Abe's Honest Words by Doreen Rappaport

Abe's Honest Words

From the time he was a young boy roaming the forests of the unsettled Midwest, Abraham Lincoln knew in his heart that slavery was deeply wrong. A voracious reader, Lincoln spent every spare moment of his days filling his mind with knowledge, from history to literature to mathematics, preparing himself to one day lead the country he loved towards greater equality and prosperity. Despite the obstacles he faced as a self-educated man from the back w...

Details Abe's Honest Words

TitleAbe's Honest Words
Release DateNov 11th, 2008
PublisherHyperion Books for Children
GenreBiography, Childrens, Picture Books, Nonfiction, History

Reviews Abe's Honest Words

  • Julie
    Beautifully illustrated and filled with biographical information from the author and scattered quotes of Abe's finest words, including:If slavery is not wrong,nothing is wrong.I cannot remember when I did not so think, and feel so.
  • J-Lynn Van Pelt
    Kadir Nelson uses his stunning grasp of human nuances to illustrate President Abraham Lincoln's life. Nelson's expressive art mixed with Lincoln's actual words create a powerful story that is weaved together by Rappaport's concise narrative.This would be a great read aloud or addition to a larger unit on presidents, slavery, or leadership. Individual pictures could also be used as writing prompts.
  • Karrie
    From the front cover to the back cover and every page in between, it is easy for the reader to get caught up in the beauty of the artwork. Every page is rich with texture, feeling and expression. The picture of the chained slaves evoked so much emotion from me when I first saw it, that it took me several minutes before I could turn the page. I felt like I had been swallowed by the picture. The text provides two different stories. The first story ...
  • CH13_Kieran
    This is a beautiful representation of one of the greatest Americans. The artwork is breathtaking and takes the reader into Lincoln's world of anger and resentment. It shows Mr. Lincoln as the ever-present representation of morality and wisdom. This biography of Abraham Lincoln shows his meager upbringing and his rise to great power through the sheer power of personality and words. Abe's Honest Words tells his story in a wonderfully simplistic man...
  • L- Lisa
    Abe’s Honest Words, The Life of Abraham Lincoln tells the history of our 16th president from his birth in Kentucky to his assassination in 1865. The author tells the story, inserting Lincoln’s words from speeches throughout. This gives the reader and listener a close connection to the man and the sequence of events during this memorable time. This audio is very powerful to listen to, as the voice changes from storyteller to what we believe to...
  • Toby
    Timely, Kadir Nelson's gorgeous paintings flesh out this portrait (not biography) of Abraham Lincoln, in time for the 200th anniversary of his birth. The focus of the book is on his words, and through his words, his impact. 2009 is a good time to reread and think again about his iconic speeches, including the Gettysburg Address, which is reprinted in its entirety at the end of the book.
  • Alyson (Kid Lit Frenzy)
    What can I say...it's Doreen Rappaport and Kadir Nelson. What incredible and stunning paintings by Nelson. And Rappaport strings together historical information with Lincoln's words in supporting text.
  • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*
    Rappaport, Doreen Abe's Honest Words: The Life of Abraham Lincoln, illustrated by Kadir Nelson. Hyperion, 2008. PICTURE BOOK.Quotes from Abraham Lincoln are interspersed with free verse text chronicling his life, accompanied by beautiful pictures.My only regret is that none of the quotes are footnoted, so that there is no way to know the source of each quote. There is a bibliography at the back, but it's not quite the same.EL - ADVISABLE. Cindy: ...
  • Mitchell
    Another book on Lincoln. And yet a different spin. It's got a lot of information but it really is a picture book and isn't overwhelmed by the text. In this we get a feel for who Lincoln was. As a reader, as a writer as a leader. With good enough big full page art.
  • Ellie Jackson
    Without a doubt, this a great book to share with children the character and contributions of Abraham Lincoln. The illustrations help convey emotions of the characters. I appreciated the use of real quotes from Lincoln on each page. Children will desire to know more about one of the most remarkable presidents in the United States after reading this book.
  • Traci
    “Abe’s Honest Words” by Doreen Rappaport tells the story of Abraham Lincoln. Rappaport also wrote “Martin’s Big Words”, and this book resembles it very closely. This book begins when Abraham was young and saw slavery first hand and knew from an early age that slavery was not right. It goes into detail how Lincoln rose from a simple man to become President on the United States and fight to end slavery. As with “Martin’s Big Words...
  • Alexandra Mauger
    Plot Summary: This book discusses the life of Abraham Lincoln and includes quotes by him throughout the story. Ever since Abraham was young, he liked to read books and learn, even while we was working. During his various jobs as an adult, he listened to the words and stories of others and hated seeing black people used as slaves. He soon became an honest lawyer and spoke out against slavery often. A few years later, he became president and tried ...
  • N_katieg52
    “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” These are famous words spoken by the twelfth president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. This is a unique biography of Lincoln where it truly focuses on words he spoke. The words are separated into times of his life and facts are given. I am a history person, bu...
  • Mary Ann
