Empress of a Thousand Skies (Empress of a Thousand Skies, #1) by Rhoda Belleza

Empress of a Thousand Skies (Empress of a Thousand Skies, #1)

Crown Princess Rhiannon Ta'an wants vengeance.The only surviving heir to an ancient Kalusian dynasty, Rhee has spent her life training to destroy the people who killed her family. Now, on the eve of her coronation, the time has finally come for Rhee to claim her throne - and her revenge.Alyosha is a Wraetan who has risen above his war refugee origins to find fame as the dashing star of a DroneVision show. Despite his popularity, Aly struggles wit...

Details Empress of a Thousand Skies (Empress of a Thousand Skies, #1)

TitleEmpress of a Thousand Skies (Empress of a Thousand Skies, #1)
Release DateFeb 7th, 2017
GenreYoung Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Reviews Empress of a Thousand Skies (Empress of a Thousand Skies, #1)

  • Emily May
    “Was there really so much hatred in the universe, so much prejudice, even among people who claimed to be unbiased? Had this always been true?” Wow, this was... unexpected. I don't know about you, but these days I don't have very high hopes when it comes to the latest YA Fantasy/Sci-fi with a pretty cover. And, you know, Empress of a Thousand Skies was not the book I thought I was getting into when I picked it up. A male/female alternating POV...
  • Adam Silvera
    This book is B-A-D-A-S-S. It's like Game of Thrones in space and IDK why I have to say more than that but I will: it's like ARYA STARK from Game of Thrones in space. Rhee is a total badass and I will follow her badassery and determination across every sky.
  • Hailey (Hailey in Bookland)
    2.5*This was a super fast read but it was almost rushed. I was very confused and bored quite frankly for the majority of it. I felt like the story wasn't very well fleshed out. It had tons of potential but just ended up falling flat. The characters were flat as well. I just didn't connect with them, or anything else about the story. The concept was cool but I just felt lost, frustrated because I couldn't figure out what was going on, and then bor...
  • Lola
    This was one of my first space operas. What an entertaining genre. Strangely enough, melodrama is more fun in outer space, go figure.There isn’t anything original about the plot: it’s about a princess whose parents were murdered, ready to seek vengeance on the murderer. I’m feeling underwhelmed by the amount of books that try to sell that overused cliché. Because that’s what it is.Fortunately, we have another main character aside from Rh...
  • Cait • A Page with a View
    4.5 stars. I'm usually not that into sci-fi, but had so much fun with this one!! Maybe because it still felt like YA fantasy... but in space. The worldbuilding was super interesting & original (like how most people store their memories in cubes that the government can potentially overwrite), and I loved the characters. The story's split between the main characters of Rhee and Aly. Rhee's supposed to be empress and has a rude awakening at the star...
  • Chelsea Humphrey
    Ugh. I'm torn; parts of my loved this and parts of me were bored to tears. I decided on a 3 star, middle ground "I liked it but it didn't blow me away" rating. I may try to read this again when the second book comes out to see if I like it more at a better time, but it was somewhat predictable (who names a character Nero and expects the plot to be a shocking twist?) and a stretch. Definitely potential there but we'll see.
  • Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘
    TW - Racist slurs (which are challenged and condemned, and do not come from the main characters) Leave me alone. I'm innocent, he repeated to himself. I did nothing wrong. Let's get this out of the way : yes, space princesses who seek revenge aren't new to the game. Yes, one cannot really praise Empress of a Thousand Skies for its unpredictability. Alright? We're good? Now let's talk about all the wonderful aspects that made me love it. I've se...
  • Simona Bartolotta
    DNF at page 176/314“Had she even ever bothered to find out?”Am I being too harsh on this? Probably. But try to put up with all the things I'm going to list down below, and then we'll see who's the saint here.→ Rhiannon is a brat, and I'm not even a bit sorry people won't let her forget it. In spite of having no proof whatsoever, she made up this conspiracy theory when she was little, convinced herself of its truth, and never reconsidered it...
