Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

A visionary new master class in cooking that distills decades of professional experience into just four simple elements, from the woman declared “America’s next great cooking teacher” by Alice Waters.In the tradition of The Joy of Cooking and How to Cook Everything comes Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, an ambitious new approach to cooking by a major new culinary voice. Chef and writer Samin Nosrat has taught everyone from professional chefs to middl...

Details Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

TitleSalt, Fat, Acid, Heat
Release DateApr 25th, 2017
PublisherSimon Schuster
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction

Reviews Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

  • Chessa
    Full review at Leveled Up ReadingI love a good cookbook, but Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat goes beyond the normal boundaries of the genre. I would almost say that this book is like the kosher salt in your kitchen - it's going to enhance alllll the other recipes and cookbooks in your life. Personally, I have more confidence in my cooking than before reading this book, AND my food is more delicious. I couldn't' really ask for anything more! Full review ...
  • C
    This book is flat-out genius and more than deserves all the praise it received. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat is far from a normal cookbook: Nosrat uses approachable, funny prose and helpful drawings to explain the basics of cooking and baking by considering the elements of salt, fat, acid, and heat. In this way the book really teaches you how to cook everything, not just the recipes clustered at the book's conclusion. This is a cookbook you actually REA...
  • Bonny
    Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat does offer an interesting way to think about the preparation of food, but I didn't find it “indispensable” or one that I “can't imagine living without” as Michael Pollan writes in the foreword. Author Samin Nosrat tells us that “there are only four basic factors that determine how good your food will taste: salt, which enhances flavor; fat, which amplifies flavor and makes appealing textures possible; acid, which b...
  • Ariel ✨
    If you order takeout for every meal or have a personal chef, feel free to ignore this book. Everyone else on the planet, do yourselves a favor and read her first four chapters! I consider myself a decent cook for an untrained young adult with mediocre cookware, but Samin Nosrat blew my mind with her simple and honest tips and lessons. Apparently, I've been using the wrong salt this whole time, bottled lime juice is the devil, you don't melt the b...
  • Sarah
    What a great idea for a cookbook! I feel like this should be required reading for anyone even marginally interested in cooking. For one thing, it's fascinating, and very well written. But perhaps more importantly, Ms. Nosrat provides a non-intimidating guide to correcting the mistakes (over- or under-seasoning, not knowing which ingredients pair well together, not knowing how to cook a cut of meat, etc.) that scare folks out of the kitchen. Geniu...
  • Kaytee Cobb
    Never have I ever: sat on the couch andnread every single page of a cookbook from cover to cover. Nope, drink. Because now I have and my life and my kitchen will be forget changed. Freaking fantastic. 5 tasty (salty, fatty, acidic, perfectly heated) stars.
  • Mehrsa
    I was frustrated by this book. But it was also fantastic. Why it's good: It's just an excellent explanation for cooking and a great way to view the whole enterprise. I love cooking and am pretty decent at making the stuff I like, but there was a lot in here that you get intuitively as a cook that is nice to see explained and spelled out. Like the acid part. I already love salt and I have intuitively used acid (lemon and vinegar) in most of my foo...
  • Cynthia
    I bought this after seeing her at an author talk. She's INCREDIBLY fun and lively and the book is wonderfully illustrated. She brings a lot of cooking experience, humor, and scientific knowledge to her explanation of how an understanding of the four basics of salt, fat, acid and heat can enable you to cook pretty much anything in the kitchen.Perversely, what I found was that this book actually made me feel more intimidated about cooking, not less...
  • Juli Anna
    I do not purchase cookbooks lightly, but I will be seeking out a copy of this one. I will also be enthusiastically recommending this book to everyone I know with a kitchen and tastebuds. This is the rare cookbook that transcends boundaries of cooking experience, background, and personal taste preferences. I would just as easily recommend this book to a picky eater who's just starting out cooking as to a voracious and kitchen-experienced foodie.No...
  • Gina
    This book is so interesting! I never read regular cook books because I just Google specific recipes when I need to. This book is a "how to cook book" or cooking theory. There are lots of things that seem obvious once I read them (like places that have meadows for grazing use lots of butter, but other places use other oils/fats. Duh, but I had never thought about it.) Or some things that I had read in recipes but didn't get the reasoning (like let...
  • Traci at The Stacks
    The best most beautiful cookbook I’ve ever owned. Totally liberating for the at home cook. Thoughtful and clear. Makes me excited to cook and try new things.
  • Kayleigh Wiebe
    I think that if you are an experienced chef, or just know your way around a kitchen, this might be a bit introductory for you. However, as a person sort-of new to the world of cooking, I found that I learned a lot from this book! Although, I wish I hadn’t just listened to the audiobook version, as I feel like it would be very helpful to have a physical copy to refer back to on a regular basis while cooking or menu planning.
  • Anna Dawson
    Whether you’re a novice at cooking or a dab hand in the kitchen, this is essential reading. Nosrat’s abundant enthusiasm for the ritual of cooking is infectious, and her guidance is thorough and informative, without ever being overwhelming. The written passages are paired with beautiful illustrations, which breathe life into the ingredients and methods described.
