Hygge by Marie Tourell Søderberg


Others books will tell you how to be hygge. This is the only book that will show you.Though we all know the feeling of hygge instinctively few of us ever manage to capture it for more than a moment.Now Danish actress and hygge aficionado Marie Tourell Søderberg has travelled the length and breadth of her home country to create the perfect guide to cooking, decorating, entertaining and being inspired the hygge way.Full of beautiful photographs an...

Details Hygge

Release DateSep 27th, 2016
PublisherMichael Joseph
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, Philosophy

Reviews Hygge

  • Sarah
    Beautiful to hold and glance at, but disappointingly thin in content. The cover will look wonderful on your shelves, but if you're looking for a more nuanced look into the culture of hygge, this isn't it.
  • Rebecca Jane Brown
    Review in 2019I don't know why I previously rated this so high, upon a second good read, I don't believe it's that good. It's more of a collection of people's ideas of Hygge, as opposed to a written book by the author. It should have 'a collection' rather than 'by Marie T S'.It felt more dressed up in aesthetic than being a great book, the illustrations/photographs and physical style of the book sort of distract from the content. I wish there was...
  • Vanessa
    I read this all in one sitting (or should I say lying in bed), and I thoroughly enjoyed the read. The phenomenon of hygge is something that does appeal a lot to my sentimentalities, and I was dying to read more about it.What surprised me about this book was how many facets there are to hygge, and how different people interpret it. To me, I interpreted it as a very much solo activity, as I am a deeply introverted person by nature, whereas the peop...
  • Lindsay Nixon
    I think most Americans wanting to learn about “hygge” will find this book disappointing. It’s not exactly the how-to manual with tips, examples, and actionable things we (Americans) tend to like. If I had not learned so much about hygge in Denmark, I would have left the book more confused. Overall it feels like a string of Instagram posts or a scrapbook... very scattered, often “off topic” and not very “here’s how and why you can hy...
  • Trish at Between My Lines
    This review was originally posted on Between My Lines I was very excited about Hygge: The Danish Art of Happiness by Marie Tourell Soderberg, as the idea of adding hygge elements to my life sounded very appealing. And I'm obsessed with books about happiness (like all the Gretchen Rubin books which I highly recommend). Personally , I find them inspiring and they give me an instant boost.My Thoughts on Hygge: The Danish Art of Happiness by Marie To...
  • Christine Spoors
    I always love reading about hygge so I read this book in one night. I've been working so much recently that I needed something positive and cosy. It also snowed for the first time this autumn today so I was feeling very cosy anyway.I didn't love this book as much as some other's I've read about hygge because this book was mainly filled with quotes from other Danish people about hygge. So it didn't feel like this author really wrote the book becau...
  • Zoe (readabilitea)
    I was worried when I bought a lot of books on hygge that I had basically wasted my money because they would all be the same. Thankfully, I was wrong!Whereas The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well is much more scientific in its approach to hygge, this book by Marie Tourell Søderberg is filled with more personal approaches to hygge. I loved the different accounts given by people about what is hygge to them, and I also loved how the ...
  • Ietrio
    A pure soul, a good feng shui, a good karma, now hygge. A myriad of terms to denote something that is different for each individual, something that is invisible and impossible to quantify, something you can blame on the victim and offer anything from chamomile tea to a good beating to cast away the demons. These are the invisible clothing of the emperor.
  • GM
    About togetherness community sense of home It was alright. Pretty cover tho.
  • Katie
    Such an interesting, enjoyable book! Dare I say it was a hygge-book? (There are about a million hygge compound words in Denmark, indexed in a useful glossary at the end of this book, and the author encourages you to make up your own hygge words!)Here are some notes I took while reading, because I definitely want to remember the lessons of this book:- What is hygge? Hygge is not ecstatic, momentary happiness, but a kind of everyday happiness that ...
  • m
    I understand the concept of hygge is very popular nowadays. The of books associated with it ballooned right before Christmas. I have not read all of them but this is a very lazy attempt to cash in on the craze. I can literately get more understanding of hygge browsing through Instagram. The book is filled with quotes from other people, I have no idea what the author's point of view is. There are a couple recipes and DIY ideas dotted in there but,...
  • Marlathemom
    What a sweet, beautiful read! Hygge (with varying pronunciations but most closely the “hu” from “huge and the “gi” from “girl”) is the Danish term for what we call coziness - curling up to snuggle and share. In weather like this (that mirrors Denmark’s), this slim book was a godsend on reflecting on the importance of recharging and reconnecting - it’s a perfect housewarming gift for a friend or yourself. Critics may note the his...
  • Valerie Brett
