Walking Meditation [With CD and DVD] by Nguyen Anh-Huong

Walking Meditation [With CD and DVD]

What if every step you took deepened your connection with all of life and imprinted peace, joy, and serenity on the earth? With Walking Meditation, listeners enjoy the first comprehensive instructional program in this serene spiritual practice to help them walk with presence and peace of mind whether in nature or on a busy city street. Presented in a unique format that combines a book with a DVD and audio CD, Walking Meditation features esteemed ...

Details Walking Meditation [With CD and DVD]

TitleWalking Meditation [With CD and DVD]
Release DateAug 1st, 2006
PublisherSounds True
GenreReligion, Buddhism, Spirituality, Nonfiction, Philosophy, Travel, Walking

Reviews Walking Meditation [With CD and DVD]

  • Kathleen
    “In fact, if you learn to take peaceful, anxiety-free steps on the Earth, you won’t need to go to the Pure Land. When you are peaceful and free, the Earth itself becomes a Pure Land, and there is no need to go anywhere else.”Thich Nhat Hanh is such a blessing. His words are so gentle, so simple, so positive. I found this little book about walking meditation very helpful and inspiring--short ideas or suggestions interspersed with lovely blac...
  • T.Kay Browning
    New goal in life: Always read a Thich Nhat Hanh during finals week. Tests are a celebration of knowledge dude!
  • Patricia
    "Walking meditation is meditation while walking. ...Anyone can do it. It takes only a little time, a little mindfulness, and the wish to be happy." This is the beginning of this little book of ways to practice meditation while walking. It's a sweet book, and here are a few of my favorite passages:"Walking mindfully on the Earth can restore our peace and harmony, and it can restore the Earth's peace and harmony as well. We are children of the Eart...
  • Iona Stewart
    This is a delightful little book, which brought me peace and calm just by reading it.Thich Nhat Hanh is a wise Zen master, who lives in exile in France, in a community called Plum Village. He tells us we must learn to make "peaceful, anxiety-free" steps. Walking with mindfulness brings us "real happiness".He teaches us how to walk noticing our breath and the number of steps we take whilst breathing in and out. If we take three steps while breathi...
  • Riobhcah
    P. 18: "Walking meditation helps us to regain our sovereignty, our liberty as human beings. We walk with grace and dignity, like emporers, or lions."Another wonderful book by Thich Nhat Hanh...This one teaches us how to reconnect with the energies of the earth by walking mindfully, and thus to overcome anxiety and delusion and to find the peace that exists in the present moment. He makes a very good point in saying that all too often we walk upon...
  • Julie
    Lovely! I read this on a contemplative retreat.
  • Glen Grunau
    A simple little book that teaches how to turn walking into meditation. The author comes from a Buddhist orientation but his truth is easily transferable to Christian contemplative practice.It is difficult for me to do anything without some sort of end or purpose in mind. How naturally I succumb to an achievement rather than a receptive orientation to life. Even my walking needs to have a destination in mind - getting from home to work, getting fr...
  • Maureen
    I had a unique opportunity to spend time with Thich Nhat Hanh and the monks and nuns who travel with him. One of the most beautiful parts of spending time with them was doing the walking meditation. It was particularly interesting for me, because I am used to forging ahead. Instead, I slowly lifted one foot and placed it in front of the other, while paying attention to my breathing and slowly becoming aware of the beauty of the earth around me.Th...
  • Sue
    This is a wonderful book for anyone who wishes to practice a basic form of meditation. The book comes with a DVD which introduces you to Thich Nhat Hanh. Hanh explains some of the principals of Walking Meditation. His gentle voice and sense of humor immediately put me at ease. This edition also comes with an audio CD that will lead the listener through several sessions of Walking Meditation of differing levels and lengths. The person doing the g...
  • Tony Romine
    One of the biggest excuses I hear for people not meditating is that there is no time for it during the day. Thich Nhat Hanh provides here a small, simple book to make walking into the peace filled, mindful exercise it should be. If utilized properly, this book can turn even a 5 minute walk from your desk to your car into a mindful moment of happiness. Very highly recommended.
  • Tom
    Thích Nhât Hanh, (1996), The Long Road Turns to Joy: A Guide to Walking Meditation, Parallax Press, Berkeley, CA. This short, practical how-to book on walking meditation is worth its weight in gold. I have adapted its principles for my morning jog, so that I do a “running meditation” some days, and walking meditation other days. This book can work miracles if you put it in practice.
  • Chris Gager
    A small picture book that's a tribute to TNH's ministry around the world and a guide to walking meditation. We all need a lot more peace in our lives for sure. Date is approximate.
  • Jonathan K
    A good book for what it is, an adjunct to other meditation guides, and of course one that focuses primarily on the walking component. Written by a student and I believe relative of thich nhat hanh, this book bring peace simply from reading it. The adjunct DVD is super brief, and I have not yet listened to the included meditations, but hope to do so shortly. Overall, the book itself is a quick read with some useful insights, but not a whole lot of...
