Now a Major Motion Picture by Cori McCarthy

Now a Major Motion Picture

Fandom and first love collide for Iris on the film set for her grandmother’s famous high-fantasy trilogy—perfect for readers of Fangirl!Unlike the rest of the world, Iris doesn't care about the famous high-fantasy Elementia books written by M. E. Thorne. So it's just a little annoying that M. E. Thorne is her grandmother—and that Iris has to deal with the trilogy's crazy fans.When Iris gets dropped in Ireland for the movie adaptation, she s...

Details Now a Major Motion Picture

TitleNow a Major Motion Picture
Release DateApr 3rd, 2018
PublisherSourcebooks Fire
GenreYoung Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Realistic Fiction

Reviews Now a Major Motion Picture

  • TL
    "Say that the book is a sculpture. You can walk around the story. You can touch it. You can view it up close or far away. That is why people love books. The stories interact with your memories, your experiences. They're personalized. Movies? Movies are a picture of that same statue. The parameters are set. The characters have defined faces. The scenes artistically rendered to one person's vision." This was so much fun and adorable :)I admit I fou...
  • Joshee Kun (조수아)
    Thank you, Sourcebooks Fire, for giving me an e-galley of this book in exchange for an honest review.I'd read her story and began drowning in a loss I'd never known was mine. My grandmother was a brilliant author—and I'd never read her books.Now a Major Motion Picture is marketed as something that fans of Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl will enjoy. It's been a few years since I read the latter book, but I can say that the blurb is true to an extent. N...
  • ✶Rachelle✶
    4.5 stars"You helped my production, and now I'm helping you. This is what women should do for one another. We are a continent. We stick together. We all rise up, or we all go down"I loved this book so much. Full review to come once I get a good 8 hours of sleep. Been awake for 24 hours and counting....
  • Kelley
    5/5 Now a Major Motion Picture by Cori McCarthy is a young-adult contemporary romance about Iris Throne the granddaughter of M.E. Throne, a famous high-fantasy author. M.E. Throne is known most for Elementia, which Iris could care less about because of the crazy fans that come with it. Iris is only concerned about making music and winning the fight with her dad about college. When film producers decide to start filming a movie version of the boo...
  • Samantha (WLABB)
    Iris was raised to resent her grandmother's world famous Elementia books, and her ire for the series deepened after a rabid fan crossed the line. Out of obligation though, Iris agreed to accompany her little brother to the set of the film adaptation. What she thought would be a most miserable trip, turned out to be quite life changing.From the cover and synopsis, I thought this book would be cute and fun, but it surprisingly had a lot of depth an...
  • Rachel Strolle
    so much fun
  • Danielle (Life of a Literary Nerd)
    “Everyone else got to read Elementia and discover something about the world or themselves. Not me. I’d read her story and began drowning in a loss I’d never known was mine.” Now A Major Motion Picture was a really fun reading experience about fandom, family, and finding yourself. We follow Iris Thorne as she and her little brother Ryder go to Ireland to see the filming of the grandmother’s beloved fantasy series, Elementia. Iris is no ...
  • Dayla
    This review is part of a weekly Feature on my blog, Music Mondays. You can see the full post here.___This week’s featured book is Now A Major Motion Picture by Cori McCarthy, a surprisingly lesser known contemporary young adult novel that explores complex family relationships, and the surprises that life sometimes has in store. Imagine my surprise when I head over to Goodreads and see that this book has a (well-deserved) high rating, but a low ...
  • Thamy
    I see why they compare this to Fangirl, but the story itself isn't the same.3.5.Iris is the granddaughter of a famous but deceased fantasy writer whose story is being filmed into a movie picture. She wasn't close to her grandmother and the last thing she and her family wants is more attention, which once culminated in her little brother being almost kidnapped by a crazy fan. Still, she slowly begins to understand what everyone's passion for her f...
  • Elissa
    I'll be honest, I went in looking for a little fluff and wasn't expecting much, but inhaled this in one sitting. It was just so good!Iris and Ryder are the grandchildren of M. E. Thorne, the famous author who wrote a sort of feminist Lord of the Rings trilogy, of which the first book is being adapted for a film. The family (their father) did not approve of the movie, but to appease Ryder (8), the kids are sent to Ireland for two weeks to observe ...
  • Colleen's Conclusions
    DNF at 30 percent. I REALLY wanted to like this book because it sounded like it was up my alley... it was set in Ireland, and it was about a movie being taken place there. I just started losing interest within 30 percent. It's not a bad book, I just missed the connection.
  • Kay Wisteria
    asodifljasodifljaslkf.uwjaeiosdkljfaiskldfj so I started reviewing this but then I accidentally tapped the close button on my computer when I brushed the touch screen aoeilsjfdaow efj awoeisljdkf o iwlejksf all that time wasted I am very salty. And this review is probably not going to be as thorough as my first review because I'm annoyed now sorry.ANYWAYSThis book has been likened to Fangirl, which is one of my all time favorites!! It also shares...
  • Ally (book__ventures)