  • Bonnie Brandt
    I loved this “cookbook”. It is not a book full of recipes. It is a book that teaches you how to cook. I like to cook and bake but always said I have more of an eye for a recipe than someone who can just throw things together and make them taste delicious.This book changed that. I realized I have a lot more knowledge than I knew. I’ve read a lot of recipe books and a lot of cooking books that assure me I can cook without a recipe. This is th...
  • Hesper
    Kind of disappointing overall, but that's a relative opinion. I'm pretty sure the value of this rises in direct proportion to how little time the reader has spent cooking & learning about food prior to picking this up, and how much patience one has for the story part of recipe blogs. After a few pages the tone goes from breezy to grating fast. Yes, it has useful information even for experienced cooks, but it doesn't really feel "indispensable."Al...
  • Anita Pomerantz
    Definitely learned some new tricks, but I thought the salt and fat and heat sections were stronger than the acid section, where I need the most help! I think the concept of balance still feels elusive and that is what I want to learn. But I definitely moved in the right direction and made a much improved roast chicken! The author has a great "voice", and I look forward to trying things she suggested.
  • Callum McAllister
    Yup, I read this cookbook from start to finish. And, yup: it's really really good. It has a lot about meat but is still great reference for the vegetarian, particularly in going through techniques and the various flavour charts throughout the book, which show which flavours you might want to pair together when cooking a particular meal from whichever part of the world. I learned quite a lot and am going to continue flipping back to reference part...
  • Isabelle Leo
    Wow!! So clear and so straightforward, so well structured! I really feel like I'm going to retain the facts she taught me, the underlying principles, and the values - experimentation, practice, trusting my senses. I can't wait to start cooking the recipes in the back. I know I will refer to and reread most of the explanatory sections again and again. 2019 is the year of Samin
  • Maggi LeDuc
    Learned so much about cooking and recipe creation. This is the first cookbook I've read from start to finish and I don't regret it one bit.
  • Jimmy
    Only a few years ago, I ate mostly frozen pizza and restaurant take-out. I'd always had an interest in cooking, but the way it is usually taught did not appeal to me. You see, I hate recipes and following directions. Doing things one after another without understanding why it works or doesn't work sounded like a chore.Then I discovered an online class called Foodist Kitchen. I went from only cooking frozen food to making my own meals from scratch...
  • Becky Pliego
    A wonderful book to learn new techniques, methods, and also understand "Why's" in the kitchen. Very helpful and fun. I have already tried some of her recipes and they have been fantastic.
  • Abby
    Warm, approachable, and clear. I am not an aspiring cook, as I am married to a very accomplished one and see no reason to tax myself with acquiring his level of skill, but Samin Nosrat makes me want to try my hand in the kitchen. She is a talented writer with a teacher’s gift for explanation and the humble/humorous instructive anecdote.
  • Ryan
    I was always intrigued by this book but I didn’t know exactly what it was. Was it food writing? Fiction? Stories from a kitchen? Children’s book about four characters names Salt, Fat, Acid, and Heat? Ok, I knew it wasn’t the last one for sure. This book is an indispensable book for anyone who wants to be a better cook. Samin breaks down these four elements, how and when to use them, and what they do for your dishes. It’s incredible how mu...
  • Srujan
    A bit of a disclaimer about my rating. It is purely for the first 45% or so of the book. Being a book on food the rest is filled with detailed recipes with very helpful detailing and a very science-ey, logical approach to cooking. Like simple things as when to salt things, salt tougher to cook beans an potatoes earlier and more generously. A lot of it is common cooking wisdom too but, here I speak for myself when I say that we overlook A LOT in o...
  • Erin
    I was not a fan of the wide-eyed "well golly!" tone of the author's writing/reading (listened to this book as an audiobook). I felt completely talked down to, and for the first two sections I gleaned very little that I did not already know. The acid section gave me some new pointers, and overall I enjoyed the science of the heat section, but generally I didn't get much out of this book.Would be a great gift for someone really new to food, who lik...
  • Gretchen Alice
    This is really more of a textbook than a cookbook. Understanding the principles behind salt, fat, acid, and heat legit helped me level up as a cook. I think differently about cooking now and I'm very grateful to Samin Nosrat. Wendy MacNaughton's charming illustrations make this volume even more enjoyable to read. I can't wait to try out a few of these recipes and spend more time in the kitchen.
  • Adrienne
    Fabulous! I saw Samin Nostrat on Netflix, loved her, loved all the wonderful information she offered to everyone who cooks. I just read and savored her book. I learned things I never even thought about. All exciting,useful and important information, for everyone who cooks! Wonderful book, I recommendit to everyone who has a stove and a pot.
  • Alanna Why
    I have only made the scrambled eggs recipe from this so far (lol) but this was a really fantastic and informative cookbook! The first half explains the four elements of good cooking and how to use them. I have always been looking for a cooking basics book that explains what makes things taste good and this was it. Mandatory reading for any aspiring home cook. When in doubt, ADD MORE SALT!
  • Luca
    Life changing. Absolutely must read, no matter how much of an experienced cook you are.