  • Laura
    Princess Rhiannon is the sole survivor of the Ta'an legacy. Her family has had the throne for twelve generations. And if Rhee has her way, that won't stop now. She is finally turning sixteen in a week meaning she's coming of age and can take her throne. The only thing standing in her way is the vengeance she plans to take. When she was six, her entire family died in a crash officially called an accident, but Rhee knew it was murder. Her father ha...
  • may ❀
    Going in, I legit thought this book was going to be another over-the-top, dystopian, love triangle, tragedy that leaves me in tears from boredom and forced angst. THANK GOODNESS I WAS SO BLOODY WRONG. Pros - Interesting, unique expression of a commonly used idea/plot- Dual povs- Alyosha is my son- SO MUCH DIVERSITY- I SCREAMED- Deals with politics and racism - NOT FRICKEN LIKE THE LUNAR CHRONICLES- STOP COMPARING THEM- Ugh- Plot twists were mo...
  • Elise (TheBookishActress)
    People always measured war in terms of the numbers dead. Maybe they should measure it in terms of people left behind. Uhhhhhh. This... was not terrible. I'm seeing a lot of positive reviews for it, as a matter of fact. And holy CRAP if it isn't filled with potential!! But I gotta say, this wasn't nearly as good as I expected. I expected solid gold and I got... boredom with some missed potential here and there. In honor of the wasted potential, we...
  • Lindsay Cummings
    Amazing world building! Loved this fantastic debut. (Later review to come)
  • Jasmine from How Useful It Is
    Empress of a Thousand Skies – Review & Blog TourAbout: Empress of a Thousand Skies is a young adult fantasy written by Rhoda Belleza. It was published on 10/31/17 by Razorbill, an imprint of Penguin Random House, paperback, 352 pages. The genres are young adult, science fiction, and fantasy. This book is intended for readers ages 12 and up, grades 7 and up.My Experience: I started reading Empress of a Thousand Skies on 1/28/18 and finished it o...
  • Lucia
    I am sad to say that after promising start, Empress of a Thousand Skies went donwhill pretty fast for me and I lost interest in story and characters quite early in.It all comes back to poor storytelling. I didn’t like the way individual chapters were composed. Told in dual POV, each chapter ended with its own cliffy, then it switched to different POV with different setting and when we got back to previous POV, everything was resolved and we wer...
  • Joshee Kun (조수아)
    If he's trying to kill me, he won't expect me to come looking for him. —RhiannonAfter so many months of consuming fantasy and contemporary literature, I finally picked up a sci-fi book. I was particularly interested in Empress of a Thousand Skies because it was penned by a fellow Filipino. YA literature is generally a Western construct, so the least I can do is to feature/review books that shine a light on my dear Asia. With that in mind, I hon...
  • Alyssa
    Not bad, but a little... boring? Predictable? I saw the twist in the end from miles away. But so many things (and not just the ending) felt way too convenient, throughout the story.***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda BellezaBook One of the Empress of a Thousand Skies seriesPublisher: RazorbillPublication Date: February 7, 2017Rating: 3 starsSource: eARC from EdelweissSummary (from Goodreads):Empress...
  • Fafa's Book Corner
    Review posted on Fafa's Book Corner! Beware spoilers ahead!Empress of a Thousand Skies was taking the book community by storm. Not surprising considering that synopsis. Coupled with all the 5 star author reviews. I was hesitant to pick it up. While I enjoy Sci-Fi, I have found that the most popular YA Sci-Fi has not been for me. I was in the bookstore and I saw Empress of a Thousand Skies. I started to skim and knew that I needed to buy this b...
  • Stacee
    I went into this book expecting to love it. I mean, look at that cover. And the synopsis sounded awesome. Plus I had seen lots of high reviews calling it a space opera. Sadly, I was quite disappointed.I didn't really connect to Rhee or Aly. At first, I enjoyed the story and I figured the parts that were a bit meh would be fixed when they got together. You know, because the synopsis says they're "thrown together" yet, that never happened. There's ...
  • Sue (Hollywood News Source)
