Slightly South of Simple (Peachtree Bluff #1) by Kristy Woodson Harvey

Slightly South of Simple (Peachtree Bluff #1)

From the next “major voice in Southern fiction” (New York Times bestselling author Elin Hilderbrand) comes the first in an all-new series chronicling the journeys of three sisters and their mother—and a secret from their past that has the potential to tear them apart and reshape their very definition of what it means to be a family.Caroline Murphy swore she’d never set foot back in the small Southern town of Peachtree Bluff; she was a New...

Details Slightly South of Simple (Peachtree Bluff #1)

TitleSlightly South of Simple (Peachtree Bluff #1)
Release DateApr 25th, 2017
PublisherGallery Books
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Contemporary, American, Southern, Romance, Adult Fiction, Adult, Family, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Slightly South of Simple (Peachtree Bluff #1)

  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    When Kristy Woodson Harvey released her debut novel, Dear Carolina, just over two years ago, I had found a new favorite author. Then, Lies and Other Acts of Love was released in the spring of 2016, and I was even more impressed. I am not one who re-reads books often, but each of these are re-read worthy, and I've given each as gifts to friends many times over. There is an ease and flow to her writing that I adore. Her southern settings are quaint...
  • Julie
    Slightly South of Simple by Kristy Woodson Harvey is a 2017 Gallery Books publication. It’s that time of year. Time to grab the sunscreen, the beach towel, a cold beverage, and a good book and head to the beach - or if you are like me and don't live close to a body of water- lounge by the pool. I have a nice list of ‘beach read’ authors I usually reach for, but Kristy Woodson Harvey is a new and fresh voice in the contemporary/women’s fic...
  • Lisa
    Slightly South of Simple(Peachtree Bluff #1)Kristy Woodson HarveyMY RATING PUBLISHER Gallery BooksPUBLISHED April 25, 2017 A fun and entertaining book that introduces you to a whole new set of friends and a town that you will definitely want to visit. SUMMARYCaroline Murphy is married to a New York Manhattanite and living the high life in the greatest city in the world. The problem is her thirteen year marriage has just fallen apart in a very pub...
  • Judy Collins
    Enter Here **Book Giveaway Contest ** Peachtree Bluff Three Book Series Set (paperback/US only) April 22-May 7, 2019. Winner announced May 8 along with my Q&A with Kristy Newsletter. The 30 Best Books of 2017Talented Southern storyteller, Kristy Woodson Harvey returns following her debut Dear Carolina and her strong follow-up, Lies and Other Acts of Love landing on my Top 50 Books of 2016 with the first of a new series, Peachtree Bluff: (T...
  • Amy
    All of my reviews can be found on www.novelgossip.comI'm hosting a giveaway on my blog for a copy of this starting today, 4/21/17!Have you ever experienced love at first sight with a book? Just one look was all it took for me to be intrigued by Slightly South of Simple, I just knew this would be a book that I would connect with and enjoy and I was so right! I follow Kristy on Instagram, (her feed is absolutely stunning and the pictures in this po...
  • Kate ☀️ Olson
    Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a digital ARC of this title for review - all opinions are my own. (Review written April 21, 2017 - spelling error fixed Feb 10, 2019.)While this is most definitely marketed as, and is, a summer beach read, it's not one I'd necessarily recommend when there are so, so, so many great ones in this category. My main issue with this book is the almost nonstop comments about weight and appearances, none o...
  • Cindy Burnett
    I was completely entertained by Slightly South of Simple. The three sisters, Caroline, Sloane, and Emerson, are perfectly written – each has her own distinct personality, but they fit together beautifully. Caroline was my favorite sister with her hilarious New York socialite personality and blunt mannerisms. Woodson’s dialogue is spot on, and the plot is appealing and held my attention. I read the entire book in a day because I really wanted ...
  • Erin
    There are no people in the world to make you realize what a spoiled, selfish bitch you've become and put you right back in your place quite like sisters. All I can say is that for the state I was in, thank God I have two.It might be -17 Celsius tonight, but this book was just the type to make me crave sand between my toes. Usually I am lucky if I like at least one character, but I really loved the whole darn cast of characters!! The perfect "chic...
