Dinner by Melissa Clark


More than 200 all-new, never-before-published recipes for dishes that are "familiar but fresh, approachable but exciting." (Yotam Ottolenghi)Each recipe in New York Times columnist Melissa Clark's Dinner is meant to be dinner--one fantastic dish that is so satisfying and flavor-forward it can stand alone--or be paired with a simple salad or fresh bread on the side. This is what Melissa Clark means by changing the game.Organized by main ingredient...

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Release DateMar 7th, 2017
PublisherClarkson Potter Publishers
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction, Culinary, Adult, Foodie

Reviews Dinner

  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at:  http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/Confession:  I have a bit of an addiction to cookbooks.  Unfortunately, due to their hefty price tags I (i) have to refrain from purchasing nearly any of them and (ii) am often disappointed when I do shell out $20 or $30 bucks only to find them filled with stuff no one in my house would ever eat.  You see, much like Jim Gaffigan's brood, my clan is comprised of "eaties" rather than...
  • Kenneth Wong
    I didn't put an end date to this as Dinner is a work in progress if you will, a go-to book for when you're looking for inspiration. I've look admired & followed New York Times staff writer Melissa Clark's work & this book brings all her column & video work to a culmination. Dinner is just that, each recipe meant to be one fantastically satisfying stand alone meal. I think I'll be using this to cook some game changing meals for a long time.
  • Tima
    Each recipe is designed to make dinner a wonderful celebration of food and is intended to become a family classic. Each recipe is for dinner and can be a stand alone dish with perhaps a salad or some bread added. The author wanted to change the game and make meals easy and fun again. More than 200 recipes fill this large cookbook. Full page photographs add appeal as well. The recipes are well laid out and easy to read. All of the ingredients are ...
  • Elaine -
    This is a beautiful book with lots of protein heavy recipes for delicious dinners. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many recipes centered around meat. It's not always easy to find recipes that will truly satisfy for dinner. This is that book!Melissa Clark is an award winning food writer for the New York Times. She writes the popular column "A Good Appetite". She knows a thing or two about great meals and what it takes to create them. After a...
  • Ann Mah
    I love this cookbook so much I feel like it's my soulmate. It has both unique recipes, and recipes that offer a unique twist on old favorites. It's totally lifted me out of my dinner rut and makes meal-planning enjoyable again. Best of all, even my five-year-old loves the food from this book!
  • Andrew Farley
    Dinner is filled with creative meal ideas that will have your mouth watering from the first recipe.If you've ever tried to find new creative food ideas, but felt like you were stuck with chef's block, you could use this book. First and foremost, this is a book for everyday, weeknight meals. Looking at the pictures you will think, "Surely that is not true." But as you begin to read you will realize that each recipe is designed for just that purpos...
  • Sara
    Just realized I never tracked this on goodreads:It quickly becomes apparent in this cookbook that the author LOVES tomatoes. Sure, I like tomatoes too and I did check this book out last summer when they were in season but I don't need them in 9 out of 10 dinners. Anyway, I made two recipes out of this - put our cast iron to work with a delicious shaksuka (with heirloom tomatoes) and corn cakes (with roma tomato topping). The corn cakes were so gr...
  • Debbi
    This is my favorite cookbook of the year! As a vegetarian married to a carnivore, I am always looking for recipes that are interesting and appealing to both of us. Dinner: Changing the Game fits the bill. Most of the recipes are simple enough to put together in an hour. The instructions are clear the photos are beautiful and the food is delicious. I am almost ready to invest in a new copy... well used, the pages are beginning to stick together.
  • Alison
    The recipes and photos are inspiring and interesting, but I think they could have done some more recipe testing. I've cooked about 10 of the recipes, and as followed, the seasoning is usually pretty blah, so I have to up the quantities of acid, salt, etc. Also, cooking timing is off in many recipes, as well. Actually, I'm really disappointed because I love her Beans and Grains recipe from NYT, and her grain bowl is great, too. I don't know what w...
  • Michele
    I'm reviewing cookbooks because I have to get one as a gift for somebody next month. I photo copied a bunch of recipes out of it to try but it still didn't feel like a winner because the portion size was bigger than I wanted for this gift (newlyweds) and the recipes were all sort of advanced and somewhat complicated. super interesting and exciting and really good sounding flavors though. I look forward to trying the harissa chicken especially.
  • KC
    Many of these recipes were too refined and sophisticated for me (although never too complicated) but there were a few winners. They layout was okay and a nice variety of chapters; not enough pictures.
  • RH Walters
    Inspirations for all kinds of eaters, even lazy ones who can adapt parts of recipes to make smaller dishes (i.e. made wonderful caramelized broccoli even though I didn't have ingredients to make the whole soup). I like Clark's commitment to fun and the photo of her family eating together.
  • Jane
    Despite the first 150 pages, which have nothing in them for me, this book gave me a lot of decent ideas. Nice pictures, and decent sections on beans, pizza, and dips that I might revisit someday.
  • Katy
    Gorgeous and currently full of tabbed pages for recipes to try!
  • Vicki
