Reaper by Kyra Leigh


Sixteen-year-old Rosie Wolf is sure when you die, you go straight to Paradise, until she wakes to discover she has died in an accident and that Paradise isn’t what she thought it would be.Rosie Wolf was sure that when her dad died, he went to Paradise. After all, isn’t that where everyone went? But when Rosie wakes up in a strange hospital bed and finds out that she’s died in an accident, she learns things aren’t always what you think the...

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Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult

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  • Teenreadsdotcom
    REAPER by Kyra Leigh is a fantastical story about life after death. Rosie Wolfe always believed that after dying came paradise and heaven. However, after her life is ended in a tragic car accident, she wakes up in a strange hospital. She learns that in order to get to paradise, she must become a reaper and bring three souls to the afterlife. In the process she meets many people, from the Grim Reaper, who turns out not to be a hooded black figure,...
  • Thamy
    Review based on an ARC provided by Edelweiss. I also want to thank the publisher for giving me this opportunity.This is a short novel I managed to read in one sit, which is quite rare for me.Rosie died in an accident and finds out she needs to fulfill a task in order to go to heaven and meet her father again. This means to reap three souls, as an assistant to Death. Not only is it a job that takes a toll on her but severe rules ensue, including n...
  • Kelly Sierra
    Eh. This wasn't a fun read, and for it's purposes I feel like there wasn't enough story or the plot was missing essential elements to make it more engaging. I get it, grieving sucks.2 stars
  • Myreadbooks
    I was immediately attracted by the cover of this book when the author and the publishing house made the promo. Except that I have been waiting for the paperback for the bought and no regrets the character of Rosie is so moving, endearing it makes me think of Georgia Lass (Elen Muth) in Dead Like Me history too. A captivating, moving story, Kyra Leigh takes us to a parallel world with brilliance. I love this kind of book I wonder what there is aft...
  • Amber
    Reaper stretches itself too thin and struggles to tell a story. Plot: Rosie woke up one day to find that she was killed in a car accident. Instead of heading to the pearly gates, she learned that she must return to Earth to take the souls of three people. Basically, she had to be the grim reaper for a few months. Rosie dealt with a lot of heartache: her father passed away, her best friend wasn't really her friend, and her own demise caused her so...
  • Kelly Gunderman
    Check out this and other reviews on my young adult book blog, Here's to Happy Endings!As far as one of a kind, completely original books go, Reaper is probably one of top ones that I have read over the years. It was unexpected, and not at all like how I thought it was going to be. The book was captivating and gripping, and once I started reading, I couldn't stop. In fact, I read it over the course of a single afternoon.Rosie Wolf always thought t...
  • Rena
    If you've ever lost someone and have felt that loss for some time after...this is the book for you. If you have ever wondered what is life after death? This is the book for you. If you want a book that is written so well that you can't help but to keep reading...this is that book. My father passed 10 years ago in October and I still have trouble thinking about him. This book helped me move on. I didn't cry like A Fault In Our Stars, it was more j...
  • Leigha Lang
    Okay I have been thinking about this book A LOT since I finished reading it and I think I can finally put into proper words how I feel about it. I have seen a lot of the reviews on this and from what I can tell they are kind of all over the place, and rightfully so. I was torn for a while on whether to give this book three stars or four, but I decided on three because:This book had SO MUCH POTENTIAL to be great. I really enjoyed the read, however...
  • Gary Nilsen
    One of the earliest forms of trauma for most young teens has to deal with the subject of coping with death. Reaper, by Kyra Leigh, follows the story of Rosie Wolfe, which starts with her waking up in the strangest looking hospital-like room. It’s a prelude to the discovery that she no longer inhabits the land of the living. Leigh puts a completely different spin on her examination of death by having her hero dealing with it post-mortem. Not onl...
  • Greer
    First off I just have to say that this cover does not do this story justice.Yes, I know do not judge a book by the cover but really publishers should at least ask the cover designer to read the freaking book. I look at this cover and I see dark and sinister, this story is so far from that concept. I was actually pleasantly surprised when it did not meet my expectations of the cover.The story was great, there seems to be a lot of reaper books out ...
  • Jennifer Starks
    Reaper ~ you know the plot from the back of the book, but it’s so much more than that. If you’ve ever dealt with the loss of someone you loved, this book will touch you. Rosie is young but she’s not a flighty teenager. She’s sensible and knows what she has to do in order to see her father again (and it hurts). You see her dealing with the same insecurities other teenagers have, plus watching someone she loves die. And then of course her o...
  • CR
    This one just didn't work out for me. The back and forth in time slowed down the story and I just couldn't connect with Rosie. Rosie's lack of real feeling though the story just didn't seem plausible for someone her age and well that really took away the emotion that should have been in the book. The world building (afterlife) really got a gloss over or a gray over is you ask me. There was no real description on why everything was a washed out gr...
  • Etienne
