Star Sand by Roger Pulvers

Star Sand

In 1958, a diary is found in a cave on the small Japanese island of Hatoma. Alongside it are the remains of three people.The journal reveals the story of Hiromi, a sixteen-year-old girl who’d grown up in the United States before living in Japan in the midst of World War II. One day, while collecting star sand—tiny star-shaped fossils—Hiromi finds two army deserters hiding in the seaside cavern—one American, one Japanese. The soldiers don...

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TitleStar Sand
Release DateMay 1st, 2016
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews Star Sand

  • Brenda
    2.5 stars - interesting but hard to believe and somewhat unsatisfying.This book was an interesting concept of talking about WWII from the perspective of a Japanese-American girl that was living in Japan when the war broke out. The discovery of two AWOL soldiers (one Japanese and one American) promised to make this even more interesting. But the relationship between the two soldiers was weird and hard to believe, the dialogue was stiff (maybe beca...
  • G.J.
    This was an odd short story, the idea was promising and I found some descriptions of life on a remote Japanese Island during WW2 interesting, however it seems to me the author run out of ideas on how to end it and spoilt it with a silly character introduced towards the end.
  • Katie B (Bisforbookiemonster)
    What a disappointment.Not that I had super high hopes for this in the first place, but I was expecting it to be an interesting read. And it was, in parts. At other times, it was a chore to get through. And that’s saying something for a book that takes less than two hours to read.It went steadily downhill, until I just didn’t care at the end. For that reason, I’m breaking my review into three parts, following the way that the book is divided...
  • Alana
    I was prepared to give this a "meh, nothing special but fine" 3 stars, until the end. Part 3 (which is probably only 15-20 pages) was just terrible. The narration jumps to a caricature of a moronic girl, supposedly in college but the author seemed to be channeling an 11 year old, and it was just awful. Ruined the whole thing for me.
  • Amber Garabrandt
    Star Sand, By Roger Pulvers was my Kindle First pick for the month. It was originally released last year in Japanese and will be out in English on 5/01/2016. For me, this was a beautiful novella, flowing seamlessly over the timespan of the story. The chapters went together fluidly, just the right pace to make a perfect story. My one complaint is that it felt so very short. I worked an eight hour shift today and still read the whole thing in one ...
  • Cari
    Star Sand by Roger Pulvers is a beautifully crafted novel that I had the pleasure of discovering as one of Amazon's Kindle First selections for this month. The book's setting on the Japanese island of Hatoma was so atmospheric and painted pictures in my head of a beautiful young woman collecting sand underneath a starry sky while the ocean thrashed against the beach. There was something about even just the descriptions of how Umeno would wrap foo...
  • Lucy-May
    This book has left me with very mixed feelings; I've put 3 stars on here but really it's a 3.5.The first chapter totally pulled me in and I was hooked on the story pretty quickly. I'm a bit obsessed with books set in Asia at the moment, and I've always wanted to learn more about World War 1 and 2, so this seemed like a perfect read.I absolutely loved part 1, Bob annoyed me a little but I still enjoyed his character, just as I did the rest of the ...
  • Connie
    Source: I downloaded this book via Kindle Unlimited. Cost: Free Title: Star Sand Author: Roger Pulvers Genre: Realistic fiction, historical Overall Rating: 3 stars I wanted to rate this book higher, but because I found myself getting bored at parts through this book, I just couldn't. This book follows Hiromi, a 16 year old Japanese girl in WWII as she makes her way through the war with no family, and barely any friends and she comes across a...
  • Lorri
    This is a lovely book about a girl on a small Japanese island in WWII. She takes care of two soldiers, one American and one Japanese who have deserted and are hiding in a cave on the island. It was well written, kept me captivated, and I still wonder if it's a true story or not! It's a quick read and very worth it!!
  • Janette Mcmahon
    Beautifully written book of war, WWII . Asks the the questions of who is the enemy, what makes an enemy, and about survival.
  • Bobby Schimmel
    I picked this book up because the idea and concept sounded so mysterious and interesting!A diary from WWII written by a young Japanese woman hiding out in a cave with 2 wounded soldiers from both sides - sounded like a great read. Still does actually which is why I gave it 2 stars instead of one - concept. This book ended up being so slow and so uneventful and unsatisfying. I usually read thrillers and mysteries and this was neither of those alth...
  • Shelly
    New WWII perspectiveI'm a big fan of WWII fiction AND non-fiction. This read like both!! Quick read but really grabs you from beginning. I felt Pulvers captured the feel of the time period extremely well and that the characters were well drawn for how short the story was. I enjoyed this!"Isn't that what some people call a kind of love? Being left alone to fulfill your life as you see fit in the presence of others you care about, whoever they migh...
  • Kelli
    A different look at war life I really enjoyed this book. Written in three parts as a diary entry. It's a short book but written well with the point of view of a young Japanese girl during WW2. I loved all the characters and each one was so well described you understood exactly what was going on in their head. I just really loved it. A must read for everyone
  • Dee Mills
