The Lost Woman by Sara Blaedel

The Lost Woman

Húsmóðir í Englandi er skotin til bana með riffli í gegnum eldhúsgluggann. Í ljós kemur að konan var dönsk og hvarf sporlaust átján árum fyrr. Enska lögreglan kemst að því að hópur Dana hefur lagt umtalsverða fjármuni inn á reikning konunnar og leitar á náðir Louise Rick hjá mannhvarfsdeild lögreglunnar í Kaupmannahöfn. Þar með tekur málið óvænta stefnu, jafnframt því sem samband Louise og Eiks, unnusta henna...

Details The Lost Woman

TitleThe Lost Woman
Release DateFeb 7th, 2017
GenreMystery, Fiction, Crime, Thriller, Suspense, Cultural, Denmark

Reviews The Lost Woman

  • Melissa
    3.5 starsNot only is there a HUGE gaping hole in this plot, there’s one in my heart now, too. This didn’t come close to being everything I hoped it would be. One of my most anticipated reads of 2017, I was sure The Lost Woman would deliver even more of what I loved most about The Forgotten Girls and The Killing Forest—Louise and Eik. I thought this was their big chance. The payoff for all of the tension and possibility that’s been surroun...
  • Chelsea Humphrey
    3.5 STARS I haven’t seen much in the way of the original series covers, but the book jackets for Sara Blaedel’s US books are fantastic. They draw you right in and have a clean feeling that is extremely appealing to the eye, while also containing fantastic stories inside that have you hooked throughout. Blaedel is a pro at not only including a fantastic case (usually some form of murder mystery or missing persons event) but drawing you in with...
  • Lola
    As with the majority of adult long series of mystery novels, you’re not obliged to start at the beginning; you can read them as standalones. In fact, I had no idea this was part of a series when I first started it, which means that the contextualization is well done.Louise Rick’s new (sort of) boyfriend, Eik, is accused of murdering the girlfriend he thought he lost for ever eighteen years ago, Sofia. I’m not going to say more, so your futu...
  • Frances
    3.5*. Hidden in the bushes as the rain pelts down, someone is watching motionless, fixed on his prey. He can see the woman clearly through the kitchen window chatting and laughing with her daughter as the husband enters the room. Not wanting to waste another moment he steadily raises the stock of the gun to his shoulder, adjusts the scope and pulls the trigger. It’s a perfect head shot. The Lost Woman is a strong character driven story concentr...
  • Diane S ☔
    3.5 A woman is shot through her front window, her teenage daughter sees the shooter. The woman has past ties to Eik , and has been presumed missing for many years. Eik soon disappears and Louis needs to know why. Starts a complicated case, concerning a controversial subject, a case with implications for Eik and presenting a personal and professional challenge for Louise.Felt this was not as tightly plotted as her previous books in this series. To...
  • Judy Collins
    The queen of Danish crime thrillers, Sara Blaedel returns following The Killing Forest (2016) and The Forgotten Girls (2015) with her latest, THE LOST WOMAN: Louise Ricks finds herself once again caught up in a web, between her personal and career life, in this highly emotional, well-researched and enthralling mystery suspense.The saga grips you from page one with the chilling scene of a brutal murder of a forty-four-year-old woman in her h...
  • Purple Country Girl (Sandy)
    I won a copy of The Lost Woman in a Goodreads Giveaway.The Lost Woman has a shocking opening. A man is lurking in the underbrush outside a home. He has a good view through the kitchen window and he watches the family inside: a wife, husband and teenage daughter. Suddenly, he aims a gun and shoots the mother dead. Though the murder takes place in England, it will have repercussions in Denmark. In order of US publication, The Lost Woman is the sixt...
  • Amy
    All of my reviews can be found on www.novelgossip.comI have to start by thanking Abby at Crime By The Book for putting Sara Blaedel and her novels on my radar. She’s always recommending the most fantastic books, and I’ve seen her mention the Louise Rick series several times, so when an opportunity arose to review this one, it was a no brainer for me. Thanks Abby! ❤This is the first book I’ve read in the Louise Rick series, but it most def...
  • KC
    I would like to thank NetGalley, Hatchette, and Sara Blaedel for the advanced digital copy in exchange for an honest review. Detective Louise Rick is back again in another thriller this time involving her partner and lover Eik Nordstrom. When Eik's former girlfriend is assassinated, Rick enters the world of those who support assisted suicide. With this delicate subject matter as the forefront of her story, Blaedel never loses her edge while maint...
  • Paulo Pires
    4,3 Uma leitura excelente. O meu preferido de Sara Blaedel.
  • Effie
    3,5/5Η Αγνοούμενη είναι το πρώτο βιβλίο της Blaedel που διαβάζω. Αποφάσισα να διαβάσω βιβλίο της όταν οι εκδόσεις Κλειδάριθμος με κάλεσαν στην παρουσίαση αυτού του βιβλίου. Η κυρία Blaedel, μιλώντας με πάθος για τη Louise, με έκανε να θέλω να διαβάσω τις ιστορ...
  • Laura Rash
    I liked the characters in this book & it was a quick smooth read while not lacking in substance.
  • jo
    3.5 ΑστεριαΠριν από λίγες μέρες βρέθηκα στον χώρο εκδηλώσεων του Public για την παρουσίαση του νέου βιβλίου της Δανής συγγραφέας αστυνομικών μυθιστορημάτων Sara Blaedel με τίτλο «Αγνοούμενη» . Η Sara Blaedel είναι από τις πιο πετυχημένες και αγαπημένες συγγραφ...
  • Kathy
