Der Angstmann (Max Heller, Dresden Detective #1) by Frank Goldammer

Der Angstmann (Max Heller, Dresden Detective #1)

Dresden, November 1944: Die Bevölkerung leidet unter den anhaltenden Kriegszuständen und den täglichen Entbehrungen. Flüchtlingsströme drängen in die Stadt. Bombenalarme gehören zum Alltag. Da wird Kriminalinspektor Max Heller zu einer grausam zugerichteten Frauenleiche geholt. Schnell geht das Gerücht um: Das war der Angstmann, der nachts durch die Ruinen schleicht. Heller gibt nichts auf das Gerede. Inmitten der Wirren des letzten Krieg...

Details Der Angstmann (Max Heller, Dresden Detective #1)

TitleDer Angstmann (Max Heller, Dresden Detective #1)
Release DateSep 23rd, 2016
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Fiction, War, Crime

Reviews Der Angstmann (Max Heller, Dresden Detective #1)

  • Fred Shaw
    An engrossing novel of a psychopath who goes berserk in Dresden, Germany, during the final days of WW II. German detective inspector Max Heller of the Dresden police, begins the search for the killer when the Allies start their bombing of German cities. As bombs fall, the killer uses the air raids to take his victims and inflict despicable torture, leaving them barely alive. John Sanford fans would be surprised at some of the hideous injuries he ...
  • Susan Kennedy
    3 1/2 StarsI had gotten about a quarter way through the book and I just wasn't sure I was going to like it. It was about a sick serial killer and the German (non-natzi) police officer who was trying to find him. Since it wasn't horrible, I kept reading.It was definitely hard on him being in a German city full of Germans who has sworn their allegiance to Hiltler. He was one of the few that hadn't. This all happened near the end of the war. The kil...
  • Cari
    The Air Raid Killer was my Kindle First selection for the month of April 2018. What an awesome mashup of crime/suspense and historical fiction! Taking place in the city of Dresden towards the end of World War II, the impending defeat of the Third Reich created a sense of urgency and chaos that really set the stage for murder and mayhem. As Russian boots marched deeper into the Rhineland, the Nazi party clung desperately to their control and power...
  • Leslie
    This is a book you cannot put down. Set in Dresden Germany in the waning days of WW2, Max Heller is a WWI veteran, police detective and non political. He is married he has two sons who are serving in the Army, a wife and a small apartment. He also has a brutal killer, The Fright Man, who is mutilating women and leaving their bodies displayed. He has to over come incompetent colleagues, political forces, shortages and ever changing priorities to t...
  • Buchdoktor
    An einem düsteren Novembertag des Jahres 1944 wird in Dresden in einer Bootshalle die brutal zugerichtete Leiche einer jungen Frau gefunden. Kriminalinspektor Max Heller kämpft zu dieser Zeit beinahe auf verlorenem Posten; zahlreiche Mitarbeiter sind zur Wehrmacht eingezogen und seinem einzigen Spezialisten für Spurensicherung steht der Marschbefehl an die Front kurz bevor. Die Menschen ahnen das bevorstehende Kriegsende und fürchten zugleich...
  • KruemelGizmo
    Dresden 1944: Kriminalinspektor Max Heller jagt in den Wirren des letzten Kriegswinter einen grausamen Frauenmörder, der die ganze Bevölkerung in Angst und Schrecken versetzt. Sein Vorgesetzter hat sich schnell eine Meinung über den Täter gebildet und legt Heller bei seinen Ermittlungen Steine in den Weg. Im Feuersturm der Bombennacht am 13. Februar 1945 kommt es zum dramatischen Höhepunkt...Der Angstmann aus der Feder von Frank Goldammer sc...
  • Yvonne (It's All About Books)
    Finished reading: April 12th 2018 "How does anyone really know what someone's capable of?" *** A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and AmazonCrossing in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! *** (view spoiler)[I stumbled upon this title during my hunt for more international authors/translations and I was immediately intrigued both by the cover and the blurb. I admit I had forgotten about the exact content of the stor...
  • Michael
    This is an historical crime thriller set in Dresden, Germany in the weeks leading up to the infamous firebombing that destroyed the city in February of 1945. On a recent trip to Germany I got a chance to visit Dresden and explore the now rebuilt and restored city and so I was intrigued by the premise of this book. The book is structured chronologically and opens in November, 1944 when the mutilated body of a young woman is found. Police detective...
  • Sabine Kettschau