    Really thorough and inviting cookbook, I am excited to try so many of the recipes, giving my family great dinners with new flavor combinations.
  • elizabeth
    I want to make every veg recipe in this book, basically.
  • Judy
    I don't claim to have thoroughly read this book, but I have browsed all the way through, bookmarked many recipes, and tried two of them (butternut squash and red lentil soup with spinach, and cucumber salad). Both were excellent. She includes a number of sheet-pan recipes, which intrigue me. I like her down to earth, well-tested approach to food and cooking, and intend to try more recipes soon.9/12/17 I have now made many of these recipes, and I ...
  • Carrie
    Update: Now that we’ve had this for a while, I can easily say that this is our favorite cookbook. There’s a wonderful variety of dishes, and everything is delicious.This is a great book full of fun, delicious things for dinner. Everything we’ve made so far we’ve enjoyed.
  • Liza
    I am a fan of Melissa Clark, food writer for the New York Times. Her “Stupendous Hummus” has been my go-to hummus recipe - well received by Americans and Israelis alike. I thought it was the ultimate hummus, but now Clark's latest book “Dinner: Changing the Game” includes a “Killer Hummus” recipe. Here I was settling for stupendous hummus all these years. I am looking forward to trying the Killer Hummus. The additions of cooking the c...
  • Caitlin Hawksley
    Sections: Chicken; Meat: Pork, Beef, Veal, Lamb, Duck, & Turkey; The Grind; Fish & Seafood; Eggs; Pasta & Noodles; Tofu; Beans, Legumes & Vegetable Dinners; Rice, Farro, Quinoa & Other Grains; Pizzas & Pies; Soups; Salads That Mean It; Dips, Spreads & Go-withsPros: This is a cookbook made by a professional cook with all the thoughtful touches of someone who's owned and used many cookbooks. One of the most satisfying features is the lay-flat bindi...
  • Susanne
    I really like this cookbook for its simplicity, organization and most of all for its great flavor combinations. Each recipe takes up a page, many accompanied by a second full page photo. Each recipe has a personal introduction by Melissa Clark, the New York Times food columnist, a relatively short list of ingredients as well as short and easy to follow instructions. This cookbook is meant to convince us - yes, dinner from scratch at home is a del...
  • Renee
    This book is full of delicious-sounding and inspirational dishes. Unfortunately, of the five or six I've cooked so far, they pretty much all had something off about them in the ingredient ratios or the instructions. The farro/smoked mozzarella/tomato salad had a ridiculously large amount of farro and a ridiculously small amount of mint - it in no way resembled the picture. The lime and herb clams had you steam the clams with a bunch of sauteed ar...
  • sssnoo reads
    This is the second Piglet contest book I have read and decided to buy. This is the dinner and meal planning book I have been needing for a while. Something tomshake it up a bit, yet with recipes I can prepare easily on a weeknight without a lot of fuss and muss. I made the cover dish last night and it was someasy and such anchange up in tastes - and healthy. My family devoured it and it took almost no clean up. I have 10 more meals planned immedi...
  • Tina
    Here are some of the recipes I tried:Olive-oil Braised Chickpeas - surprisingly liked it (it looks more like a side dish than a main meal)Spicy Ginger Pork Noodles With Bok Choy - absolutely lovedPg 48 Spicy Tamarind Chicken - didn’t coat like pictured, but tasted goodPg 179 Cacio e Pepe with Asparagus and Peas - good, but next time I would cut the amount of veggies in halfPg 295 Thai fried rice with sausage and greens - yuckHere are some recip...
  • Daphne
    This is the best recipe book I’ve ever owned, hands down. I’ve made 15% of the recipes, some of those several times, and am eagerly anticipating trying the rest. This book is more than just a collection of recipes for dinner - it’s taught me HOW to cook in a new way and given me confidence to put together ingredients myself. The recipes are categorized by main ingredient primarily, and tends to be meat-heavy, although there are plenty of ve...
  • Alisa Wilhelm
    This is my absolute favorite chef (many of her recipes are found on the NY Times cooking website). I would cook everything in this book. Everything. Exactly my tastes and food style -- 1 pot meals for the most part + carb base (rice for me, usually) + salad. The recipes take about an hour from start to finish, with the occasional advanced marinade prep.I don't consider any of the ingredients here to be out of the ordinary, but I cook a lot of asi...
  • Sarah Lee
    Lots of great recipes for both carnivores and vegetarians. I like that all recipes were made from scratch with no boxed or canned items beyond beans (which the book mentions that you could use dried). I did walk away with some good flavor ideas for recipes I already make and some new recipe ideas I would like to try. There was a lot of things I personally would not eat in this book but that is just because I am picky. If you are looking for homem...
  • Lorraine Groom
    I am a cookbook nut and I read and collect them like novels. I've enjoyed reading Melissa Clark's columns for years so I was anxious to get and read this book. This is one of the best cookbooks I've ever read and used -- it's certainly one of the top two or three of 2017. Get this -- it will change your dinner game. It is beautifully illustrated and very easy to use, yet presents unconventional ways of preparing things. I see myself reaching for ...
  • Erin
    I made several recipes from here and was unimpressed. I think that in making a "fast/easy" cookbook, Clark has forgone longer ingredient lists that could have elevated her recipes to be more tasty and appealing. Aside from lack of flavor, I found the cooking times to be off. For example, the coconut milk lemongrass chicken called for simmering the chicken breasts for only 10-12 minutes, which only cooked mine about halfway through. I gave this bo...