The Prodigal Daughter by Ginna Gray

The Prodigal Daughter

Seven years ago, Maggie Malone left Ruby Falls, Texas, in disgrace. The wild child went on to become a million-dollar face…a supermodel who still hides her father's rejection behind an outrageous, glamorous lifestyle. Now, Maggie Malone has come home.Her father is dying and so is their proud family business. Her mother insists Maggie is the family's last chance. Once, Maggie had a dream of running the empire. Then she lost everything one hellis...

Details The Prodigal Daughter

TitleThe Prodigal Daughter
Release DateAug 25th, 2000
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary

Reviews The Prodigal Daughter

  • StMargarets
    Angst fest with a lot of drama, but I felt like I had read it before. The opening was exactly like LaVyrle Spencers Small Town Girl. Complete with saucy heroine returning to her small town in a flashy sports car much to everyones disapproval. Heroines family owns and operates a fruit orchard and cannery in Texas. The father and his sister are the majority stockholders and they make all the decisions. The company is the major employer in town. Her...
  • Tia
    This novel was one of the most heart wrenching books I've read lately. I can say that I was greatly impressed with the writing and how the story went. I even shed quite a share of tears, enough to fill a glass I'd say. The book emotionally pulls you into so many emotions and then gives you just the right tailspin to have your heart in your throat. It is sad, full of loss and fear but it is also uplifting, loving and at the end family oriented. It...
  • Lindsey
    Guilty pleasureI like this book, but it is out of touch with reality. Her sister cannot legally drink at 18 in the US (she says her age numerous times in front of the bar owner), the villain is too blatantly villainous, the heroine too perfect... Dan, the hero, is forgettable and really not important to the story. But how would the heroine get not only a bachelor's degree from Harvard, but a master's in 3 years??!! There's prodigal, but the colle...
  • mad4rombks
    With my To Do List getting out of control, I haven't been able to read and focus on my books like I want to so I went for a comfort/keeper read last night. I adore this book. Maggie made my heart hurt so many times and her relationship with her father made me cry for her. Dan was her perfect match. I loved every word of this and wish Harlequin would rerelease it in digital format because my print copy is about to fall apart. Reread April 29, 2016...
  • DarkAthena59
    Ce roman a 20 ans. Ce n'est pas un roman extraordinaire en soi, et il n'est pas écrit avec les codes actuels, pourtant j'ai été totalement captivée par l'histoire. Vraiment.C'est une histoire de rancœur familiale, de secret, de besoin de reconnaissance. C'est une histoire de famille, d'amour, avec une dose de suspens même s'il ne faut pas vraiment chercher loin pour deviner comment se déroule l'histoire. C'est l'histoire d'une femme, de se...
  • Susan H Garris
    The Prodigal DaughterA girl growing up without the love of her father, kicked out and disowned. Maggie comes back home when her mother calls calls and let's her know he's dying. A lot of animosity is finally resolved before he dies and she has saved the family company and she is a loved daughter on his death. Very good book from one of my favorite authors.
  • La
    Loved it!
  • Ralitsa Ivanova
    I have read this book so many years ago and still it holds certain appeal to me. Its a story about a very successful woman who is successfully weathering all the bad things in life. At the same time she is dreaming about one very simple thing - the love of her father. It is the story of Maggies homecoming and the stubbornness that takes the most precious moments of our lives and turns them into regrets. The love story between Dan and Maggie given...
  • Carman Townsend Welsch
    Well...I read this book several times and I still don't know how to put my thoughts into words without giving too much away . First , I LOVED it ! Second , I don't think I could have forgiven Jacob or her Mom . Third , I wanted to read that !! Forth , I don't forgive any of the men . Otherwise , I LOVED it !
  • Marci Kimball
    I loved this book! I didnt think I would at first! Wow! Lots of action & mysytery! A lit of suffering too!!! It moved fast at the end & I was biti g my nails!!!! Yay!!!!!!!
  • Nancy
    Maggie, high fashion model. Fruit orchard, cannery. Ruby Falls,TX:3,418. Business degree, Harvard. Angsty. Kickass heroine.Suspense. Romance. 3.5 bump up for TX setting :).
  • Katherine Shea
    Pretty dreadful.