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Our White House

More than one hundred leading authors and illustrators donate their talents in a creative tour de force that is making history.Conceived and co-created by the National Children's Book and Literary Alliance, this incomparable collection of essays, personal accounts, historical fiction, and poetry melds with an equally stunning array of original art to offer a multifaceted look at America's history through the prism of the White House. Starting wit...

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TitleOur White House
Release DateSep 9th, 2008
PublisherCandlewick Press
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, North American Hi..., American History, Childrens, Picture Books

Reviews Our White House

  • Judy
    Impressive. This was a huge undertaking. The process of conceptualizing, organizing and synthesizing would make for an interesting story in itself.Informative. Obama was the 44th President, and there are 110 entries, so obviously some Presidents merit more than one glance. At least one President didn't even earn an entry (Gerald Ford). Most entries have direct connections to the White House, but not all (e.g, a few paragraphs from RFK's tribute t...
  • Amy
    This book had the potential to be such a fantastic resource and document of our country's White House and the men and women who have lived there and helped shape our country's history. It was a series of stories, anecdotes, illustrations, poems, etc. by some of the United State's most prominent children's authors and illustrators. With the exception of a few stories and illustrations, most of this book was pretty uninteresting and downright borin...
  • J-Lynn Van Pelt
    Some of the most loved authors and illustrators of picture books come together for this edited collection about The White House. Created by the National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance, the book has poems, graphic novel spreads, political cartoons, letters, historical notes, and stories as well as a collection of illustrations that are just as diverse as the writing.This is an excellent historical resource because each entry is concise. The...
  • Pamela
    This book was created by the National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance and has stories and pictures by 110 renowned authors and illustrators. Some of the stories are factual, while others are fantasy and whimsical, and sometimes you don't know the difference. The reader gets to go behind the scenes of many presidents in the White House. For example, during the reign of President Theodore Roosevelt, it says that there were animals all over th...
  • Jennifer
    Very uneven book, which might be expected with a lot of authors. Sometimes the story just ends, without a clear resolution. Sometimes things aren't explained well, and if I were a kid, I'd have a lot more questions than answers. Some of the information provided was new to me, which was surprising because I read a lot of presidential history. There was one section that I felt didn't belong. It was a transcript of Robert Kennedy's speech in Indiana...
  • Jennifer Wardrip
    Reviewed by Allison Fraclose for TeensReadToo.comOn March 14, 1792, building commissioners in charge of the newly planned capitol city of the infant United States government issued a call for designs on a presidential mansion. The person who submitted the winning design would win five hundred dollars or a medal of the same value for their plans. Over the next few years, with the combined efforts of world renowned builders, immigrant workers, and ...
  • Rebecca
    This is an eclectic collection of stories, vignettes, primary sources (speeches and letters), illustrations, poems, imagined dialogues, historical retellings, and more, connected not always to the White House (though some are), but more to the presidency and to momentous happenings that involve the president and government. It's arranged chronologically, starting with the original White House and going up through the second George Bush. The ficti...
  • Fjóla
    This book doesn't quite make the cut as a proper picture book for children, although it does contain beautiful art from many of the most prominent illustrators of today. It's not a book for young children either, for that most of the texts are too wordy and not particularly child friendly either. But older children might enjoy it a lot if they're interested in our history. There should be something for everyone in there. I'll admit that some of t...
  • Kate N
    I really enjoyed this book! All it is is short stories about each president of the US. Some of the things I learned were, Franklin Roosevelt was the only president to serve 3 terms. Woodrow Wilson cried after signing the paperwork to join World War 1. Teddy Roosevelt's son died in WW1 (after Teddy left office). Harry Truman didn't live in the White House most of the time because it was under renovation during his presidency. It was interesting to...
  • Edie
    This is just about a perfect book for everyone, informative, fun, beautifully illustrated and covering all aspects of White House Life. Where else can you hear from Socks and the seamstress to Mary Todd Lincoln and learn about the bones that Thomas Jefferson brought to the White House. Just about everyone who is anyone in children's literature contributed to this book, Katherine Paterson, Virginia Euwer Wolff, Jane Yolen, Ed Young, Jon Scieszka, ...
  • Kerry Kenney
    I bought this book for my birthday and it is a treat. It offers a good selection of white house stories. A weakness of the collection is that it doesn't strike the right tone for kids. When I was reading some of the chapters I thought "Is a child going to be hooked by this?"I love the illustrations. I also think that since there are very few books about the glorious White House that are aimed at young readers this is definitely a fine start.
  • Ann
    There's something for everyone in this nifty collaborative effort. History, trivia, adventure, humor and illustrations by "more than one hundred celebrated authors and illustrators." The reader gets just a snippet of info in most pieces; I often yearned f or more substance from some of the great authors, but this book presumably will draw kids in and perhaps send them off for more details on the story/trivia/period that captivates them.
  • Sam Bloom
    This book is truly wonderful - actually, it would make an awesome upper-elementary history textbook. The contributing authors (Jon Szciezka, Jerry Spinelli, Natalie Babbitt, etc.) and illustrators (Chris Raschka, Brian Selznick, Annie Barrows, etc.) are top-notch, and the vignettes are fascinating. I really hope this wins some kind of award at ALA; it certainly deserves it.
  • Terri
    This book was designed to help confront historical illiteracy. It was written by 108 different authors and illustrators. It really is a beautiful book. It is full of short stories and wonderful artwork, all about the history of our country. One of my favorite stories was written by Jimmy Carter. I highly recommend this book, even if you only read some of the stories.
  • Sandy Brehl
    Contributions by 108 renowned authors and illustrators make this unique and worthy for any collection. beyond that, there is something for everyone here, although primarily older readers who have some sense of American history. This has something for everyone and it's not necessary to read through from cover to cover: poems, expository text, maps, portraits, diagrams, illustrations, essays.
  • Elizabeth Taylor
    Our White House is full of different real stories about the history of the White House. It shares stories of the people that lived in it and events that happened to the building. It's made up of personal essays and poetry. Although it contains some historical fiction, most of the book is nonfiction. I would use this book in my classroom during a unit on the President.
  • Jess Gill
    wonderful compilation of stories about past presidents, their families, and the time spent in the White House. i really enjoyed reading some of my favorite children's authors stories, as well as the variety of illustrations that accompanied the stories from many well-known children's illustrators.
  • Lori
    Excellent variety and a very interesting read about the 'executive mansion', the people who lived there and it's history. "Created by 108 Renowned Authors and Illustrators and the National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance".
  • Elizabeth
    I have not read the whole thing and what I have read is interesting and engaging! However, much of it is fiction/historical fiction ... at least of what I've read so far.
  • Kristy
    Gorgeous, beautifully written and illustrated. Most of the stories/poems/speeches I've never heard before and they were such a surprise, so revealing.
  • Deborah Morgan
    A treasure of stories, both real and imagined, of life in the white house. I love trivia so this book was good for that. The illustrations were a great addition.
  • Kerry Daus
    I am excited to have Mary Brigid Barrett coming to IHMS on March 8 & 9 to talk to our students!
  • Karen Gibson
    You know it is a good nonfiction book when it makes you want to read more.
  • Beth
    Appealing to all ages -- beautiful illustrations, wonderful stories and tidbits about the White House and its occupants. Only drawback is that it came out before our new first family moved in.
  • Laura
    This is the book I'll read to my kids before they go to bed. So much better than princess stories.
  • Peg
    What a fantastic collaborative effort--important facts, trivia, great art. There's something for everyone in this book about the People's House.