  • Candace
    When Caroline Murphy Beaumont's marriage falls apart publicly on television, she, with her daughter, flies back to Peachtree Bluff, Georgia, to her mother. Ansley Murphy welcomes her six-month pregnant daughter and her granddaughter with open arms. Soon Caroline's sisters Sloane, with her two boys, and Emerson, a successful actress, join her at her mother's beach house. Ansley runs into her first love, Jack, when she is hired to redecorate a dama...
  • Sue
    Kristy Woodson Harvey has done it again!! She has written a book that has fantastic characters, wonderful setting and an engaging plot. This is book one of a new trilogy and I can't wait to read the rest of the story.Three very different type of sisters end up living with their mom at her home in Peachtree Bluff, Georgia for various reasons: Caroline lives in NYC and her husband is having a very public affair, Emerson, an actress, has a new role ...
  • Carmen Blankenship
    Kristy Woodson Harvey, Thank You! Thank you for getting me out of my reading funk. Slightly South if Simple is exactly what I needed. While the formula is not new, this book felt fresh. A story of 3 sisters coming home to Mom in Peachtree Bluff,a small coastal town in the South. Each sister is refreshingly real and flawed. As you may have guessed they each have their own set of issues that they are trying to come to terms with. This book is large...
  • Stephanie (Stephanie's Novel Fiction~on hiatus))
    4.5 stars!I just finished reading Slight South of Simple by Kristy Woodson Harvey and let me just say that I loved it! Being a southern girl, I love southern fiction, especially about strong, southern women and in this book, we get four although this is mainly the story of a very pregnant Caroline and her mother, Ansley. Sisters, Sloane and Emerson, round out the siblings, and I fell in love with each one. Being an only child, I love reading abou...
  • Sherri Thacker
    I really enjoyed this book. From start to finish.
  • Deborah Blanchard
    "Peachtree's motto is "A place to call home."" This book makes you feel like you are home. You know the town and all the people in it. Peachtree Bluff, Georgia is a small , quaint coastal town where Ansley lives. Her three daughters decide to spend a few months there as they are each dealing with something in their lives. Caroline's husband has left her, Sloane's husband is deployed and Emerson is filming a movie there. This book is exquisitely w...
  • Jamie beauty_andthebook_
    I’m not sure why it took me until now to finally read one of Kristy Woodson Harvey’s books, but I’m glad I finally did! The arrival of book #2 in this series, The Secret to Southern Charm, made my way via an ARC on Friday and it reminded me that I’ve had this on my list for quite some time. I absolutely flew through this, totally engaged in the lives of this family - mom Ansley and sisters Caroline, Sloane and Emerson. The viewpoints alte...
  • Dianne
    Not Good, not bad -just blah. Unfortunately, because it was written with a sort of cliff hanger I had to buy the next book at nearly twice the price. The third book I already have an ARC for (thank goodness).While these books are supposed to mainly be about three sisters, the mother's life figures in quite (and at great and sometimes repetitive length) prominently and it was not a great life. (view spoiler)[ Her husband, for starters, dies in 9/1...
  • Amy Reichert
    Wonderful, southern book about sisters, moms and daughters, and marriage. Not a surprise that I loved it as I love everything Kristy Woodson Harvey writes!
  • Robin
    A cast of beautiful and privileged people (with somewhat entitled ‘tudes), family dynamics fraught with slightly melodramatic angst, and an appealing Georgia seaside setting (with a dash of NYC) make for the perfect read for the coming summer. Despite getting very annoyed with a few of the main characters (one had a snobbish attitude towards body weight), I sailed through this and will read the two sequels I hear are in the works.This is a perf...
  • Betty
    I love reading women’s fiction, particularly those set in the Southern portion of the United States. So when I see a book that is both women’s fiction and Southern fiction, I’m immediately drawn to it in hopes of a good read… and that’s what I got with Slightly South of Simple: a very good read.Harvey’s story of three sisters who—for various reasons—move back into their mother’s home in Peachtree Bluff, Georgia, is simply fantas...
