Spirit Song by Mary Summer Rain

Spirit Song

The first volume in a series of books written by Mary Summer Rain about her experiences with an extraordinary Native American shaman called "No-Eyes," Spirit Song has become one of the best-selling and most important books in the literature and philosophy of what has been called the "new-age."Mary Summer Rain was the last student of the blind-from-birth Chippewa visionary, and spent many days in the remote cabin in the mountains with the woman wh...

Details Spirit Song

TitleSpirit Song
Release DateFeb 1st, 1993
PublisherHampton Roads Publishing Company
GenreSpirituality, New Age, Nonfiction

Reviews Spirit Song

  • Velvetea
    BEAUTIFUL expression of God: God as the universe, as nature, as alive within each other. As Mother Earth and Great Spirit~ again that male/female duality, a perfect balance. She takes us through her psychic visions and spiritual experiences along with an adoration for her surroundings and the present moment. In this, I found correlations between everything I love about Christianity, Zen, Buddhism, Paganism, and other ways of life which all emphas...
  • MizzSandie
    Sometimes you read something you needed to read. It wasn't until the end of this book that I sort of realized what it's message for me was, what it was I needed to hear. Up untill then it hadn't held much news to me or had much to teach me, and I'll admit I was a little bored with all the scenery descriptions. I prefer to experience nature, to having it described to me. Either way, it ended up getting its message across. Not what I wanted to hear...
  • Gary
    This is the most unusual book i have ever read. I had all emotions while reading this. I was happy one minute and frightened or sad the next. I can not give a proper review for i am still trying to recover. It definitely......
  • Mack
    I was given the series of Mary Summer Rain’s books. Spirit Song is a spiritual journey of a relationship with No-Eyes, a Chippewa medicine woman and Mary Summer Rain, who moved with her husband to Colorado to be closer to nature and earths calling. No-Eyes allows Mary to see visions of the future and imparts a wisdom and knowledge for everyone to follow their own path and destiny. I would read this writing again for the insight it offers.
  • Carrie
    I read this book over and over in my early 20's. When I was introduced to this book it had such a profound affect on me. I didn't want the story to end. With the Authors descriptions, I felt as if I was there as well. This is a book that I have purchased for others, but I don't think they experienced it quite like I did at that time in my life.
  • Katy
    Very interesting book, lots of interesting information regarding the paranormal and shamanism. This is the first book in the "No Eyes" series by Mary Summer Rain and it provides a quick overview of their interactions from Mary's meeting of No Eyes through the end of their time together and Mary's reactions to the loss of her teacher. The next book in the series is "Phoenix Rising," which purports to give a prophecy regarding the period of time du...
  • Mari Jo
    Very interesting, very thought-provoking. Many tell me there is nothing but the here & now, nothing beyond, but after reading this book, and many others by Mary, you will wonder about the veil which gently separates today from tomorrow and yesterday.
  • Brenda Bethke
    I loved her writing from the moment I started reading. She explained her feelings through it all. I felt I was there with her and when she finally found no eyes I felt so happy I could have cried which I did when she died. It's just beautifully written.
  • Draagonfly
    This book was very powerful. No Eyes' observations are witty and full of wisdom. Mary's telling of the story is also entertaining. Loved this book but have to say it's the only one of Summer Rain's that I kept on my shelf because it was the best one. The subsequent tales didn't live up to this one.
  • Julie
    Love this book. Have read it many times. I wish I could meet No Eyes. Her wisdom touched my soul.
  • Robin Tobin (On the back porch reading)
    I love no-eyes. Though the topics are a bit dated now.
  • Darla
    i just finished this book and in all honesty would suggest this book to every person who reads this is a story about a native american and how the world changed sh was born blind yet she lived a full lif it tells about things that are currently happening in todays society about how people forget where thy came from and who would survive without the older generation knowledge ..i can totally get what the writers trying to get across as we do not k...
  • Melvin Marsh, M.S.
    Now, I am pretty much as open minded as they come as far as "experiences", and I rarely doubt someone. Shamanism, ESP, Ghosts, Spirits, whatever.However, some of this is so general that one wonders. Additionally, the very precise quotes which are said to be the real accurate quotes (yet someone did not record things when they were being spoken) just makes me wonder, as a scholar, about how truthful the rest of the book. Additionally, on p 109 in ...
  • Bill
    A fascinating read. Thought provoking, challenging issues and well written. Consider the impact if each of us were receptive to the gifts of No-Eyes in our lives.
  • Donna
    In my top 10 list of all time favs
  • Courtney
    Amazing book, very inspirational and touching.
  • Nancy
    I loved this book so much that as soon as I finished it the first time, I read it a second time.
  • Robyn
    I enjoyed the characters in this one and I always love stories about "connectedness"--to the earth and to other people.
  • Jackie
    Loved it!
  • Giniti Bey
    Pre-lude to Phoenix Rising. Both very good.
  • Bea
    This book brought me back to knowledge of my own connections to nature and spiritual things. It made me yearn for my own teacher.
  • Paula Meyerhoff
    I learn more from the two i read then I have all those year listen to white manAnd I would recommend her book looking forward to read more of her work can't wait to start the next
  • riverlight
    I say this without exaggeration: this is the book that made me the person I am today. If you read the publisher's blurb or any general Amazon review, you'll probably see this book described as "one woman's experiences with a wise Native American medicine woman." And that is, on the face of it, quite true: this book is the first that Mary Summer Rain wrote, and it details some of her lessons with a Chippewa woman she met in the mountains of Colora...
  • Tracy Jones
    This is nonfiction, about the author herself. One day when she is feeling low, she cries in the mountains of the Colorado Rockies, thinking she is all alone. She meets a wise old woman named No-Eyes, who winds up teaching her the traditions of her Native American roots, wisdom of herbs and Earth Mother, and spiritual guidance lessons. No-Eyes shows Mary that she will be able to spread the knowledge of her people and spritual lessons just as No-Ey...
  • Sandy Mclaughlin-rodriguez
    I found the writing stilted, contrived, stereotypical, and egocentric. I would not recommend the book.
  • Maurean
    I enjoyed this short little book (158 pgs) very much! Summer Rain has a very lyrical writing style, and her descriptions really drew me into the story. I found the information she imparts in this book to be very thought-provoking, indeed. Well worth reading this one.
  • Monica
    I liked it alot. Alot of people belive in the end times, why not know what is to come do I belive it? Why not peole need something to belive in.
  • Robbie
    I bought it, and then now I cant find it.