Just Add Glitter by Angela Diterlizzi

Just Add Glitter

Is there really such a thing as too much bling? Find out in this sparkly homage to imagination and creativity gone wild that’s perfect for even the youngest fashion and crafting enthusiasts!Has the rainy day got you down?Not feeling fancy in your gown?Just add glitter!It all starts with a mysterious mail delivery, a little girl with a big imagination, and a sprinkling of twinkling glitter. Before long there’s glitter here, glitter there—gli...

Details Just Add Glitter

TitleJust Add Glitter
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Art, Storytime

Reviews Just Add Glitter

  • Laura
    “Glitter, glitter everywhere!”Now I am not a sparkly person. Black is the dominant color in my wardrobe. But this book! Haha…This book made this dark hearted reader smile and shine.Too boring, dull or quiet? Just add glitter! To anything or anyone or any place. Come follow along as our young heroine and her cat decorate her world with glitter.“Try a speck, a fleck, a sprinkle.See how things begin to twinkle.A little here,a little there.Gl...
  • Effie
    First of all, I'm not a fan of glitter, so this is probably just not for me, but I felt the need to review it because I loved the illustrations so much. I really like how Cotterill's illustrations are in a 3D world. It reminds me of the beautiful, soulful book The Visitor by Antje Damm, where I first saw this style used. Then of course there's the glitter... Not my favorite in terms of text, nothing to complain about there, but the illustrations ...
  • Ireadkidsbooks
    It sparkles!
  • Raven Black
    The idea is interesting, do a craft project by adding glitter. Of course it gets out of hand. The moral is that if you have too much of a good thing you can not see the real things that sparkle. The child does clean up in the end, which is a nice touch. The illustrations save the book. As the publisher said they are made by making "hand drawn paper cutout that are then digitally colored, set in a 3-D environment wit the worlds supply of glitter b...
  • Erin Buhr
    I love the exuberance and creativity that burst from these pages. As a mom I must admit my relationship with glitter and therefore feelings about this book are a bit mixed, but this book is so much fun. The rhyming text is brief and lively. The idea is so fun and captures childhood perfectly. The illustrations are my favorite part. I'm fascinated by the 3-D diorama process Samantha Cotterill used to create the pictures. Look closely and you will ...
  • Robin Loughlin
    This is a super cute book. Not a lot of words, but a lot of color!! It is a rhyming book, so it is very fun to read aloud, especially to children who enjoy a lot of bling! Another cute aspect is that all the glitter has texture so the child can touch and feel it on every page! I highly recommend this book!
  • Rebecca Ann
    I feel like this book may have been funded by a glitter-producing company. I would love this book if I didn't have a love/fear relationship with glitter. It can be harmful to the user's health and get into the water. Also, and perhaps most importantly, you can never clean it up. If I completely separate the message from the illustrations...I love them!
  • mary dewley
    This book will make a convert of any glitter Grinch!It will put a smile on your face as you cheerfully read each rhyming line. But...look out...I see some googly eyes at the end of the book! Fun story hour read to boost little imaginations. Love the 3-d look of the pictures.
  • Annese
    Not the biggest fan of glitter, but I love this!! Its so bright, and sparkly, and easy to read. As I read it, I imagined myself in storytime throwing streamers or scarves - anything to give the kiddos the same thrill as the little girl in the book.
  • Lindsey
    This picture book is adorable. The illustrations combine drawings, bright color, cut paper and photographs. The ending is very cute, too.
  • Anna
    What a cute book! Feel-good, rhyming glitter makes you happy book!
  • Edward Sullivan
    It makes everything better.
  • Liz Handler
    Glitter can add just that something extra that you need.