Tyrant by Sebastien de Castell


Would you - could you? - uphold the law at the cost of those you love?After years of struggle and sacrifice, Falcio val Mond, First Cantor of the Greatcoats, is on the brink of fulfilling his dead King's dream: Aline, the King's daughter, is about to take the throne and restore the rule of law once and for all.But for the Greatcoats, nothing is ever that simple. In the neighbouring country of Avares, an enigmatic new warlord is uniting the barbar...

Details Tyrant

Release DateJun 6th, 2017
PublisherJo Fletcher Books
GenreFantasy, Epic Fantasy, Fiction, High Fantasy

Reviews Tyrant

  • Melanie
    ARC provided by Quercus in exchange for an honest review.1.) Traitor's Blade 2.) Knight's Shadow 3.) Saint's Blood “What do you call a judge sitting on a throne? […] A fucking tyrant, that’s what.” I've been staring at this word document for far too long, because I simply do not have the words to describe how much I love this book and this series. Nothing I could say, and no word combination I could created, would do this series justic...
  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    OMG!! This book made me cry in sad ways and in happy ways! This is the best book of the series to me even though it's the last book and I loved them all. I can't believe it's over. It just can't be over. Not with that ending. I want more =) I will always love the boys: Kest, Brasti & Falcio. Their banter is the best ever in the books. And I was thinking I might not like this series. Here is some advice, don't think, just read, because you never k...
  • Petrik
    4.5/5 StarsHere lies the end of my journey with the Falcio, Kest, and Brasti and let me tell you, it ended with great satisfaction.If Saint’s Blood was the climax to the series, Tyrant’s Throne is the great epilogue to the series. Everything comes down to this installment. Falcio val Mond is on the brink of fulfilling his dead king’s dream, there’s only a few more obstacle to go through before he achieve it and did he succeeded? Well you ...
  • Emma
    Everyone shush now,’ I said... ‘I’m about to be impressive.’This from Falcio near the start of the book, but it could just as easily have been Sebastien de Castell himself. This was an outstanding closure to the series. Here is the bigger picture of Falcio's world with wider scope and bigger questions. Politics and philosophy take centre stage which lends a gravitas to the series I haven't felt in it before.The character development is tr...
  • Orient
    Here it goes, I finished this book at last and don't want to review it. How do I feel? Tired, frustrated, happy, disappointed and ranty for sure. Like :)Yes, that's my true form, deal with it! :)I wonderWhat happened to my fave series? I didn't find a proper connection to the characters, the narrative felt a bit scattered. What happened to great nasty villains? Why didn't some great characters have a proper time and chance to show their greatness...
  • Lady Luna. ✨
    2.5/5 "Fuck anyone who ever doubts the purpose of daring acts of heroism" Tyrants Throne is the last addition to the Greatcoats Series. I think it is a very average conclusion to a good series. I found myself writing down all the things I hated about this series instead of the things I loved. So prepared yourself for a ranty review, because let's be honest this novel left a salty taste in my mouth. My main issue with this series is how overhype...
  • Bookwraiths
    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.Few series transcend their genre, bring readers of differing tastes together to brave dangers along behind its heroes. But when one does, this saga finds itself held up as an all-time great; descriptive terms such as the matchless, the peerless, the unparalleled pinnacle of the genre, and other even more flowery terms thrown around. At the end of the day though, what brands a series as a timeless classic is how ...
  • Eon ♒Windrunner♒
    Traitor's Blade (Greatcoats #1) Knight's Shadow (Greatcoats #2) Saint's Blood (Greatcoats #3) A stunning conclusion to a superb debut series that will leave you with a sense of both poignancy and profound contentment. Tyrant’s throne always had a steep mountain to climb, having the burden of following the act of Saint’s Blood which culminated in an epic showdown for our stabby trio (view spoiler)[ confronting and, ultimately, defeating a god ...
  • Samir
