Connect by Julian Gough


From the author of Juno & Juliet, Connect reboots the classic story of a family coming apart at the seams for our looming era of mass surveillance, virtual reality, and miraculous biotechnology. In the Nevada desert, in the near future, a family crisis sets off a chain reaction that threatens to bring the networked world to its knees. It starts in the home of Naomi Chiang, a biologist and single mother struggling to balance her research with look...

Details Connect

Release DateAug 14th, 2018
PublisherNan A. Talese
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, Thriller, Politics, Family

Reviews Connect

  • Sean Randall
    "‘I’d like to invite you to dinner,’ he says.She laughs. Slides her thumbs into her pockets, rocks back and forth on her heels. ‘You’re sure you’re not busy? It’s kind of the end of the world right now.’"Wow. I really and totally felt 100% engaged with this book, and even though Colt's headspace is very different to that of any of the people that have gone before him in this kind of novel, you can feel enough that it's not a probl...
  • SW7168
    Connect by Julian Gough is a very ambitious project. It seeks to map the human condition in the context of the greater universe and particularly its place amidst the rise of Artificial Intelligence. So, y’know… just Life, the Universe and Everything. That the author wraps these themes into a good old-fashioned, ripping yarn and pretty much succeeds in his attempt is truly commendable.It is set in the near future. In a sort of post-Orwellian n...
  • Adrian Harte
    A cracking read. Not sure I’ve ever read a book that incorporates Big Ideas so seamlessly. The pacing and drama of a thriller, the character depth of literary fiction, with the wit and depth of a popular science classic. The new bible of futurism.
  • Mkittysamom
    Atoms Chemicals Biology Science and God.. Deep! This story digs down to the universal meaning of life and why we are here, as well as the questions of God and Universe and Man..! It’s clever! First I thought that it was a story about an autistic boy and his Mom, (Dad Works for Gov, and they are divorced)..but really it’s a utopian story set in the future. How the world can become a better place which is a nice break from the dystopian book tr...
  • Marcel Krueger
    This book has been written by someone who, like Alex in A Clockwork Orange, processed the media and pop culture of the last decade unblinking. Put through the arts blender of Julian's brain, the result is a thrilling and naughty mix of sci-fi, thriller, coming-of-age and criticism of civilisation. An instant cult book and literally begging to be made into a movie.
  • Andy
    Amazing! I would highly recommend this to anyone. 100%.
  • Barry
    Full of plot holes, dodgy science and clumsy religious nonsense. But rewarding nonetheless.
  • Marion
    URGH.I really wanted to love this book because the cover is gorgeous, because it was going to look at a point of view I don't get to read a lot from, and the synopsis sounded great. But I wanted something with excitement and action and suspense all wrapped up in a layer of cool nerdy techy dystopian-ish discourse and I got none of these things.This book reads like the result of a session of intense intellectual masturbation, where a bunch of inte...
  • Unseen Library
    I received a copy of Connect from Pan Macmillan Australia to review.For those looking for a darkly complex and intense techno-thriller, look no further than Connect by Julian Gough, a unique novel that also critiques future trends and humanity’s increasing reliance on technology.In the very near future, computer technology has been incorporated into nearly everything, linking the world and helping with all aspects of day to day life. In Nevada,...
  • Kevin Holmes
    This is the book I feel where Julian find's his voice, the book he was meant to write. I've read a few of the (mostly positive) reviews in the media that mention some clunky and slightly crude elements and if I'm honest I can see where they are coming from. But ultimately this is an exciting novel chock full of important and relevant ideas, but more than that it is kind and hopeful in a world where such qualities can sometimes seem to be in short...
  • Gerard Villegas
    Nice potential but falls flat in several places. Ending is too long winded with unnecessary add-ons and overall starts to drag. Then again this is the Matrix and I took the wrong pill.
  • Just This
    not nearly as funny as gough's earlier works, but interesting characters, and a thoughtful, but also exciting, story
  • Aimee
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  • Tory
    Strangely, wonderfully accessible, for how dense the subject matter tended to be. Gripping, thrilling, entertaining, very readable. Ready Player One meets...I dunno, brain hacking, plus a lot of elements of Ender's Game? And the story's scope keeps spiraling bigger and bigger but still stays understandable and manageable. Excellent!