    This stirring book captures the span of Lincoln's life, the strength of his words and convictions, and the dignity in his stance - all in a way that a child just growing into an awareness of our nation's history can grasp. It is a beautiful book, one that you'll want to have at home to come back to again and again.Starting with Lincoln's humble beginnings, Rappaport traces his journey from the rural slave state of Kentucky to the statehouse in Il...
  • RachelAnne
    (2.6) Having lived all my life in Illinois, I am rather sick of heroic, honest Abraham Lincoln, through no fault of his own. Kadir Nelson's lushly luminous paintings are by far the highlight of a book that takes a very predictably patriotic and laudatory view of Lincoln, the homespun national saint. By focusing on a series of quotations from Lincoln's life, Rappaport focuses on the public, political Lincoln, leaving aside his personal life. This ...
  • karrie's corner
    From the front cover to the back cover and every page in between, it is easy for the reader to get caught up in the beauty of the artwork. Every page is rich with texture, feeling and expression. The picture of the chained slaves evoked so much emotion from me when I first saw it, that it took me several minutes before I could turn the page. I felt like I had been swallowed by the picture. The text provides two different stories. The first story ...
  • Emily Benner
    Plot summary: This picture book biography is about the life of Abraham Lincoln. It starts by describing where Abraham grew up and how at an early age he lost his mother, however, his stepmother was a huge impact in the continuation of his childhood. Some pages throughout the book have little quotes or excerpts from Abraham Lincoln. It followed him through his young adult years with his struggles and good times he experienced. It talks about how h...
  • M.cholewick
    Abe's Honest Words: The Life of Abraham Lincoln is a biographical picture book about our 16th President. It contains the most vibrant, detailed, authentic, and powerful illustrations I have ever seen in a children’s book. The images have an almost 3-d appears, really popping out to readers. One of the best features of this text is the insertion between the factual information about Lincoln and the direct quotes from Lincoln throughout his life....
  • Madeline Bergstrom
    This is an excellent depiction of the life of Abraham Lincoln and the struggle to fight for the emancipation of slavery that America endured during Abe's time as President. The large, cartoon like illustrations grasp a reader's interest right off the bat. The story follows Abe in his journey through life from his time as a young boy to his rise in power and ultimate and very tragic death. Abe is a very monumental President, and it can be very har...
  • Cherry
    "Abe's Honest Words" by Doreen Rappaport is an amazing history book for children (Ages 8 and up). Along with the illustrator Kadir Nelson, this book reeled me in, the images were vibrant and expressive accordingly to the text. This book talks of his early life as he grew up, the background of his family, how he educated himself, the few attempts before he became president, the Civil War, Slavery until he got assassinated. In italic letters after ...
  • Kenzie Thompson
    This book is a biography of Abe Lincoln and how he grew up and eventually became President. It talks about his life at home in the beginning and how he desired to become a big influence on other people. He eventually joins the Illinois state legislature, became a lawyer, and eventually President. He chooses to speak out against slavery and many people begin to listen to him. During his presidency thought, seven states concede and the Civil War be...
  • Taylor Lane
    I really think that this is a great children's book that would help to introduce a history unit on the different presidents. Since this specific book uses such amazing drawings, it would really help to grab the students attention and help to understand the differences in todays society and compare it to the minimal amount of things they had during Abe Lincoln's time. Since this book focuses on the struggles that Lincoln had to go through in order...
  • Daniel Peterson
    Summary: Abe's Honest Words: The Life of Abraham Lincoln tells the story of the sixteenth president. Each page offers a vignette from his life paired with a quote from Lincoln. It tells of Lincoln's opposition to slavery and includes examples of his communications through letters and speeches. We see Lincoln's shifting attitudes as he guides the nation through the war the ended slavery. Review: Written in a concise style to compliment Lincoln's o...
  • Lexi Beaver
    I'm already a fan of Abraham Lincoln, so I might be biased in my opinion that this book was great just because of its subject. This non-fiction picture book tells of Abe's life growing up and different values being set upon his heart, and how he builds who he becomes as a man starting at a young age whilst being a very hard worker with an empathetic and compassionate heart.One thing is for sure is that I absolutely loved the detailed illustration...
  • Allison
    I have always loved reading about Abraham Lincoln and this is a fun book that talks about Abe's life growing up. He was always caught with a book in his hands at every chance he can. He doesn't think about becoming a lawmaker until one day he witnesses a group of slaves chained together, forced to walk down the street bound together. From that day, Abraham Lincoln works as hard as he can to abolish slavery, speaking honestly and from his heart an...
  • Tara O'malley
    I liked Doreen Rappaport’s picturebook biography “Abe’s Honest Words: The Life of Abraham Lincoln”. I do not think I could have read a whole biography about Abe but since this was a picturebook biography I did not mind reading it. I liked how the book still provided enough information about Abe’s life yet there was not a lot of reading. The story was short and straight to the point. Then if you wanted to know more information important ...