    Inhalt:Es beginnt November 1944. Max Heller, Kriminalinspektor in Dresden, wird an einen Tatort gerufen und sieht sich mit einem brutalen Frauenmörder konfrontiert, der sein Unwesen im kriegsgebeutelten Dresden treibt. Nicht genug, dass ein Mythos eines heulenden Monsters, der schnell die Rolle des Frauenmörders zugedacht bekommt und zusätzlich die zerbombten Straßen unsicher macht, hat sein Vorgesetzter mehr wie ein Auge auf Max und will ihm...
  • Kaisu
    Zeitlich gut recherchiert, aber inhaltlich und von den Figuren hats mich jetzt nicht wirklich vom Hocker gehaun. Kann man gut weglesen, einen Lesetipp würd ich aber nicht aussprechen.
  • Krimiakte
    Das Setting ist erschreckend glaubwürdig und absolut stark anwesend. Dadurch rückt aber die Serienmörderstory etwas in den Hintergrund. Trotzdem: starker Serienauftakt für settingverliebte Leser.
  • Pen & Ink Reviews
    The Air Raid Killer is a brilliant historical crime thriller written by Frank Goldammer and translated by Steve Anderson. Though the murder mystery and race to catch a chilling serial killer made for an engaging read, I found the setting to be the most compelling aspect of the book: the city of Dresden at the fall of the Third Reich.The Germans know that the war is lost, the ferocious Russians are approaching from the east as the Nazis wreak fran...
  • Susanne
    Max Heller arbeitet bei der Kriminalpolizei in Dresden und soll einen schrecklichen Mord an einer jungen Frau aufklären. Doch Ende des Jahres 1944 gibt es in Dresden wichtigeres zu tun. Die Stadt wird von Flüchtlingen überschwemmt und die Ressourcen sind knapp. Selbst sein Vorgesetzter scheint daran interessiert zu sein, den Fall so schnell wie möglich ad acta zu legen. Heller ermittelt jedoch verbissen weiter - bis die Bomben fallen. Goldamm...
  • Daenerys
    A surprisingly good book courtesy of Amazon's kindle first selection from a few months back. I started it on a long train journey and was 50% in by the time I got back home. Very easily readable, it will I think be particularly memorable due to its setting, which is an unusual one for a crime novel. The Air Raid Killer (or more appropriately The Fright Man in German) takes place in Dresden during the final throes of the German Reich in late 19...
  • Ben
    What a Find!Thanks to Amazon for bringing this book out in English. " The Air Raid Killer " was nearly a non-stop reading experience for me: the plot was totally exciting and immersive.Yes, it is another serial killer book, but it is the scene of the horrid crimes that makes the difference. That and the character of the hero Max Heller, Detective of the Dresden Criminal police. That is Dresden, Germany, of May, 1945. The Russians are nearing the ...
  • Joe Stamber
    An enjoyable historical mystery/thriller that reminded me somewhat of the John Russell books by David Downing. The Air Raid Killer was translated from the German original, although the job was done well enough that I couldn't tell. Detective Max Heller is hunting for a particularly nasty killer who finds his victims during the well-known air raids that targeted Dresden towards the end of the Second World War. Max's sons are fighting on distant fr...
  • Mike Farrell
    Nice premise, but the story drags in placesI couldn't resist a story built around a normal police detective trying to do his job in WW II Dresden, were everything is over shadowed by the Nazi political agenda.In November 1944 Max Heller, a homicide detective, is assigned a murder case where a young woman's body is found strung up in a boat house near the Elbe river. She has been tortured and sliced open, but has not been sexually assaulted. This ...
  • Amanda
    Pretty interesting! We always have detectives that are 100% unstoppable and obsessed with cases, this one was so obsessed that he was hunting the killer even when he was starved and burned. I didn’t actually enjoy reading it because it was so graphic and I couldn’t understand why he’d leave Karin like that. It was interesting reading a book during 1944 that takes place in Germany from a German POV. 3.5 founded up, the subject matter wants m...
  • Marjorie
    “People say it’s all haunted here. Things reside in the ruins. I don’t believe in the dear Lord anymore, but in a place where so many have died? Something will always linger on.”Probably one of the darkest crime novels I’ve read in a long time. Translated from the German, this book is a historical glimpse into the last days of the Third Reich. Max Heller is a detective on the police force, and while he is seeking to pin down a serial ki...
  • KayKay
