ONE NIGHT STAND by Bella Grant


He was supposed to be a one-night stand ... until he showed up at my surprise engagement party! For once, I let my guard down for a wild night of fun. I wanted to lose myself to the best man for the job, so I picked Braydon Keagan, a hot Irish man with a dark past. He didn’t disappoint. I got the best night of my life and left the stranger’s side with no regrets. I returned to my normal life - running the local orphanage with the trust fund ...


Release DateApr 9th, 2016


  • Chloe Sulley
    One Night Stands revolves around your typical rich girl and a one night stand with a mysterious Irish man she was never expecting the meet again. As you can expect they do meet again and their story takes some pretty adventurous routes including Charlotte getting into a fist fight with Braydons mother. Overall I loved the story and the characters. I felt at times that the Irish Mob connection was a little far fetched but non the less it gave Bray...
  • Fatmata Sankoh
    Did not really much feel this book. Some bits were ok but I found it hard to connect. Will still recommend though as it might be just me as this is not my first read by this author and usually her books are ok.
  • Diana
    I don't know how I feel about this book. I mean it was sort of good, but it was a story that developed too quickly. Now regarding the excerpt, I found it a bit misleading since it makes it sound more mysterious and like if major things were going to happen, but reality was that the only big drama was the main characters mothers, well specially one of them. I didn't feel like the male hero was at any danger or that his past was too dark, I mean wh...
  • Nickole
    rcvd ARC for an honest review. what a great book. I couldn't put it down. Charlotte, a 25 yr old aristocrat virgin who opens orphanages meets bad boy Braydon at the bar on her 25th bday and decides to give up her v-card. neither knew one another but we're tied to one another thru family. Charlotte's bf is thrust upon her and asks for her hand in marriage and immediately says no but to find out it was arranged since they were kids. Charlie finds h...
  • Natasha Hooks
    "I received an ARC copy in exchange for my honest review".Omgosh!!!! Awesome read. Had me literally smiling from the 2nd chapter till the end of the book straight throug . I would really love a continue book, or a Terrance story or the a story about the brother, but still including some of the main characters, whom were freaking awesome. I loved Brayden a d Charlie's characters, made me wanna know more... I definitely suggest this as a good read....
  • IslandReader
    Unbeknownst to Charlotte, her friends take her out for a wild night because they've heard she is being arranged for marriage to her male best friend, Quinn, by her mother & his mother to continue their wealthy status. She loses her V card that night in a one night stand to Braydon. She learns of her surprise proposal & engagement the next day. I like Braydon and his determination. I enjoy reading about travel when money isn't an issue. I always t...
  • Jackie D
    Brilliant!Prim and proper with leprechauns!! Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Loved the idea of the proper women meant to marry someone else but ends up with bad boy irish step brother!
  • Lisa Richard
    What a great readI chose a five rating because I couldn't, put my knee node down. Stayed up till 2 in the morning because I had to finish it. Would definitely recommend this book. Great read.
  • Luz
    Could not put it down. Felt in love with Charlotte and Braydon. I was smiling thru out the story couldn't put it down. Finished the book in a couple of hours.
  • Sabrina
    LovedThis book was amazing! I loved all the ups and downs. Liam was so much fun. This book kept me on the edge of my couch and had the perfect ending!
  • Linda Wimer
    I really enjoyed reading this book. It was great from beginning to end. I would love to read more from these characters.
  • nichole waller
    AmazingAn amazing read... I loved every moment of this book. It's nice escape from reality. One day, I wish I could meet men like these characters
  • Lisa White
    I loved the story line, the dynamics of the charatures, but I felt it was rushed. It moved way to quickly.