AA Gill is Away by A.A. Gill

AA Gill is Away

A. A. Gill is one of the most feared writers in London, noted--according to the New York Times--for his "rapier wit." Some even consider the mere assignment of a subject to Gill a hostile act. But when the notice "AA GILL IS AWAY" runs in the Sunday Times of London, the city can rest peacefully in the knowledge that the writer is off traveling. "My editor asked me what I wanted from journalism and I said the first thing that came into my head--I...

Details AA Gill is Away

TitleAA Gill is Away
Release DateOct 17th, 2005
PublisherSimon & Schuster
GenreTravel, Nonfiction, Writing, Essays, Journalism

Reviews AA Gill is Away

  •  Irma Sincera
    Dar vienas lengvas vasaros skaitinys, kurį gali padėti ir paimti bet kuriuo metu. Tai trumpos istorijos iš kelionių, aprašytos labai sarkastiško, tiesaus, keliautojo ir žurnalisto A.A.Gill. Jo tikslas šioje knygoje buvo paimti interviu ne iš žmonių, bet iš vietovių. Knyga suskirstyta pagal žemynus, istorijos trumpos, tematikos įvairios. Retkarčiais perskaičius istoriją, taip ir nesuprasdavau ar ji turėjo kažkokią aiškią id...
  • Caroline Barron
    "You'll love AA Gill," said Jarrod, "because his travel writing zooms out to reflect on the greater human condition. It's like," said Jarrod, "he's leaving a how-to guide for his children after he's passed." Well holy sh**, that was it - get thee to the library - immediately. And that was how 'AA Gill is Away' ended up beside my bed.Gill is a funny guy, but knows enough about how the world fits together to give broad historical, political insight...
  • Tripp
    There are some travel writers, like Rory Stewart of the Places in Between fame, who focus so little on themselves that they seem to vanish from the page. AA Gill is not one of those writers. His giant personality, opinion and humor threaten to crowd out whatever subject is at hand. When he is focused he can be quite acerbic, although generally in a witty manner. In AA Gill is Away, his takes on Japan (populated by aliens who are trying hard to lo...
  • Larissa Archer
    my favorite living writer, and the one who does my job the way I would like to.
  • Kingshuk Mukherjee
    I remember discovering Led Zeppelin at the age of 15- floored that one band could make so much delightful noise. I have vivid memories of googling to see if they'd be playing in LA or Irvine anytime soon, and promptly being crushed to learn John Bonham had died over 20 years ago. The remaining members said there could be no band without Bonzo, and they went their separate ways. I feel the same about A.A. Gill's writing. I came across Gill only af...
  • Judy Beyer
    I started off being entranced by AA Gill's irreverent wit and scathing criticism, but then I found it a bit tiresome. A pity, because he was clearly super-brilliant and hugely articulate. He and Jeremy Clarkson were great friends – little wonder. Would love to have met him though...
  • Christine Yen
    Fun essay collection, reasonably quick read.
  • Holly
    Have always been a fan of his journalism and this book just serves as a reminder of what an immense talent he had with words and creating clever similes.
  • Justin Walshaw
    Without AA Gill we would not have news headlines like "Where to find LA's most Instagram-worthy floors in real life." He's brill.
  • Abigail Tovell
    Snarky word porn.
  • katy ktp
    Brilliant travel writing mostly - just a shame that sometimes he talks rubbish
  • Robert Glancy
    Phenomenal and hilarious.
  • Seán
    a master of angry writing and emotional manipulation......but also riotously funny
  • Marina Sharipova
    Кто не любит путешествовать? Таких людей практически нет. Если вы летом остаетесь в городе, обязательно прочтите книгу "На все четыре стороны”, чтобы мысленно перенестись в кругосветное путешествие. Книга представляет собой путевые заметки жур...
  • Fiona
    At the beginning of this book Gill describes his halting beginnings in journalism, troubled, as he is, by dyslexia. Gill claims that as he matured and settled into his writing, opinions and outlook, any lingering concerns about dyslexia were transferred to those who engage with him and his work. He expropriated the condition and its stigma, and in the process, freed himself. Gill's work is intrinsically personal, he constructs beautifully astute ...
  • Jenny Sparrow
    Эту книгу подарили мне на день рождения почти 3,5 года назад, но я в последние годы читаю практически только на английском и на Kindle, тем более на обложке стояла приписка "Возьми в отпуск", а таких отпусков, где можно будет много читать, у меня в то вре...
  • Mitchell
    This is another book I used to flick through during the endless tedious hours at my bookstore job. AA Gill is a British columnist, ostensibly a travel writer, but not the kind with a tagline at the end which says "the writer was a guest of X Travel." Gill is as much a political and social writer as he is a travel writer, and this compendium of his columns for the Sunday Times ranges across topics from a Sudanese famine to the California pornograp...