    Now a Major Motion Picture is perfect for fans of Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl. Both novels have an inner fantasy novel the stories are centered around. And after finishing Now a Major Motion Picture, I can saw that I hope Elementia is published like Rainbow Rowell did with Carry On. Iris Thorne has grown up in a “double shadow”. She’s grown up in the shadow of her father, who has grown up in the shadow of her famous grandmother, author of El...
  • Reading Teen
    *full review to come*I adore this book. - Rea
  • Lisa Mandina
    So cute! And yet another book set in Ireland to make me want to visit even more!! Full review to come on Lisa Loves Literature soon.
  • Mandy
    I'm so conflicted about this one, my bookish friends.It had so many moments that I was dying/loving. But then there was so many moments that I just stared at the book, moved it slightly to the side, and side-eyed it. I originally thought that Cori McCarthy jumped into my head like Osmosis Jones and somehow slithered down to my bookish heart and soul because this book is so me it hurts? Not only does it have two of my favorite Bastille songs in th...
  • Karla Mae (Reads and Thoughts)
    *ARC Kindly provided by Sourcebooks Fire for review*Admittedly, at first, this book wasn’t even on my radar but thank you to my generous friends from Sourcebooks Fire for offering this book for review. I’m immediately hooked! Now a Major Motion Picture is such an underrated gem that deserved all great hypeIris is the granddaughter of the famous M.E Thorne who wrote the famous Elementia trilogy; but Iris has spent her life trying to escape her...
  • Nia •ShadesOfPaper•
    For more review follow my blog shades of paperI didn’t know this was a feminist book, and when I read it in the cover of the novel, I got so excited! It ended up being quite different from what I expected, but I overall really enjoyed it and had an amazing time reading it, and it had some feminist elements that I adored.Okay, I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with film making or acting, and these two things clearly were quite important...
  • Lauren
    Now a Major Motion Picture completely surprised me! I went into it expecting to like it, but I never expected it to adore it as much as I did.What I Liked: 1. The Setting - Ireland is one of those places I would love to visit; however, until that day comes I guess I'll just live vicariously through books. I thought Cori did such a fantastic job of setting the scene. The descriptions were vivid and drool worthy, and I loved getting to see the coun...
  • Neliss
    Zaujímavý námet a setting v podobe výletu na nakrúcanie filmovej adaptácia fantasy trilógie? Splnené.Čitateľný text a príbeh, ktorého koncom si nebudete istí a budete ho chcieť spoznať? Splnené.Odvrátená strana fandomu a hlavná hrdinka, ktorá nie je typická fangirl? Splnené.Rodinná dráma a láska k umeniu (aj fantasy) na každom kroku? Splnené.Unáhlená a pomerne zbytočná love-story? Splnené.Intenzívny feminizmus a ...
  • rayna ♥
    I LOVED THIS SO MUCH. SO SO SO MUCH. I read this in one sitting in the middle of the night and I loved every damn word. I love stories like this. They are my weakness. Girl going abroad. Meets foreign boy. ROMANCE. Saves a thing that she didn't believe in at first. TROPES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL, PEOPLE!! AND WHEN THEY'RE THIS FABULOUS I WILL SUPPORT THEM TIL I'M DEAD. I LOVE THESE FLUFFY LIGHT BEAUTIFUL THINGS. Ugh. My 4am raving probably makes a limit...
  • Veronika
    The biggest surprise of 2018 so far! Now a Major Motion Picture was a pocketful of dorkiness, mixed with complex portrayal of family, friendship and an adorable as hell romance. There's a huge emphasis on intersectional feminism, therapy positivity (!) and following your dreams, and wow, I'm impressed by how good this was, plain and simple. 1000% recommended!
  • Sam
    This was such a cute book, and I got so emotionally invested in the story. Seriously...I can honestly say that I ended up being late getting back to work after break because I was reading and forgot to pay attention to the time.
  • Em
  • Jessica
    This was delightful and it especially resonated with me as I have loved Tolkien's works since childhood but have always, always, always bemoaned the lack of women.
  • Sarah
    THIS BOOK GAVE ME ALL THE IRELAND FEELS. PLUS FEMINISM. PLUS FANTASY NOSTALGIA.Okay. This book follows Iris, who has been living in the shadows of her famous author grandmother and her neglectful parents. She's responsible for her brother as they visit the set of her late grandmother's books-turned-blockbuster. Ultimately, she'll have to adjust her relationships with her family and new friends in order to save the production and find more confide...
  • Carol
    What I expected: fun, contemporary YA romance that takes place in Ireland on the set of a film.What I got: all that, plus a lot of heart, soul-searching, humor, diversity, and critical thinking.I received an advanced copy from the publisher via Netgalley for review consideration.
  • Pie
    Figured I can write a longer review now that I'm done with my history exam, so here we go.LIKES:•Behind-the-scenes movie stuff is my FAVORITE. I've watched all of the stuff for Lord of the Rings and can probably still recite weird trivia for a lot of other movies, so it was great to see a book about it.•I always think books with a made-up fandom are interesting: what the fans are like, what kind of stuff the author chooses to include about it...
  • Charley
    If you were ready for a nice chill review for this book, this is not the review for you. Now A Major Motion Picture touched my nerdy heart, nurtured it, and set it free. And then made me fall in love with Florence + The Machine again as well as want to watch Narnia. So I would prepare yourself before jumping into this perfect contemporary for every fantasy fan. To begin with, Iris Thorne was one of the most relatable characters in the entire book...