Burning Bright (Peter Ash, #2) by Nick Petrie

Burning Bright (Peter Ash, #2)

In the new novel featuring war veteran Peter Ash, an action hero of the likes of Jack Reacher or Jason Bourne (Lincoln Journal-Star), Ash has a woman's life in his hands and her mystery is stranger than he could ever imagine.War veteran Peter Ash sought peace and quiet among the towering redwoods of northern California, but the trip isn't quite the balm he'd hoped for. The dense forest and close fog cause his claustrophobia to buzz and spark, and...

Details Burning Bright (Peter Ash, #2)

TitleBurning Bright (Peter Ash, #2)
Release DateJan 10th, 2017
PublisherG.P. Putnam's Sons
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery, Mystery Thriller, Suspense, Action

Reviews Burning Bright (Peter Ash, #2)

  • Larry H
    Hell, yes! Once again, Nick Petrie proves he knows how to write a thriller that kicks ass and takes names.Petrie's debut novel, The Drifter (see my review), was absolutely fantastic, a thriller with a great plot and terrific character development. Featuring war veteran Peter Ash, a complex, intense protagonist, the book even made "honorable mention" on my list of Hell, yes! Once again, Nick Petrie proves he knows how to write a thriller that ...
  • Frances
    June Cassidy is pushing 30 working as a freelancer writing mostly on issues of privacy in the electronic age for Public Investigations. Having recently lost her mother who had been a brilliant scientist working on classified software for the Department of Defense, June was heart broken that she died from injuries sustained by a hit and run driver. Still in a daze from the shock of losing her mother, she rode her single-speed Schwinn at a slow pac...
  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)
    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.This book really grabbed my attention from the start with almost non-stop excitement. It almost felt like I had been thrown into an action movie and I loved every minute of it. Before I even knew it, I had read a large part of the book. The pace of the story did eventually slow down but the excitement never stopped because I couldn't stop trying to figure out how things would work out. This wa...
  • Andrew Smith
    I’d really enjoyed the first book in this series, The Drifter, which introduced war veteran Peter Ash. The distinguishing feature about Ash is the extreme claustrophobia he suffers as a result of his active service – he now becomes distressed whenever he entered a building of any sort and this forces him to live virtually all of his life outdoors. He sleeps in tents and wonders the North Western coast of America, a loner somewhat in the style...
  • The Pfaeffle Journal (Diane)
    This is the second book in the Peter Ash series, it was a great read. Well plotted story, good character development, moves along at a good pace. June's mother, a brilliant programmer was a victim of a hit and run accident, now someone Is trying to kidnap June in effort to get access to June's mother's program. Peter Ash a veteran with PTDS meets up with June, together they try to figure out who wanted June's mother dead to get her last program.P...
  • Vikki
    Conspiracy-theory, fugitive from the law, car chase books aren't my usual choice of reading material but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The plot pulls you in immediately with June getting kidnapped and then escaping shortly after her mother, government contractor working on a top secret tech project, get killed in a hit and run "accident." June hides in an old research facility in some redwoods in the middle of nowhere when a "shell-shocked" war...
  • Jacqueline J
    Long review just got eaten by internet failure. Can't force myself to retype.I enjoyed it for the most part although there was quite a bit of willing suspension of disbelief needed. Didn't like the ending too well. It was hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys. (view spoiler)[ didn't like that yet again Peter shook the worst murderer's hand and let him go. (hide spoiler)]Felt like the end situation with June was just a way to let Peter go ...
  • Dave
    Burning BrightBurning Bright, the second novel in the Peter Ash series, is a fast-moving, action-packed Adventure featuring a claustrophobic Iraq War veteran and the damsel in distress he stumbled upon while running from a grizzly bear. Set in the Pacific Northwest, it’s good a woodsy thrill, a high speed chase, futuristic technology, secret agents, black ops, and more.
  • Laura Rash