    Honor, bravery, loyalty–these made up her ma’tan sarili, the three values. I was an everyday Kalusian greeting, but it meant much more than hello or goodbye. It translated to “highest self,” and to say it was a pledge to be the best person you could be.In a time of heightened political turmoil, Empress of a Thousand Skies is relevant more than ever. Even though, this is a space opera, the story parallels the contemporary world we live in....
  • Lauren (Shakespeare & Whisky)
    1.5 StarsThis novel left me colder then an asteroid in deep space.The novel utilises a lot of cheap tension building tricks that felt unearned. There were also several niggling irritations that ruined my immersion in the story. The Hidden Info Dump Whereby the author tries to avoid large info dumps by beginning the novel in media res but accidentally inserts flashbacks and info dumps into the opening scene. Made worse when the reader discovers th...
  • Giselle
    I'm on the fence with this one! I loved it but some parts were just all right. There just needed an extra push to be a four star or five star. Something along the lines of twists and turns and maybe more action? Also if the plot had a more direct way of telling the story than being broken up into parts. The writing is just lovely and easy to digest. This was a political sci-fi space opera, so deeply similar to our society today. Told in alternate...
  • Taylor Knight
    This book was almost everything I wanted it to be and more. I absolutely fell in love with the word building and the characters were amazing. I'd never read a "space opera", as this was repeatedly described as, but I loved it. It was so exciting and fun and I couldn't get enough of it. It was a little confusing at times but I didn't mind.I really liked the characters even though I never became emotionally invested in them. The only reason I gave ...
  • Cindy ✩☽ Savage Queen ♔
    Rating ~3.5Alright, let me start off by saying I really did enjoy this book. It was overall pretty fun, action-packed, adventure. It tackled a lot of important themes as well, from politics, social inequality/racism, scientific advancement and how it can infringe upon basic human rights etc. And honestly, this book could have been a solid four if the two main characters did not start annoying me toward the end. Rhee - She's the last remaining p...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum https://bibliosanctum.com/2017/01/29/...The last couple years have seen me get a lot pickier with my choice of YA reads, the key reason being that originality is such a rare quality in the genre these days. That’s why when I first came upon the description of The Empress of a Thousand Skies, I thought it showed promise—because sometimes, it’s not what a book’s blurb says that seals the deal; it’s what...
  • Melanie (TBR and Beyond)
    “If all we are is what people think we are, then we’re all screwed.” Ok, so I think I might be a big fan of science-fiction. Who knew? I've been turning my nose up at it for years. Thank you Illuminae for showing me the way and leading me to awesome books like this one!Empress of a Thousand Skieswas a really fun ride. I have seen a lot of mixed reviews on this novel, people seem to love it or hate it. I'm in the love camp on this one. The...
  • Alaina
    Predictable and boring.Before diving into Empress of a Thousand Skies I definitely had some expectations for it. I mean, the cover was beautiful and the synopsis sounded amazing. Yet diving into the book, well.. it was a very underwhelming and completely predictable.It's a dual POV betwen Aly and Rhee. Aly, who is a guy even though my brain kept thinking girl, is on a ship with his best friend Vin. I loved their bantering friendship and definitel...
  • Brittany (Brittany's Book Rambles)
    4.5/5 StarsRead my full review of Empress of a Thousand SkiesEmpress of a Thousand Skies would best be described in three words: constant adrenaline rush. From the very moment you start reading, there is a tremendous amount of intrigue, action, and grief. It's one of those books that is impossible to put down because laying it aside for even a second would disrupt the energy of the moment. Rhoda's writing style pulls you in, leaving you feeling j...
  • Caitlin
    3.5 stars! You know what? I actually liked this book in the end. I enjoyed the beginning but the middle made me lost interest but by the end I was really excited again. I understand why lots of people don’t like it but I think it has its high points.