Enemy by K. Eason


The Illhari Republic rests on the bones of gods, telling tales of conquest and forgetting its once-bloody devotion to its most powerful goddess. Snowdenaelikk, half-blood conjuror and smuggler, cares less about history than the silver she can win with sharp metal and sharper wits. But when the local legion blames her for burning a village, an outlander with a sense of honor intervenes, and Snow finds herself tangled in politics and an unwelcome p...

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Release DateJun 1st, 2016
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Business, Amazon

Reviews Enemy

  • Jason H
    I went back and forth on one or two stars for this book, and settled on two. Eason's novel has a phenomenal story inside it, but it's buried under hackneyed writing tricks and a teenager's need for attention. There were moments when I was reading that I felt this was one of the best books I've read this year, and then she'd ruin it with another broken-line-italicized-thoughtword thing.You would think Eason waschannelingwriting a book she hoped wo...
  • Amanda
    I've already preordered book two, which comes out in mid-July. I will probably drop whatever else I'm reading to get to that as soon as it's on my kindle.Let's just talk about the main protagonist of a fantasy novel being a woman of color. That's amazing! The main culture we see throughout the story are people of color in a matriarchal society. That's unbelievable!!I really loved the flavor of this story. So many scenes take place in the winter o...
  • Stephanie SJ
    This is the real stuff- characters driven by interior lives that somehow manage to spring from something more than gonads and the weighty concerns of permanently-teenaged angst; a fully-realized world in which those characters move, and a compelling ambivalence about binary notions like "right vs. wrong" and "living vs. dead." Like the fantasy books that absorbed us and transported us when we first encountered High Genre, Enemy asks us to invest ...
  • Wench
    Well, shit. I think this is the first genuinely *good* book I've gotten via Kindle First. Also most of the main characters are Black. And women. Whaaaaaaat. Content notes: violence, human sacrifice, rape (not narrated; we find out after the fact), animal torture as back story, racism, sexism
  • Michael Mammay
    This is the best debut fantasy I've read since...since I don't even know when. A few years, at least. It's got the rich world building of Kameron Hurley crossed with something grittier -- like maybe a Mark Lawrence. It's written in a big, complex world with competing cultures and a great backstory, but the author doesn't overwhelm you with it. It comes out naturally as the story moves forward. The pace is outstanding. Not breakneck, can't put it ...
  • Sarah Dinges
    I picked this book up on Kindle First and liked it a lot. It might not be the best fantasy fiction ever written, but it was a solid showing. I will definitely pick up Book 2 when it's available. I'm looking forward to continuing the adventure.It takes a minute to warm up to the characters and to the author's writing style. The book is action-packed, with the story tumbling from one misadventure to the next without any break. There's never a dull ...
  • Borderstar
    3.5 starsNot bad - really enjoyed some elements, others not so much. There was definitely something that kept me reading this straight through - the storyline in general was pretty interesting and I liked learning about the world and the characters, but I wasn't so keen on the "rival gods" part. Something that really bugged me all the way through too was the way the characters spoke sometimes, it seemed out of keeping with the world, especially a...
  • Rusty
    The story was good, the characters were interesting, the world was well thought out. But the writing! The sentences were horribly choppy and even when you would get a good chunk of exposition the author uses this device where the character is thinking something and then a replacement word pops up all by itself breaking the paragraph and flow. So annoying and gimmicky. A real shame because it took away from my enjoyment of the story.
  • Chira
    One of the best offerings I've gotten from Kindle First, for sure. However, it's definitely a book handled best in a long sit-down: the style tends towards stream-of-consciousness, with alternate interpretations of a situation or observation cutting into sentences. It works, but it's definitely something best handled by getting into a rhythm. It makes events and motivations a little harder to follow in short readings.The world built here is simil...
  • Chance
    I read this wonderful book from amazon's prime free reads list.It has an interesting background for the world. Which is based on a reversed gender role kind of society. Meaning it is entirely Matriarchal. For example women are generals and typically the officers in armies. Of course that means they will be the leaders in the government too, which has a Roman Republic/Senate kind of thing going on.Don't think that means the book is trying to send ...
  • JustSomeGuy
    This is a different kind of fantasy novel - thankfully. It wasn't an easy one, either. The multiple POVs the story was initially told from were difficult for me to track at first, and the early death toll had me wondering who were actually going to be the protagonists the story would follow. It all makes sense in the end though. Admittedly, it also took me a bit to become acclimated to this world as there were many early references to things not ...
  • Andy Coleman
    A SIMPLE MAN'S REVIEW:I usually don't read fantasy because often in an attempt to differentiate the fantasy world from our own, the author uses strange names for people, places, and everyday items. I understand why they do this, but it can also act as a barrier to the reader getting engrossed in the story because there is a whole new level of information to keep track of. This book starts out in that fashion, and it takes a bit of time for the st...
  • Okcrow
    Dark, without a doubt.Excellent writing. Not easy, I read it twice but found it worthwhile, especially the second time. Oppressed people, loyalty. Magic. Gods and dragons. No easy answers. Will read the next one.
