The Dragon in the Sock Drawer (Dragon Keepers, #1) by Kate Klimo

The Dragon in the Sock Drawer (Dragon Keepers, #1)

A favorite dragon book—now in paperback!Ten-year-old cousins Jesse and Daisy have always wanted something magical to happen to them. So it’s a wish come true when Jesse’s newly found thunder egg hatches and a helpless, tiny, but very loud, baby dragon pops out. Soon the two kids are at the dragon’s beck and call, trying to figure out what to feed her. An Internet search leads them to the library, which leads them back to the Internet, whe...

Details The Dragon in the Sock Drawer (Dragon Keepers, #1)

TitleThe Dragon in the Sock Drawer (Dragon Keepers, #1)
Release DateJul 22nd, 2008
PublisherRandom House
GenreFantasy, Dragons, Childrens, Fiction, Middle Grade, Adventure

Reviews The Dragon in the Sock Drawer (Dragon Keepers, #1)

  • Laura
    Adorable, cute, sweet and very very funny!A lovely read I highly recommend for all those of you who have a little magic lover of your own, in search of an exciting new adventure.Cause being a Dragon Keeper is THE BEST!!!!You should definitely give it a try. :DHappy reading!!! Adorable, cute, sweet and very very funny!A lovely read I highly recommend for all those of you who have a little magic lover of your own, in search of an exciting new adv...
  • Dolly
    This is the first book in the Dragon Keepers series by Kate Klimo and John Shroades. We discovered this series by chance during a library visit and my oldest is enthralled. She read this book almost nonstop until she finished it and we've quickly put the next three books in the series on hold at our local library. She really hopes that more will be published soon!I found the book to be a quick, entertaining read. It's a great book to introduce ch...
  • Kathy Martin
    This is a cute middle grade or upper elementary fantasy about two cousins who find a dragon in a geode. Jesse and Daisy are best friends and both are believers in magic. They have created their own magical museum in an abandoned barn that has become their playhouse. Daisy's dad is a geologist. On one trip with him, Jesse finds a geode that his uncle calls a thunder egg. What he doesn't mention right away is that the egg talks to him. After Uncle ...
  • Cheryl
    I just read this book out loud to my 7 year-old son, and I'm not sure which one of us enjoyed it more! The writing is enticing and the storyline one that hooks your attention. The elements of fantasy (the discovery and hatching of a dragon egg) are delightful, and the characters are real enough for kids to relate to. Although the book is fantasy, the story is well-crafted and believable. My son is a reluctant reader, and this book captured his im...
  • Candy Atkins
    Very cute. Probably the best ages to read this would be 6-9 depending on the reader.
  • Michele
    Book 1 of Kate Klimo’s Dragon Keepers series, The Dragon in the Sock Drawer, finds cousins Jesse and Daisy caring for and protecting their newly hatched dragon. Emmy, whose name is really Emerald, hatches out of an egg that Jesse thought was a geode, and she immediately begins to grow. In fact, she doubles her size every day. The kids tell Daisy’s dad, Joe, that Emmy is a green basilisk lizard from Costa Rica. Unfortunately, their lie lands t...
  • Sandy
    I randomly picked up this book for my 3rd grade son to read this summer. He really enjoyed it so I (half-jokingly) said I would read it too. I just finished it today, and I'll have to say I thought it was a cute book! I really like that the author finds a way to explain the definition of big words to the reader, in a fun way. Cute story. I think we'll both read #2! :)
  • Shala Howell
    The six-year-old loves this series. We had been reading it one chapter at a time together at storytime but she got too impatient with that and stole the book to read on her own. She is very generously allowing me to continue reading this book to her in the evenings even though she is two books ahead in the series already.
  • Joey Woolfardis
    I enjoy children's books almost as much as their intended audience, but perhaps I am being too harsh, but I didn't find this book particularly interesting. Written fairly well with a strong opening, but still I found that it spoke down to the reader, as opposed to speaking to them.
  • Anna Nesterovich
    I read this book aloud to my 6 year old, and he was very excited. It's his first fiction book without illustrations, and I'm glad we found something that wasn't over his head and made him laugh quite a lot. We finished it in three sittings and are going to continue reading the series.I only wish that "age appropriate" characters wouldn't be that silly and unrealistic. A stranger stands in you hall, calls your kids thieves, and demands to search y...
  • Melissa
    My daughter read this series and talked about it so much that I had to start it. Jesse finds a thunder rock while out hiking with his cousin Daisy. His uncle thinks it's a geode and tries to break it open, but it doesn't work. Jesse puts it in his sock drawer. A day later a dragon hatches from it. A cute green dragon they name Emerald, Emmy for short. This one event changes the cousins summer. They are now Dragon Keepers and must keep Emmy safe. ...
  • Emma Goldberg