    The Lost Woman is the latest in the Louise Rick series by Sara Blaedel, and it is another brilliant piece of storytelling from an author I have only found last year, but she is to be found on all lists for must-read crime fiction in the past several years. Known as the Queen of Crime in her native Denmark, where the Louise Rick stories take place, Sara has quickly shown readers of crime/mystery fiction on this side of the ocean how amazing her wr...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    I have with this one read the last three books in this series, which means that six unread books to read. And, that's a comforting thought because I really like this series. So far, has not a single book disappointed me and the thing with The Lost Woman that I really enjoyed were that and old case could finally be closed. A very personal case for Eik, Louise Rick lover, and police colleague. Several years ago did Eik's girlfriend disappear and no...
  • Abby (Crime by the Book)
    Another excellent book from Sara Blaedel. THE LOST WOMAN is less procedural-heavy, more character-driven than Sara's previous Louise Rick novels -- but it's still an engaging, engrossing read (as always!!). The best thing about Sara's books? The big, beating heart at their core. Sara puts so much love into her characters, and THE LOST WOMAN is a prime example of that care. This book puts special focus on Eik - Louise's partner in the police force...
  • Isa Bel | Manta de Histórias
    Gostei bem mais desta leitura que do livro anterior, O trilho da morte. A mulher desaparecida aproxima-se muito mais do primeiro livro, As raparigas esquecidas. É uma história bem pensada, que aborda uma temática sensível. Vale bem a pena lê-lo. Fico já ansiosa pelo próximo livro da autora.
  • Fabi
    Gostei muito. Mais um livro da autora com capítulos pequenos como eu gosto é que nós agarra do início ao fim .
  • Elisa
    It's hard to read this book without thinking of death and a person's right to choose when to end their life. I liked that part a lot, even if it freaked me out. What I didn't like was how irresponsible one of the characters is, and a teenager that reminded me of how little I like them as characters in novels. It's interesting and well written.
  • Kelly Hager
    This mystery has a ton going on but the non-spoiler version is that people are turning up dead and one of the victims was already sort of presumed dead (she was reported as a missing person years before). There isn't a connection (until, of course, there is) and that connection is shocking and also perfectly feasible. Most mysteries may not be good for book club choices (what can you discuss, really? Motives? And I am not slamming mysteries; I th...
  • Maria
    3,5*opinião completa: dia calmo, uma mulher é assassinada de uma forma bastante peculiar. Quando estava na cozinha, em frente à janela, um atirador furtivo desfere um tiro fatal, matando-a instantaneamente. A vítima, Sophie Parker, usa um nome falso e, quando a polícia investiga a fundo, descobre que se trata de uma mulher desaparecida na Dinamarca. Louise Rick, já conhecida dos leitores dos livro...
  • Barbara
    My second book in the Louise Rick series and I cannot wait to read them all! I was lucky enough to get an ARC for this from the publisher and I highly recommend Ms. Blaedel to anyone who enjoys Scandinavian mysteries. Jo Nesbo and Stieg Larssen fans will appreciate this series. A housewife in England ends up dead. The victim of a shooting with a hunting rifle as she stood innocently in her kitchen. It turns out the victim is a Danish citizen repo...
  • Ângela Costa
    3.4* . Gostei imenso do tema abordado neste livro, um tema de reflexão, Sara Blaedel tem essa particularidade, escolher temas muito realista que embora não nos sejam desconhecidos, não pensamos muito entanto, embora me tenha proporcionado uma leitura agradável, não foi o suficiente para uma grande classificação, pelo facto do enredo todo ele ser previsível desde a primeira até à ultima página. Mas é um bom livro para entret...
  • Maria Alice
    Mais uma vez uma historia viciante agora era bom mais um livro com Louise no seu novo posto
  • Vilma Iris
    With compelling characters, a gripping plot and chilling suspense, Sara Blaedel delivers another must-read thriller with The Lost Woman.Louise Rick is back, happier than ever now that former partner Eik and she are living together. But a new case threatens to tear apart their burgeoning relationship.In England, a mother is shot through her kitchen window, leaving a daughter and husband as witnesses to the shocking murder. As it turns out, victim ...
  • Linda Quinn
    Another great installment of the Louise Rick series. This one explores the controversial topic of assisted suicide, something that hits very close to home for me, and the different emotional reactions people have to it.
  • Ελενη Ηλιαδου
    📕📕📕 Η άποψη μου 📕📕📕Τίτλος : Η αγνοούμενη Ή εγώ έχω γίνει παράξενη ή έχοντας διαβάσει πολλά αστυνομικά αναζητάω περισσότερα.Δυστυχώς το βιβλίο το βρήκα μέτριο αυτό που μου έλειπε ήταν η έντονη δράση, μέχρι την μέση ήταν ανούσιο μετά άρχισε ν...
  • Rodrigues Elsa
    Uphs não li o anterior :Poh wellOpinião a ser publicada brevemente no Efeito dos Livros
  • Ryley (Ryley Reads)
    Thanks so much to Hachette and NetGalley for providing me with an eARC for review. As always, all opinions are my own.I've been wanting to get back into thriller/crime novels, and I was hoping that this one would do the trick. Unfortunately, while I liked it, I didn't love it.Basically, the story follows Louise, a detective in Denmark. Her partner and boyfriend, Eik, disappear one day, not answering his phone and taking out a large sum of money f...