Shaken by Tim Tebow


First, he was a beloved college football champion, Heisman trophy winner, media sensation, and best-selling author drafted in the first round of the 2010 Draft. Then he had a miracle playoff run with the Denver Broncos before being traded to the New York Jets. After one season he was cut by New York. Next he was signed by the New England Patriots then let go after training camp—a scenario that repeated itself the following summer with the Phila...

Details Shaken

Release DateOct 25th, 2016
PublisherWaterbrook Press
GenreChristian, Nonfiction, Biography, Sports and Games, Sports, Inspirational, Religion, Faith

Reviews Shaken

  • Kim Hampton
    I am a HUGE Tim Tebow fan, and I loved this book! It is great to see a young man who isn't afraid to show his faith in God openly. I recommend this book not only to those who love football, but to anyone who wants to see an example of how to keep your faith when it feels like your world is falling apart.
  • David Steele
    A roller coaster is a fitting term for Tim Tebow. As a Heisman Trophy winner and with two national championships under his belt, his future appeared bright. Tebow was originally drafted in the first round by the Denver Broncos in 2010. He was subsequently traded to the New York Jets and did short stints with the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.While thousands of people flocked to see their hero on the gridiron, not everyone was as en...
  • Rebecca Jo
    I'm not a football person or a fan at all, but I do know Tim Tebow.Who doesn't know about Tebowing - right? I've not read any of his other books, but when he had a spare weekend & stopped into our church & spoke & talked about his future book, I wanted to grab it, just to support someone who is giving a good message to the world on faith & reminding us WHOSE we are - not who we are.I really did enjoy the book - even the parts of Tim telling his f...
  • Miranda A. Uyeh
    Shaken is one of the most heart-wrenching, exhilarating, and humorous, but humbling and hope-filled books I’ve ever read. It’s quite impressive how open and candid Tebow chose to be. But this book is so much more than making an impression. It’s a true story meant to inspire, teach, and encourage people in a world where identity is sought more in materialism than in God—written with much conviction and confidence. In Shaken, you’ll find ...
  • Tiffany
    "I don't know what you are staring in the face at this very moment. Maybe you're struggling with finances, health, or relationships, or you feel like you just don't matter. Know this: Your past doesn't define you. Your circumstances don't define you. From this day forward, let God define whose you are. You can be a child of God."
  • Roger Feenstra
    I like Tim Tebow. I begin with that because some will not like my review and think I am a hater. I'm not. He is a nice guy it seems, has had a few set backs in life, and carries a huge ego--a description of a lot of professional athletes. But has his life really been a storm? Yes, he was fired/cut from several teams, but as I read the book I could not help think, big deal? He hasn't truly lost anything, except his pride. He presents so many shall...
  • Maureen Timerman
    I have long admired Tim Tewbow, taking a knee to show his love of the Lord, not to down our Country. Tim Tewbow lives his faith on his sleeve, and this book only made my respect for him go higher. I loved how Tim points out in Chapter 7, What Is Normal, a young girl going through her life with CP, and accepting all that she has been handed and just figured she was normal and this is the way it is, which is true, until a bully raised their head.Wh...
  • Alicia Bonk
    Never a gator, I’m glad this guy is finally on my radar. Recently heard him on a podcast and was impressed with his positive attitude and Christian perspective- excited to check out his latest book, but Shaken was the only one available at my library - and glad it was.
  • C.J. Darlington
    I'm not a huge football fan (sorry, Tim!) In fact, I have only watched one game in my whole life that I can remember, and even that I didn't watch in its entirety. But I've heard of Tim Tebow, and a friend lent me this book knowing I needed it in that moment. She was right. This isn't a memoir, though Tim does share stories from his own life. It's a book that really focuses on God's love and purpose for all of our lives. With humility and grace, ...
  • Nora St Laurent
    I’m not into sports but the title and the author of this book, Shaken grabbed my attention. I’ve heard of Tim Tebow and wanted to know more. He asks readers this question, “When life shakes you up – Who are you? Who do you cling to?”I was pleasantly surprised by how transparent he was as he lifted the veil to give readers a peek. As he takes readers for a walk in his shoes, they quickly see it’s not all fame and glory. His world was s...
  • Amy
    "I am a child of God. My foundation for who I am is grounded in faith. In a God who loves me. In a God who gives me purpose. In a God who sees the big picture. In a God who always has a greater plan." Shaken, Tim Tebow. There are differences to the faith I have and that of Tim Tebow, but essentially there is much that I love about this book. Shaken takes you through the life lessons that Tim has experienced. He starts out immediately by engaging ...
  • Jalen_Lewis21
    Where do I start? This book is not only informative, but it is inspiring. In the Book, Tim Tebow not only tells you his life story but he explains to you how through his trials and his hardships you cannot only overcome them but use them to your benefit. He is constantly helping others and showing us how helping people can not only help us, but also benefit our relationship with other people and more importantly God. To continue Tim Tebow is also...
  • Georgette Gouveia
    In Tebow's book, he considers the failure of his NFL career after his successful run with the Denver Broncos. He’s now trying to make it as a baseball player with the Arizona Fall League, where, once again, he’s been hailed for his good work ethic, leadership skills and clutch play but is still struggling to master the outfield. NFL legend and ESPN analyst Steve Young is among those pulling for him. But many who admire Tebow say he simply doe...
  • Katrina Coker
    Tim Tebow and the Tim Tebow Foundation have encountered so many amazing people. In #Shaken Tim talks about his faith journey through public rejections, but also introduces many of the people around the world whose personal faith outweighed any illness or physical ailment or troubles they've experienced. The only reason I didn't put 5 stars is because I didn't quite feel his shakenness, maybe because I'm at a height in my journey. I wanted it to g...