    I loved it and thought it was so clever to make Emmy turn into a dog extremely well written
  • Nancy Kotkin
    The Dragon in the Sock Drawerby Kate KlimoThis middle-grade novel is a fantasy about a pair of ten-year-old cousins who find a geode that really turns out to be a dragon egg. The egg soon hatches and the cousins are now “dragon keepers”, assisted by a mysterious web site. (This is a real web site maintained by Random House.) As a plot complication, there is an evil dragon slayer, posing as a university herpetologist in town, who is after the ...
  • Jennifer Wardrip
    Reviewed by Breia "The Brain" Brickey for TeensReadToo.comThis is the story of ten-year-old cousins Jesse and Daisy, who look every day for something magical to happen to them. They find what they believe is a geode called a Thunder egg. The "Thunder egg," though, turns out to be a dragon egg - and thus begins the story of two young Dragon Keepers. I thoroughly enjoyed THE DRAGON IN THE SOCK DRAWER from beginning to end. Jesse and Daisy learn as ...
  • Little Miss and the Legomeister
    Little Miss is obsessed with this story, repeatedly checking out the audio book, listening every night, calling herself by the main character's name (Jesse not Daisy), and carrying around- talking to and about- a small plastic dragon she calls Emmy.It is a really cute story, at a young reader's level, with fun characters and a very cute dragon. Content Note: It might bother some, although it doesn't me, that the villain in the story is St. George...
  • ✨ Gramy ✨
    The characters are captivating and they lead you an awesome adventure in fantasy.I would recomme3nd it for the young reader or an adult.
  • Eva
    This book was funny, interesting and scary at times. I really liked that the dragon could talk. She was really funny when she did.
  • Daphne Jones
    When cousins Jesse and Daisy ("Daze") find a dragon egg, they soon become keepers of a baby dragon called Emmy. Silly plot contrivances (such as Jesse knowing that someone evil is searching for the dragon, yet he posts signs about a "missing lizard" all over town anyway) really hold the story back and magnify its three main features: a good premise held back by weak characters and contrived plot. The prose here is simple and workmanlike, rarely f...
  • Kim
    I apparently had this book in my library for quite some time. I think I received it from my neighbour a few years back. I recently cleaned up my library and found this and decided to give it a shot even though I'm definitely not the intended audience.This was a very quick read for me (again, I was not the intended audience so that totally explains this). This was a cute book that I think many children will enjoy, especially with all the reference...
  • Maleen
    3.5 This was definitely a kids book, but a fun read nevertheless. I liked the baby dragon. And the kids' personalities didn't annoy me too much. However, I was totally annoyed with how the events played out. Come aren't going to hand your dragon over to a DRAGON SLAYER because you want your father to believe the lie you made up in the first place. They had no idea he wouldn't walk outside and kill the dragon first thing. It just seemed h...
  • Taralee
    My 4th grade son and I read this chapter book independently then discussed it each night as we went. He liked it and I was happy to find a book he finally enjoyed. Reading is not his favorite thing and this book kept his attention. There was just enough adventure and suspense. I'm so glad there are more in this series!
  • Julie Akeman
    This is a cute book. The cover says it's great for the age group who has finished reading Magic Treehouse but is not quite ready for Harry Potter. The little baby dragon is cute. This is the first in a series and I would have to see about ordering the next ones later through library systems. Perfect book for the young dragon lover.
  • Jessica
    I am reviewing childeren's books in a series. This one is really cute and adventurous. It is also modern because the boy emails his doctor parents in Africa.He goes to live with his cousin in Arizona and finds a thunder egg that talks to him. It hatches and of course there is a bad man, St. George, the dragon slayer.(the painting) They protect it.
  • Hailee Lofgren
    I absolutely love this book. I read it in 2nd grade but never finished I picked it back up in 5th grade and it was fantastic. Its a better book for younger kids but its fun in general for all ages. :)
  • Liz Freed
    I picked this up from the library because the cover is adorable, and it did not disappoint! Though a mid-grade-school book, it kept me hooked through the twists and turns. I want to read the rest of the series now.
  • AnchorsAweigh13
    I read this book when I was nine or ten and loved it! It was such a good story, although the villain was pretty creepy. I love the relationship between the two cousins, and Emmie (the dragon) is hilarious. Great book for young readers.
  • Larry Wegman
    A fun YA story about a couple of ten year old kids who find a geode, which turns out to be a dragon egg. It hatches, and hi-jinks ensue as they try to keep it from the adults, and from the villain, who just happens to be named St. George.
  • Erin
    My 10 year old is enraptured, and I don't mind reading it!
  • Anne
    This DRA 40 is a good fit for young readers.