just too much lame for me ("Voidgazer"??? Oh good grief...) and I don't liked very much the dream sequence because it reminded me Episode III, a Star Wars movie that is never going to be a fan favourite of mine because of the greatest continuity issue ever (not mentioning Hayden Christensen's awful acting...): In "Episode VI: Return of the Jedi," Luke asks Leia i...
  • Sud666
    Vol 4 of Darth Vader brings to a completion of one of the finest Star Wars series out there. While it is a shame that it is ending, at least it goes out with a bang.If you've been keeping up with the events of the Vader series you will truly enjoy this final part. Many of the loose ends are cleared up and there are some great conversations between Vader and the Emperor that shed fascinating light on his motivations for the Sith Order and his appr...
  • Bookwraiths
    Fitting ending to the series arc. I especially enjoyed the Anakin-Vader confrontation in Darth’s mind.
  • Rimevi2
    This book is totally great.
  • Robert
    Fantastic conclusion to Vader's dark adventures! Wasn't too fond of Cylo as an adversary, but the reveal of Executor in space dock and the fastidiously homicidal forays by Triple-0 proved high points to a rock solid conclusion. And the Mustafar vision sequence? Epic.
  • Artemy
  • Travis Duke
    "I will turn you to ash, you will fly into the sun" in other words Vader is kicking major ass in the final vol.4 from Gillen. I think this was the strongest series to come out of the new marvel star stuff, Jason Aaron's main star wars series is a strong second. Vader has reached the end of his journey and the showdown between him and Cylo is here. Cylo designed the suit vader wears and thinks he has the advantage going into the epic battle but we...
  • Sesana
    Not a great fan of the ending, but I did finally find the murder droids somewhat fun. Overall, this was a pretty decent series. Not great, but there were some really, really good moments here and there.
  • Chad
    Kieron Gillen ties up all his plot threads going all the way back to the first issue in this volume. The confrontation with Cylo and his minions was terrific. I loved the design of the space whales even if they were stolen from the X-Men. The resolution with Dr. Aphra was fitting.
  • Lance Shadow
    The conclusion to the long and sweeping Star Wars: Darth Vader has arrived with Kieron Gillen's fourth volume, End of Games. Oh, how the mighty Sith have fallen. Vader launched one of the first comic book series in the new Star Wars canon to an incredible start, but it quickly went downhill following the release of subsequent volumes. Despite some entertaining moments and a smooth lead in to Empire Strikes Back, this ended up being a rather slop...
  • Chris Greensmith
    "Book IV, Part VIEND OF GAMESIt is time of rebuilding for the Empire. After the destruction of the Death Star, Darth Vader is atoning for his failure by destroying all who would oppose the Empire.The droids Triple-Zero and Beetee have been sent to capture Vader's secret ally, Dr. Aphra-but taking advantage of their programming, she changes their directive. Choosing not to make her escape, Aphra goes to comfort Emperor Palpatine.Meanwhile, Vader t...
  • Vinton Bayne
    That was a wonderful volume! I wish this title was continuing! "Nothing is impossible for the force"
  • Jim C
    This collection is the finale of this run. In this one, the Emperor has ordered Darth Vader to take care of a specific problem. Meanwhile, Darth Vader is tying up some loose ends on his part so his schemes will never be discovered.I enjoyed this collection as it really shows how Darth Vader is a badass. We get to see him destroy and outsmart his foes and we get to see his complete mastery of the force. This is the Vader that was hinted at during ...
  • Daniel
    ProsVader's full evolution into the dark side Vader feels sort of like a wounded, rage filled monster that just wants to lash out at everythingVader feels physically challengedTheme of technology vs humanity and how that plays into Vader being a cyborgAphra and Vader's relationship is perfectly ended Some minor character that were efficient but enjoyableYou really want to see the antagonist fail ConsSome emotional moments I felt could have been m...
  • Phil
    Another solid entry in Gillen's run. It brings together a lot of story elements from the previous volumes.
  • Chris Lemmerman
    Darth Vader's ongoing series comes to a close as his (and the Emperor's) machinations reach their stunning conclusion.This volume is basically 'what happens if you piss off Darth Vader?' as a comic book storyline. The result is a six issue story that has Vader kicking ass and taking names as the last few plot twists of the series come to centre stage. Seeing the Emperor, Vader, and Cylo's plans all revealed helps put a lot of the previous stories...
  • Will Robinson Jr.
    You don't know the power of the Dark Side? Darth Vader's plan to overthrow the Emperor comes crashing down but he ain't going down without a fight. Kieron Gillen finishes his epic run on probably one of the greatest villains of all time. Gillen's Vader is cold and confident. It is the way Gillen uses the supporting characters wit and dialogue that gives us an impression of who Vader is. Vader is the boogeyman that we expect to slaughter all his f...
  • Jason
    A very satisfying conclusion to a very satisfying series! I don't know if Kieron Gillen intended to wrap the series up at this point or if the decision was made for him, but in this volume all of the plot threads come together in a very enjoyable way. I especially liked the Doctor Aphra material--particularly how her story arc ended. I always love seeing how she gets out of the sticky situations she gets herself into. Vader's has his final confro...
  • Sebastian Song
    Kieron Gillen's Darth Vader goes from strength to strength. An amazing tale no Star Wars fan should miss!
  • Omar
    These comics are just trying to get me to hate Vader.
  • Dimitris
    Good. Great artwork and fun to read!
  • Jerry
    Like the previous two volumes, this one pales in comparison to the first.
  • Ruel
    After enjoying Vader (Star Wars: Darth Vader #1), I didn't follow up by reading the second or third volumes. Still, when I saw End of Games at my local library, I couldn't resist. This story takes place between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back as Darth Vader deals with his nemesis Cylo. There's plenty of action, with the Emperor's foreboding presence throughout. While I wasn't a fan of the bad-guy versions of R2 and 3PO or the flashbacks to ...
  • Terry Mcginnis
    Great, action-packed, emotional ending to this series. Recommended.
  • Joe
    A thrilling conclusion to the Darth Vader comic. I'm sad to see it go but will be happy to see Dr. Aphra in her own title along with the two greatest droids in all of Star Wars... Triple Zero and Beetee. Vader's subterfuge finally comes to light and the Emperor takes...appropriate action. I know I'm a broken record on these reviews, but I really want to see these new canon comics adapted into cartoon series.
  • H. P.
    Volume 4 completes the 25 comic run covering Darth Vader’s adventures between the first and second Star Wars movies (i.e., Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back). It’s everything you would hope for from a Darth Vader story—it’s visually gorgeous, fills in gaps between the movies, and Vader remains the sort of utterly amoral (with one exception) villain that we can’t help but root for (a little bit). Volume 4 (and comic no. 25) has the p...