Kaninjägaren (Joona Linna, #6) by Lars Kepler

Kaninjägaren (Joona Linna, #6)

Joona Linna har suttit två år på den slutna anstalten Kumla när han förs till ett hemligt möte. Polisen behöver hans hjälp för att stoppa den gåtfulle mördaren som går under namnet Kaninjägaren.Den enda länken mellan offren är att de alla hör ett barn läsa upp en ramsa om kaniner innan mördaren kommer. Ödets tärningskast placerar överraskande tevekocken Rex Müller mitt i händelsernas centrum. För första gången ska han ta...

Details Kaninjägaren (Joona Linna, #6)

TitleKaninjägaren (Joona Linna, #6)
Release DateOct 24th, 2016
PublisherAlbert Bonniers Förlag
GenreMystery, Crime, Thriller, Fiction

Reviews Kaninjägaren (Joona Linna, #6)

  • Matt
    In this sixth instalment of the Joona Linna series, Lars Kepler reminds readers what true Scandinavian psychological thrillers are meant to entail. When Sweden’s Foreign Minister is murdered by someone lurking in the shadows of his own home, the only witness to the event mumbles something that confuses authorities. Joona Linna, Sweden’s most prolific hunter of serial killers is not available to assist, having been sentenced to prison. However...
  • Amanda
    Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review. I have not read the other books in this series but was so excited to get this book, I’m overlooking this dilemma!!! A viscous killer called the rabbit hunter is stalking his victims in a cold brutal fashion. Loved this book and was fully immersed in this book and will definitely read the other books now!!Not for the faint hearted as this is brutal and creepy but very well written and ...
  • Paromjit
    This grisly addition to the Lars Kepler series featuring Detective Joona Lina and Superintendent Saga Bauer is my first introduction to the series. Lars Kepler is apparently a husband and wife writing team. In many ways I found this a difficult read and part of the reason I felt was that I should have read the series in order, there are numerous references to past events that on occasion I felt a little lost, so this is not great as a standalone....
  • Miriam Smith
    "The Rabbit Hunter" is the sixth outing in the series featuring Joona Linna and from what I can tell has been a very highly successful series too. Incredibly written by Lars Kepler - who is actually husband and wife team Alexander and Alexandra Ahndoril - this thriller is one mighty roller coaster of a ride that will guarantee you'll be leaving the lights on at night for sure.I've haven't been as scared reading a book since 'Intensity' by Dean Ko...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    SWEDISH REVIEW Kaninjägaren är otroligt nog den första boken jag läser av Lars Kepler. Som vanligt är tidspress min ursäkt för att ha missat denna fantastiska serie. Men det ger mig fördelen att jag har 5 olästa böcker att ta mig an samt att jag kan skriva en recension utifrån en ny fans synvinkel. Så hur var Kaninjägaren? För att vara den senaste boken i en en serie så var kändes det väldigt lätt att komma in i boken. I och med...
  • Inna
    I waited eagerly for this book, perhaps too eagerly, because I was a tad disappointed in it. I feel like the most interesting and important characters (Joona and Saga) were left largely to the background, and there was too much irrelevant stuff going on. I loved the tension, the violence and the creepyness of the story, but it was too easy to guess who the hunter was, so the end part of the book was a bit of a letdown. But it was nice to get to r...
  • Linda Eilertsen
    Yeah, no, I'm done. I was struggling through the final parts of the last Kepler, too, with all the ridiculous butchering that never seemed to stop. With this one, I read maybe a quarter, put it on the shelf and waited weeks before continuing - which isn't a good sign when it comes to books you're supposed to devour in one sitting. I finished it out of pure stubbornness.This series isn't for me anymore. I've had it with the silly serial (or spree)...
  • Marie the Librarian
    Well this was intense and twisted like Kepler usually does it. Buuut it lacked a little bit.. although that ending was creepy as f.
  • Jo
    Lars Kepler is probably the most intense of the Scandinavian authors I've read, He's very similar to Jeffrey Deaver of Dean Koontz. This is a great series but its not for everyone, it is very bloody and not for the squeamish.
  • Rita Costa (Lusitania Geek)
    I always love to read Lars Kepler novels, the Joona Lina Series, this time with Saga Baueronce again. Very good reading, not as exciting as the previous ones. Crime, police investigation and nordic mystery, what else ? I absolutely love their writing style and the way they tell the story. I do recommend to read this one, thou 😊 4 stars
  • Elaine Tomasso
    I would like to thank Netgalley and HarperCollins UK, HarperFiction for a review copy of The Rabbit Hunter, the sixth novel to feature Swedish detective Joona Linna.Joona is in prison when a rich man is murdered by a masked gunman. Strangely the gunman doesn't harm the prostitute who witnesses it but the rich man's identity causes a terror alert and Joona is offered his freedom in return for discovering the prime suspect's plans. When it becomes ...
  • Nedima Sinanovic
    So having digested the first five books in one reading I felt that this one fell short. It was overwritten, lacked a unique storyline and in the end felt like it was published for the sake of publishing a book. The only good part of was the epilogue, which really sparked an interest in the next book. But this one sadly leaves me with no thrill like the first book - Hypnotist, or the Stalker.
  • Dimitris Passas
    ''The Rabbit Hunter'' is a novel I was eagerly expecting since the release date of the English edition (3rd of May 2018) was announced. I can now say that it was well worth the waiting as this book contains all the necessary ingredients of a first-class, page-turning crime/thriller and the reader has the opportunity to devour the qualities that have become the trademark of the Swedish writers Alexander and Alexandra Ahndoril (Lars Kepler is their...
  • Bettie