    This is like a person’s scrapbook or mood board of what hygge means to them, and it’s very soothing to read and look at. Subjective, obviously, and kind of random, and a lot of huge long quotes rather than original writing. Definitely you achieve hygge by reading about it; this is much more about the mood than the research (totally different vibe than a lot of the other hygge books I’ve read).
  • Ella
    I loved this book! Definitely inspired me to start to include more hygge in my life!
  • Natalie Frausell
    3.5* Not as good as other hygge books I have read but it is making me fear the winter blues less.
  • Sharon
    A bit dark and dreary as I write this, a perfect backdrop and background to appreciate the nature of Hygge, its spirit and related lifestyle choices. Time to light some candles, brew some tea, and curl up with my next read.
  • Katie
    Perfect read after bouts of stress, bustle, or a frenzied pace and workload. A good reminder that efficiency and productivity are not the only measures of a good and full day.
  • Natalia
    This is not quite a regular 4-star rating but more like an average of the 5 I'd give for the book's design and the 2-3 I'd give for its content.The book is wonderful to look at, read and touch. Whoever came up with the design and the concept clearly poured their heart and soul into making the reading experience as pleasant as possible. The flip side is that the book is way expensive (I'm talking at least twice the price I'd pay for any other hard...
  • Catherine
    While I came to enjoy this book more by the end, I found the majority of it a little boring. Perhaps it was just not quite what I expected, given the title suggests it's about the "art of happiness", when in reality it seems to be more about the "art of making your house Danish and cosy by lighting candles making clay bowls". The last few pages touch on the concept of looking for happiness in the little things, for example by making time for genu...
  • Am Y
    There's a special word for "happiness" in Denmark and that is "hygge". This book discusses all that hygge is about and comprises. We get stories from various Danish people about what hygge means to them, with lots of photos accompanying the text to try and help convey the feeling of hygge. There are hygge recipes, hygge interiors, hygge activities, etc. The last part of the book also very briefly discusses hygge from a sociocultural and political...
  • Ella Elektra
    I just finished the book and I'm so in love with it. It only took me about two hours, I think, I just couldn't stop. I' ve read "The little Book of Hygge" just before, so I already had a pretty good idea what hygge is, but I still could learn some new things. Instead of trying to explain the concept/term, it gives you the feeling of what hygge is.I felt like this book was some kind of 'scrapbook'. It collected little pieces, stories, recepies, qu...
  • amelia
    this book just made me want to curl up with a book, make a cup of green tea, light my favourite candles with the rain in the background - perfect hygge moment
  • Wendy
    An enjoyable introduction to the Danish concept of achieving happiness through ordinary yet meaningful moments in one’s physical environment, pursuits, and relationships. The book provides pronunciation tips, some helpful vocabulary (Hygge has numerous grammatical and contextual iterations), context as to why and how Hygge is practiced in Denmark, and anecdotes from various Danes. There is a small section on socio-political perceptions and the ...
  • Lauricia Dawn
    Had some good quotes here and there, and is obviously not BAD in the slightest, because its about hygge. However, it wasn’t as amazing as ‘The Little Book of Hygge’ both in layout, content, and information. I found this read had more quotes from other authors and speakers than the actual woman who’s name is on the front cover...hmm...still good, but not my favourite.
  • Kelly De Kesel
    Not the greatest book in my opinion. However I do stand behind the Hygge philosophy but the book is rather informative on how the Danish experience hygge and not on how you can find your own hygge. When you're already into mindfulness and minimalism, you really don't learn anything new except a cultural point of view.
  • Megsbookclub
    Reading Hygge, The Danish Art of Happiness was very enjoyable. I think Marie Tourell Soderberg captures truly what hygge is, means and describes. A simple word that can be a verb, noun or adjective. “A state of being at peace” “Small everyday moments that make you happy”... Reading a good book while learning about a new culture is a hygge for me! What is hygge to you? Reading Hygge, The Danish Art of Happiness was very enjoyable. 🤗...
  • Polina Lyapustina
    I really appreciate an author’s approach to this book, which being filled with stories of many people, seems a bit like a hyggelig talk itself. I think I could rather reflect than learn something, and again, it’s pretty natural. So that was a nice weekend reading, which I would probably suggest for autumn season.
  • Chantelle
    This book was my introduction to hygge. I felt the book introduced some lovely concepts but much of the content was quotes from people living lives I will likely never be able to approximate. I suppose I hoped that it would offer more practical suggestions for carrying over Danish hygge principles into a hectic North American lifestyle. That being said, it was still a very endearing read and has sparked my interest in hygge so I will certainly se...
  • Tess Burton
    I love the concept of hygge, but I’m sure there must be better books on the subjectThis is just a collection of photos, recipes and quotes - barely any words from the so-called author herself.Is there really so little to say about hygge?
  • Steph
    Bonus star because it’s my favorite looking book on my shelf. :-)