Reign of Serpents (Blood of Gods and Royals, #3) by Eleanor Herman

Reign of Serpents (Blood of Gods and Royals, #3)

Reign of Serpents by Eleanor Herman will be available May 29, 2018. Preorder your copy today!A PRINCE WILL RISE TO POWER OR MADNESS,A PRINCESS WILL BECOME A QUEEN...AND BLOOD MAGIC WILL RULE THEM ALLPrince Alexander of Macedon’s mind has been touched by an incomprehensible evil, even as his betrothed travels from afar to unite their kingdoms against a terrible darkness that threatens both realms: the Spirit Eaters.From the distant shores of Ill...

Details Reign of Serpents (Blood of Gods and Royals, #3)

TitleReign of Serpents (Blood of Gods and Royals, #3)
Release DateJun 27th, 2017
PublisherHarlequin Teen
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews Reign of Serpents (Blood of Gods and Royals, #3)

  • Caitlin
    4.5 stars!I am shook to the max. This is definitely the best of the three books since there were sooooooo many twists and turns that I didn't suspect at all. I'm just so SHOOK! Like wow. This book was incredible. So many people don't like this series and I honestly don't understand why. There's a lot of POVs though which can get a bit much at times BUT I like every single one of the characters. There are 10 POVs. T E N! It's a lot to keep up with...
  • Laura
    Again, so, so good!
  • Shelley
    *Source* Library*Genre* Historical Fiction, Young Adult*Rating* 3.5*My Thoughts*Reign of Serpents, by author Eleanor Herman, is the third installment in the authors Blood of Gods and Royals series. This is a series that combines historical fiction, with a bit of myth and magic. Your main characters are Alexander, Katerina, Hephaestion, Jacob,Cynane, and Zofia. Each has been set on an adventure that has led them into uncharted territory where you...
  • Jordan (thejordanjournals)
    3.5/5 stars.This book felt like a filler book. I remember hearing that initial this was going to be a 6 book series, but now I think it is down to a quartet. This book definitely feels like it suffered because of that. We had this big bad villain at the forefront of the first and second books, with a mysterious larger power lurking in the background. At the end of the second book, this villain comes to power. However, nothing really major or cata...
  • Jesse Nicholas
    Full review to come!
  • Jeanna
    Better than the last one! The stories are so fun, each intertwining into the next. The adventures continue in Reign of Serpents, the third book in the Blood of Gods and Royals series. Alexander is not acting himself, not only has he gone back on everything he has fought so hard to accomplish while in power, but his eyes have changed color. Something seems amiss. When Princess Cynane’s ship docks on her betrothed’s land, she soon realizes her ...
  • Book Swoon
    REIGN OF SERPENTS is the third installment of Eleanor Herman's series, Blood of Gods and Royals. This epic young adult series combines historical fiction with myth, magic, and intrigue. The stories center around a young Alexander the Great and a mysterious prophecy that began in Legacy of Kings, with each book building into grand adventures and individual quests. Joining him are a cast of friends ( Katerina, Jacob, Hephaestion, Zofia, and Cynane ...
  • Logan Miller
    Plot: In the beginning of another FANTASTIC book The Queen hires Cyn to kill Kat. after Cyn brings back a finger tip (didn't actually kill Kat), the Queen is skeptical but takes it anyway. Alex's General commits suicide by throwing himself off a cliff and shortly after Alex is possessed by a god. Throughout the book Heph and Kat make a Device to detect Earth Blood and complete it towards the end of the book. Possessed Alex is suspected of not bei...
  • M
    I enjoyed it... the plot was engaging, but at the same time I'm left wondering if anything even happened? Shifting so many times between ten (10) perspectives was a lot, but really meant that the actual storyline for each character was only a few short chapters long. It did keep everything moving, I guess, but it's a little annoying when I have some favourite characters or plot lines I would like more time with. Writing is still annoying at times...
  • Heather
    Once again, this series has blown me away. I feel like it's almost sacrilegious for me not to give this book 5 stars since I've given it to the previous two but it's also completely justified in my opinion. This book entertained me so much and just made me love the series even more. I love how each of the characters are developing, whether it's in a good or bad way, and I feel like everyone continues to be in character. I'm also super happy that ...
  • Aashna Moorjani
    SPOILER WARNINGHi, it’s Aashna! Today I am going to be reviewing Reign of Serpents by Eleanor Herman. If you haven’t read by review for the previous book in this series, Empire of Dust, I will summarize my feelings towards this series before beginning my review. I love history, so of course, I love the idea behind this series. I think ancient history is a neglected gold mine for YA. That being said, I am having a difficult time with this seri...
  • S. Johnson
    You want a book-- and series-- with too many characters that don't interact too much and don't have personalities? This is for you.
  • Caitie
    Well, this didn't get any better for me. I wanted to like these, but I just couldn't get into them. Don't get me wrong the author did her research and I feel like probably had fun writing this....but I felt there were too many characters to keep track of. I felt like we didn't need to have that many people. Why couldn't we just have a book with Zofia or Katerina?
  • Katie
    Well, boo. That was disappointing. Too many POVs and not enough story. I'll still read the last book, because Zofia is a great character and I want to see if she ends up in Macedonia or not, but this series has unfortunately gone downhill for me.
  • Jess (◕‿◕✿)
    I legit read this in one sitting and it was incredible. I am quite nervous to see what will happen in the last book!Also like always, review will be posted soon!UPDATE: 10.1.17Review now posted!
  • Anji Cooper
    Ready to be transported to an ancient world of war and magic? Reign of Serpents continues the journey of young Alexander of Macedon, as he works his way towards becoming Alexander the Great. Historical knowledge and fantasy are twisted together to form an enchanting series that will be sure to enrapture its readers. Reign of Serpents is the third book in the Blood of Gods and Royals series. As mentioned previously this series follows Alexander be...