    I'll keep this short and try to explain my (unpopular) rating.I wish I enjoyed this like the most but this book, like its predecessor, simply didn't work for me. This felt like I was reading the same book for the fourth time; same situations, same conversations, same plot twists and that took away the fun.My biggest issue with this series is Falcio. I got tired of being in his mind and looking at the world through his eyes and sometimes I wished ...
  • Petros Triantafyllou
    I have to admit that when I first-started this series, I wasn't the biggest fan, but times change, and people (change) with them. Greatcoats is now one of my favorite series of all times. It's been years since Falcio Val Mond, the First Cantor of the Greatcoats, first-discovered Aline, his long-dead King's daughter. The time to fulfill King Paelis' dream has come, and Aline is closer than ever in taking the throne and restoring peace and law thro...
  • Sh3lly
    What to say about this final installment in the Greatcoats quartet except that it was a very satisfying conclusion. We have our hero Falcio:His buddy, Brasti, arguably the best archer (and wannabe pirate) in the world:(I know he's not holding a bow, but that gif reminded me of him.)And Kest, the former Saint of Swords:(He's the serious one, but that gif reminds me of how Kest might physically look.)I really love - ADORE - the friendship and loyal...
  • Michael Britt
    "In an unjust country we are all nothing but victims, and the best we can hope for is one chance to prove ourselves, to turn our death into a sacrifice for what we believe in rather than a fate that was set upon us." I am yet again blown away by de Castell's work. I think it's safe to say this is my favorite out of the series. I don't cry real tears often (I do get choked up a lot), but he managed to summon quite a few tears from me. Like a lot....
  • TS Chan
    Tyrant's Throne was one of the most satisfying endings to a series that I've had the privilege of reading. At the start of the series in Traitor's Blade, we have this trio of best friends; magistrates called the Greatcoats, or less affectionately known as Trattari, scorned by the people of Tristia and on a mission to further the obscure plans of their executed King in honour of his dreams of a better country. While the previous book, Saint's Bloo...
  • Mayim de Vries
    “Preposterous heroics are the only things we’ve ever been good at.”This is a minus five stars read. I struggled with this series so much, it easily hits the top three worst ever fighting The Faithful and the Fallen for primacy.If not for the buddy-rant, I wouldn’t have made it. And perhaps I should have abandoned this series two books ago but I’d stubbornly hoped that it would turn around. Instead, it got worse. I know it is a well-like...
  • Stefan Bach
    "Screams, shouts, whispers, laughter… the human voice is capable of a remarkable assortment of sounds when words fail us, when reasoned, ordered thoughts cease to mean anything in the face of a world turned upside down." Ahhhhh, good day to you worthy Fellow Traveler. Please, please, come closer… Too close. A little too close. There. Welcome to Tristia, a world of misery, of corruption, and the finest excitement a fantasy novel can offer you...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum https://bibliosanctum.com/2017/06/06/...It is no exaggeration when I say that a series like the Greatcoats only comes once in a lifetime, and now that it has come to an end, I am filled with a mixture of complicated emotions. On the one hand, I am extremely pleased with the conclusion, with our heroes and heroines getting the satisfying sendoff they deserved. On the other, I no longer know what to do with myself....
  • Gavin
    This fourth book in Sebastien de Castell's once fun Greatcoats series is the dreaded Series Killer. Series Killer: A book so bad it destroys any positive feelings one might once have had for a series!For me there is nothing more disappointing than a once enjoyable series going bad. When one reads a bad book it is annoying but easy to dismiss. When a once loved series goes bad it is so much worse as one has an emotional tie to the characters and s...
  • Robin (Bridge Four)
    Dan Ha Vath Fallatu Endings to series you enjoy are bittersweet and I would say that for me the end to this was probably just a little more bitter than sweet. I’m still really mad about that one thing that happened SdC you know what it was.At the end of this you will definitely know: - Who is the ruler of Trista. - How Falcio managed to beat Kest in a duel. - How to hold a conversation using grunts and moans while being beat up. There’s an ...