  • Gabi Sutton
    If Tim purposely wrote this book to encourage and inspire believers to a more active faith- he just won the Heisman- again. I read parts aloud to my husband and we were both moved by Tim's stories of how God has worked through him to get the message of His love out. I am encouraged, and hopeful, and have a new resolve to love God and love people today. A refreshing, easy read!
  • Reese
    Shaken by Tim TebowA review by: Reese LugbillFrom the book Shaken Tim Tebow says, “The journey of faith isn’t easy. Life isn’t easy. But when you are united to Jesus by faith, you can begin to move mountains. Listen you’re going to doubt. You’re going to fall short. You’re going to struggle on some days. But know that God loves you. Know that he has an amazing plan for your life” (202).This book is very inspirational. Before I start...
  • fuminator
    When I think of Tim Tebow, I think of Philippians 2:15. While I imagined him as (pardon me for saying it), a cookie-cutter Christian before I read this book, I learned that he is not so. The book starts with the story of how he was cut from one team, bounced to the next team, and eventually wanted by no team. He openly discusses his frustrations in this book and I sensed that he went through some dark periods. The way he comes out of his dark per...
  • Wayne Keeley
    Book Review by Wayne J. KeeleyTim Tebow was a college football champion, Heisman trophy winner, drafted in the first round of the 2010 Draft. Then he had a miracle playoff run with the Denver Broncos before being traded to the New York Jets. After one season he was cut by New York. Next he was signed by the New England Patriots then let go after training camp—a scenario that repeated itself the following summer with the Philadelphia Eagles. Tim...
  • Stacie Boren
    I purchased this book from Amazon to #buddyread with my friend Kayla. All opinions are my own. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Shaken by Tim Tebow. I have always been a Tim Tebow fan from the moment he was a Florida Gator to the day he was cut from the NFL and even when he played college ball I made a remark to my children and said, "The world is not ready for what Tebow represents." My kids told me I was crazy, they said Mom he will make it he's a great ba...
  • Stephen Wilhoit
    What I loved most about this impactful book was its insight into balancing not just the things which would seemingly define us as being a "success" with an understanding into our more difficult times. I also liked that specific instances in which Tebow felt he may have not been treated fairly didn't devolve into a tell-all, name-calling opportunity. Instead, in those cases, he was often careful to NOT name the party whom he felt had instigated th...
  • Veronica Hill
    This book has lots of motivational sayings and stories that will help you get back to your faith with God. It is easy to think your life is supposed to go one way and when it doesn't get upset. The problem is that we usually get mad at God because we think we know better than He does. Tim Tebow reminds us, it is okay to get mad, but know that God is always on our side. I also read the devotional of this on YouVersion and watched the videos on Rig...
  • Randy Tramp
    What a heart full of the love of God. Tim Tebow tells his story, including his inner feelings. On the top of the world, to the bottom of the valley, he expresses it all.The stories he used to illustrate his points were right on. Personal lives of the people he came across became part of his own story. Isn't that just like the body of Christ? Makes me wonder when we get to heaven how much everyone will be entwined with each other.This is one book,...
  • Colin Moseley
    A great read from Tim Tebow's life experiences. His life has been about way more than playing football, where he's had plenty of highs and plenty of lows. Tim's always striving to remember whose he is. He and I are children of God and his love is what we need to gravitate to. In this book, Tim encourages us in a lot of ways but one thing he encouraged me most in is that the world's opinion has no bearing on what God would call a success. Also, al...
  • Luke
    From what I have read about this book, Tebow's perspective on adversity really touched me in an emotional and relatable way. I say this because his foundation back to god is so strong through everything he's gone through especially some of the people he got to meet along his way through different careers etc. He installs in this novel that God has a plan for you no matter how hard it may seem at the moment. I give this book a four star rating jus...
  • Jamie Bowen
    Tim Tebow has a lot to be angry about, recognised as the Best College Footballer in America by winning the Heisman Trophy, his dream of being a quarterback in the NFL comes true. He leads his team to the playoffs, the future looks rosy and then he gets released and struggles to find another team. Through all this his faith in God gives him a strength and stops the anger and resentment which would be normal from taking over his life. This is his s...
  • Isaac Carter
    It was a great way to really learn about Tim Tebow’s highs and lows and how to get through them. He guides us through our highs and lows in this book. It did get kind of boring at times, but always had a good part to make up for those parts. I watched Tim Tebow in college and the nfl so I liked reading his book learning more about his career and life. I would recommend for football fans and mostly guys ages 14-18.
  • Julie
    You can read all of my reviews here: was a quick and easy read that I enjoyed! My sister and brother-in-law are foster parents to eight special needs kiddos in Haiti so I've always been drawn to the work of Tim Tebow's foundation and this book just confirmed that I think they're doing great work. Tim does a great job reminding us that even when the circumstances around us fall apart, we still have our ide...
  • Alexandra
    I like Tim Tebow. He seems like a nice guy. But I had a hard time with this book. I think my biggest issue is that the author talks about how to overcome things, when losing his job is one of the biggest obstacles he's had to overcome. I consider him very lucky for that, and I know that losing a job can be devastating and make life really difficult. But he writes as if it almost ended his world, and I feel like there is so much worse going on. He...
  • Jesse Serafin
    Tim does a great job putting faith into terms we can all understand. His strong sense of belief only makes you want to cultivate the same for yourself. This book gives you a great sense of perspective and realization that you have a greater purpose and no pain goes unwasted.