    3,5/5. I don't read much of what for me is YA contemporary, but I got to say that this one wasn't bad at all. Considering the fact that the author, from her picture on the book, look on her's early twenties she got talent, she knows how to write. The story is nonetheless a bit light but touch the difficult subject of grief in an interesting way, a teenage way, that I think can help some kids to talk about that or make their mind on it. There's lo...
  • Devera Chandler
    3.75 Stars - A quick read, great for reluctant readers. Rosie dies at the young age of 17 and in order to pass along to the next level of the afterlife, she must reap 3 souls. She's kinda teen-angst, do what I want to do - don't care what happens kind of girl. Her father passed away over a year ago and she just wants to see him again.The book moves quickly, but I think it could have used more development towards the end of the book. The ending fe...
  • Kirstysbookishworld
    2.5 stars I read this book because I myself lost my Dad at a young age. I thought I’d connect with Rosie, I thought I’d understand her. But in fact I found myself almost laughing at how lacking it was in real grief and how disconnected from the characters I felt.I felt like she was saying everything in a cliche and almost non-genuine way. In fact I felt that about the whole story. I couldn’t help compare it to other books with similar premi...
  • Haylee Heister
    This book was fantastic! It really tugged on heart strings though. I swear I was in tears every few pages. I enjoyed reading this a lot, I couldn't really stop once I started. There were multiple parts where I just wanted to yell at the character for the choices she made. Although if the book had a perfect storyline it wouldn't be as fun to read. Still, this book is really good. I absolutely loved all the characters, and it gave really great back...
  • Lynndell
    I read an extended excerpt of Reaper by Kyra Leigh on, the Riveted website. The story is interesting enough and is definitely written for young adult/middle school age readers. This is a clean read story dealing with relationships and their struggles. Rosie, the main character, is cute but she struggles with self-esteem issues. She develops through the story and learns a lot about herself, her family and her friends. 4 stars for th...
  • Holly
    I wanted to love this book but there are so many things missing that could have made the story even better. The basic story line is that the main character, Rosie, dies and has to collect souls to move on to see her dad in the next life/ heaven it’s not really clear. The story is short and lacking details lots of important details it makes me question a lot of the story line. I liked the idea of the story line but I felt like it was more of an ...
  • Robin
    I found this book really interesting. It didn't end at all how I expected it to, but I respect the author a ton for making that choice. I could also really feel what she was feeling. However, I wish she had been able to change something. Even if she couldn't escape the situation, I wish she had maybe been able to change something in the "system." But applause for not doing what your readers expect, and making the hard decision to end the story in...
  • Morgan
    I started this one thinking that it would be a quick read that was up my alley. Girl dies and finds out the afterlife is more complicated than expected? Not here for whatever this was intended to be though. Incoherently complex and no real rules that are clear and people are shitty and fake and wtf is even happening I was just dropped here in this story and I want out.An unfortunate DNF for one of my random library picks.
  • Azorianfireflyz
    Great debut novel! I loved all of the characters so much, especially Rosie. All the yummy descriptions of food made me want to eat - especially cinnamon rolls. I really liked the secondary characters a lot. I thought her crush/relationship with Kyle felt realistic and had good pacing.The ending was definitely bittersweet.
  • Jenni Elyse
    Reaper wasn't what I was expecting at all. I thought there would be more paranormal-ness to the story, but it was very straight forward. It was such a depressing read. I'm actually really glad I was able to read it in two sittings so I didn't have to sit with his that long because parts of it were very real looks at death and grief.
  • Ms. Heres
    When Rosie wakes up and is ushered into a very important meeting, she has no idea where she is or what is happening. She has lost her life in an accident and is going into training to be a reaper. She will be sent back to earth to collect three souls before she can move on to paradise. No amount of training can truly prepare Rosie for her new assignment.
  • Linda
    This book was a great read. I read it over 2 days. I liked the storyline. It was interesting that the role played by the reaper was unlikely how we would think naturally. I got upset at the end of the story but I knew something like that was going to happen because she wasn't listening to her guide. I was actually surprised she was allowed to be where she found herself in the end.
  • Kira Gimm
    So it's a YA novel, so bear in mind it's super simple. I loved the concept of the book, and for the most part it was a great read. However, it completely fell apart at the end. Everything wrapped up in about 3 pages, and there were way too many unanswered questions.
  • Bella Gilliard
    This book is very emotional to anyone that has lost anyone. I totally recommend it to everyone, but I have to warn you that it hits hard. Many of the characters in this experience death of someone or themselves. This book is a 5/5 and totally recommend.
  • Sofia
    A great premise but the writing ends up being fairly predictable and unexciting. The protagonist is kinda annoying and there's no depth to the romance. It's suppose to be emotional, but none of the emotions truly caught me. Disappointing, because there was so much potential.
  • Miranda
    This book was cute. It was a real easy read, and it kept my attention throughout. It’s definitely an interesting way to think about Death and afterlife. But be warned: it’s a tear jerker.
  • Debra Elsner
    It was an interesting concept, good writing, but I felt that there could have been more.
  • Stefanie
    More like a 3.5Great impulse borrow from the library