  • Glenda Nelms
    Three sisters live in Peachtree Bluff, Georgia with their mother. The story alternates between Ansley and Caroline pushes the plot. The main themes are rumors, secrets, forgiveness and betrayal. Good cast of characters and beautiful setting. A bond between a mother and her daughters.
  • Annie
    A fun story about three sisters and her widow mother. About family and love. Caroline might haven't been easy to like, but she was a damn great character. And while Ansley's pregnancy storyline was completely ridiculous and practically taken from a soap opera, I still thought SLIGHTLY SOUTH OF SIMPLE was touching, comforting, and with an excellent sense of place.
  • Eva • All Books Considered
    Review originally posted at All Books Considered: 3 STARS This is a definite beach read and I enjoyed it but it wasn't as much of an escape as I had hoped. Maybe it's just me but I'm finding it harder and harder to escape in a book given the news every. single. day. But turning back to this book, in particular, I really liked the alternating POV between mother and daughter. I don't think I've read a book before with that sort of switch and it wo...
  • Colleen Oakley
    Heartfelt and warm, SLIGHTLY SOUTH OF SIMPLE deftly explores the familial ties that bind us— and those that have the power to break us. Kristy Woodson Harvey's cast of characters— and the charming beach town of Peachtree Bluff— will crawl into your soul and stay there.
  • Susan Peterson
    Slightly South of Simple is set in Peachtree Bluff, Georgia, an idyllic coastal town where Ansley Murphy spent her childhood summers. Peachtree became a refuge for Ansley, a widow, and her daughters when they were small, and years later, her daughters have returned. Although Ansley is happy to have her daughters and grandchildren home again, each of them are going through life-changing challenges of their own. Caroline, the oldest, pregnant with ...
  • Jen
    Kristy Woodson Harvey has done it again. It is so bittersweet that this is the first in a series. I finished it so fast, I just couldn't put it down and now I'll just have to be patient for the next. Slightly South of Simple is an amazing southern read, and oh, will it be worth the wait. Slightly South covers the current lives of three sisters and their devoted mom. The first in what I'm told will be a series, the dialogue for this first book goe...
  • Tamara
    Review to come closer to pub date.Quick thoughts: I've really enjoyed Kristy's 2 previous books and this us no exception.SSOS is set in Georgia, but also has ties back to New York City. There are secrets ( oh yes!), love, sisterly bonds and sisterly battles. I enjoyed how KWH set the story up with 2 narrators ( Ansley and Caroline) and how she worked the dynamics between the sisters and the mother.She's laid a lot of groundwork in SSOS for her ne...
  • Cassidy (Cassidys.Bookshelf)
    **2.5/5**Ehhh.. Pros: Showcases how family truly is at the center of everything. Cons: Infidelity and a crap ton of weight bashing which is not my favorite.
  • Sarah
    I've written this review for Really Into ThisCheck out all of our reviews at https://reallyintothis.comHappy Reading, friends!Book Review: Slightly South of Simple by Kristy Woodson HarveySisters, secrets & an idyllic family home make up the first book in the Peachtree Bluff series.Welcome to Peachtree BluffTruthfully, I love starting a new series. It's like meeting a new friend. I want to take things slow. Let's not lay everything out on the tab...
  • Donna Hines
    Travelling together through family dynamics and beyond was quite a treat with Kristy as the driver.I loved this from start to finish and couldn't put it down. A wonderful collective conscious for the mind of memories from the past and present collided on a world wind of emotional roller coasters.What determines paternal rights? Is it strictly DNA and biology? Or is it the love one holds in their heart to desperately want to belong in that child's...
  • Linda Zagon
    My Review of “Slighty South of Simple” by Kristy Woodson Harvey“Slightly South of Simple” by Kristy Woodson Harvey is a captivating, heartwarming, enjoyable and intriguing novel. The genres for this novel are Fiction and Women’s Fiction. The story takes place mostly in the southern town of Peachtree Bluff. This is the first book in the series. The story takes place mostly in the present and goes back to the past only when it pertains to...