  • Corey
    Summary:This is more like a small handbook than an actual book, but briefly and succinctly outlines walking meditation, its benefits and how to do it. There's a lot of esoteric language, but the gist of it is breathing, counting, walking and keeping a half-smile. You count your steps in time with your breath, starting with what is comfortable and natural for you and eventually extending your inhale and/or exhale to cover more and more steps as yo...
  • Serena Long ﺕ
    Smiling joyfully while reading this lovely book by Thay; it reminds me of Plum Village in France, when I was doing my walking meditation with Thay, brothers, sisters and other layfriends. Thay encourages us to "walk not in order to arrive, but just for the joy of walking." I love doing walking meditation because when we walk as the Buddha did, we actually continue his work. We nurture the seeds of Buddhahood in ourselves and show our gratitude to...
  • Kevin Orth
    Don't over think it. Just breathe and walk. We are so busy, busy, busy it's no wonder adrenal fatigue is rampant in western cultures. Keep it simple, be cognizant and aware of the present moment, walk. Highly recommend.
  • Robert Heckner
    Beautifully written and instructive. "There is no enlightenment outside daily life."
  • Diana Cramer
    A small book, but written in Nhat Hanh's calm & sweet style. Recommended for anyone who loves to walk and is interested in mindfulness/centering/meditation.
  • Claire
    Dead simple to start which is welcome in a meditation guide.
  • Eric
    Peace is every stepThe shining red sun is my heartEach flower smiles with meHow green, how fresh all that grows. How cool the wind blows. Peace is every step. It turns the endless path to joy.
  • Yogeshwar Vashishtha
  • Chanita.Shannon
    What if every step you took deepened your connection with all of life and imprinted peace, joy, and serenity on the earth? With Walking Meditation, listeners enjoy the first comprehensive instructional program in this serene spiritual practice to help them walk with presence and peace of mind whether in nature or on a busy city street. Presented in a unique format that combines a book with a DVD and audio CD, Walking Meditation features esteemed ...
  • Kenneth
    I am so glad my library had I copy of this book/cd/dvd. I really wanted to "check it out" and could not be made to pay retail price for this slim volume. I really like the content, but I would have felt ripped off had I purchased it. The DVD is 30 minutes of Hanh speaking in a short interview and briefly addressing a "class". Nothing therein that one cannot find in the text or in other books by this esteemed author. The CD features nearly 80 minu...
  • Heather
    This book comes with a CD and a DVD. This is Thich Nhat Hanh's teachings as filtered through Nguyen Anh-Huong. Her voice is the one that directs you through the guided meditations. She has a comforting voice, but it takes some getting used to. The text is relatively short and to the point, but useful. Not as engaging as Thich Nhat Hanh's direct writings on walking meditation, but she includes direct quotations from him, in the book. I have not wa...
  • Nikki
    Beautiful little book on walking meditation. Filled with wonderful tips and poems that can be used whether you are on a long walk, walking up the stairs at work, or even just taking a moment to bring yourself back to the present moment. I actually read this in one straight shot while I was waiting to see a doctor. It really made the time pass differently!! I got very centered and calm. I highly recommend!!
  • Bob
    I came across this book quite by accident, many years ago, while browsing the "Philosophy" section in a bookstore. In perusing it I discovered that I had been essentially doing this at times but unaware that I was. A simple (not to be confused with easy) technique that can be incorporated into everyday life. While it is walking for the sake of walking it can be utilized in "walking from A to B" This is the book that led me into deeper studies of ...
  • Jigar Brahmbhatt
    A practical guide to become conscious of one's breathing while walking, thereby becoming aware of the here and now. I tried on my usual walk tonight: in-in-in, out-out... but it is difficult because every time I tried to focus on my breathing as explained in the guide my steps would slow down and that would be wrong because then my walk would be unreal. This kept me busy for an hour. I will try again tomorrow.
  • Ashley
    Meh. I'm not really sure how to rate this book. I've read most of what's in here elsewhere, so I think I was expecting more. On the other hand, perhaps the beauty of the book and the practice it advocates lies in its simplicity. I wouldn't want to discourage someone from reading it if what they're looking for is a simple way to escape daily stress. Even if you are wary of meditation, learning to relax and just breathe is a valuable lesson.
  • Sarah Booth
    though short, there was a great deal of insite offered about the importance of meditation and mindful walking or meditative walking. It was an eye opener as to the importance our actions play in the world.The book basically describes how to walk meditatively and give the reason why it is important and how it affects you and the world. A simple text that has a great deal to offer.