    Princess Tuvstarr by John BauerDescription: There’s a face at the window. A stranger wearing a mask stands in the shadow of a garden. He’s watching his first victim through the window. He will kill him slowly, make it last – play him a nursery rhyme – make him pay.A killer in your house. There’s only one person the police can turn to – ex-Detective Joona Linna – but he’s serving time in a high-security prison. So they offer him a ...
  • Rowena Hoseason
    This is a perfectly serviceable Scandi crime thriller. Dastardly psycho killer has spent years seething and scheming fiendishly, coming up with a dastardly plan to exact appalling retribution upon his enemies. His victims ain’t exactly saints, and they probably deserve a tiny little bit of being stalked, tortured, maimed and murdered.So far, so fine.In the opposing corner we have Joona Linna, disgraced detective, currently a convict. An apparen...
  • Rute Rcp
    3.5 stars
  • Lone Matz
    Very exciting, a real page turner. :-)
  • Paul
    Lars Kepler is a pair of authors that I have come to have great trust, Each time I pick up one of there books I get lost for a couple of days. Their books are always well thought out and give me a workout for my mind. I could rave about these two allday and have been more than happy to recommend them to people I know on more than one instance. They have also given me a pair of characters I actually care about and want to see what is happening to ...
  • Vegard
    Has "Nordic Noir" become a "Slaughterhouse Noir"? Are these guys competing with other suspense authors in descriptions of advanced ways to dispose of the victims? The authors can't even keep track of the killer's victims. One of them sailed away to Finland with his guts on the floor, never to be mentioned again. The suspense of the story gets lost in endless details. Maybe cutting back on the length would help?
  • Kristin
    Far too violent and grotesque! The plot was good, but the horrible and unneccesary animal scenes was total overkill and made the book nearly unreadable for me - far to long and repetitive. Guess this will be my last Kepler-novel!
  • Nicole
    A very exciting read from the very first page!
  • Simoné Eloff
    Yeesh. How's that for an opening scene? And no, I'm not referring to the prologue of the guy peeing on someone's patio furniture.This is the sixth book in a series I absolutely adore, although it's my first review of any of the books. (My first official book review ever, in fact. Yay me!) In light of this, let me make it clear that the Joona Linna series ranks as one of my favourite crime/mystery series ever. It's always a happy day when I discov...
  • Kamilla
    No matter how hard I try and think about my feelings regarding this book, I can't give it more than three stars. Here's why:I have waited so long for the 6th book in the Joona Linna series, so there was much anticipation and high expectations. Stalker, the 5th book, still gives me the creeps years later when I think about it. But upon reading this book, I couldn't help feeling underwhelmed and disappointed. The first 200pages were agony to read a...
  • Cheryl M-M
    It’s Scandinavian Noir with a smidgen of horror and side-helping of psychological thriller. It’s dark, and as it gets deeper, it gets a lot darker.Lars Kepler is the pseudonym for husband and wife writing duo Alexander Ahndoril and Alexandra Coelho Ahndoril. Their stories can be gruesome, bloody and cross some boundaries. If you know Lars Kepler books then you know what you are letting yourself in for in terms of bloody, graphic violence and ...
  • Todd Simpson
    Simply Brilliant, I loved it. I was so happy when I saw that this book was 528 pages, as Lars Kepler are two Authors that can definitely hold your attention with a longer story. They certainly didn’t disappoint, as the plot in this book is one of their best. Joona Linna and Saga Bauer are exceptional characters, and they are one of the many reasons I’ve enjoyed all six books in this series. Joona Linna was getting used to being locked up in p...
  • Laurel
    At the end of Stalker, (Joona Linna #5) Joona is sentenced to 4 years in prison. He is still in prison at the beginning of The Rabbit Hunter, but when Sweden's Foreign Minister is murdered the government needs his help to solve the crime. It is believed that the murder is the beginning of a terrorist plot. Saga Bauer, from previous Kepler thrillers, is also working with Joona. The body count begins to rise...I love Joona Linna! He is my favorite ...
  • tay
    This book has made me so happy, and so angry at the same time. It’s an amazing crime book, and I loved the different POV’s from both killer and police authorities. I don’t read many crime books as I end up putting them down as the writing annoys me. It’s very hard to find a decent one to read, but Lars Kepler is amazing. It was absolutely brutal, but would definitely recommend caution while reading if you’re easily triggered. It’s dis...
  • Jeanette
    I was absolutely thrilled to have won 'The Rabbit Hunter' in a recent Goodreads First Reads giveaway. Excellent! It's the first time that i have read any books by Lars Kepler and it will not be my last. I am not going to write what the story is about as not only one can read the synopsis, but i do not wish to spoil for others. I can highly recommend. Must be one of my favourite reads over the past few months.
  • Nikol Podhorská
    So .. I wanted to say that it was not half bad .. And I realized, that it was. It was half bad. It took me exactly 299 pages to get into the story. The first part was just dreadful and ultimately completely irrelevant to the main plot. I surprised myself because I found the will to get to the page 299 but when I did .. oh my, Joonna you are so wonderful. From this page on the story was incredible, I was scared to be in my living room by myself be...
  • •ljuba•
    3.75/5⭐It‘s gotta be my least fav in the series because I was a little bored in the beginning..but I still enjoyed it a lot afterwards 3.75/5⭐️It‘s gotta be my least fav in the series because I was a little bored in the beginning..but I still enjoyed it a lot afterwards