    "The Air Raid Killer" was a mixed bag to me. The mystery about the air raid killer, named by the local German as the fright man, was the beginning of the search of the murderer of few brutal crimes. Something more insane and sinister was waiting for Detective Max Heller to uncover. The mystery plot was alright for the most part. There were some twists and turns but they hardly created any climaxes. To simply put, the mystery part was only satisfa...
  • Laura St.
    The Air Raid KillerThe mystery takes place against the backdrop of Dresden in the final days of WWII. It is a little slow to start, but the rich historical detail keeps the reader going. More than a mystery, this is a look into the thoughts, actions and beliefs of the average German, who was also a victim of Hitler and then of the hatred of the Soviets. It is important to see the German people in this light and from their own perspective, because...
  • Linda
    This was an Amazon First book. It was the first on this list in several months that I immediately chose it and was excited to read. It was well written and captured my attention immediately. But it really did drag in a few spots. I know that Germany suffered during the last days of the war, but the bombing scene seemed to drag on forever. It was full of action and tension, but frankly I just wanted the story to continue.Goldammer did an excellent...
  • Juliana
    Fast-paced novel about serial murders in Dresden, Germany in the final months of WWII. The author skillfully described both life and death in the waning days of the Third Reich, while also managing to add to the horror as detective Max Keller attempts to solve a series of gruesome murders that no one really seems to want solved. Mr. Goldammer's description of Dresden on fire will remain with me for a long time. Great ending wrapped up a great boo...
  • ochichi
    Air Raid KillerSolid mystery, kept me guessing who was the killer?I have a feeling I will enjoy Max Heller as the Dresden Detective
  • Lisa
    Something a little bit different.I chose this book from this months kindle first selection, as there was something about it that intrigued me. It took some time for me to get into the story, but when i did I was hooked. The writer paints a graphic and often horrifically vivid pictutre of Dresden during this part of the war. I must admit that I have probably never really considered what it must have been really like for people the world over and t...
  • The Irregular Reader
    Dresden, 1945, is a city on the edge. The Third Reich is in its (well deserved) death spiral, the Russians are encroaching to the east as American forces push through from the west, air raids are constant, and wartime rationing and an influx of refugees have left the city on the brink of starvation. Amidst all this chaos, a brutal killer stalks the streets. Max Heller is a Detective Inspector with the Dresden police, a man seeking justice in a co...
    TrügerischEnde 1944 in den Kriegswirren geschieht in Dresden ein Mord an einer jungen Frau. Sie wurde übelst zugerichtet. Kommissar Max Heller übernimmt die Ermittlungen. Er ist einer der wenigen, die noch normale Polizeiarbeit ausführen dürfen. Wegen einer Verletzung aus dem ersten Weltkrieg ist er nicht kriegstauglich. Doch er und seine Frau sorgen sich außerordentlich um die beiden Söhne, die an der Front kämpfen. Durch die häufigen B...
  • Ninaminacat
    Evocative description of bombed out Dresden, mediocre murder storyThe concept of someone using air raids as cover for murders sounded fascinating. The rumours of the Fright Man and the brutality of the murders made me envisage a truly chilling tale set against the stark backdrop of Dresden at the end of the war. In reality, I found the story lacking the sheer terror it had promised. Fair enough, preconceptions can be wrong - and there are plenty ...
  • Jessica
    Most people are going to tell you this book was fantastic but in all honesty it took me 10 days to read, which is a horrible reading rate for me. I could not immerse myself in this book and looked for the smallest excuse to pick up a different book or go do some yard work.The writing was actually quite good and there were a lot of interesting facts about WWII mixed into the story line. I am a lover of all things WWII, yet the actual murder myster...
  • StefanieFreigericht
    Empfehlenswerter historischer Krimi mit dem bedrückenden Hintergrund in Dresden 1944-45Kriminalinspektor Max Heller ist ein Ermittler vom alten Schlag – routiniert, oft knurrig, wenig zu beeindrucken. Doch der Frauenmord, zu dem er gerufen wird, ist so grausam, dass er kaum an einen üblichen Täter glauben mag. Sein Vorgesetzter ist eher aus politischen Gründen im Amt und scheint eine einfache Lösung zu bevorzugen – aber das passt kaum mi...