  • Saralin
    Eleanor Herman’s Reign of Serpents is the third book in the Blood of Gods and Royals series. The events of Empire of Dust scattered the protagonists across the Mediterranean. Alexander was ruling in Pella, until he found himself imprisoned inside his own body. Olympias marries Cynane to the king of Dardania. Katerina and Hephaestion wait for Ada on the small island of Meninx. Jacob hides his Earth Blood magic from his fellow Aesarian Lords and ...
  • Christy
    The marvelous third installment of this exquisite series brings our beloved characters farther than they've ever been. Alexander, Katerina, Hephaestion, Jacob, and Zofia foray into previously uncharted territory - physically, spiritually, and mentally. Bonds deepen and heal. New dynamics are explored. Those who have been missing in action for a while enter the fray again. I was particularly impressed by two twists that were deftly executed by Ele...
  • Raji
    4.5 starsRiel, the Last God, is now in control of Alexander's body and is obsessed with finding a way to regain his immortality, neglecting the kingdom in the process. But enemies are all around him. The Aesarian Lords suspect that Riel still lives and decide to capture him as an offering to the Spirit Eaters. Jacob, having discovered that Riel is in Alexander's body, makes a plan to capture him so that he can hide the fact that he is an Earth Bl...
  • Jennifer Collins
    All told, I was expecting more. In previous books in the series, the chapters at least seemed to be well-timed to coincide with what the reader needed and wanted to see from the story. Here, it too often felt like the first parts of chapters were devoted to summing up the high points of what the reader missed, much of which would have been of interest. In other words, the characters go through so much while outside of the reader's view, because o...
  • Summer
    It pains me to admit that this was not my favorite book in the Blood of Gods and Royals series.1) There were too many characters, story lines and plots being carried out ... without enough 'screen time' 📺 for any character to really shine. My personal favorite only had 3 chapters in the whole book (Or was it 2?). And yes there are a cast of interesting characters; but it felt overwhelming. 2) There was character development, but also unravelin...
  • Nellie Wade
    After a year of putting this book off and letting it gather dust on my bookshelf, I finally got around to reading it. It had been long time since I finished the 2nd book, so it was harder to get into the story, but I'm glad I continued with the series.There's something about her writing style that I find so captivating- but also there are SO many characters that I felt like I was reading different short stories published in one book. Which wasn't...
  • Adeline
    In my opinion, this series is one of the most underrated. It has everything a good fantasy series should have. A lot of people agree on the fact that it has too many povs (10 in this one). It doesn't bother me. I love multiple povs books. In fact, I'd rather read this kind of book instead of a book where you're stuck with an insufferable main character (I have a few in minds but won't mention them since it's not the place or the time). Plus, mult...
  • Lisa Mandina
    I love this series. I was so disappointed that they didn't at least have any physical ARCs of this third book, especially when it turned out there is fourth book, that came out this year! So I gave in finally, and purchased the paperback copy so that I could try to read it before the 4th book came out, and I could read that e-galley. Well, paperback matches the first two ARCs. However, since I finished this while I was in New Orleans for ALA, I p...
  • McKay
    Wow was this a case of 'I thought this was the end of the series' or what??? Apparently there's a fourth book? Okay. Okay. This was a pretty solid addition to the series, I think. Herman's historical knowledge continues to be one of my favorite things about this book, as well as the dynamic and differentiation of each of the characters. Man they all have such a unique voice and it makes me so happy. Plus, they're all so interesting. Kat and Zo an...
  • Shelley Lawrence
    3.75 starsThis is a great series with a rich plot set in a complex world. It's a really unique, creative, fantastical reselling of the story of Alexander the Great. My only problem with it is not really the author's fault at all, bit merely the way things go. I find it really difficult to keep up with the details of a complex series like this when the books come out a year apart. Not only do I forget the details of the plot and who's who, but als...
  • Taylor
    Kat, Cyn, and Heph are really the only reason I'm reading the last one because they're really the only ones doing anything productive. I do realiize Alex was posessed so I can't really blame him for doing nothing and at leaast he wasn't whining. Olympias lost all her scheming and then Jacob is still wanting to impress everyone. He has now moved from Kat to the Aesarian lords. Hopefully he gets over this a bit it's been 3 books man get some self e...
  • Abigail Carlson
    3 starsThis was a very average book to me. While I love the story Herman is telling, I struggle with her prose. The amount of POVs was unnecessary and distracting. That being said, the way she weaves characters' stories together is amazing. I read some chapters thinking "when will this be relevant?" By the end of the book, everything had become relevant. There are two story lines I could have done without. But there is one more book to prove me w...
  • Denise Morse
    I think this was my favorite book (so far?) in the series, although going into it I was convinced it was the finale. This book finally seemed to have some answers, less characters to really follow and fewer places to keep straight. I really thought the series was over until the last chapter when I realized there was not enough time to complete everything. I look forward to finishing and seeing how my favorite characters end up. Although it is lis...
  • Julianne
    I am awkwardly reviewing the third before the secondThis was an easier book for me to read, since I didn't have as big of a break between the second and third as the first and second. The ending was a little meh, and it answered approximately two questions while leaving me with another five thousand. There was some interesting information, but there was also some strange time/location jumps that weren't super clear.