Legion (Hell on Earth, #2) by Iain Rob Wright

Legion (Hell on Earth, #2)

A world ending thrill ride of epic proportions. With so many characters and so many twists, it's like the horror equivalent of Game of Thrones.Humanity bleeds, its jugular torn and bleeding.The world needs heroes...But all it has is darkness.People need to stand and fight...Before it's too late.Continue the epic story of mankind’s epic struggle against extinction in Book 2 of the “Hell on Earth Series”: LEGION.What will you do when the worl...

Details Legion (Hell on Earth, #2)

TitleLegion (Hell on Earth, #2)
Release DateMay 17th, 2016
PublisherSalGad Publishing Group
GenreHorror, Fiction, Science Fiction, Apocalyptic, Zombies

Reviews Legion (Hell on Earth, #2)

  • BookLoversLife
    I devoured book 1 of this and couldn't wait to listen to this one as 2 ended on a cliffhanger of sorts. Well, this was just as good!! While this is book 2, it also tells the stories of some of the minor characters from book 1 from when the rocks first appear and continues on the stories of the major characters of book 1. I absolutely loved that the author did this!! It was awesome to figure out Vamps' story and get to know his ragged group more. ...
  • Mylene
    When is the next series arriving?Mr. Wright has done it again. This was an excellent sequel to Legion 1. I love the fact that he now told the tale of some minor characters from the first book while still offering a cohesive story. I also really enjoyed the short stories at the end.... Especially the one about Damien Banks. I hope we will hear more about him and his friends, Harry, Lucas, and Steph. Last note.... I am definitely going to check out...
  • Sean Campbell
    Was a bit slower to get going than the first instalment but once it did, it was brilliant. I love Wright's characters and the differences between them. It's good how he makes it so that not everyone has a happy ending and some of the deaths are so unfair (no spoilers) but that is what makes the book so memorable. It was an advert for Iain's ability to instil terror in his readers which first put me onto him and my word, the caretaker certainly di...
  • John
    Excellent follow up to The Gates...same volume of death and destruction at the hands of demons, zombies, and giants. There was a bit of confusion, as this story did some time hopping to scenes that happened in book 1 then zipped back to the present, but in a different POV. Weird. Anyhow, lots of fun here in the very darkest and demonic sense of the word fun.
  • Ron Luycx
    I'm really enjoying this series. Wildly imaginative and constant action. I just started book 3 and can't wait to find out what happens. Highly recommended!
  • PJ Lea
    Great sequel.This author pulls no punches in his books and this one is no different.Very graphic and dramatic, with a stunning end. A thrilling British series.
  • Chris Wells
    Part Two of the Hell On Earth series and a great follow up to Part One, The Gates. I enjoyed that book so much I started Legion straight away after finishing it. This book gives us another look at how the gates of Hell opening on Earth went for some people not featured in the first book. We also get a bit more background story on a few we met briefly in the previous book. Things are getting worse for the human race as the death toll rises frantic...
  • Robert Jones
    “Legion” picks up where Hell’s Gate left off. As more of the gates open and the entire world goes to hell, literally the accounts of the bravery and honor keep coming in. With a way now to close the gates, the real war is officially on. But evil and losses lurk at every corner and the Navy just experienced a catastrophe turn of events.Legion, covers ground from other survivors point of view, as the world must come together as a single unit ...
  • Garry
    This is shaping up to be an exceptional horror series. By my last count, there are six books in the series, and I am anxious to find out if the author can continue at this high level for the whole series. ( sometimes authors will write more books than are necessary to tell the story and then the whole series suffers.) This is not literary horror. It is not creepy, atmospheric horror. This is fast action, non-stop blood and guts. Not normally my c...
  • Dallas Kitchens
    Wow, what can I say about this chapter in this amazing saga, well written and extremely fast paced, it just never stops, relentless in its story, and just makes me eat my own nerves, waiting for number 3. And makes sure to read it in the daylight, unless you want to be frightened. A #1, in my book, hey that's funny, I'm not a writer, but I just said I had a book. All kidding aside, you will not go wrong with Iains work. Some writers are like ligh...
  • Todd Oliver
    Hell is coming to Earth! Gates have opened all over the Earth and the demons are pouring in. This is worse than the apocalypse talked about in the Bible. The demons are trying to eliminate humanity to weaken God. A few stories from The Gates continue in Legion. I highly recommend listening to The Gates first! Some people you'd never expect rise up to take on the demons and help their fellow man. Great narration by Nigel Patterson. I really enjoy ...
  • Andy Jimmy Rose