    Loving this series! Peter Ash is such a complicated but simple character that you just gotta love! Combining a story of a vet dealing with PTSD, righting wrongs in the world & future technological advances makes for one hell of an interesting read!
  • Dana Stabenow
    The second book in Petrie's Peter Ash series, about a vet returned from the Sandbox on the run from PTSD-induced claustrophobia, which is why he's out hiking in northern California, which is where he stumbles across a grizzly, which is why he climbs a redwood, on top of which he finds June, an investigative reporter on the run from hulking men in black SUVs who are extremely well armed. Finding out who these men are, who is paying them and how to...
  • Art
    Move over, Reacher, there's a new hero in town.Peter Ash is back for his second book in this exciting new series. I am a bit disappointed the dog didn't make it this time around but you can't be a footloose troubled war veteran traveling the country and fighting bad guys if you have too many things to tie you down.Ash's white static PTSD is still buzzing along. And he can still kick ass when required to do so.Highly recommended for fans of Reache...
  • Cynthia
    I did not read Petrie's first book and it was referred to several time so I'm not sure how much affected my reaction to this,second in his series. It had a whiz bang beginning that caught my attention right away with lots of government intrigue and some unique characters. June is a journalist with intelligent but odd parents who led her a confusing childhood. Early in the book her path crosses with Peter, a troubled ex soldier. Together these two...
  • Larry
    Peter Ash was an eight-year Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, but still a first lieutenant. That combination means that he liked storming the castle but didn't have a set of upwardly mobile social skills. He was never going to be a staff officer. (Maybe there will be a novel about his backstory some day, which would be good.) He has enough post-traumatic stress after-effects that being indoors leads to extreme discomfort, so he sleeps outdoors or in ...
  • RoseMary Achey
    A fast paced novel with all the requisite elements that will keep readers engaged. The core is an algorithm that creates artificial intelligence and the suspicious death of the algorithm's creator. Parts of the novels seemed to be a bit murky to me, not well drawn or developed. Overall I enjoyed the concept and it was a great diversion from my usual historical fiction.
  • Melanie
    Burning Bright was an enjoyable read and an improvement upon the first book in the series with great pacing and a thrilling plot.After the events in The Drifter, Peter Ash headed to California for some much needed peace and quiet. When he stumbles upon a grizzly bear in the redwood forest, he makes the only logical choice and heads up the nearest tree. In the tree he discovers a climbing rope leading to an unseen location further up the tree and ...
  • Scott
    This is the second book in the new Peter Ash series. The first book, The Drifter, did an excellent job of introducing a new action hero with real life challenges. The second book continues that trend, adding a tighter plotline and stronger characters to the story.Ash is an ex-military man who suffers greatly from post-traumatic claustrophobia from tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He loves and needs the outdoors, which makes interesting challenges f...
  • Wendy Ballard
    Burning Bright by Nick Petrie - great sequel to The Drifter. Okay, there are a couple of "conveniences" that are built in for Peter Ash - no worries about money because of the outcome of The Drifter and always managing to find a place to sleep that will not aggravate his PTSD. If you can get through those two little issues, you've got yourself a fast-paced, rip-roaring read. If I could get past those little issues, so can you. Peter Ash is on the...
  • Donna
    4.5 stars. Former marine lieutenant Peter Ash served overseas in the military for 8 years. He came back home with post traumatic stress that makes him claustrophobic inside anything. He calls it white static. He's been camping outside for months. June is a journalist who finished burying her mother a week ago. Her mother was killed in a hit and run. She was a brilliant professor who had been working on a classified project for the Department of D...
  • Audrey