  • Dana Ilie
    The Greatcoats is one of those rare fantasy sagas that just continues to get better with each instalment - an even more impressive feat when you consider Saint's Blood was a book I didn't think could be topped. I felt it got off to a slow start, and I convinced myself it was lacking any sort of direction. It was simply not the book I expected to follow the killing of a God. I mean, honestly, how do you follow that up?And then we got to the other ...
  • Samantha
    4.5/5 LOVE. So much love for this book and this series! So sad it's come to end but it seems like we'll see more Falcio, Kest and Brasti in the future!
  • Sarah
    UPDATE: This is $2.99 on Kindle today (Dec 11) for those of my friends who have not read it!!!Do you know what's worse than having to wait months or years before the next book in a series is coming?Knowing that there isn't another coming.I'm in shock right now. I'll probably cry myself to sleep tonight. Because it can't be over. It. Really. Just. Can't. Be. Over.I know. There is an art in knowing when a series must end. There is a point where it ...
  • Mike
    Review for Traitor's Blade here"Review" for Knight's Shadow hereReview for Saint's Blood hereIt is always sad to come to the end of great book series. de Castel populated his world is a great cast of characters with complex motivations and personalities that I have great enjoyed getting to know. The series as a whole was an excellent yarn of a small band of idealists trying to mend their country back together in spite of the enormous odds stacked...
  • Twerking To Beethoven
    (for some weird reason, GR ate my review. Anyway, here it is again. YOU CAN'T STOP ME, GR! YOU JUST CAN'T, HA!)It's over and I WANT MOAR!I remember picking the first book of the series, Traitor's Blade, roughly a year ago. I went into it and, to be perfectly candid, I wasn't really expecting too much. I was like "Ok, nice cover. This might be at least decent. Hopefully." Boy, was I wrong! The book turned out to be an extremely satisfying read. Th...
  • Bradley
    This was an extremely entertaining end to this amazing quadrilogy. We went through hopelessness and idealism and amazingly horrible odds and through every book, wonderful snark, action, and suspense.I think I can rank this whole series up there as one of my absolute favorite fantasies ever. Why? Because it's effortless. A truly wonderful read. And the author has the ability to tear tears from my cold, humorless eyes. ; ;The big things that happen...
  • Scott Hitchcock
    Book 1: 2.75*Book 2: 4.5*Book 3: 4.25*Book 4: 3*If this hadn't been the series finale I might have quit this book after the first 100 pages. There seemed to be no point to the scenes and they could have been cut and paste from previous books. They could have been reduced to 5 pages to set the scene for where the characters were heading and this would have had a much higher rating. The second hundred pages things got on track. Then pages 200-425 w...
  • Marielle
    The perfect ending... I will write my thoughts later on, but I loved it!
  • Jessica (JessicaReads)
    A phenomenal conclusion to this series!!! Although, I do have to admit, it tore my heart from my chest a few times.One of my favorite things about this series was that every installment had its own completed story arc that played so well into, and carried on, the bigger story arc of the entire series!! I am a sucker for great characters and the characters in this series were just EVERYTHING. They all had so much depth, including the side characte...
  • Terence
    Just as Falcio val Mond is about to fulfill his dead King's dream of crowning his daughter Aline, trouble rears its head again. The monstrous Trin has reportedly reappeared in the neighboring country of Avares with a horde of their warriors at her back. Falcio, Kest, and Brasti head North only to find even more trouble than they anticipated. Falcio finds himself torn between upholding the law and following the King's dream.Tyrant's Throne is the ...
  • Andreas
    I was at the very last chapter, I had just a few pages left, but I didn't want to finish it. I didn't want this book, or this series, to be over. No other books have managed to grab a hold of me and squeeze this hard before. No other books have made my feel this much before. I feel as if these books were made for me and I for them. Now it's all over, and I feel empty. Goodbye, my dear tattercloaks.I'm not crying, I swear.