  • CZero
    I'm always on the hunt for breakout first novels and this was a fantastic start! Very rarely do I think of the words intelligent, complex and readable all coming together in a first novel. The style took a few pages to get into, but each character has a unique cultural voice. Speaking of cultures, it's refreshing to read a fantasy novel with such solid world building. One of the main characters comes from a hunter-gatherer society that communes w...
  • Carl Timms
    Very original and intriguing BME-led fantasy How refreshing to read a fantasy novel with such a diverse range of characters and such a focus on a female dominated society. The more the history revealed itself the more enthralled I became. The use of street style slang, drugs and other familiar concepts from our own world made this fantasy mixing off Romans, Celts and Vikings if they were majority black a real treat to get lost in.Only complaints ...
  • Gary
    Every once in a while you run across a fantasy which rates higher than the five star system allows. This is one of those books.The characters are well developed, both major and supporting. The characters are split evenly between male and female. You get to see both their strengths and their weaknesses, their loyalties and idiosyncrasies. What happens when you mix a budding noidghe (necromancer) with midlevel conjurer, up against a mortal empire o...
  • Michel
    very easy read with the colloquial writing style, which I typically don't like. I think it's something you have to commit to 100% or it doesn't work, and in this case it really keeps the place moving very fast . not a lot of background, you are dropped into a world that you learn about via characters various opinions of their surroundings. I can't say I loved the world itself, seemed a rather bleak place to live. I did love the pets and the incor...
  • Tim
    The story is good. The writing is great.Okay, this genre is not one of my usual stomping grounds, but I was looking for something new and this author definitely delivered that. The story was interesting and the characters engaging, but it was the writing style that carried me through and made me want to read every word. The style was unique, in my experience. It didn't feel like I was reading prose. It felt like ......descriptive poetry: quick, s...
  • Milady
    This was a surprisingly good book (I have been less impressed with other Kindle First Picks). I truly enjoyed it's uniqueness and found it a refreshing (and very welcome) break from the pile of near carbon copy books I have encountered recently. The writing style of Enemy is slightly atypical, which I loved, but the story itself is not so varied from other fantasy novels as to be unrecognizable. On the contrary, it tells of a small group of chara...
  • Judd Rogers
    Interesting bit of world building. Manages to get the background in without exposition.Nice little fantasy. Edging toward romance but seems to avoid it.
  • Noah McDermott
    Enemy is a monster of a book, it is deceptively incredibly confusing, I feel that much of this can be attributed to the writing style, as much as I loved it, it made the book very hard to follow in places, especially when the point of view of the story shifted, I was often lost and was forced to re-read. While I did find that this was annoying, some of those thoughts above are due to my personal nature when it comes to reading, I feel that my gri...
  • Brian
    Kat Eason's "Enemy" is a first novel in her "On the Bones of Gods" series, with a focused prose, excellent characterization, and particularly strong world building. The cultures in the book have historical precedent which I won't spoil, save to say it lays down a familiarity with the world that allows her to play with its culture and magic while giving it a gritty, realistic feel. This world's a matriarchal society. The novel is a familiar read, ...
  • Jennisse Schule
    I first read this book a year or so ago and loved it. In between, I read some reviews on the book that were less than complimentary. I started to wonder if I had read the same book or perhaps was just (wrongly) overly enthusiastic about the series. The author just came out with the third book in the series and while I rarely read books twice, I thought it would be a good excuse to reread the first two, refresh my memory, before diving back into t...
  • PJ
    A rather good fantasy story buried beneath extremely alienating writing. Glancing through the other reviews I see that I am not alone in this opinion.I am all for characters having a unique voice when they come from different backgrounds/cultures. But when that voice takes a form I would more readily associate with a whiny teenager, it becomes distracting, yeah? Takes me out of the flow of the story, yeah? Makes me want to put the book down if a ...
  • Marjolein
    Read all my reviews on http://urlphantomhive.booklikes.com Enemy was a book that divided me. On the one hand I was liking it, even though the story was not that special and fits very well in the well established fantasy genre. On the other hand, the writing was, for want of a better word, quirky and it didn't always work for me. So much so, that I still am undecided on this book. But, my interest has been sparked and I might give the second book ...
  • Karl Johnson
    Rather original story.Rather well written book with a rather original story to tell.I recommend this book to fans of high fantasy.
  • Kat
    Non-romantic partnerships, matriarchy, god involvement, and a lot of very vivid, strong, and easy language. I didn't think I could love this book any more.
  • Sean McCoy, LMT
    Love the authors writing style!Took a while to get used to the structure and meter. But after I got used to it - I think it really opened the doors for some great creative expression.
  • Alexandria
    Unique world-building novel, a complicated cast of characters; might want to read again.
  • Sean
    I really tried to give this a go,but found it was quite hard to get into.I could not seem to get used to the writing style.It had a good premise,but not for me.