    Enjoyed it despite going back to the beginning again using other characters that had been touched on by main characters in the first book, It's ties in well tbh and is quite clever. Just felt like of gone back to my collage days briefly where a tutor used to go over the same shit from the lesson before just using different words for most of the lesson (stopped going to it in the end FYI 😉) Anyway stand alone it's a 5 but because I felt I was r...
  • Joy St John
    Deliciously scary!Ok, just finished book one and two in this series. I was ready to write a review by the time I'd read only the first few pages. I have read Rob Wright's work before and should have known he'd deliver. Omg, the scares - I'm a big horror fan and little scares me, but this guy does! Characters are amazing but no one is completely safe. My new favourite author. I couldn't wait to review him. Must read more now!
  • Richard Tolleson
    In book two of this series, the author finally begins to bring the diverse characters together. There is still one overwhelming victory of the invaders over the earthlings after another, but we at last have reason to hope that humanity will find a way. It's not high-brow literature, and some of the action seems forced (there's a sex scene that comes out of left field), but this is a real page-turner--or swiper as the case may be.
  • Chris
    Definitely did not enjoy this book. It started by going into the past of characters you were reading about in book one of the series. That should have happened in book one..... it was confusing starting book two with that. The story didn't flow like the first book and sort of jumped around with no continuity. I wasn't kept wanting, to reach the end, therefore I won't be buying book three to find out if mankind wins or not. Sorry Iain........ I us...
  • Suzy Tadlock
    Another awesome book!!lain Rob Wright you continue to keep me coming back t read your books!! I can't wait to read what happens next in book 3.The demons have come to take over the world. The very thing we all have nightmares about. I recommend this book to everyone who loves to be scared!
  • Daniel Barton
    I would refer to this as book 1.5 rather than book 2 of the series. Focusing on some of the characters mentioned in book one and expanding on characters from the first, this book I found much easier to read and far more exciting than the first.I'm excited for the third book especially with the new world order starting to become clearer and new characters to focus on.
  • Kerry Cahill
    Hell on earth!The story continues! As much as I'd like to stay and chat, book 3 is waiting... who will survive? Can good really overcome evil? Well, I'm off to find out. Loving these books, they really make you think... I absolutely implore you to have a gander. Anyway TTFN 😊 ENJOY 😈
  • Ashley Jae
    I enjoyed it, maybe a little less than the first one at the beginning. I had really grown to love all the storylines in the first novel, so it was hard for me initially to experience new characters. Vamps is by far my favorite character in the series. He is so earnest & loves his home. He's tough, yet sensitive. I enjoyed it, maybe a little less than the first one at the beginning. I had really grown to love all the storylines in the first nove...
  • Erica Lucas
    Had potentialBook 2 had repetitive parts but told from another character POV. The intro and the repetition stop me from going to book 3. Who starts series in the middle? Why do authors write series as if readers pick up in the middle? I don't need to be introduced to characters I "met" in book 1. I don't want to re-read pages repeated from book 1.
  • barbara liddle
    please let there be book three!I have just read this boo in one sitting a boo over five hours long and I couldn't put it down! Leaving just the two hours left to get some sleep please let there be book three in this series even if it means I never sleep again!
  • Charity Nowlan
    So far so goodAnother great read in the series. I enjoyed the hearing the other side of encounters from the previous book while still advancing the main story. You’ll be rooting for some characters you love and despising others. Makes for an entertaining read.
  • Perri emory
    On to number threeI just finished Legion. I am on to number three in the series. I will continue reading until I devour everything he has written.If you are considering this series, it's worth your time.
    2nd book read from this author through his free offer, boy oh boy not a disappointing read at all. Loved the characters and the build up of the horror to come, have already read the following one in the series with equal joy
  • Alan
    No disappointment in this second book of the series. A fast paced page turner in which we learn more about some of the key characters as well as meeting some new ones. I hated putting it down and am still intrigued about how the story is going to evolve.
  • Norman Rauch
    4.5Prefered the perspectives of the first book.
  • Shelley
    Great book!Looking forward to the next edition
  • Michael
    Paint by #'s Apocalyptic Horror ... above average and definite reader friendly.
  • jim combs
    Enjoyed itCan't wait for the next one. Hope the ending isn't too British. You know, everybody dies at the end and the bad guys win.
  • oonagh rickard
    Read in less than a day.Couldnt put it down. People stopped running and fighting back. Wait for me! Moving straight on to book 3. Charge!