  • Brooke
    A refreshing glimpse into the most unexpected adventures and the mind of risible critic. About his methodology- " I trust my memory to filter out what's important. I talk about where I've been as much as possible. the act of turning it into stories, descriptions and anecdotes and having to repeat them, watching people react, begins to form an armature for the piece."About Haile Selassie- "All his life he seems to have had only one impervious sarc...
  • Stephen Vizinczey
    Some of the best writers today are columnists. The discipline of limited space freed them from the waffle that makes most novels unreadable, and inspires them to write in a way that keeps you glued to the page. Prince among the best is A.A. Gill. I'm readin his "A.A. Gill Abroad" the third time - it is the wittiest and most informative travel book ever. He can sum up places and people in unforgettable phrases. In his piece on India, he observes t...
  • Sergio GRANDE films
    I'm tempted to write "another great collection of AA Gill's articles and essays" but there's no such thing as "another one". The entire body of Adrian Gill's work is one great collection. Take this story out of this book and put it there, remove the other one and bring it here. Nothing changes. One wouldn't notice the swaps simply because all the stories are equally good, equally well written.How well written?, you ask. This this the opening para...
  • Steve McCoy
    This one is a really good counterpoint to the Thompson book. Gill, like Thompson, aims for a half-serious, half-comedic tone with some literary merit to his writing. Gill, unlike Thompson, succeeds. This is a really terrific collection of travel stories that are subdivided into loose geographic groups. The pieces alternate between being very funny and quite sad, often within the space of a few pages. Gill is adept at setting up the reader with a ...
  • Micha
    A.A. Gill is a rhetorician, not a deep thinker, but is nonetheless a hilarious motherfucker. He usually writes about food for the Sunday Times, but this one is about travel. Takes controversial positions to be inflammatory. Skewers German, English and especially Japanese culture ("If Japan were a person, you wouldn't laugh at it, you'd smile pityingly at its parents and whisper that you're sure they can do wonderful things with medication these d...
  • Roniq
    I loved this book!! If you like stories of travel Adventure that make you cringe, this is the book for you. Most people wouldn't venture to half the places A.A has been. Ballsy is all I can say. Truly gifted writer with a unique insight to such places as L.A, Where he makes a porn film. He also writes of India, Russia, Sudan and Cuba to name a few. I laughed out loud many times reading this in addition to feeling sick at times. An in your face, s...
  • Erin
    at the top tier of all travel writing i've ever encountered...there are no sacred cows (watch out, japan!) and gill takes no prisoners. i've read his columns in vanity fair before and these are as funny as those, but reading a collection of them together i found myself marveling that he can come away from a trip abroad with a totally cynical and sometimes even angry view of humanity and the world's backwaters, but still be fired up to head off so...
  • Jeanne
    I love travel books! And while my geography is fairly decent, I always keep an atlas nearby to find the out-of-the-way places mentioned. This was my first encounter with Gill, so I was unaware of his controversial writing persona. His caustic approach is toned down a bit by his wry humor and even his compassion shines through on occasion. He packs a lot of information (history, politics, economics) in the 300 pages, and I came away with a better ...
  • Martin Budd
    A truly ferocious talent, he crafts words like fine needle sharp stiletto's, a truly astonishing read. This is one of the few books I have ever read where I have experienced such a breathtaking range of emotion from laugh out loud to heart ache. He has a savant's awareness of human nature it is as if he is aware of your thoughts.....Profound.
  • Greg D'Avis
    Surprised by how much I liked this -- my only knowledge of Gill was his article about Albania that got him in some trouble. This is far more serious and thoughtful than I expected, with a very sharp writing style. Oddly, the least interesting pieces are those closest to his home -- the British Isles pieces were pretty light. Other than that? Very good.
  • Will Marshall
    Whilst the personality is overly egotistical, and the point of view increasingly predictable throughout the book, AA Gill is arguably one of the best crafter of phrases and similar word-smithery writing in England today, conjuring the most vibrant of images, "war memorials cast from boiled cannons" being only an example of this.