    3.5 Stars. Good pacing and I still really enjoy the Peter Ash character and the new character, June as well as some revisits from the lady book. I also liked how Ash is developing and his awareness of having to deal with his ptsd. I wasn’t a fan of where the plot went but I’m not that into conspiracy theories or over the top computer stuff. But I hope June and some of the other characters come into play in the next book.
  • Garlan ✌
    This series is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine. Book one had some small "weaknesses" that let you know it was a first novel, but this second in the series is much more polished and accomplished. The protagonist is believable; a bad-ass, but not indestructible. Tough, but not overly so. The storyline was a bit more technical than the first book, and was in line with current trends in the cyber world and security. I liked the supporting cha...
  • Don Gorman
    (3 1/2) Do not expect to put this book down easily. It is one of the most fun, pop thriller books I have read in a long time. Yes, there are some very formulaic aspects to it, but we have a whole slew of great characters, a thoroughly convoluted and mostly believable plot and pretty much non-stop action. Peter Ash is a terrific protagonist and the rest of the cast here shines as well. The promo by Lee Child on the cover was the closer. This was t...
  • Ruth Ann
    Has Peter Ash found his soul mate in June Cassidy, an investigative journalist who shares many of the same talents as him? He will have to wait to find out....Why three stars? Too much of the same, until Peter's vow at the end.
  • Michael
    You discover a new author as I did with Mr. Petrie, and you like his debut novel, The Drifter quite a lot. So you order his second, Burning Bright, and you hope that the first novel wasn't just a flash in the pan, a one off and the rest is down hill. I am putting his third novel featuring Peter Ash on my To Order list with a star beside it. (I have to denote the ones I want the most as I have over 200 on my To Order list - so many books, so littl...
  • Ben
    A very good, very readable and enjoyable thriller.Peter Ash is a hero right out of the Jack Reacher mold: a vet ( ex-Marine who spent time in the Sandbox) , claustrophobic from too many fire-fights in closed spaces, and a guy who tends to get involved in other people's problems. Usually violently.The plot, briefly is that June Cassidy, a female, freelance journalist , i.e., one who has been downsized, has recently suffered the loss by hit/ run ac...
  • Karl Jorgenson
    A fast paced action thriller, almost non-stop chase, fight, shoot. This is what Lee Child could be if he would stop describing paint drying. Petrie's prose is solid and evocative and his characters are interesting.The only unsatisfying part is the ending. Petrie succumbs to the movie-version of James Bond disease: the bad guys have forged an army, built a citadel, and are about to take over the world. I am unable to suspend my disbelief: how hard...
  • Sara
    Thanks to a friend, I now have a new Jack Reacher style protagonist to follow! Peter Ash is a military veteran with significant PTSD, manifested as claustrophobia. On hiking trip to northern California, he outmaneuvers a grizzly bear by climbing towering redwood trees where he meets investigative reporter June Cassidy. She has just escaped kidnappers and is being pursued by them as the story opens. This fast paced thriller rockets through their t...
  • Patricia Bergman
    I won this uncorrected proof from Goodreads giveaway.Peter Ash, a veteran of both Iraq & Afghanistan, suffers from PTSD. He finds it necessary to live and sleep in the open to prevent panic attacks. His hike in the Northern Californis Redwoods is the start of an exciting and dangerous adventure which includes a woman, hi tech, and a bevy of assassins. This is great writing and a real page turner.
  • Carole Hardinge
    I am really enjoying this series. Peter Ash has been compared to Jack Reacher in the Lee Child books, yet he is by no means a cheap imitation. Both characters are veterans facing many challenges readjusting to civilian life and both end up waging battles against strong and powerful adversaries. While Reacher frequently acts alone, in the first two books Peter Ash calls on a small circle of friends and I hope this circle continues to grow as the s...
  • Thomas Kelly
    I read this 400 page book in only 4 days. That is VERY unusual for me. The whole books “grabs” you like the last 50 pages of most thrillers. Well written, very interesting main characters, interesting plot; though a little funky at the very end. I liked the emphasis on the outdoors. Part way through my read, I ordered 3 more of Petrie’s development of Peter Ash.ENOUGH SAID!