    I liked this book, although the writing was a bit choppy. The first and third parts were enthralling; the mid-part slowed down a bit for me. It's a fast read and afterwards, I felt as if I had been on an isolated beach with a lovely grotto nearby.
  • Kathleen Wells
    A very engaging story of a Japanese soldier and an American soldier hiding together in a cave in the final days of WWII.
  • Noe
    From his author page, we read: “Roger Pulvers is an author, playwright, theater director, and translator. He has published more than forty-five books in English and Japanese, including novels, essays, plays, and poetry. He also translates works from Japanese, Russian, and Polish.” With a résumé like that, you would expect some good work, or at least fair writing. But reading Star Sand is like going through something that was written by a re...
  • SundayAtDusk
    Was this story possibly a play that got fleshed out, in order to turn it into a short novel? If so, I don't think that worked. While the protagonist, 16-year-old Hiromi, was complex enough to be interesting, no one else in the story elicited much empathy. Maybe in Japan, where this book was first published, the two soldiers in the cave would have been seen as captivating; but to many American readers, they will only seem sad and broken. One edito...
  • Beverly
    This was a quick read and I thought it had an interesting premise. A young girl, 16 year old Hiromi, is living in Japan during WWII. One day, as she is collecting star sand, she discovers a cave where 2 men have been hiding out. Both are deserters, one American and one Japanese. Although it's a dangerous decision, she decides to help the two men and brings food and medicines to them. Then another person comes to the cave and really upsets the atm...
  • Natalie
    some readers have commented abt how this short novel kept them up, and I am among them - others have complained that the shift in narrative perspective in the last 1/3 of the story irritated or disappointed them. For me it was more puzzling than irritating, but it did feel trivializing in a way / but maybe that's part of the puzzle? that we can most easily idealize the heroism of war by trivializing the trials of the prosaic contemporary? that in...
  • Heather
    A surprise worth reading.I think it depends on your mood but at first it was a slow read. Perfect beach read. And then...the end. I always like a twist and surprise.
  • Rahul Sharma
    A heart warming novelStar sand has an idyllic setting that makes it a great read before bed. The story is heart clenching and filled with narrative details and plot changes that make it very interesting. The ending has a shift in perspective which is superb. The shift in perspective at the end teaches that war lives on through history and memories, and that it is essential to consider our role in what has passed. L
  • Glady
    Star Sand was my April free book from Kindle First. The premise of the brief novel, three skeletons discovered years after the conclusion of WWII, sounded promising but it did not deliver. The bodies of one Japanese soldier, one American soldier, and a Japanese teenager are found in a watery cave. Why were they there? How and why did they come together? Readers never truly discover why the soldiers deserted which is the foundation of the story.
  • Melody
    MelancholyI am the daughter of a WWII veteran who was a prisoner of war for 44 months. He was captured in the Pacific shortly after Pearl Harbor.It seemed this story might give me some insight into his experience. This story may not have given me the insight I sought but it moved me to tears.I grew up surrounded by the stories of the war in the Pacific. I found this story to be incredibly moving. It did show me how that war affected us all and st...
  • Sharon
    Wonderful!I've been intending to read this for awhile. I'm so glad I finally did! Three people, an American army deserter, a Japanese deserter, and an American-Japanese teenaged girl come together in an unusual place and circumstances, during wartime. They become allies in a way that transcends country, language or war United in a quest for peace and survival. Five stars.
  • Stacey
    Free book from Amazon and I can see why. Poor flow and a weird story that didn't really make much sense in the end. Character motivation felt odd, why did any of them do much of what they clue really. I just really didn't like it.
  • Land Murphy
  • Carol
    Story line quite interesting; however something was lacking.
  • Litthérapie
    La première partie du roman se déroule du 2 au 8 avril 1945 sur Hatoma, une île au sud-ouest du Japon. Le sujet qu'a choisi de traiter l'auteur est très difficile et complexe puisque nous nous retrouvons pendant la seconde guerre mondiale, c'est un choix audacieux qu'il a fait, choisir de nous narrer le point de vue d'une adolescente de 17 ans. Mais peut-on vraiment parler d’adolescence quand notre quotidien se constitue de peur, d'incertit...
  • Goéwin Dulhoste
    Un livre déroutant et captivant.Tout a commencé le 2 avril 1945. Hiromi a 16 ans et pour échapper à la guerre, elle s’est réfugiée sur l’île japonaise d’Hatoma. Alors qu’elle ramasse du sable étoilé, elle aide un soldat japonais, Iwabuchi, à sauver un soldat américain, Bob. Iwabuchi est déserteur, il s’est aménagé une grotte où il se cache pour éviter d’être exécuté. Bob fuit lui aussi les horreurs de la guerre. Ent...
  • Siobhan
    I wanted to like this book, I really did. It started out promising, if a bit clunky or heavy-handed sometimes. It's making a point about war, but it's not subtle about it. I can forgive that, and I'm willing to chalk some of the unwieldy sentences up to being translated from Japanese.While this book starts out well enough, it goes progressively downhill. By the end of Part 1 it's beginning to try my patience, but Part 3 is where it lost any goodw...